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*Leo the Lioness*
November 4th, 2000, 03:08 AM
post poems and stuff in here..........anything at all, verses, excerpts, short stories......anything that moves ya......*G

[email protected]@@nt In E~Minor
November 4th, 2000, 09:26 AM
O make me a mask

O make me a mask and a wall to shut from your spies of the sharp, enamelled eyes and the spectacled claws rape and rebellion in the nurseries of the face,
Gag of a dumbstruck tree to block from bare enemies the bayonet tongue in this undefended prayerpiece,
The present mouth and the sweetly blown trumpet of lies,
Shaped in old armour and oak the countenance of a dunce to sheild the glistening brain and blunt the examiners and tear stained widower grief drooped from the lashes to veil belladonna and let dry eyes perceive,
Others betray the lamenting lies of their losses by the curve of the mouth or the laugh up the sleeve

[email protected]@@nt In E~Minor
November 4th, 2000, 09:39 AM
A funny one

The pros and cons of superstardom

Where is my leopardskin stretch limousine?
Where is the stuff of my star-studded dream?
Where is my villa in the south of France?
Where are all those sexy girls who meet me just by chance?
Where is the Arab steed I ride across the beach?
Where are the keys to my Bentley Corniche?
Where are the parties by the giant-sized pool?
Where are all my newfound friends who tell me I'm just so cool?
Where are the charities knocking at my door?
Where are the Dobermans to keep away the poor?
Where is my castle in Beverley Hills?
Where is my drawer full of purple sleeping pills?
Where is my bitter and twisted biographer?
Where are the bushes containing photographers?
Where is the stalker who lurks in the park?
Where is my fear of being left in the dark?
Where's my gerbil?
Where's my hamster?
Where's my guru?
Where's my mantra?
Where's my neurosis?
Where's my psychosis?
Where is my strange and dysfunctional child?

Murray Lachlan Young

November 4th, 2000, 02:43 PM

................... http://smilecwm.tripod.com/cwm/updown.gif

*Leo the Lioness*
November 4th, 2000, 03:28 PM
cool *G

this is from a woman i'm reading right now.....

Mother's Day

Before I was born
my mother
loved me

Before I knew my name
I loved
my mother

Before I knew
I didn't know
my mother knew

Before I knew
my daughter
I loved her

Before she spoke
my name
she needed me

Before my mother
knew me
she knew her mother

Before my daughter
loved my mother
my mother was born

Before my mother
knew her mother
her mother was born

Before my mother
I am nothing
but love waiting

Before my mother
loved me
I did not exist.

*Leo the Lioness*
November 4th, 2000, 03:29 PM
now this woman comes from NYC, is a mother and writes about being a woman, a mom, and lots of things......

before i bought her book, which that poem comes from, i wrote this for my daughter......

my dream
stroking the tight womb
i felt your small body move

my angel
sleeping in an ocean of love
i felt your life force

my precious
tensed up in primal agony
i felt you leave me

my baby
kissing your soft, warm head
i feel your helplessness

my child
holding your tiny hand
i feel our souls entwining


neat huh? http://www.hostboard.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

*Leo the Lioness*
November 4th, 2000, 03:50 PM
i keep re-reading that Mask one, Rant....

*Leo the Lioness*
November 4th, 2000, 11:41 PM
Art is watching his hands
as he carves the skin off an apple
long, slim fingers
supple, masculine, narrow,
well-toned wrists and smooth palms -
graceful poses his fingers display
as he holds the knife in one
while the other carefully, yet
fimly caresses the fruit with authority
the motions his hands make
hold your eyes
eventually creeps into your thoughts
til you realize there is nothing sweeter
than the sight of this man's tender hands

November 5th, 2000, 01:21 AM
this is a poem , I wrote in memory of my infant neice who passed away.........
this poem has recently been published , by the international library of poetry and appears in an anthology called
Chorus of the Souls
*proud grin*


Peeking in and out, like the sun behind the clouds
Are my memories of you, never few, without a doubt.

The beams of light, they reach the land
like a stairway to climb, a path to another land.

I choose to follow a leaf on the wind, as it dances on ends
I dream of you, and what could have been.

Intrigued by the dance, I follow with blind
I walk to the light, this is my time.

Covering my eyes, with knees to the ground,
My head hangs low, no longer a sound.

Just within my reach is where you are
You'll never be closer; for this I am scarred.

As the clouds come together, the wind sets still.
I still have not touched you , I know I never will.

I will take this walk each and every day,
And know this is the place my angel likes to play.

November 5th, 2000, 01:22 AM
this is well ....self explanatory ....*S*

My Last Day of Purity

March 5 1993 what a night for you and me.
You held me in your warm embrace,
I was unsure til I read you desiring face.
I had doubt and began to cease,
and then held faith that this would soon please.
A night of passion and infamous fire,
I fell in love all out of desire.
I'll never regret the times that we shared,
I'll never forget how much you once cared.
And so my love what I say is true,
Theres a place in my heart saved just for you.

*Leo the Lioness*
November 5th, 2000, 01:30 AM
fucking blanca *wipes tears*


i told you already what that first one does to me.........damn you're good

November 5th, 2000, 01:50 AM
awe.....dont cwy weo.....*S*

*Leo the Lioness*
November 5th, 2000, 07:14 AM
im telling you that poem has double meaning......i know you didnt intend for it to, but if you read it from another perspective it fits....

[email protected]@@nt In E~Minor
November 5th, 2000, 11:59 AM
Dub band

It was a kind of Afro-Celtic
Folk-goth-dub thing.
She played a nine-string bass violin
Which went through a cry-baby wah wah fuzz tone.
Ane he played a pair of fossilized mammoth bones.
Their bodies were naked
smeared with red and blue paint
The desert sage that hung in the air
caused many people to stagger and faint.
A spiritual tremble ran down my spine
and then without warning I started to cry
It was primal and edgy.
It was tribal and chic.
And all with an ambient disco beat.
You really should have been there.

November 5th, 2000, 02:32 PM
yeah, [email protected] , I was feeling that one, it was good.....*clap clap clap*...*S*

[email protected]@@nt In E~Minor
November 5th, 2000, 08:47 PM
It's like.....all about words maaan....anyone for a latte??

*Leo the Lioness*
November 5th, 2000, 09:14 PM
cawfee and poems?..........meet me in the Village *W

November 5th, 2000, 09:50 PM
*snicker http://smilecwm.tripod.com/net3/grinbiginvert.gif

November 5th, 2000, 10:29 PM

My hands were busy through the day
I didn't have much time to play
The little games you asked me to
I didn't have much time for you
I'd wash your clothes, I'd sew and cook,
But when you'd bring your picture book
And ask me please to share your cheer
I'd say; "A little later, dear"
I'd tuck you in all safe at night
And hear your prayers, turn out the light,
Then tiptoe softly to the door......
I wish I'd stayed one minute more.
For time is short, the years rush past...
A child grows up so fast.
No good-night kiss, no prayers to hear.....
That all belongs to yesteryear.
My hands, once busy, now are still
The days are long and hard to fill
I wish I could go back and do


November 5th, 2000, 10:35 PM
*p ...that's lovely Mel

*Leo the Lioness*
November 5th, 2000, 10:42 PM
*has sudden urge to hear "Cats in the Cradle"*

MELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!........thanks for the reminder.....*g

[email protected]@@nt In E~Minor
November 7th, 2000, 08:52 AM
Flea poem

Dog's back.

scratch scratch scratch
bald patch.

John Hegley

*Leo the Lioness*
November 7th, 2000, 01:01 PM
*giggling like crazy*

[email protected]@@nt In E~Minor
November 8th, 2000, 08:40 AM
The Sisters of mercy

Oh the sisters of mercy, they are not departed or gone.
They were waiting for me when I thought that I just can't go on.
And they brought me their comfort and later they brought me this song.
Oh I hope you run into them, you who've been travelling so long.
Yes you who must leave everything that you cannot control.
It begins with your family, but soon it comes around to your soul.
Well I've been where you're hanging, I think I can see how you're pinned:
When you're not feeling holy, your loneliness says that you've sinned.

Well they lay down beside me, I made my confession to them.
They touched both my eyes and I touched the dew on their hem.
If your life is a leaf that the seasons tear off and condemn
they will bind you with love that is graceful and green as a stem.

When I left they were sleeping, I hope you run into them soon.
Don't turn on the lights, you can read their address by the moon.
And you won't make me jealous if I hear that they sweetened your night:
We weren't lovers like that and besides it would still be all right,
We weren't lovers like that and besides it would still be all right.

Leonard Cohen

*Leo the Lioness*
November 8th, 2000, 01:11 PM
hmmm........i opened my door the other day and heard the bells on the church which is doors down from me......and it made me think of the holidays coming up.......



Churchbells echo outside my door
ringing throughout the land
Reminders of the days of yore
beckon "take me by the hand"

Ancient traditions are carried through
family within the heart
Past sequences repeat anew
and vow to make a fresh start

Those who have already gone to their graves
are brought back to life once more
By fond memories that their loved ones saved
cherished as they were before

Churchbells bring such dreams to mind
and set a luminous scene
For these are the days of mankind
we are summoned to convene

*Leo the Lioness*
November 11th, 2000, 03:37 AM