single frame transport - projector
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Thread: single frame transport - projector

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    single frame transport - projector

    does anybody know which projectors have single frame capability, please - bit like the single framer on some cameras (for animation, etc)

    if this device exists for projectors, i would imagine it could be found on the later models, after 1970?



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    the device is called an "inching knob"

    may have identified one on a eumig mark S 807D - hope so, anyway - and the inching knob seems to be at the back of these projectors



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    I recall that now that you wrote it.

    Was the inching knob also able to have a belt attached so one could do double system sound?

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    Alex wrote:
    Was the inching knob also able to have a belt attached so one could do double system sound?
    <font size="2" face="verdana, sans-serif">i have not read about this - the inching knob seems to have been used to check the free flow of the film through the film path, and to check that the claw and sprockets are properly engaged? For example, the first thing i know is wrong on the Chinon, is when the projector is already chewing up film leader around the film-feed path sprocket: with speed and luck, i can stop and often reverse the mechanism, and minimalise the damage

    will update on the inching knob, by and by



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    yes, the eumig S807 D has the 'inching knob' feature at the rear of the projector; it also has a dual bulb brightness - very handy! [img]graemlins/rainbow.gif[/img] - not sure what for though: still frame viewing? i can use this feature for optical printing, i hope. it would also be ideal for aerial transfers, if this projector had variable speed, which it doesn't appear to (24&18fps settings)

    need to get hold of an 'OldTimer' manual copy

    wonder what controls the speed on this projector - wonder if i could get at it? [img]graemlins/devil.gif[/img] <font size="1">[lol]</font>

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    Re: single frame transport - projector- One for Sale

    Single frame will generally burn the film, but Sony made a unique projector for video transfers. Only 800 or so were ever made. Its called the BM-2100 Telecinecorder. It could go from 0 fps to 43 fps and had a video synch so you could point a video camera at it and make a really good transfer. I did this as a business for awhile and transferred for HBO and others in the early days of super 8 pro transfers. I have a few of these machines, that I do not use any longer and would consider selling one for $3,000. Let me know if you are interested

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    Re: single frame transport - projector

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    single frame transport - projector
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