How to identify a counterfeit American Girl Doll
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Thread: How to identify a counterfeit American Girl Doll

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    How to identify a counterfeit American Girl Doll
    Unfortunately, American Girl Dolls have become so popular and valuable that counterfeit, fake or clone American Girl Dolls are being sold. There are various documented ways of counterfeiting an AG. This thread will be devoted to help you identify a fake AG doll.

    Please do not post specific auction links on this thread. We do not want to falsely accuse innocent sellers. Angie of is a doll expert and has graciously volunteered private e-mail advise if you need help identifying a specific doll. Ria, AG Teacher, is also will to help privately with this problem.

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    Fake Lindsey and Fake Kit album : aka, Nora and Katie.

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    Thanks Judi! I think that this will help to eliminate a lot of problems.. at least I hope so!

    For those who are questioning an auction, please email me at <font color="#990000">[email protected]</font> with the link to the auction you are interested in. I will be happy to evaluate the doll in question without offering opinions of the seller, to let you know if the doll is actually an AUTHENTIC AG or if she is a clone or if she is a customized American Girl that is falsely being sold as an authentic.. i.e. a #23 with cut hair being sold as a Lindsey. Being a doll artist by trade, I have a trained eye that allows me to notice details that many collectors pass by or would question. I am happy to be able to share my skills this way!

    Thanks again, Judi for the opportunity to help!!!!

    Angie Gill
    <font color="#990000">[email protected]

    My reference page for American Girl Clones to help you identify manufactured AG clones...

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    How to identify a counterfeit American Girl Doll
    In the interest of trying to lessen the confusion over counterfeit AG dolls, we are going to limit the thread to Angie and Ria's information at this time. Angie is working on one comprehensive guide to fakes and both members have both verified their work directly with American Girl. If you feel that you have new information about fake dolls that is not documented here, contact Angie, Ria or the moderating team. We will update this thread only with verified information as needed.


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