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  1. The new Democratic controlled Congress
  2. Ability to post on this forum--INFORMATION
  4. Third party?
  5. political jokes
  6. Democrat control is scarier than I thought
  7. Coming soon!
  8. A really bad political joke
  9. Baker/Hamilton
  10. Hey Rock
  11. Obama to speak at Tech?
  12. We're Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Obama NOT speaking at Tech
  14. What do you think?
  15. Gilmore possibly running for Pres
  16. Why Gilmore Can be President
  17. Michael Moore post
  18. Fatherly Advice
  19. Got this e-mail at work today.
  20. Hillary Clinton...
  21. Bush bumper stickers
  22. Clinton 19 Point lead on Obama
  23. Obama calls for Universal Healthcare
  24. Quotes from Will Rogers
  25. Michael Savage
  26. Who will be?
  27. Quran's war verses at work
  28. Enemies ally at our gates
  29. Something that bothers me
  30. A military man speaks out:
  31. Global warmin
  32. The Liberal - Conservative difference explained
  33. South Park
  34. The most important political issue of today IMO
  35. Something to think about
  37. Pretty significant...
  38. Liberals are mad again
  39. Vermont Senate approves impeachment resolution
  40. Joke
  41. The Ron Paul Smear Campaign
  42. The Fairness Doctrine
  43. Quotes from the best president in my lifetime
  44. What the Amnesty Bill would have brought...
  45. Fairness Doctrine hammered 309-115
  46. Why is it?
  47. Reno 911
  48. Go get 'em
  49. Iran
  50. Clinton Proposes 401(k)s, Matching Funds
  51. Five Things You'll Personally Lose When The Beast Ascends
  52. Nut finds a squirrel
  53. Modern road to White House 'verges on insane'
  54. American Trade in bad shape
  55. Hillary's Health Care Plan
  56. Republican Debate
  57. This is so stupid
  58. Hillary Uncensored
  59. Father / Daughter talk
  60. Want to know more about the Bush family???
  61. Duck and cover!
  62. Huck and Uncle Tom
  63. Osama Obama Leads in NH
  64. Welcome George
  65. This election is making me sick
  66. Huckabee wants Colbert as VP
  67. Edwards drops out of presidential race
  68. Hiliary funny
  69. Another Bush Problem for the next prez
  70. Kennedy vid
  71. South American War?
  72. What a Difference a year makes
  73. heres why we cant let the environmentalist nutjobs control us
  74. a clinton family refresher..............
  75. i thing ive yet to hear mentioned about the mortgage
  76. further proof al gore if full of [censored]
  77. this is the best collection of stuff ever assembled.............
  78. freebies
  79. today in global wamring................
  80. Flight 93 memorial
  81. get your tinfoil hats......................
  82. Leave Iraq to the Iraqis
  83. todays global warming report...............
  84. the foreigners part i agree with................
  85. today in global warming...........
  86. al gore busted.....................
  87. jeremiah wright says hes been "unfairly" painted a fanatic
  88. So will the Constitution Party become the viable Party
  89. Call in the Dogs
  90. global warming in 1922
  91. Proof that not all conservatives are blind
  92. Global Warming Today....
  93. today in global warming
  94. today in global warming..........
  95. Chuck Baldwin, Constitution Party Pres. Candidate
  96. today in global warming.....a made up story by the MSM
  97. Breaking point?
  98. today in global warming.......al please save us
  99. great idea.........certainly a good place to start
  100. so im guessing al gore is on vacation and forgot to set the timer
  101. do we really want to vote for a guy who doesnt even know how many
  102. so its may 12th and its 45 degrees here...............
  103. today in global warming.....................
  104. hes got my vote........
  105. mexico has oil issues
  106. today in global warming
  107. the global warming alert for may 20th
  108. Would like some Wise County citizenry feedback...
  109. drunk ass ted kennedy has a brain tumor
  110. does anybody else think this is beyond asinine?
  111. more from today in global warming
  112. LMAO..........too funny
  113. more great news
  114. today in global warming
  115. No Global Warming Topic Today?
  116. Second Amendment
  117. 550 metric tons of uranium removed from iraq
  118. Oil Drops
  119. Retired People
  120. Food stamps? Try Gas Stamps!
  121. Nah, there's no media bias...
  122. Anyone have a barf bag?
  123. Obama not eligible for office of POTUS
  124. The war that seemed lost...the surge worked!
  125. OK people...
  126. This could be good...
  127. Presented without comment
  128. Been called out?
  129. running mate = Kaine?
  130. Wow...
  131. Stealth Socialism
  132. Obama Wants You
  133. seriously???
  134. Oil Crisis Over
  135. Anthrax
  136. One of the few political threads I'll start...
  137. Took longer than i thought
  138. Surely not !!
  139. Company raises price 3400% for cancer drug
  140. Bill Clinton unsure of Obama?
  141. today in global warming
  142. nice of hussein to take care of his own
  143. Our society moving away from the past?
  144. China vs America. I pick America.
  145. McCain
  146. Wow she has turned into a clone of her
  147. Four people attempt to assassinate Obama
  148. And the Nomination goes to...
  149. Just when you think Junior couldn't be any dumber
  150. And if Obama loses?
  151. McCain/Palin
  152. Well I would do Mccain's Running mate.
  153. wow, people have got some screws loose
  154. 500th US death in the Real War
  155. Ron Paul stealing the show
  156. The difference between McCain and Obama's economic plans..
  157. RNC
  158. Anyone?
  159. rusyisms
  160. In case you missed Palin's home run...
  161. Palin attends 5 colleges in 6 years
  162. Juneteenth Independence Day
  163. McCain is reminding of why I am a Republican
  164. The media is grand...
  165. $10 million, you say?
  166. Joe Biden, better late than never?
  167. Michelle's Boot Camps For Radicals
  168. Ob-uh-ma dying his hair to appear older?
  169. Just throw those flags in the trash!
  170. Saul Alinsky’s son: “Obama learned his lesson well”
  171. What Change means.
  172. Obama in Lebanon on Tuesday.
  173. What does a 'community organizer' do exactly?
  174. What other Democrats are saying
  175. Obama's slip?
  176. post convention polls
  177. You just can't make this stuff up...
  178. CNN Poll - Race Deadlocked!
  179. Have a field day folks...Bribery scandal rocks big oil
  180. so odumbo signed up for the draft when he graduated
  181. For all y'all who spout about GOP tax cuts...
  182. The Real McCain.
  183. so long sucker?
  184. Lipstick on a pig?
  185. WTF????
  186. Honest non bias opinions
  187. Grow Up
  188. Ron Paul-Running for President?
  189. McCain and the surge
  190. Check this list out...
  191. Troopergate preceeded governorship
  192. GOP and Swift boat politics
  193. al gore rules........LMAO
  194. I'm not the only onle who knows the truth! lol
  195. Hey Al Gore - have you read this?
  196. "NorthernVirginia is a perfect fit for John McCain & Sarah Palin"
  197. R13 don't watch this
  198. Somebody Convince me
  199. Palin is so honest.
  200. Sarah Palin's view on multiple issues.
  201. Clinton on Obama
  202. Biden Asks Wheelchair Bound Senator To Stand
  203. Clinton working with Obama..
  204. Another moral Republican
  205. A tribute song
  206. American politics at their finest
  207. Another lie?
  208. Poor Joe Biden.
  209. Sleazy campaigning (Cindy not involved)
  210. Anybody watch SNL last night?
  211. More lies from the new liars...
  212. Drain
  213. Who you callin "flip flop"?
  214. obama's mamma
  215. 'Bearack' Obama
  216. For all y'all still in denial over the economy...
  217. McCain helped make Blackberry?
  218. Wow! Rove says McCain takes it too far.
  219. Obama Campaign Attempts To Silence Another Critic
  220. Dems Back McCain
  221. Another B. HUSSEIN Lie
  222. And Another B. HUSSEIN Lie
  223. Biden/Obama's Tax and Spin Policies
  224. Obama/Biden Earmark Makeover
  225. Interesting read
  226. Palin and friends.
  227. Responsibilities of Mayor of Wasilla and a community organizer
  228. B. HUSSEIN'S 'Tax Cuts"
  229. Covering His Fannie
  230. Re-Examining Obama's Econ Record
  231. Obama vs. Obama on Defense Spending
  232. The Truth About Sarah Palin
  233. Obama joke
  234. Obama's Plan To Spend Billions Overseas
  235. Since endorsements are so big on here
  236. Just because he's black? Not so much
  237. Did Democrats orchestrate failure?
  238. court orders records preserved
  239. Bush's last act?
  240. The Untied States of France...lol..sad but true
  241. He might have lowered your taxes...
  242. Pot and kettle?
  243. OK I am Worried
  244. saw this posted elsewhere about biden.......
  245. there might be some light at the end of the tunnel after all
  246. Iran's President
  247. presidential health
  248. With all the copy and paste threads........
  249. A pilot's perspective.
  250. McCain Suspends Campaign