I have some Kodachrome Super 8 Sound film 40 asa 200' cartridges for sale. This film is very rare and can only be used in super 8 cameras that can record sound and able to take the 200' cartridge. The film is dated 4/1993 and has been kept frozen since it was bought new.

I just got back a roll of my Kodachrome Super 8 Sound film processed at Dwayne's Photo and I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. I was amazed at the colour and the fact there wasn't any noticeable colour shifts in the film. I compared the film with film I shot with new Kodachrome film at the time and it looked as good. I am currently shooting some more of this film now that I know for sure the quality is fine. I'm hoping to post some shots of this film so you can see the results and you can judge for yourself.