Story: Towing the Line by bocarat
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Thread: Story: Towing the Line by bocarat

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    Story: Towing the Line by bocarat
    As per Pat's Request:
    Towing the line by bocarat

    It is 2AM and Rosie was scouring the radio and the streets of South Beach looking for a red sports car that wouldn’t start. Rosie is a single mother, who is also a City of Miami cop. She is a Cuban American with light brown hair and is 5 foot 4 inches with long strong arms and legs, and a very healthy chest, probably an easy 34 D cup. She scans the partygoers and addresses given to her by the dispatcher. She calls back for confirmation, and as she asks for clarification she spots her target. She spots an attractive frosted blonde and a red BWM 2 door sports car. Rosie checks the traffic, and her rear view mirror for a spot to pull over to pick up the car, and its driver. Rosie is working tonight to help out her father who owns the Tow Truck and the business. Rosie was a bright student at Miami High, and did very well in her classes. She took classes at the community college, and worked a part time job to help her parents care for her sick older brother. She graduated with an AA in law enforcement, and took a job with the Miami Police Department. She continued with her education either during night school, or during the day, and along the way she became pregnant and had a son. The child’s father was married and a fellow cop, after many promises to Rosie to leave his wife he finally did with another woman, a nurse at a local hospital. He moved to North Carolina, and now has his own family. Rosie hopes to go back to school, and possibly apply for a detective job, or seek a new career.

    Tonight, she was subbing for her ill father. Her father couldn’t find another driver and asked Rosie to pitch in once again. Her parents take care of Rosie’s son when she is at work. Her mother has her handful with Rosie’s son, but also Rosie brother was is paralyzed from the neck down in a drunk driving car accident. To say that Rosie’s life is hard is an understatement. She has hoped to settle down, but her only dates since her son’s birth has been with fellow cops, and the occasional son of a friend from her mother’s church. Somehow Rosie has been attracting men who are accustomed to getting what they want either by force or coercion. Rosie figured that she was on a losing streak, and took herself out of the game.

    Her pick-up tonight was a woman by the name of Jane. From what Rosie could see she was a party girl, she was dressed in a short business suit with a skirt and heels, and probably pretty well off. She appeared to be a little woozy, and had probably been drinking. As Rosie pulled over the tow truck, she hopped out of the truck in her denim skirt; black T-shirt displaying the name of the Tow truck business and tan colored wolverine boots. She asked Jane if she was the woman who called AAA for a tow, and Jane nodded yes. Rosie started to prepare the car for towing, as she looked at Jane with contempt and curiosity. Jane looked in her direction, and then Rosie looked away scanning the crowd. Rosie finished with sports car, and walked over to Jane asking for her AAA card, and where she wanted the car towed too. Jane fumbled with her expensive Louie Vitton purse trying to find her AAA card. Rosie was patient at first, but losing it very quickly as Jane continued to shift through her purse to find her AAA Card. Jane looking down at Rosie finally says “I must of left my card at home, if you tow me there I’ll give it to you there.” Rosie agreed, as she opened the door for Jane to get into her truck.

    Normally a tow truck is full of maps, unfinished soft drink cups, coffee cups, and assorted snacks and unfinished food. To say the least no place you would find a woman like Jane. Jane is a 30ish attractive frosted blonde. She is 5 foot 8 inches tall with beautiful slender legs, and an attractive amble bosom. She carries herself with an atmosphere of superiority and grace. Her attitude is on the snobbish side of good taste, and she expects those who she feels are beneath her to comply with her wishes. Rosie has seen this type before, and recognized the type almost immediately. Jane had trouble entering the cab of the tow truck being in heels, and a tight short skirt. Rosie offered her hand and helped her up with a push, and when Jane lost her balance after seeing the “decorative aspect” of the cab feel back down towards Rosie and the ground. Rosie quickly pushed Jane’s ass up and back into the cab. Both women were embarrassed by the act that Rosie had just performed. Rosie shut the door, and went around to the driver’s side, and pulled herself up and into the seat of the tow truck. Rosie looked at Jane as she logged the address of the blonde into her trip sheet for the night. Rosie told Jane “to buckle up and make yourself comfortable,” as she took comfort in the discomfort in that of her passenger.

    Jane gave Rosie an “eat shit” smile, and asked if she could borrow her cell phone to make a call. Rosie complied and reached across Jane gently touching Jane’s thigh to get to the cell phone in the glove compartment. Rosie then gave the cell phone to Jane. Jane punched in a few numbers, and started talking to some friend on the phone is a rather loud voice and obnoxious tone. Jane was calling a friend detailing the events of the night. She spoke how she had seduced the manager of a large development to provide her with the leads to the new mortgages and whatever future business would come across his desk. Jane said over the phone “that the dick was totally infatuated with her.” Jane would use her talents in brains, sex appeal and the that she was an ‘incredible lay’ in bed to get business and of course the favors and money that they would provide her. Rosie listened to all this, and the sordid details Jane spoke about on the phone. It appears that Jane’s friend was not talking, giving credence to Rosie’s intuition that the friend was not really a friend at all, but some unfortunate SOB who gave Jane his or her phone number, and the patience and good nature to tell Jane not to call them at this ridiculous hour.

    Jane continued talking on the phone for a good 30 minutes, irritating Rosie beyond belief. It was now 3 AM, who could this bitch be talking too Rosie wondered. She figured it was some airhead party girl, who cared about such mindless trash. Rosie gave Jane some dirty looks, but Jane continued talking on the borrowed cell phone. Rosie turned to Jane during the drive to check out the outfit that she was wearing, and what was filling it. When Jane spoke about being such a great fuck; it caught the imagination of Jane, and what she must do differently than all the other women in the world to make her the best in her game. Rosie thought to herself, that definitely blow jobs, anything to get her to shut up. Rosie laughed to herself, and when Jane overheard the quiet, discreet laughter she shot a look at Jane. Rosie just looked at her and nodded, bobbing her head like Jane must do when giving head to her clients, both male and female. Jane figuring that Rosie was making fun of her stated that she just figured out a way to get a ride home when you are drunk without paying for cab. Just call in a tow truck!” Jane exclaimed over the phone giving Rosie another ‘eat shit’ look as she finished her dialogue.

    Rosie finally arrived at the gated community where Jane lived, and Rosie just wanted this fare to be over with. Jane finally ended the phone call, and pointed to a section of the development where she wanted the car parked. She firmly handed Rosie the cell phone and sighed. Rosie maneuvered the tow truck into the lot, and manipulated the large truck to allow for the sport car to be parked where Jane had requested. Rosie was not anticipating a tip or anything, but it was a matter of pride and professionalism in her difficult task. Rosie hopped out and proceeded to prepare the lift to lower the blonde’s car. Jane still in the cab was still trying to navigate the dismount from the cab in her heels. Rosie looked over the lift at Jane, and asked if she needed any help. “Of course I do!” Jane said and continued by saying “you try to get out of this heap in $200 dollar heels.” Rosie approached Jane, but Jane waved her off saying “I’ll get it myself, then followed it with the word “stupid bitch” under her breath. Rosie heard the slur, and knew the insult was meant for her.

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    Rosie let it slide off her like water off a duck, but it still stung. As Rosie maneuvered Jane’s car into her designated spot, Jane said that she would go to her town home and get her AAA card, and bring it out to Rosie, as she placed the keys to her car in Rosie’s hands forcibly. Rosie answered, “yeah, okay!” only paying half attention to the matter, but noticing the manner in which Jane put the keys in her hand. Rosie was able to place the car and still had the keys to the car, noticing that Jane had not come back to give her the AAA card, nor claim her keys. Rosie waited beside Jane’s car for another 10 minutes, and then decided to go up to Jane’s door and find out what the delay is. Rosie knocked on the door, and Jane was back on the phone again. This time is was her own cell phone she was using. Jane let Rosie in without missing a beat to the animated conversation she was having, it was now almost 4 AM. Rosie was hoping to get a few hours sleep before she would take her son to the beach, lunch and shopping. Rosie gave Jane a ‘move it along’ signal, hoping that the blonde would get the hint, but Jane continued to talk. She had also changed out of her business suit, into an oversize sweatshirt. Rosie noticed her long, sexy legs and the firm points in her sweatshirt, indicating a nice pair of breasts. Jane finally got off the phone and said “what!” Rosie replied “here are your keys, and I need your AAA card or $125 bucks!” “Okay, okay” Jane said, “It must be in the bedroom.” Rosie followed Jane into her bedroom; Jane looked around her dresser, and then finally said it must be at work. Rosie finally had had enough of this, she said “either produce the card now, or give me $125 bucks bitch!” Jane looked at her and said, “What did you call me?” “You heard me, the card or $125 bucks,” Rosie said. “No, you called me a bitch didn’t you.” “Look I am sorry if it offends you, but if the over priced shoe fits.” “Fuck you” Jane yelled back at Rosie. Rosie continued, “just give me the money, and I am out of here.” Jane said, “Not until you apologize.” “What” Rosie said, “am I gonna have to take it out of your hide bitch?”

    Jane paused before she answered, then moved towards Rosie. “Don’t make me kick your sorry, skanky ass bitch!” Jane said. “Slutty! Who are you calling a slut, I heard you on the phone, by the way that was my cell phone you were using in the cab, and I should charge your slutty ass for using that too.” “Oh go fuck yourself,” Jane said. Jane then moved her body and chest into Rosie’s. Rosie said “I should warn you, that I am more than capable of hurting you real bad.” “Oh yeah! Well lets see what you got!” Jane said. She then demanded that Rosie to take “off those greasy, dirty shoes and for that matter if you have the guts that greasy shirt and slutty skirt too! I don’t want the smell of you or that stinkin’ truck on me, or in this house while I kick that pathetic little body of yours.” Rosie than said “take off your sweatshirt bitch or are you afraid to show me what you got!” Jane and Rosie began to disrobe leaving Rosie in her bra and panties, and Jane in topless clad only in her thong panties. The two women looked at each other, and made sneering remarks about the other’s physique. Jane moved slowly towards Rosie and shoved her in her chest. “Look at those titties jiggle!” Jane said. Rosie responded, but not quick enough as Jane made her next move by pushing Rosie against and onto her large king size bed. Jane quickly pinned Rosie on her back against the bed, but was not strong enough to keep her there. Rosie then flipped Jane over and on her back. Rosie thought that this was a position that Jane was all too familiar with. Rosie used her right arm to pin the left hand of Jane above her head, then as Jane struggled Rosie pinned the arm to her side. Jane’s right arm was in Rosie hair pulling and tugging, as Rosie did the same to Jane’s coiffure mane of hair.

    Jane was able to buck Rosie off of her, as she twisted her body to roll Rosie off, Jane was still on her back. Rosie then reached for her left leg digging her nails into her thigh and ankles. Jane screamed in pain, and then reached out to Rosie’s breasts and latched on digging her nails into the fleshy mounds. Rosie then slapped Jane back down to the bed and was able to dislodge the attack to her chest, but not from the pain. The two fighting vixens separated briefly. Jane called Rosie “a stupid, fucking cunt!” and Rosie said “you gotta a lotta nerve calling me a cunt, when you use yours like a common street whore, bitch!” The two started to move their chest and bodies towards each other, as Rosie’s bra and Jane’s chest met. They were breathing through their noses, trying to look confident as they starred into each other’s eyes. Jane’s nipples bent upward as they hit Rosie’s bra. Jane reached behind Rosie and undid her bra, letting her breasts escape and fight Jane’s pair of breasts. Rosie then pinned Jane’s arms behind her, and moved her chest into Jane’s. “So you are a dirty slut, you wanna fight dirty huh!” Jane said. Rosie whispered back, when in Rome slut, when in Rome!” “Well let’s do it bitch!” Jane then reached behind Rosie and tried to grab her ass, and other soft sensitive organs. Rosie caught Jane in a headlock as Jane wrapped her right arm around Rosie’s neck. Rosie being stronger forced Jane down to the bed. Rosie was caught by the sight of the two women mixing it up as they were wrestling and fighting, the contrast between the mocha-colored Rosie and the slightly tanned but white Jane

    She then pinned down her shoulders, as she slid her right thigh and hip over Jane’s stomach and hip. Rosie started to slap and scratch Jane’s breasts, as Jane tried to cover up and defend herself. Rosie then grabbed Jane’s wrist and pinned them down on Jane’s chest. Jane struggled and was able to free her hands, but Rosie quickly pinned them down to Jane’s side. Rosie pushed Jane’s arms to above her head, and lowered her chest down on top of Jane’s. They could feel their hot meaty, chest flesh and nipples rub against each other’s. Rosie whispered to Jane, “still think you are hot shit bitch!” Jane only grunted and spoke between her gritted teeth, “you haven’t proven anything bitch, this is a long way from being over slut!” Rosie rose up briefly and smiled at the pinned blonde, and said “take a good look bitch, it’s the best you’ve ever seen.” The blonde squirmed beneath Rosie, and brought the two precariously close to the edge of the bed. Jane’s head now hung over the bed, as Rosie then released Jane’s arm and pulled her hair and head downward, as Jane struggled beneath Rosie. Rosie then grabbed Jane head by her hair up and twisted and maneuvered her body so that her head was now at the foot of the bed. During the maneuver, Jane was able to get out from underneath Rosie and was now to Rosie’s right side. Jane sat up and met Rosie chest-to-chest, stomach-to-stomach as their arms battled and failed to their sides. Jane lost her balance and Rosie caught her left leg above the knee, and pushed her back down as Jane latched on to Rosie’s bouncing breasts. The two rolled to their sides, Jane wrapped her right leg around Rosie’s right leg and shifted her thighs to between Rosie’s legs and forced her pussy into Rosie’s. Rosie gasped in surprise as Jane said “well look at our little spic now!” Jane then raised Rosie’s left leg and started rubbing her pussy against Rosie’s exposed pussy. Rosie reached down, and started scratching Jane’s right thigh as her left hand tried to grab Jane’s breast. Rosie couldn’t reach her chest, but was able to begin tearing Jane’s thong. Jane screamed “stop, those are expensive slut!” and started to claw and scratch at Rosie’s chest. Rosie then grabbed Jane by the hair, and pulled her off of her to her right side. Their legs were now entwined around each other’s as both women pulled hair and scratched their rival’s chest. Rosie got away from Jane’s hold, and began pulling and tearing at her thong, as Rosie sat up Jane tore at Rosie’s panties.

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    The sounds of cussing, grunting and fabric ripping filled the bedroom. As the last vestiges of modesty were being torn and finally ripped off the rippling bodies, Jane rose up and grabbed a handful of Rosie’s hair and forced her head down. Rosie struggled with all her might to relieve her head and body from the pain that the blonde bitch was causing. Jane continued to tug and pull at Rosie’s head with handfuls of hair. Rosie finally saw an opening and slugged Jane in the chest, and kicked her in the gut with her legs as she slid to her back. Jane was retaliating and slugged Rosie in her chest and stomach. The two separated, catching their breath but not taking their eyes off the other. “I’m not done with you yet, slut! Jane said, moving towards Rosie on her knees. Rosie stood up and met her in the middle of the bed. With their chests heaving and nipples and breasts moving up and down with each breath, their nipples met and flicked as they breathed. Rosie moved first grabbing a handful of Jane’s left breast with her right hand, and a handful of hair with her left. Rosie forced Jane down on the bed on her stomach; she then pulled Jane up by her hair and threw her down on her back. Rosie did this move several times to Jane. Jane had finally had enough of this, and grabbed Rosie’s breasts and Rosie released the hold on Jane. Rosie pulled Jane’s hands off her chest, and slapped Jane across her face, Jane’s eyes teared up, and then she responded with a slap across Rosie’s face, which caused Rosie’s eyes to tear also. Jane reached out and grabbed Rosie’s pussy with her sharp manicured nails. “Stop it, stop it bitch!” Rosie cried out. Jane took her hand out of Rosie’s snatch, and then moved her chest into Rosie’s and said, “What’s wrong can’t take a little pain bitch!” “Rosie sputtered back “you dirty whore!” “Pussy can’t take the action huh!” Jane said. “I can take whatever you got bitch!” Rosie said. The struggle continues with Rosie throwing Jane down on the bed, and pinning her down. Rosie throws her legs over Jane’s thigh and pins her shoulders down. She then flops down on Jane’s chest with her own, causing Jane to let out a grasp of air and moan each time Rosie’s flops on Jane. Jane’s arms are now pinned by Rosie above her head, and Rosie continues to got tit to tit with Jane. Each time grunting louder with each impact. The move is taking a toll on both women with the amount of energy required to hit and meet the impact of their chest. Rosie now has her legs curled around the thighs of the taller blonde. Rosie then begins to grind her pelvis into Jane’s, as she rolls her chest and nipples into Jane’s chest. Rosie then places her forehead on Jane’s and said, “great fuck huh!” Jane and Rosie’s pussies began to mash and grind into each other’s. Jane spread her thighs and legs to allow Rosie easier access to Jane hot and moist pussy. Rosie saw this as now a contest on who could outlast the other. Rosie screamed at Jane “fucking whore,” and the two women started to mash and grind with more vigor and passion. The wetness between their legs and the labored breathing indicated that the end would be near.

    The two women grimaced and groaned with each subtle movement of their pelvic bone and muscles and the rubbing of lubricated flesh between their thighs, and the raw flesh of their nipples and breasts. Their stomach would slush with the sweat their fight had generated, as slime began to build on the sheets of Jane’s bed. Rosie was now fucking in an energized fit, and lowered her chest to on top of Jane’s face. Jane tried to bite Rosie nipples and tit flesh, and Rosie responded by doing the same. The two women were fighting above the waist and fucking below. Rosie’s head and mouth went to Jane’s neck as she attempted to bite Jane’s neck and shoulder blade. Jane couldn’t respond, as Rosie used her shoulder to pin Jane’s head back. With the bite, Jane came to life and bucked Rosie off of her. Jane quickly reached behind Rosie and pinned her down on the bed and up against the pillows at the head of the bed. Jane was now between Rosie’s legs and started to hump her as soon as their pussies met, and flushed her tits against Rosie’s.

    The two women scratched and clawed each other’s chest and back. Rosie brought Jane’s chest down to her own, and started to meet each hump with a thrust of her chest. Rosie also locked her legs around the waist of Jane, as Jane moved her thighs wide for more leverage in her thrusts. Both women had pained and contorted expressions on their faces, they looked at each other with teary eyes from the numerous scratched and hair pulls. Rosie with her locked legs behind Jane’s back, and she was able to bring Jane up Rosie’s body and increased the pressure on Jane’s back. Jane cried out in pain, and yelped in pain. Rosie rolled Jane over and was once again close to the edge of the bed. She mashed her chest into Jane’s and bucked her thighs and pussy into Jane’s stomach. Rosie rose up and pulled and tore into Jane’s hair, as she sat on Jane’s stomach. She started to put pressure on Jane’s windpipe causing Jane to choke and cough. Rosie let go of Jane’s windpipe, and then slapped her across her face and tits.

    Jane valiantly fought back, but Rosie would take the fight out of her by squeezing her breasts and digging her nails into Jane’s nipples and tit flesh. Rosie now had Jane’s arms pinned beneath her thighs and knees. Rosie relishing the moment of having her opponent pinned and helpless below her, looked down at Jane and said, “you think that you are so superior you fucking whore, well look up at me and see the face of someone who is so much better than you bitch!” Jane did not respond, so Rosie pulled Jane up by her hair and commanded Jane to “look at me bitch!” “I’m looking, I’m looking, but all is see is a fuckin’ whore! Jane replied. Rosie getting tired and irritated at Jane’s belligerence, pulls back her right hand in a fist and slugs Jane in the jaw. Rosie sitting proudly on the prone, semi conscious body of Jane takes in a deep breath, and looks at her magnificent chest and notices the scars and scratches from the fight, and begins to massage her aching chest, and looks down at the defeated blonde bitch. “Now what am I gonna do with you now!” Rosie wondered out loud. She thought and pondered for a moment or two. She gently slaps Jane’s face, “we aren’t done yet!” she says. “You owe me $125 bucks!” Rosie says. Jane barely conscious says, “The money is in my purse, in the wallet.” Rosie hops up off of Jane and goes to Jane’s wallet and removes the cash. Rosie also notices several hundreds and a small sandwich bag of coke. Rosie speaks loud enough to be heard, “this is your lucky night honey! Any other night we would be doing a different dance.” Jane not understanding tells Rosie “to get the cash and get your slutty ass out of my house.” “Well bitch, it appears that we haven’t learned our lesson.” Jane looks at Rosie, as she is now sitting up and watching the petite Hispanic woman scrounge through her purse. Jane says, ‘I’m still more woman than you are slut!” Rosie looks up with a puzzled look, as Jane flops on the bed and spreads her legs. The facts that Jane was being so bold, but also the fact that she recovered so quickly from the beating that she had just suffered. “Care to take me on!” Jane says. “Anytime bitch” Rosie says and rushes over to Jane lying prone on the bed and jumps on top of her.

    Rosie and Jane are now in a tight embrace with their arms around each other’s chest, fighting and squirming with their breasts, as their pussies hump wildly and emphatically in rhythm. Jane moves Rosie off to her side, so that the two women’s love organs are able to grind in a “ride ‘em cowboy style” of sex. The two women groan and crying out in pain and pleasure as they take time rubbing and grinding their love mounds into each other’s, and reaching out for each other’s bouncing breasts. “Your in my house bitch and I ain’t gonna let no 3rd world slut beat me!” Jane yelled at Rosie. Rosie continued to fuck and pressure poor Jane’s pussy and breasts into a dark world of defeat. Rosie could feel the erotic pressure building within her. Rosie could feel her clitoris and labia riding inside of Jane’s gooey snatch, as she felt this she looked down at Jane and saw the beginnings of a puffy lip from a punch that ended the first fight on the bed, and a wicked expression on Jane’s face. “I am so gonna beat you bitch!” Jane said. Rosie responded back by saying “fuck you, slut!” The emotion, and juices in both women were building as the rhythm and pace of the sexual activity increased. Rosie could feel her love mound beginning to quiver, as well as the muscles in her arms as she kept herself hovering over Jane, finally she gave in and laid her body on top of the energetic and warm embrace of Jane. Rosie finally came in a torrential climax, she took in deep breaths as Jane held her tightly, and Rosie responded in kind by hugging Jane tightly also.

    Jane then whispered in Rosie ear; “I win bitch, I fucked you!” “What” Rosie said, “I won, I was on top!” “But I made you cum first!” Jane said. “So, isn’t that the reason we have sex is to make babies and ‘get off’?” Rosie said. “No you stupid bitch, it’s all about control, I won because I made you cum, and I fucked you!” Jane replied. “Huh!” Rosie said, as she got off of Jane’s body and moved to stretch and get her clothes. “It’s all about control, and I played you like the cheap slut you are” Jane said. “What! Your just delirious over the fuck I just gave you” Rosie said. “No way bitch! I won, I fucked that sorry ass of yours, and I made you come first! Jane said as she sat up on the bed. “You stupid cunt!” Jane said. Rosie was really getting upset, and ready to slug her again, when she grabbed Jane by the hair, forced her down on the bed and lowered her already dripping wet pussy on to Jane’s face, and said “go ahead beat me again! Make me cum!” Jane resisted at first, then forcibly tongued the outer and middle labia of Rosie’s sweet, juicy love mound and brought Rosie to another orgasm. “I guess you won again dumbass!” Rosie says as she gets off the face and chest of Jane. Jane looking like she had just been through hell, says “get out, get out!” “Gladly” Rosie says, as she quickly gathers her clothes from the now sex aroma filled room. As she dresses, she looks at the pathetic, defeated blonde, curled up and under the covers of her bed. Rosie thinks about going at it once more with the blonde bitch, but looks at the time on her watch and realizes that the sun has risen, and its time to go home. So she hauls her ass out the door of the town home, and back to her tow truck and onward to home. On the drive home, she checked in with the morning dispatcher who asked how her night went? Rosie replied, “ I hooked a live one last night, but after a tough fight finally landed her.” “Huh!’ the dispatcher said, and Rosie exhausted, and tired from the long night and the fight replied “never mind.”

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    Good Job !!!

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    Story: Towing the Line by bocarat
    Great Story ! Different characters, sexy buildup and even a fun ending. Reminds me of the discussions about what should constitute a 'win'. Maybe they should have discussed it first (sly grin). Again - Congratulations!


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