Post your wishlists HERE!!
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Thread: Post your wishlists HERE!!

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    Post your wishlists HERE!!
    HEY! On this thread you are able to post both the historical & today & limited editoion outfits & anything else AG, HERE!!!!!

    Ok, for me, Samantha{ONLY from AG!}
    My whole collection {minus my talent show dress! Mommy already got that for me!!}

    Felicity's list{ONLY from AG!}
    My whole collection

    Marisol's list{COMPLEATE & NEW!}
    <s>My trunk - NEW - COMPLEATE -</s> - Sale pending w/ Craftymom!!
    My ballet outfit - NEW -
    tap outfit - NEW -
    spotlight stage - NEW -
    spotlight outfit - NEW -

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    Samantha: Mommy promises she'll try and get me all of my original clothes and my bed after she gets 3 more dolls. I can't wait! She is going to try and get my trunk too, if she can afford it.
    Kit: Mommy wants to get me my scooter dress and maybe my scooter!
    Kirsten: Mommy says that I may not get anymore clothes from my collection but maybe some accsessories.
    Elizabeth: Mommy says I have enough colonial outfits but I need accsessories
    Addy: Mommy really wants me to get a lot more outfits! She wants my Christmas, Flower picking, and Birhtday dresses.
    Samantha talking for Today: Mommy wants to get red hair and green eyes and an african american doll and a lot more outfits!
    Samantha talking for Josefina: Mommy wants to get Josefina and some outfits

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    Here are some things we all want.

    Susie:Kickin' back Outfit

    Kirsten: Birthday dress, School supplies, Sari, summer dress.

    Felicity: Posie, Penny, nightshift, retired tea lesson, basically a lot of her collection if not all.

    Kaya: Adorned Deerskin Dress, foods, bedroll

    Jess: outfits with pants or shorts.

    Marina: bathing suit, outfits with shorts or pants, Sweethearts outfit

    Samantha: school outfit, replacement apron and rosebud circlet, school supplies.

    Nellie: anything

    Stuff We all want: table and cushions, beds

    Hannah: more bitty clothes!

    Missy probably will never have enough to get us everything we want, but I think we'll be happy with some stuff!

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    Well, I think I speak for everyone. We all want a lot, but I'll try to narrow it down. [img]wink.gif[/img]

    Lissie wants her summer gown, Noah's Ark, and work gown.
    Elizabeth wants her nightshift and doll.
    Clara wants Josefina's school and birthday outfits.
    Josefina wants her nightgown, doll, meet camisa, meet accessories, and summer riding hat/boots/telescope.
    Kirsten wants her nightgown, housecoat, meet accessories, and doll.
    Samantha wants her nightgown (to match her twin sister Claire), underwear, and tea dress.
    Claire wants Samantha's middy dress and tam.
    Nellie wants her PJs and Spring Party dress.
    Agnes wants anything of Samantha's we don't have, especially the Bird-watching set. And a nightie of her own.
    Kit wants her desk, school supples, hobo camp supplies, school dress, and scooter dress. And Grace.
    Molly wants her skating outfit, hula costume, bed, bedside table, and her friend Emily to come home. And her tennis outfit.
    Lindsey (Me) I want the AGT On the Go outfit, the AGT Poolside Plaid dress, the AGT Play dress, my laptop, notebook, and bag, and scooter and helmet. And Jess' PJs.
    Maura wants the new tunic outfit, the new petals and plaid outfit, and current traveling outfit & gear, the paisley pjs, and Licorice. And Jess' meet outfit.
    Ruthie wants the old Coconut outfit, the new Coconut outfit, the old Coconut PJs, stuff for her dog, Coconut, the equestrian outfit, and a horse.
    Isabel wants the star PJs and the tropical breezes outfit. And maybe the gymnastics outfit and cheerleading outfit.
    Sarah wants the Bitty knitted overalls and any Our New Baby stuff. And more of the Bitty Bunch.
    Meghan wants any new Bitty clothes.

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    Post your wishlists HERE!!
    Well(Jamie here),

    I want the new pink dress that has the sparkly shoes, coconut outfit and the tunic outfit.

    And I(Josefina here) would like to have a school dress and my bed.

    And we both want a new sister(we think that it is Kit but we aren't sure yet b/c she won't be here till Christmas!)

    Jamie and Josefina [img]wink.gif[/img]

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