Kodachrome Super 8 for sale
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Thread: Kodachrome Super 8 for sale

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    Kodachrome Super 8 for sale

    Kodachrome Super 8 for sale
    For sale: I have 10- 20 rolls of Kodachrome Super 8, silent, 50ft. cartridges, dated 2005, frozen since before expiration. I also have some dated 2004 that I have frozen since I got them around 2005 but I can't say how they were treated before I got them. I am testing both types now to see if they are good. Make me an offer by the roll. Dwaynes will stop processing these at the end of this year, so if you get them you have to have them developed by them. As of the announcements by Dwaynes (the only one left to process this film) they will process Kodachrome after that.

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    Re: Kodachrome Super 8 for sale

    i'm a bit confused. please could you clarify what you mean by stopping processing but continuing development?

    isn't processing the vital part?
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    Re: Kodachrome Super 8 for sale

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    Kodachrome Super 8 for sale
    I think there's just a typo in the last sentence -- it should say "will NOT." Dwayne's is the only remaining Kodak-certified Kodachrome processor and they will discontinue processing forever on December 30, 2010. Development and processing are the same thing in this context. You will not be able to get Kodachrome processed anywhere that I am aware of after this date.


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