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    Bus driver for Bullet Boys/Black n Blue got into a fight with Black n Blue's road manager. During this time the argument got heated and the Bus Driver pulled out a knife and stabbed BnB's road manager a number of times. First off let me start by saying the road manager is OK and was sent home on a plane today by a member of BnB. This incident gained news with CNN and they have reported through out the day...

    After the above incident it was reported that Marq the singer from Bullet boys started calling the bus company and wigged out, threatned to sue them etc... Apparently, Steve Riley from L.A. Guns came to talk to him and Marq started calling him a bunch of names and allegedly threatened to kick his ass. It was at this time the Bullet Boys were kicked off the tour. After this it was reported that Marq was hollering and yelling at the two bands (LA Guns & Black n Blue) that they were nothing without him, the tour would go to shit, and he is suing everyone... He and the band were left in Peoria, without a ride... That's the scoop.

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    that is marq 4 ya. but jesh it is not like they are touring arenas here so it like step back and calm down.that is for all parties.

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    What would life be without some goot Rockstar and again...but lately it seems constatnly.
    My observation:
    We got a lot of has-been wacked out musicians on tour buses...making trouble to get some press.

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    When I first read the drama...
    I was like oh oh...Marq pulled out a knife again..heheh
    Here in Houston Tx....Marq entered a restuarant with just shirt and barefoot...the place refused service until he got proper wear on....WELL, Marq goes and comes back in with a knife...threatening the get him some food...LMFAO!!!

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    I still haven't gotten the full scoop on this story, but I was near-witness to it. I left Peoria and the bands and all at about 6 am that morning, and this all apparently happened a few hours later. That gig was incredibly dramatic and stressful. Marq was pissing off people left and right and subsequently got booted off the tour. I've never seen the LAG guys in such a bad mood as I did that night. Wasn't a fun gig to be around.

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    I'm really sure LAG and BNB thought they were fucked without MArq and his band.

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    I think its the ghetto in marq that came out with the all the shit talking and knife wielding hehe - after all don't the bulletboys hail from the Bell Gardens/Montebello area in Cali - LMAO - sorry but only ppl from Cali will understand it -

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