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May 14th, 2006, 08:22 PM
im not sure who can help me with this but my idea is a horror movie and it kinda resembles a texas chainsaw massacre, silence of the lambs, hostel kinda feel it is based on a true story to wel here is the story

there is a guy that was captured in my hometown not to long ago,
who they think have some info on a oakland county children murders, they found him at his nice house in lincoln park michigan no neighbors knew anything about it they thought he was a normal guy but when the police went in to his house and went into the basement they found a big metal door and behind it was a ****eon there was a human size cage down there and they are suspecting that he was keeping children down there and rapeing them...

now i think this would be a crazy idea to work with me personaly i have none what so ever experience in movies but me being such a horror movie fan. i think this would be an execllent idea that could make some money and this film should not be a B rate film i think movies like that ruin the whole concept of a scary film but i understand that those people who made those movies were on a low buget and were going for a low buget film but if anyone has any input on this idea email me back at

[email protected]

please tell me if this would be a good idea