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Dirk Diggler
May 21st, 2000, 08:24 AM
Ok, Its one of the things that I have never really understood. How do you go about putting your recorded sound (from a DAT) onto your film. Do the labs sync it up?, how do they know where to sync it?


Mark Jury
May 21st, 2000, 09:01 PM
you must be rich!
you sync it yourself -- line the tracks up and then get it mixed and put a magnetic strip beneath the picture or something like that.. But if I were you, transfer your negative onto video and then put sound on it that way. If anyone is going to want to release your movie, let them handle all that expensive post production.

May 28th, 2000, 04:11 AM
Alright...if you want to getin to detial on this whole recording sound jazz..its rather complicated...espically if you want to be professional about the whole job. First you record the sound yes? DAT is good. It's digital thats nice. So you record the actors..sometimes a bad sound while pop in and then you have to go to an ADR studio where the actor comes back and trys to sync their voice with the sound. Then they take the and sort of splice it back together...rather complicated indeed..and COSTLY TOO! I wouldn't recommend it for people of this forum...rather..edit it all on the computer (NLE). I'm still in the process of playing with sound and whats the cheapest way of utitlizing sound to the fullest.

Anywho..I hope that helped you more than it may have confused you. http://www.hostboard.com/ubb/smile.gif

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