Hi all,

I have been enjoying reading a good e-book from Young Author Scheme. It is an interesting read with 2 minigames inside!

Canine Messiah
Written and illustrated by Isaac Ng

Book synopsis: Gloss Atnuth is a boy filled with dreams, but it is a dream that is extremely difficult to grasp, and made so by his own incapable abilities and his parentís refusal. Nonetheless, he escapes. The mages of the land, however, do not accept lightly a disciple. Can he achieve what he deems possible? As the threads of fate bind together, can he realise his true strength?

Meanwhile, the wolf, Thiombora, struggles to free himself from a bondage he feels unacceptable. His life feels empty and lost, how can he find salvation? The stage of life has opened ... the puppeteers of fate have begun their play...

This book is from a series of books by young authors from Singapore schools. It is particularly suitable for teens and young adults, or anyone that enjoys writings from young authors.

App features:
- Each Ebook downloads as a self-contained app.
- Host of gestures for convenient reading:
- change font sizes instantly, just pinch/spread fingers across screen;
- tap to dogear page to bookmark.
- Brightness control.
- 2 embedded mini puzzle games!
- View listing of other books in the series.

More detail is available at Android market.

Hope you find it be a good e-book like me.