"PLEASANT COMPANY" on neck means...
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Thread: "PLEASANT COMPANY" on neck means...

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    "PLEASANT COMPANY" on neck means...
    pre-Mattel? Or not necessarily?

    I just received a Samantha doll which I bought off a non-ebay auction. I was pleased to see "PLEASANT COMPANY" stamped on the back of her neck. I wasn't expecting that. Is there a site which shows what trademarkings and/or tags were used in what years?

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    I wish there were. There are so many different sizes of lettering, styles of letters, etc. Any theories about why this stamp varies so much, anyone?

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    Even mattel dolls have PC on the necks! I have only heard of one doll having American Girl on her neck and that was a Nellie.

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    No, lots of dolls say American Girl on the back of the neck. Some say pLeasant Company. The way to be sure you're getting a Pleasant Compnay is either that it's a Pre-mattell or if it's the first edition of a doll.
    Nellies all said Pleasant Company from the first run of them, then the seocnd and after said American Girl. That is why I always try to buy the doll right away so I get the first edition of that doll which will say Pleasant Company instead of American Girl.

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    Nellie just arrived last week from backorder. She wasn't due until March 30. She's here waiting to be delivered on my niece's birthday. I couldn't resist the temptation to remove Nellie from her box and did check the stamp on her neck. It's a Pleasant Company stamp which surprised me. My niece gently reminds me every time we talk that she soon will be 5. If Nellie had been late getting here we would have had one disappointed little girl!!

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    All of my dolls say Pleasant Company on the necks. I would have thought that my AGT 23 that I just got this past Christmas would have said American Girl.

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    Okay based on my knowledge of the company and of the molding process here is my theory.

    Each head mold has more than one identical mold. They wear out over time as well as more than one needs to be cast at a time. The variations in "type styles" are probably variations in the master molds and or the remakes of the mold.

    All of my dolls say pleasant company including Nellie, and the recent Nellie purchased for DD. I think that the American Girl variation has nothing to do when they are released, rather which casting they are from.

    I purchase new releases early for one fact. Molds wear out over time and lose their detail. I want one of the first offs for just that reason!

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    I believe my Marisol has PC on the neck, not AG...

    - Becca

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    Anyone HAVE here a doll that says AG? I know one member having the Nellie, I am wondering how they have the signature done in the back of the neck. [img]graemlins/smarty.gif[/img]

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    &quot;PLEASANT COMPANY&quot; on neck means...
    My nellie has pleasent company on the back in extremely small letters. They look very unusual...

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