Argus model 802
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Thread: Argus model 802

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    Argus model 802
    I just bought this tonight at a yardsale...i was just passing through and saw it and was like hey a super8 cam why not buy it. I have absolutely no exdperience with super eight or cameras really for that matter. Can anyone post some sites that will help explain how to work this and how to operate it.

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    ok, theres a sliding switch vertically at the front by the lense that says In/out. A a rotary dial just behind the lense on the main body that has numbers on it (starts of wih small numbers and goes up to 22) that about all as it seems to be a bare bones camera. Its also got an f1.18 zoom lense. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Also if anyone had any links to explain how to start using Super 8 camera (in lamen's terms as im not yet in the know with much of the terminolgy)

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    The in out switch is probably the "85" filter. This is a "warming" (aka orange filter) that color balances indoor film to outdoor light.

    The wheel you found is an f-stop wheel. Apparently you set you aperture manually. F 1.8 is wide open and lets in the most light, F 22 is the smallest opening and this lets in the least amount of light.

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    I don't have the Argus camera but if you describe each dial and switch on the camera you'll probably get some good information from the forum.

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    Re: Argus model 802

    I have an Argus model 802. If anyone would be interested.

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    Re: Argus model 802

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    Argus model 802
    Argus model 802, It is the super movie 8 camera. And it's just nice to see. You can easily operate this camera using site of camera's manufactor website. You can easily download the method from these sites and will your camera easily.


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