Bitty Bear Tea Party Set ???
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Thread: Bitty Bear Tea Party Set ???

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    Bitty Bear Tea Party Set ???
    <font color="royalblue"> Okay, so did i miss the retirement of this set ?? I just went to the AG site online and its no longer on there, is it still available at the stores or in the catalogue does anyone know ??


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    Are you talking about the girl sized tea set, with the tea pot and cups. They did have them at the outlet. I'm not sure if they still do, but I will be going there tomorrow and I'll check for you.

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    <font color="royalblue"> Yes, the tea set for the the bitty bunch to sit at and have tea. Bitty bear, bitty cat, bitty bunny etc. </font>

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    Oh, that is too bad if they are retiring the Bitty Bunch Tea set. It's very cute. It is very tiny, for the Bitty Bunch animals, and the latest version of it was white with seafoam green and pink accents. It was out before in more of the white/red motif. Diana rec'd this from my brother this year alongwith the Bitty Bunch soft-sided house for Christmas. It's very cute and she loves to set up all the animals.

    The larger set that I think Mandasmom is referring to was issued for Bitty Baby's older birthday outfit. It's a yellow teapot with strawberry motif and larger size cups that girls can use. Yeah, we have that one too. [img]redface.gif[/img]


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    Adding to say that maybe they just took it down because they're revamping the colors again. It seems like they've redone colors twice now, so maybe again.


    here's the same set that I have:

    Latest version of Bitty Bunch tea set

    here's the yellow larger sized version:

    Yellow Strawberry larger size version's the older style Bitty Bunch version:

    original Bitty Bunch version

    [img]redface.gif[/img] just had some time to kill [img]redface.gif[/img]


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    They had the table/chairs set at the outlet in the newer colors too. I'll check tomorrow and see if they still do.

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    Can you put liquid in the tea pot? Or is it solid plastic without a working pour spout? I always find it frustrating to buy a tea set and then find out you can't actually put water or tea in it.


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    I don't remember--someone else will. It's plastic so you'd have to use cold tea. You can definitely put liquids in the cups, though. The pot is so small that getting it clean would be a challenge if you put something that stains in it, like real tea.

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    I have the set packed away somewhere. I haven't seen it in a while. It really is cute.
    I've seen it on ebay for not much money.
    Could be they are changing the colors, since BB things are yellow, pink and blue now.

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    Bitty Bear Tea Party Set ???
    That's a great set. The chairs fit the mini AG dolls well, too, although the teathings are a little big.


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