We have moved! After a slight interruption, we changed hosts to what should be a more robust platform. We are still tweaking the servers so please be patient until we dial everything in...

With that, search is back! After a long hiatus, we have re-incorporated the Sphinx search system into the site. Searches are faster and more accurate with the added bonus of less over head to the servers.

Separate "normal" & "sticky" threads... This has been a staple of this site for years and has gone unchanged for that long. Today we finally did a slight update. They are still separated but are also give an icon next to each section, have removed the "sticky" connotation (we already know they are stickies given the separate section) and now the section is collapsible by the user.

Development on the Hostboard system continues, with the next phase fully mapped out and development starting today. We anticipate roughly to have the next phase in place no latter then mid June. We will present more information as we get closer to the release date.