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Thread: Official Thread

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    Official Thread

    Official Thread
    This is the official Virginia Tech is better than Tennessee thread. Reasons being.
    1. Tennessee Fans you have no arguement, your lucky to be 3-3, should be 2-4.
    2. Put away the SEC card, it is overated.
    3. UAB almost beat you, granted they are a three letter school, but not quite USC.
    4. VT beat GT by 50. GT went on the road and beat the defending SEC champions at night.
    5. VT runs plays on 3rd and 6 for 7 yards, Tennessee seems to like to run them for 5.
    6. Don't hit the panic button yet UT, you still have a shot at that 8-3 season, with that music city bowl on the line, hang in there.
    7. Casey Clauson or Michael Vick
    Rick Clauson or Marcus Vick
    8. VT Orange is better that UT orange.
    9. With a team full of parade High school all americans, UT fails to score a single TD against Alabama.
    10. Ok, OK, Ut is better at getting guys arrested, VT had 1, UT had 13, you win.

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    Re: Official Thread

    I hate both teams but that is retarded
    "Why so serious?"

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    Re: Official Thread

    I pull for both teams but I think it is hilarious. Good job OnLooker.

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    Re: Official Thread


    40 Bowl Appearances (2nd All-Time in NCAA)
    22 Bowl Victories (4th All-Time in NCAA)
    6 national titles
    0 child molester quarterbacks

    Manning vs. Mike Vick-Manning throws for more tds in 1 season then Vick has ever thrown.

    Jamal Lewis vs. Kevin Jones? JL.

    but hey tech is doing good to have just started a football program 11 years ago. Atleast now they are playing a Divison 1 Schedule as opposed to those NAIA powerhouses they had been playin in the Big East.

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    Re: Official Thread

    11. Put away the History card, this is a 2005 conversation only.

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    Re: Official Thread

    </font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr />
    7. Casey Clauson or Michael Vick

    [/ QUOTE ]

    i dont think that is 2005
    [b] "The One and Only"[/b]

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    Re: Official Thread

    It was a comparison of the brothers that QB now.

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    Re: Official Thread

    I like you and I don't even know you. [img]/LDPforum/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img] <font color="orange"> </font color>

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    Re: Official Thread

    all the teams that were good in the past get a "get out of jail free" card for sucking now
    "An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity."

    -Martin Luther King Jr.

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    Re: Official Thread

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    Official Thread
    I dont believe Tech has played 4 teams that were or are ranked in the top 10 (all of which were in the SEC), i dont even think they have played one, so there's no way you can say that the SEC card isn't in effect. Granted UT isn't all that good this year caz they have no offense and no offensive coordinater, but Tech has yet to prove to me that they are #3 just because they havent played anybody except ga tech which was a blowout but thats still not convincing enough. And to say that georgia tech beat auburn isn't much caz Auburn is no where near the team they were last year.
    "Take the C out of the BCS and that's what it really is" Lou Holtz

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