Scuff marks on Bitty Baby head
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Thread: Scuff marks on Bitty Baby head

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    Scuff marks on Bitty Baby head

    My daughter got a blonde-headed Bitty Baby doll for Christmas yesterday. It already has about 10 white scuff marks on the head. She hasn't played particularly rough with the doll & I can't get the scuff marks to come off. Any suggestions?

    Is this a common problem or is there possibly a problem with this particular doll head? I hate to think of what the head will look like after a month if it already has such marks after one day!

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    I think it's a common problem. Both of my Bitty Babies have scuff marks on their heads.

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    Oh yes, it's a common problem. I have the brown haired bitty baby and she got scuff marks right away and Nicole doesn't play rough either. I kept trying to fix the scuff marks at first and now I am so used to them that I don't even notice them anymore. It's like when you see a scratch on your brand new car. You obsess on the scratch but later on as time goes by, you just get used to getting scratches on it and say "oh well, another scratch" and just move on.

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    Is it just the newer one that scuff easy? As I have noticed that the older AGoT (pre-mattel)don't seem to scuff where as the newest one less then a 6 months old scuffed easily (it's more like a scrape) on her leg while being placed in the stoller and wasn't even a week old then. Plus her legs are loose.

    We have 3 AGoT, 2 are pre-mattel. These 2 have been mistreated far more then the newest one. Yet they still don't have scuffs?


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    I don't think it's the newer ones that scuff easier. I got my first Bitty Baby three or four years ago, and her head got scuffed almost immediately after I took her out of the box.

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    Oh well, guess we'll have to live with it then.

    I actually called AG today to ask for suggestions/help and their response was that they'll send me a new doll! I should receive it this week. But, sounds like even the new one might scuff as well.

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    I have seen a lot of bitty babies with scuffed heads but ours is not scuffed. My daughter didn't get a bitty until she was 7. She didn't like them when she was younger, and she only wanted the 18" dolls until she saw a few of her cousins and friends still playing with their bitties until they were in their teens. The darling outfits got to her and then she asked for a bitty baby (They are just so cute!). Anyway, our baby is almost 3 years old and her head is not scuffed. I wonder if it is because Carly was older when she got her and didn't carry the baby around by the leg with the head pointing down like a smaller child might. We have the blond bald doll. She spends alot of time in a high chair or just getting her clothes changed. My daughter usually just plays with her in her bedroom which had wall to wall carpeting. I wonder if she gets more scuffed up when she is played with on a hardwood floor or other harder surface where her head might be bumped on the hard floor.

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    We have four bitty babies in this house--two dark haired ones, and two blondes. They are all somewhat scuffed, although it does show a lot more on the dark haired ones. I guess my DD and I are used to the scuffs--her dark haired one was the bitty we sent to the doll hospital last month for silver eye, and we were both insistent that they change the eye only (which they did). She just wouldn't seem like DD's bitty without those scuffs.


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    Scuff marks on Bitty Baby head
    Before we decided to buy Bitty Baby I found this site:

    As the other posters in this thread have said, it does appear to be a common problem.

    I will be putting hats on my DD's Bitty Baby and mine is for display purposes only. [img]smile.gif[/img]

    Thank you.


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