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Thread: Wise County Yard Sale Forum

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    Wise County Yard Sale Forum

    Wise County Yard Sale Forum
    The facebook group is entirely cluttered and beyond difficult to search for exactly what you are looking for. Instead come to this website which is set up the same way! Create a user name and begin to buy and sell on the website. Tell you friends and post on Facebook so we can get the word out!

    Wise Co Yard Sale

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    Re: Wise County Yard Sale Forum

    I don't have a problem with the Facebook group. Just browse and look for what you want. Just like a yard sale.

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    Re: Wise County Yard Sale Forum

    This site basically just organizes the facebook group. Rather than sift through several posts looking for a particular item you can simply go to that category on the forum and search for what you need. The facebook group is like throwing it all into one big pile and you have to sift through a bunch of stuff just to get to what you need. Just my opinion though.

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    Re: Wise County Yard Sale Forum

    LOL, I got booted from the Wise County Flea Market site cause I told one of the posters that her claim of a certain item was bogus and then I proceeded to tell her how I knew it was bogus. She got made, told the organizers and they booted me. LOL, It was a joke anyway.

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    Re: Wise County Yard Sale Forum

    Truthfully, the idea is a good one. But facebook wasnt made for 5000 members to be in your group participating consistently. Can you imagine this board (during its prime) as a facebook group haha? That is virtually what is is currently. I am just trying to make it easier. Hopefully people begin using the website.

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    Re: Wise County Yard Sale Forum

    Yeah, my problem was that this woman put a picture up of an "authentic" mess kit from the Vietnam War. I just told her that the military used that same style of mess kit during every war from WW2 until at least 2003 and that I have one just like it with exactly the same markings that I used during my time in service. I also told her that if she could not verify that it was indeed used during the Vietnam War, then I would advertise it as such and she was asking too much to it when #1, it wasn't a complete kit as she described and #2, she was asking entirely too much for it, especially when you could get the thing from any amry surplus store for 5 bucks.

    I also told her it wasn't complete in that it was missing a spoon when they come complete with a spoon, knife, and fork.

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    Re: Wise County Yard Sale Forum

    I saw that. I figured that is what she was going to do when she all the sudden asked who the admin was.

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    Re: Wise County Yard Sale Forum

    Yep, she did it, no big deal though. I just hate it cause I know she is gonna take some poor joker for his money.

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    Re: Wise County Yard Sale Forum

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    Wise County Yard Sale Forum
    Mess kits are usually dated on the locking arm aren't they? The style of the utensils has changed a little over the years too I believe. The kits (empty) are cheap on ebay but the utensils can run pretty high. I find complete kits ever once in a while at yards sells for a few bucks. I usually sell them for $10-$15 complete (which is cheap-but that's how I keep turnover fast), how much is she asking?

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