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[email protected]@@nt In E~Minor
October 28th, 2000, 08:21 AM
ICQ....a superb way to communicate or a device from the devils own rectum??

October 28th, 2000, 09:18 AM
eeeuuu! *hates to think i'd be messin with it everyday!

[email protected]@@nt In E~Minor
October 28th, 2000, 09:38 AM
Add me to your icq again Mel!!

*Leo the Lioness*
October 28th, 2000, 10:57 AM
ICQ is a really good way to skulk around like a coward and hide when you fuck up, isnt it? that way you can still fuck someone while pretending you havent been online......it's a pretty good tool, isnt it?

devil's rectum? yeah, sometimes it is, cuz it allows so much privacy and you can really get to know someone, or at least have the illusion that you do, but then those little posts back and forth every minute or two can really change the conversation, cant it? you go misunderstood plenty on those, dont you? it's not like a free-flowing conversation one would have vocally and it's toneless.........but i'm just reiterating what's been said too many times...... that fact doesnt matter when someone's basic character is questionable; you can understand someone perfectly when they blatantly fuck you over, cant you?.......i know there was no doubt in my mind when i saw those initials.......spoke volumes and no one even had to say anything

yeah ICQ's a mixed bag and i'm happy that you're going to have Mel back on yours, rant.........she never should've been left off it in the first place, but then what do you know about doing someone right?

October 28th, 2000, 11:32 AM

October 28th, 2000, 12:03 PM
HEY!! you stole my sleepy smilie!!

alright then, since its 6am and its been another 1 of those nights http://www.hostboard.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

Scoot yer dumbass over http://smilecwm.tripod.com/cwm2/sleep.gif

*Leo the Lioness*
October 28th, 2000, 12:26 PM
*strips anna naked while she's asleep and takes advantage of her with a dildo*

October 28th, 2000, 12:33 PM
*wishes Leo would just drop it*

[email protected]@@nt In E~Minor
October 28th, 2000, 12:35 PM
Again.....I'd pay BIG money to see that

[email protected]@@nt In E~Minor
October 28th, 2000, 12:44 PM
Hey Red longtime-no cyber how are ya??

October 28th, 2000, 12:45 PM
aaauh! shit!..now she's gonna think i did it!!

*Leo the Lioness*
October 28th, 2000, 01:02 PM
i want red to join in *VEG.......i always had a thing for redheads *W

that's OK mel, you're still all wet in the corner, all moany and shit, it's to be expected *G.........wanna watch?

[email protected]@@nt In E~Minor
October 28th, 2000, 01:30 PM
*Gives Past7 a concerned look as she seems to be becoming addicted to the smiley faces.....

*Leo the Lioness*
October 28th, 2000, 01:34 PM
*just has a concerned look*

October 28th, 2000, 02:23 PM
Rant!!!!...*Jumps up and down*...My freakin ICQ dont work!!!...Well it works ...I just cant talk to anyone and surf too..*pout*..and dont knock ICQ..thats how you got all that intimate information about me..*EG*
Remember the time...Oh wait...Well the time you took that ...No I shouldnt say that either...How about the time you said....Nope...thats not good...Well..hey..Nice to see you..*L*

October 28th, 2000, 02:42 PM
Rant baby, been too long without cyber...been good...tho you know I miss you like crazy *EG*

*Leo the Lioness*
October 28th, 2000, 02:49 PM
*sings*.....what a difference a day makes........

oh brother....*blows hair away from forehead*

October 28th, 2000, 04:09 PM
*gasp* Could the above mean she's finally moving on?? (to her next cyber "fantasy", naturally) http://smilecwm.tripod.com/ruinkai/winknudge.gif We can only hope eh?
...for Rants' sake, not to mention this boards'... SUCH a rockin' board Mel http://smilecwm.tripod.com/cwm/coo.gif *VBS
*joins SA(Smilies Anonymous)* http://smilecwm.tripod.com/scorchio/saevil.gif <---------he drove me to it!!(plus Rant pays me well *w)

October 28th, 2000, 08:54 PM
nnnnope! dunt wanna watch!!
an yep! yep!
defenetly a rockin board http://smilecwm.tripod.com/splarka/as-gum.gif

[email protected]@@nt In E~Minor
October 28th, 2000, 09:53 PM
Anyone up for a cluster fuck??

October 28th, 2000, 11:23 PM

October 29th, 2000, 01:21 AM
*looks around n shakes head n looks over at the sleeping dog everyone keeps waking .........shrugs n finds another thread*

Everyone thinks i am insane.... all but my friends deep inside the earth......

October 29th, 2000, 01:31 AM
SMYYYYRRRAAAAA!!!!! I missed you? *sighs*

October 29th, 2000, 01:36 AM
NO Red!!!!!! I am here..... just dont wanna deal with that stuff up there ^ ya know? http://www.hostboard.com/ubb/biggrin.gif can ya get my icq frum Mel?

Everyone thinks i am insane.... all but my friends deep inside the earth......

October 29th, 2000, 01:38 AM
I don't have Mel on my ICQ?.....SMYRRAA come backkkkkk*G* LOL

October 29th, 2000, 04:01 AM
*sigh* in the middle of this is exactly where i did not want to be. but i am now putting myself there. you peeps may or may not have noticed my name up there as co-moderator. i just sort of sit in the background unless i'm needed. i deleted that post up there. this is getting WAY too personal. it's time to let it go. all of you are adults. and NONE of you know each other IRL. therefore you do not have enough info to make any kind of judgements about each others personal lives. LET IT GO!

Sniff.... Sniff.... Do I Smell a sense of humor??

October 29th, 2000, 04:42 AM
Thank You! very much Jody, i didnt get a chance to read it, i just asked you to make a decision if necessary...
When i got the chance, and came in, i deleted one as well.....

e-nuff said, along time ago...

[email protected]@@nt In E~Minor
October 29th, 2000, 07:49 AM
*Wonders what the post was......but I can kinda guess...

October 29th, 2000, 09:38 AM
I agree Sniffs. Enough is enough. Move on. Everyone hear that??
Let's hope so. I have NO desire to post anymore on above topic, believe me. http://smilecwm.tripod.com/cwm2/sleep.gif
Merely reacting to slanderous comments re: myself and a friend. Anyhooooo!!.....
I have some ideas for fun threads actually.... be back when I can. http://smilecwm.tripod.com/net6/smiley.gif

[email protected]@@nt In E~Minor
October 29th, 2000, 12:10 PM
*Takes the smiley faces away from Past7.....and rations her to 3 a day.....it's for your own good!!

*Leo the Lioness*
October 29th, 2000, 12:28 PM
hey Rant, if you're really wondering, ask your lawyer over there.......she's been rather high profile since you havent had the courage or the decency to speak for yourself, even privately........go on, ask her how much she attacked my life, as she thinks she knows it.........she rallied around you from out of her shadows, where SHE was a copy/paste queen, sitting under some unrecognizable name, watching us chat in the pool and then sending all of our posts to you with scathing comments about cripples attached to it..........am i right?

interesting how suddenly anna finds a voice when the object of her desire, such as he is, (the one who's said repeatedly that they cant be friends like he wants to because she keeps wanting him to leave his g/f for her), is being "slandered" for purposely getting involved with someone "romantically" and then proceeding to mislead, deceive, crush and ultimately ignore her in the end.......so she made it her battle on your behalf......what a man *VBG.......do you often let the women in your life fight about you for some sick ego boost or are you just THAT much of a wimpy child who hasnt yet learned that you are responsible for how you treat other people who you willingly form a relationship with?

i gave you chances to have this all go away quietly, but instead you chose to ignore me as usual, even going as far as to sic anna on me again and watch her attack me some more........she didnt even know i was in the room until you notified her.....all you could've done was give me the answers i've wanted all along and i would've gone away quietly......but again, you chose fireworks because they're so much more colorful, and you run away from the fuse once you light it, letting the powder get on someone else's hands........that to me has "coward" written all over it.......a word that i've used repeatedly on you because there are no better-fitting words for someone like you

anyway........the rest of you, heidi, red.......jumping on this bandwagon because it was "fun".......knock yourselves out........had you been people i actually cared about, i might've been a little hurt by some of the things you've said, but that's simply not the case......i can see it for what it is........a chance for you guys to bash me in another forum, since i havent been coming to the cess pool anymore......i admit, i opened myself up for it the minute i decided to post all this on here, so i accept it, but dont for one minute think that anything you had to say affected me........oh, with the exception of what red had to say about net relationships, and i answered that already.......not that she was accurate the whole time, assuming i wanted the relationship with Rant back again......but that's only a small point....

so there you have it......i have my doubts that anna just wants the whole thing to drop because i think she enjoys taking whatever Rant tells her about me and twisting it into some ugly dart and throwing it up on here.......this has been a lot of fun for the little freak and at Rant's encouragement and with his participation, no doubt......

well mel? i guess that's that.......i'm sorry for all this.....but i also know im not without my supporters and it's meant so much to me that there have been people who actually gave a fuck about what happened and how that's affected me......even if it wasnt played out on here.........i did what i thought i had to do at the time, i wanted to scream to the world that this person is a rat........Rat in E-Minor.......and you're one person who knows best, besides him, what my life has been like being on bedrest and having this baby and having him involved as well........if you read the rest of this board, all the threads, the "reasons to smile" thread and all the others, you can see a little story being played out......and in the end, i have the baby and he pulls the rug out from underneath me and leaves me lying in pain.......if i'd been the only one writing it, it would've had a different ending......

[This message has been edited by *Leo the Lioness* (edited October 29, 2000).]

October 29th, 2000, 01:26 PM
Leo, a poor deluded soul. You are not well.
Please stop lying about me on this board, in the pool, and in the Brit room where YOU chose to bring your 'inner turmoil' last night. You only lessen YOUR "image". You must have some dignity somewhere. Use it. Once again, pay attention this time... You know NOTHING about me, and never will. Move on. Thankyou.
Sniffs and/or Mel, since you selectively delete posts (e.g. my previous) at will, how about closing a few threads *wink

Rant, only 3? *panics* *G

*Leo the Lioness*
October 29th, 2000, 01:32 PM
so what have i lied about huh? *VBG im only repeating what i've been told over and over again by rant *G..........he's the liar, so blame him and i took my "inner turmoil" where he was, regardless of whether it was "your" room.....im not deluded sweetie, unless your "friend" there has been telling lies about you

October 29th, 2000, 01:41 PM
If only you knew Leo... Glad ya don't though. *w *Leaves to enjoy the beautiful day OUTSIDE* hint hint.. http://smilecwm.tripod.com/net/biggrin.gif

October 29th, 2000, 01:46 PM
*thought of this b4 you did
.............THE END