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Thread: Wondering...

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    what is with yall back in the 80's, I mean did no one shave then? These days every girl I've done anything with had not only trimmed the hedges, but scorched the earth. I've run into on that didn't, weirded me the hell out, how did yall manage to find anything?

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    Re: Wondering...

    That is the most fun part,, !! Don't knock it till you try it ! ha

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    Re: Wondering...

    A wise man once told me to "blow on it, and it'll just spread wide open". lol I just don't get it, how do you guys do it? hahah

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    Re: Wondering...

    There are a couple on here who like nothing else other than a huge, 1970's bush...... I am sure they will chime in when they get access

    By the way, the shaving thing really didn't start happening until this decade. I was in HS in the late 90's and only a few had figured it out then.

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    Re: Wondering...

    I don't want it all scraggly like a fro or nothin...but there ain't nothin wrong with a lil bit...
    ...And if you ain't down with that, I got 2 words for ya....

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    Re: Wondering...

    Just so rare these days, just found out that some still don't about a month or so ago when I went and seen the Hangover, blew my mind....seriously first thought "What the fuck is she wearing?"

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    Re: Wondering...

    I don't like chics rockin the bald beav, I like it nice and trimmed. 70's fro well that's just out of control.
    crack is whack

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    Re: Wondering...

    Beggars shouldn't be choosers. And nearly 100% of guys have to ask for it so that makes us beggars. So take it how ya get it.

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    Re: Wondering...

    Make that 99% I never had to beg for it. It was always there, just had to weed though the ones who were sub-par or had a big mouth. Didn't matter what you look like, if you had a big mouth you got put on the sideline. I have a lot of respect for those lady's who knew how to keep quiet.

    Now that I am married I still will not beg. If it don't happen then it don't happen, but remind them next time who's boss. Sometimes you got to hit it so hard their head accidentaly smacks the head board lolololol.
    crack is whack

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    Re: Wondering...

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    Or the car door. Actually had a girl tell me to slow down cause she was about knocked out the previous night. I had to laugh at that. But screw a bush. Im ok with a little hair but it has to be a nice trim no 70s bush style.
    "Somebody may beat me, but they are going to have to bleed to do it." -Pre

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