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May 9th, 2007, 03:39 PM
Look for this stock to take off...it's been for the past 3 days. Check it out and get in now. It should hopefully go up to at least $16 to $20 a share...and is the only online video stock on the market right now...and new information about what they're gonna do next is gonna be great! They also have different sites elsewhere, and one in China right now that has just taken off. ;-)

May 08, 2007 07:20 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Tubearoo.com Going Mobile With Internet Video For Cell Phones
FAIRFAX, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Tubearoo, Inc. (Pink Sheets: TUBR), with its mission to become one of the world’s largest Internet video networks for users to view, upload, and share Internet video, today announced that it is in the process of launching Mobile Video for cell phones.

The company is working to make its Mobile Video service available to customers of several major cellular carriers, which will allow subscribers to receive Tubearoo.com video clips to cell phones and other cellular devices via text messaging service.

“This is a big day for Tubearoo as we continue to unveil some of our exciting products and growth plans. We have been testing the Mobile Video service on an internal basis as we await further cellular company approvals, and we look forward to making it available to the public,” said Paul Medvedev, Tubearoo’s President and CEO.

“Mobile video is a growing market with tremendous potential over the next several years. eMarketer recently projected that worldwide mobile video revenues will reach $5 billion in 2011, and with this service we will be pursuing a market of immense proportions,” said Medvedev.

For more information, or to join an interest list to be notified at the time of official launch, please visit www.Tubearoo.com/mobile.

Currently planned to have a subscription fee of $9.99 per month, Tubearoo will send subscribers a daily popular video from Tubearoo.com. No upfront payment processing is required, as the monthly fee will be billed through the subscriber’s cellular carrier.

The company is launching this service through a third-party provider, enabling Tubearoo to provide this service without any direct relationship with the underlying cellular carriers. This arrangement allows Tubearoo to leverage the third-party provider’s preexisting relationships, technology, and experience, in order to deliver a robust service with more efficiency.

The company noted that time of availability, subscription benefits, compatibility with cellular carriers, and pricing and payment structure are subject to change. Commenting on an estimated launch date of the service, Medvedev stated, “Because we are working through third-parties and awaiting further approvals from very large cellular companies, we are uncertain as to when we will be clear for a finalized launch date. We anticipate that the service will be available to the public sometime over the next several weeks, so please join our interest list and find other updates available at www.Tubearoo.com/mobile.”

For more information please visit www.Tubearoo.com or www.Tubearoo.com/mobile.

About Tubearoo, Inc. The World’s Internet Video Network

Tubearoo, Inc. (Pink Sheets: TUBR), with its mission to become one of the world’s largest Internet video networks, empowers its users to view, upload, and share streaming Internet video and other entertainment media online.

Tubearoo is building a network of Internet video, social networking, and people-powered web sites, which currently consists of Tubearoo.com, Shoutwire.com, and Tubearoo.cn.

The technology, media, and finance worlds are realizing the growth and power of Internet video, and Tubearoo, Inc. is driving to become a leader in the marketplace.

Other Corporate and Financial Information is available in the company’s Information Disclosure Statement available at http://www.tubearoo.com/investors.

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Website: http://www.tubearoo.com


May 9th, 2007, 04:10 PM
Tubr is up to $4.13 right now.....You guys really need to think about hopping onto this one. Really...the only Online video company in the market. Amazing...and now they're gonna go into cell phones. Awesome. Check you guys later ;-)