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  1. Watch Valentina Beat the *@%$ Out of Her Opponents!

    Click here to see Valentina's bio and wrestling videos from Steel Kittens:

    Wrestler Stats: 5'4" 125 lbs
    Seen in: Women's Wrestling and Mixed Wrestling Matches

    Valentina got a taste of wrestling as a valet while in NYC. A self proclaimed "little bad ***" she was taking on all with 100% intensity. She has been contracted to numerous federation's and travels the world. ...
  2. Bottoms Up: Bondage Female Wrestling Clip

    Click here to watch this ******* female wrestling match now: Female Wrestling Fantasy Video - Topless, Nude, Domination Mixed Wrestling Videos

    Match Competitors: Frankie vs. Onyx

    Strength, Beauty, Domination, Punching, Kicking, KO's, Lifting, *******

    The incredibly beautiful Frankie is challenged by Onyx. ďIíll knock you out cold!Ē but Frankie thinks Onyx is too small to be tough, and reminds Onyx that after she knocks her out cold she is going to tie ...
  3. Easter Wrestling Sale! Don't Let it Get Away!

    Don't Let This Wrestling Promo Get Away! Visit now!

  4. This Babes Loves to Watch her Male Opponent Suffer!

    Watch this mixed wrestling video here now:

    This mixed wrestling session features the well toned and muscled up Demi. She shows off her great physique which is very fit, yet very feminine. This dominating she-cat takes no crap from anyone and forces out the discipline any where she sees fit. Her male opponent soon finds out just how strong and willful Demi is. She easily holds him down by her shear power. She taunts ...
  5. Man Finds Himself Victim of a Beautiful Tattooed Babe!

    Check out this mixed wrestling match here now:

    Carrera vs. Darnell & Lindsey vs. Dustin

    Two Mixed Wrestling Ring Matches, 1 Topless

    In the first mixed wrestling ring match, Carrera, our sexy masked fighter meets a bigger Darnell. Taking control from the bell, Carrara has Darnell backing up from her quick and vicious attacks, as Darnell takes a beating from this wildcat. Donít ...
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