Recently Monica Bellucci was defined the sexiest woman in the world and she ride the wave of success, having awards in every part of the world.
Tyra Banks during her personal show started some critic to her, saying that is absurd defined sexiest woman Monica Bellucci for her rimaded tits and lips.
Black women don’t use these methods to be sexy and she thinks to invite Monica Bellucci to the Tyra Banks to talk about this argument.
When Monica Bellucci knew this refused determinately and said: “TYRA BANKS?! Who is TYRA BANKS?! I can’t stand her, she makes me sick! Her show is awful and so stupid!”
In reality the rivalry between two women started in the summer of 2004 where they fighting in an exciting titfight match, won by Tyra with a clamorous remount when Monica seems to be near the victory.
Monica never forget the burning defeat and coved inside her belly a great revenge against Tyra.
Fabrizio Ferri knew both models and he invited them in his studio to a pacific and resoluting conversation.
Tyra accept and she went to Fabrizio Ferri ‘s studio in a wonderful black dress with a favolous décolleté to exalt her beautiful breasts, she was accompany by her best friend Kimora Lee Simmons.
After few minutes arrived MONICA BELLUCCI in a amazing red dress with a deep décolleté to show her cleavage accompany by Ilaria D’Amico.
The two rivals look in the eyes with furious passion but they sit down and Tyra explain her idea to be the sexiest woman in the world and showing her photos in bikini and during her show, but during the presentation Monica interrupted: “You sexiest woman of the world? Ah ah ah! It’s too funny I don’t wanna hear this idiot words!” Tyra replied: “ Shut up! Bitch without quality, in your film you can show only your naked body and you don’t know anything of an actress, I had never showed my tits to the world but I’m too sexy!” At this words Monica stand up and went versus Tyra threatening with ilaria try to stop her and said “How do you dare to say that?! stupid slut….I destroy you little bitch! Monica:”You are a presumptuous little girl, you are fat and you have a forehead, what part of your body is sexy?”

Fabrizio Ferri try to stop but it’s too late Tyra : “we’ll clear on the ring!” Monica:” Ok! So I’ll erase your stupid smile!”. Tyra challenge Monica in a topless boxing match to be the sexiest woman in the world.
Monica smile because in this match obtained more victory, while Tyra is inexperience but she wanna defeat Monica in her best sport.
Before to go away Tyra squeezed her breast and said “Do you remember something about these perfect tits?” Monica seething and said: “I enjoy to destroy you on the ring, your air of demure girl turns my stomach” .
Tyra smiled and said “ You are eaten with envy, you can only dream tits like these.”
Monica :” See you on the ring!” so slammed the door and go out.
The two women have one month to prepare the match.
During the training Tyra listen music of Rihanna and Kelly Rowland to charge herself and follow the table of training of Kimora.
Monica hit with violence the punching bag and Ilaria propose to listen the CD of Tyra so Monica became a fury and slammed her punches on the bag, breathing heavily she said: “She’ s unbearable….I wanna fight soon”.

The match will be disputed in Rome and the referee will be Sung Hi Lee.
Tyra have more consents in internet for her site so similar to Monica’s site and the Italian goddes start to be jealous.
Finally arrived the day of the match, Tyra and Monica received the last advice of her coaches and they are ready to fight.
The first to be presented to the crowd was Tyra Banks by Sung Hi Lee and a boat acclaimed Tyra who climbing on the ring in a black bathrobe with a golden name. When she was on the ring she took off and remained in a sexy leopard bikini and black gloves, she smiling to the crowd and stand up her arms walking in the ring.
The crowd wait for the removing bra and Kimora call Tyra in the corner and slowly slip away the bra of Tyra who showed her perfect tits and an enviable body. She shake her tits to excite the crowd.
In the same moment Sung Hi Lee introduce Monica Bellucci. with a red bathrobe, Tyra from her corner insult Monica who climbing on the ring and immediately take off the bathrobe showing a red bikini and red gloves.
She smile to the crowd and replied to Tyra who showed her ass. Monica replied:” I’ll kick your fat ass to the end of this match.” The Tyra word was covered by the crowd that see the Monica’s boobs in top form. Tyra can’t stand the snob and softness beauty of Monica.
To be the sexy match there is a little prologue with Sung Hi Lee who kiss the nipples of the two rivals.
Sung Hi Lee start from the challenger Tyra. that wait in her corner and the beautiful asian lick and kiss Tyra. Boobs and the nipples, she moaning softly and Monica look with envy waiting for her moment.
The Tyra’s boobs are ready, Sung Hi Lee going to the Monica’s corner and she leaving Sung Hi Lee kiss and lick the tits.
The boobs of the two rivals were firm and they were ready to fight, when Sung Hi Lee called the women to the centre of the ring Monica said “I make a mincemeat of you …sweet chocolate!” Tyra:” I’m very indigestible for you old bitch”.
The bell rang and the match began and was interesting to see the agility and rapidity of Tyra against the explosive powerful of Monica’s punches.
The two rivals studied during the first phases of the round, Monica try to hit Tyra with some punches on the gloves but her younger rival defend very well, after a change of punches the two women embrace and Monica whispered in Tyra’s ear repeatable phrases, Tyra replied with provocative and irreverent behaviour and said:” your neck is full of rough, you are an old bitch!”
These words makes Monica crazy, she push away Tyra from the grip and she slammed two punches in to the Tyra’s face.
Tyra moved back against the ropes try to protected the face but Monica was a fury and closed Tyra in the corner but she can’t hit Tyra and said: “Let me hit you little slut!”.
Tyra shut up like a clam in the corner and try to resist to the Monica’s anger, but the Italian goddess felt a sense of frustration and her punches lose part of the power, Tyra immediately passed to the counterattack charging an hook under the Monica’s chin, she accused the knock but started again to hammered Tyra but she lower her head avoided the Monica’s punches and slammed her right punch in to the pit of Monica’s stomach “OOOOFFFF” moaning Monica and try to reach Tyra with a punch but she slipped away from the corner hitting Monica with a left punch under the right rib and defy Monica with irreverent phrases.
Monica was furious, take a deep breath and wait the attack of Tyra, but she remained in a study phase.
The two rivals change some punches of disturb but they finished in an embrace smashing the big breasts and looking in the eyes.
Tyra was so proud to show the top form of her perfect tits to Monica and smiling: “Have you ever seen tits so perfect?”, Monica replied:” I hate you little bastard, I can’t stand your selfishness, you have no chance against me, you’ll suck my nipples at the end of this match!”.
Sung Hi Lee separated the contendants and Monica started another attack to Tyra’s face and hit her with some punches and said: “You can say farwell to your pretty face!”
Monica slammed the punches in to the Tyra’s face and in to the Tyra’ s belly, after an exchange of blows the two rivals finished in an embrace completely sweat and breathing heavely.The crowd was so excited to see two perfect bodies in contrast, between the cream skin of Monica and the dark skin of Tyra.
The bell rang and the adversaries coming back to the corner.
Ilaria D’Amico comfort Monica and said to continued her furious attack to Tyra.
In the opposite corner Kimora advise TYra to wait the attack of Monica and hit her in the belly to breaking the breath.
Tyra nodded and the bell rang to started the second round.
Tyra was in difficulty for the violent blows of Monica without a respite and remain closed with the gloves to protect the face.
The rage of Monica don’t stop, but when she had a moment of relax, punch after punch Tyra sunk her punches in to the Monica’ s belly with rapid combinations of left and right and Monica gasped for air :” Auufff……off…..aughhh….oooffff” , she double over with pain and went against the ropes .
Tyra decided to have no pity and continued her attack, but Monica replied with the brave of a champion and blocked Tyra punches and slammed the right punch in to the Tyra’s chin and hit her in the belly with the left punch.
The two rivals exchange blows without a second of stop with furious passion exciting the crowd.
Monica working Tyra to the body and the gorgeous model lower her head and lean on the Monica’s chest, the beautiful Italian squeezed Tyra face against her cleavage try to smothering her.
Tyra struggled with all her forces while Monica increased the grip.Tyra hit the rival in to the ankles until arrived the stop of the referee Sung hi Lee who separated the two ladies.
When the match restarted Monica attack Tyra with violent punches to the face and the beautiful model seems at the mercy of Monica’s punches but the end of the round was near and TYra try to protect herself closing in the corner and provoke Monica: “Your punches didn’t tarnish my face!”
The bell rang and Monica was so frustrated, in her corner Ilaria invited her to remain quiet, but Monica want to close the match at the next round and said: ”I can’t stand her…. I can’t stand her…I get all worked up about her behaviour…..”
Ilaria :” She’s only a little girl and you can win in every moment this match!”
Kimora Comfort Tyra. ”You are great baby, she is tired, now you can win this match!”
The bell rang and Tyra try to recuperate but Monica avoid the punches of the models and with straight right and left combinations hit Tyra and she staggered until the ropes, the raging punches of Monica seems to have a terrible effect and TYra goes down…..Monica smiled and Sung Hi Lee started the count : “One ….two.. three…four…”Tyra lying on the mat and breathing heavily but when the count was at eight she stand up for the exultance of her fans and Kimora.
Monica was disappointed and said “You have no chance bitch! Give up now! I ‘ll erase your irreverent!”
The beautiful model take the boxer stance and remain defiant:”You’ll eaten up with rage at the and of this match stupid envious!”
Monica take advantage by the Tyra fall and started a furious assault hitting Tyra everywhere but most landing on her arms and gloves and the raging punches was avoided by Tyra and when she seen Monica unbalanced buried two punches in to the Monica’s stomach “OOOOOOFFFFFF…….UGHHHH” and the air whooshed from her lungs and Tyra continued to sink other fists in to the Monica’s belly and the beautiful Italian was folded up with pain, the bell rang and Monica staggered until the corner while Tyra yelled: ”I will never surrender to you!”
Kimora was proud of Tyra and kissed her on the head and massage the body of the model.
In the other corner Monica gasping for air and whisper:”I don’t want defeat her…..but I want to humiliated her…” and looking Tyra ,in the opposite corner , who swollen the chest with pride and smiling for satisfaction, Monica risked to have a bilious attack.
Tyra look the Monica’s aching belly for the next attack and she found the vulnerable tummy of the Italian like and inviting and exciting target.
When the round started the two ladies conserved the energy and remain with the cover up and after rapid exchange of fists they finished in embrace and Monica have a malicious idea.
The referee intervention block the two fighters and they started the match but both rivals don’t want give advantage to the other and they look in the eyes with hate and with a great desire to send the rival on the canvas with K.O.
The end of this round was near and Monica decided to apply her plane and after another furious attack hitting Tyra everywhere push the model against the ropes and embrace the rival blocking her right fist and lean her chin on the Tyra shoulder and start to lick the neck of the beautiful model until the right ear and whispering: “You are right…..I’m so envious….because you are so sexy…..”Tyra have a moment of relax and remain amazing but she let go down her arms remaining completely defenceless , so Monica can terminate her phrase: ”BUT YOU AREN’T SEXY LIKE ME”…..and assuming a fierce expression on the face, started to hit the Tyra’ s tits with terrible violence and in rapid succession while Tyra yelled for pain and when she try to protect her chest, Monica was able to hit Tyra in the face and under the chin, the beautiful model was in a big trouble because Monica continued with joy to yelled the Tyra’s boobs completely flat….Sung Hi Lee try to stop Monica but she was an authentic fury and she hit Tyra’s tits until the sound of the bell and she stopped with an admonish by the referee for incorrect behaviour.
Monica smiling to see the Tyra’s face in pain and with tears in the eyes, the model lean her head on the Monica’s chest and watching her rival in the eyes the Italian goddess said:”Oh, your perfect tits are completely destroyed little girl…and now you cry like a child….baby….suck my nipples and give up now!”
Tyra was without words and she sobbed, Monica push her away from her chest, Tyra staggered and sit down in the corner, she cry desperately for the aching chest, Sung Hi Lee admonish Monica but she smile and said to Ilaria :”What satisfaction! Finally I destroy her perfect tits…all of her pride….I take a weight off my mind….and I erase her impertinent smile…”
Tyra continued to cry and yelled for the pain, the referee ask to her if she can fight…with a grimace of pain nodded and she ready to fight again.
The crowd excited sing :”TYRA……TYRA……TYRA…..TYRA” ,Monica surprised said: “She will be humiliated!” obviously Monica started a rapid attack of right and left hitting Tyra everywhere, the beautiful model turn her face on the left and on the right because she can’t resist to the violent punches of furious Monica.