Advice needed for newbie super 8 owner
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Thread: Advice needed for newbie super 8 owner

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    Advice needed for newbie super 8 owner

    Advice needed for newbie super 8 owner
    After years of thinking about getting a super 8 camera I have just bought one at a car boot sale for 2. Always liked the warmth generateed by films made on super 8

    Its a Prinz Sabre CDS Z-1. Unable to find a manual online (maybe I am looking in the wrong places). Have managed to open where the film goes in but that is as far as I have got - think it may take AA's that goe in the handle but don't seem to be able to get the lid off

    Can anyone tell me

    A) How I check it works before buying film for it
    B) How it works generally, is the camera itself the thing you play film back on or does the film have to go through a projecter
    C)Where can I buy film, any tips

    Apologies for being so unimformed, any help would be appreciated

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    Re: Advice needed for newbie super 8 owner

    I had actually never heard of that camera.

    I did find this link however. Category:Prinz - Super8wiki
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    Re: Advice needed for newbie super 8 owner

    nice link. thanks

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    Re: Advice needed for newbie super 8 owner

    You are welcome.
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    Re: Advice needed for newbie super 8 owner

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    Advice needed for newbie super 8 owner
    If the battery compartment won't open, it's possible there is corrosion from batteries left in the camera from its previous owner. This is a common problem found with old cameras. If you find severe corrosion your camera will need repairs that cost more than it's worth, but minor corrosion can be cleaned out with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip. In order to check that it works, once you get fresh batteries in it you can test out the basics: does it run, does the light meter work (if it has one), do the internal mechanisms seem to work (run it with the film door open and look at the film gate and the wheel that turns the film in the center) , etc. If everything seems to work ok, buy a single roll of film and shoot some stuff in varying light conditions. If the film looks right when you get it back, you're good to go.

    As far as watching the film: yes, you need a projector or at least a film viewer. You also have to send the film out to get it processed, or you can process it yourself if you have the necessary chemistry and equipment. Either way it needs to go through a series of chemical reactions before it's ready to watch.

    Hope this helps!


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