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November 13th, 2000, 09:29 PM
If anyone here can help me...

I am buying a computer for personal use...
home/a lil office/leisure/student

I have used dell and Hewlett packard....I like them both....but I just dont know enough bout em to decide.

any suggestions....what do all of ya'll out there own???

oh and tell me why you like certain manufacturers...k....*S*

November 13th, 2000, 10:56 PM
all i know is Mines a piece of shit!! http://www.hostboard.com/ubb/biggrin.gif
and a "Pentium" 300s (last i heard, could be 600 by now) are the BEST in computers!!

*i just made some hell cool Slipknot wall paper http://www.hostboard.com/ubb/biggrin.gif"you-cant-kill-me,-cus-i'm-al-rea-dy- inside-you"!! *bangs head

November 13th, 2000, 11:14 PM
GATEWAY almost has me sold...........help

November 13th, 2000, 11:44 PM
i have a Hewlet Packard. i love it just cause it's mine http://www.hostboard.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

Sniff.... Sniff.... Do I Smell a sense of humor??

November 14th, 2000, 01:11 AM
I have a Gateway Celeron 400MHZ (whatever that means*s*)Had for over a year. No major probs. at all, pretty good tech support, warranty, package etc. Would definitely buy from them again. Have had couple friends highly recommend Dell though, saying they're the most reliable overall unless you're gonna build piece by piece with parts from each company. I need to upgrade desperately! Get 64MB memory at least. I only got 32 *smacks self* And, i've heard Pentium is the best too. Bla Bla ..*G
That's my 2cents worth. Good luck Blanca! http://www.hostboard.com/ubb/smile.gif

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November 14th, 2000, 03:23 AM
YEEEEEEEES!!! get a >>64mb<< i got 32mb as well..
*smokes cigarette http://www.hostboard.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

November 14th, 2000, 05:33 AM
Dell blanca...without a doubt a dell. Oh and you get a year's free AOL with either one. *G* Gateway's freeze up way more...trust me....I hear all the shit about both.

November 15th, 2000, 04:03 AM
this is wht the gateway guy said.....

700 mhz
128mb/ram???..this I gotta check up on
17' monitor
20 gig hard drive
56k modem
the windows millenium/microsoft word encarta
3 year warranty
for 1,257$....delivered...

the dell man said....

pentuim III/ 800 mhz
10 GB hard grive 56 k modem
15" monitor all the same other stuff
1216.80 $ delivered.....

and a 3 yewar warranty

the gateway guy was nicer...*EG* and sounded cute...*L*

November 15th, 2000, 04:56 AM
OK, I am getting a dell ,the guy I just talked to on Gateway was a butthead..........so he can say goodbye to the sale...*S*

November 15th, 2000, 01:55 PM
Okay i am gonna tell you what my brother says..... he is a tech.... he says that it doesnt matter what kind of comp u buy.. they are all the same.... its the programming they come with that is the most problem *nods lots* so there ya have it buy what you want but be careful of what programmin you get on it....

Everyone thinks i am insane.... all but my friends deep inside the earth......

November 18th, 2000, 02:22 PM
As an experienced POS computer user *G* I've been told, and I've talked to many....that Dell are the people that back what you buy with repair and tech support....forget about the AOL thing, AOL would be the last reason I'd buy anything *G*....*mumbles POS* *G*...I'd make sure that the comp was expandable for memory and expansion bays for future cd re-writers or such?....just, ya know, a thought or two? *L*

November 18th, 2000, 05:11 PM
I bought the Dell.........thanks peoples....*S*

just waiting for it to get here now..*S*

November 18th, 2000, 11:07 PM

*runs for cover*

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Rant In (E) Minor
November 18th, 2000, 11:29 PM
I LOVE MY MAC!!!!!!!!!!!

November 19th, 2000, 12:00 AM
Hey ME TOO!!!! http://www.hostboard.com/ubb/biggrin.gif And your mac loves me!!!

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November 19th, 2000, 04:37 AM
I don't know anything about computers.
The one I'm on now was something in the apartment I wound up living in.
For the longest time I used it as a place to stick post it notes to myself.
I'm learning as I go.


Rant In (E) Minor
November 19th, 2000, 11:13 AM
*Dreams of a brand new G4 in my Christmas stocking....