D2 Playoff outlook?
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Thread: D2 Playoff outlook?

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    D2 Playoff outlook?

    D2 Playoff outlook?
    Anybody have a clue on the D2 playoff outlook now that PV has beat GC? And also assuming Haysi has beat Hurley?

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    Re: D2 Playoff outlook?

    Really is still down to the same 5 teams, with Honaker in (BDD Champs) and probably the number one seed. GC, Clintwood, PV, and Haysi fighting for the other 3 spots, and if all teams win out, the Tigers will probably be left out because of the lack of schedule strength. Nothing is for certain yet with PV and GC playing Appy, and GC has JIB too. It will really be interesting, but this was very big for PV and may have been a must win for them.

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    Re: D2 Playoff outlook?

    To me just by looking at the remaining schedules it seems Clintwood would be left out...I mean I'm just glancing not averaging any points; Still assuming Haysi beats Hurley, thats a Hurley team with 7 wins, that will be a big power point game; Haysi still has D4 Letcher County, D1 Ervinton(which will amount to practically no points), and D3 Grundy, assuming Haysi beats Ervinton and Grundy thats still a decent amount of power points. But still I'm just glancing I could be dead wrong.

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    Re: D2 Playoff outlook?

    Not many points from Grundy either! You may be right, just according to how things turn out. GC could lose both remaining games and be in dire straits.

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    Re: D2 Playoff outlook?

    Yeah, I'm really confused now about whats goin to shape out

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    Re: D2 Playoff outlook?

    If Clintwood wins out and Appy beats Powell Valley----------who knows.

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    Re: D2 Playoff outlook?

    It's a mess man a real mess.

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    Re: D2 Playoff outlook?

    - Honaker will be in the playoffs by winning the BDD.
    - Powell Valley will be guaranteed a playoff spot if they defeat Coeburn next week.
    - Haysi will more than likely earn a playoff spot. They defeated Hurley tonight and are now 6-1. With Ervinton, Letcher Central and Grundy still left on the schedule, they can definitely gain a playoff spot by winning two of the last three...possibly even get into the postseason by winning just one. With Ervinton almost being a sure win for the Red Tigers & both Letcher Central & Grundy being pretty weak, the odds are that they'll get in.
    - Gate City needs to win at least one of their last two, unless Clintwood loses to either Burton or Clintwood. In that case, GC will be in the playoffs regardless of what they do.
    - Clintwood needs to win out and have Gate City lose out. There's really no other way to say it.

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    Re: D2 Playoff outlook?

    Lee beat Abingdon tonight so thats two points for Haysi from Lee and no points for Honaker from Abingdon. It looks as if adding the Falcons to the schedule might have been a mistake for Honaker! Hopefull Abingdon can win their season closer against Marion and finish with a sparkling 3-7 record. I honestly expected Abingdon to finish 5-5 this year. [img]/LDPforum/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img] Does anyone know Letcher Central's record thus far? If Haysi can win out, they maybe can sneak in at #1 seed if they can get more rider points than Honaker. I haven't really paid much attention to points and team records this year, but just by glancing at some of the info on the G-Man's site, some crazy things can still happen.

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    Re: D2 Playoff outlook?

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    D2 Playoff outlook?
    Letcher Central is weak? Surprising if it's true, Whitesburg has always had strong football teams haven't they?

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