Just bought a Bolex 150
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Thread: Just bought a Bolex 150

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    Just bought a Bolex 150

    Just bought a Bolex 150
    Hey, guys, doesn't look like much action around here lately, but I figured it's worth a shot.

    I managed to acquire a Bolex 150 Super 8 camera from an antique dealer. It appears to be in really amazing condition, except I loaded 4 AA batteries into it and it doesn't do anything when I pull the trigger. I know it's probably hopeless to find someone who could repair it, so as a last resort I'll go in there with a screwdriver and see if a wire lost connection or something. I'm just hoping it's something as silly as the camera needing to have a cartridge loaded in order to run.

    Anyone have a guess? Or am I pretty much just out of luck?


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    Re: Just bought a Bolex 150

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    Just bought a Bolex 150
    The Bolex 150 is that really unique looking Super-8 camera? I never used that camera. Did you have any luck? Can you post a picture of the camera?
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