Felicity Maps at Colonial Williamsburg
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Thread: Felicity Maps at Colonial Williamsburg

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    Felicity Maps at Colonial Williamsburg

    We just returned from a trip to Colonial Williamsburg this weekend. We were able to get Felicity site maps! They have a stack behind the counter at Booksellers gift shop at the visitor's center, but they told me they are old stock & when they are gone there will not be any more. The map made the trip for us. We visited or took pictures of just about all Felicity's buildings/sites. Even the boys loved looking for Jiggy Nye in the Gaol (Jail). The maps were used when Colonial Williamsburg actually did Felicity tours several years ago. Elizabeth has brown hair in the map illustrations. Just an FYI for anyone headed to Williamsburg in the near future to ask for the map & enjoy!

    Bren [img]graemlins/rose.gif[/img]

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    Ohhh!! Neat! So, can you give us a "teaser" photo of your weekend? [img]tongue.gif[/img]

    I know the album won't be up until tomorrow, but I'm just so excited!

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    Felicity Maps at Colonial Williamsburg
    Neat! I hadn't known about this...


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