Help!  New to Super 8!
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Thread: Help! New to Super 8!

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    Help! New to Super 8!

    Help!  New to Super 8!
    Hi everyone,

    I am the proud new owner of two Super 8mm cameras and a Super 8 projector, all purchased from an antique shop for $104.

    Super 8 camera #1 - GAF 805 M (some battery corrosion in the battery compartment, but I'm okay with that)
    Super 8 camera #2 - JCPenney Zoom Super 8
    Projector - Keystone Dual 539 (still in the original packaging). The most expensive part of the deal I got. It works and sounds awesome!

    Being a somewhat competent dabbler in electronics, I am confident that I can repair the corrosion damage in the GAF 805 M. I can solder in new battery contacts if I need to. The JCPenney camera works perfectly and is nearly immaculate, but I'm afraid that I'll burn the motor out if I try to operate it. Sadly, I don't know how to lubricate motors.

    I've looked around and it seems that most shops repair only certain brands, and not the off brands like the JCPenney one . I have to budget everything very carefully (I am a camera fiend and have budgets for film and old cameras). If I can't get these two to function, that's okay. I can always save up for a new one and keep the awesome projector! I just couldn't pass up a package deal like that!

    I've waited a long time to own a Super 8 camera, and I hope all of you can help me out here. What's your experience/opinions? (Please don't laugh and point at the total newbie).

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    Re: Help! New to Super 8! my long experience as collector of super-8 cameras, there is usually nothing to be done when camera's are broken and it's sometimes cheaper to get a 'new' 2ndhand one and it will save time too (searching for repair shops can be time consuming!)
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    Re: Help! New to Super 8!

    Super-8 cameras that only partially work may still have value. If the light meter works, it can be used as a light meter once the exposure offset is known between the working super-8 camera and the non-working super-8 camera.

    Also, a non-functioning super-8 camera can still be used as a director's viewer. The director can set up frames with the broken super-8 camera and have the camera person look at the framing, all without having to touch or move the functioning super-8 camera.
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    Re: Help! New to Super 8!

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    Help!  New to Super 8!
    ...and of course now there is the brand new KODAK super-8 camera :-) no more hassle with old ones, though the Kodak ones aren't cheap... oh well I'll stick to the good ol' ones :-)
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