DIY Telecine
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Thread: DIY Telecine

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    DIY Telecine

    DIY Telecine
    First time on this forum. Got a Canon 814 AZ Electronic and am getting film soon probably from Pro8mm. I do plan to get my film eventually onto Youtube and so will need to telecine for PC import. My question is any one having satifaction with DIY telecine? I know paying for a digitizing service is the best option for better results, and I plan to do that when I have something really worthwhile but for just beginning purposes, isn't investing in a working projector with variable speed worth it or not? I know frame by frame scanning in HD is by far better, and I plan to use my Canon HV30 to record the film in its 24fps mode, but I am jsut wondering if it is worth the time and investment? Thanks

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    Re: DIY Telecine

    I always do my own telecine with a mirror box and an HVX200 and it comes out just fine. The HVX is good because you can adjust the color temperature and various other settings to make it as close to the original film as possible, though... not sure about doing it with another camera without these features.

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    Re: DIY Telecine

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    DIY Telecine
    yep, you can buy a cheap super 8 transfer screen, but be careful, don't use too much light because you'll get a big white spot in the middle!

    Or project your film on the wall or on a screen but make it as small as possible, then point your camera at it and see how it looks, just experiment a little with aperture of your camera and speed of your projector to avoid spot and bars (due to frequency differences of projector and videocamera...)


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