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    Stories from "mixed fuckfighting" forum -- help!
    Rachel vs. Tom - Fall #4

    Posted by CASPER on January 05, 19101 at 22:52:50:

    Here is the long awaited Fall 4. Stone I am cursing you in my sleep from having to proof read, but oh well. Heh heh. But I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did writing it. Working on Fall 5 as we speak. But the question is this. Who do you think will win? Hmmmmm Does Casper have something planned for this match. Oh And Miles thank You for you Compliments and P for your honesty and Stone for his opinion. Thank You Again Everyone. Now Onto

    Part 4

    They slowly approach each other and lock up. He bends in half and locks his arms around her waist. He spins down quickly getting her to the ground and squeezes her body underneath his. She grimaces in pain. She feels her insides squeezed once again. She is still not over the effects from his earlier bear hug. She winces in pain as he presses her down to the mat. She feels her chest. It is being compressed against her body. Her nipples are pulled upwards still stiff from the arousal that she is feeling. She cries out. He squeezes her breath out of her lungs with his mighty constricting power from his arms. He lies fully on top of her and pressing her body into the mat. He wears the fight from out of her body. Just letting her try to fight and then he just presses his strength encased form onto her. Slowly wearing her down and out again

    She feels helpless and trapped under him. He squeezes again. He forces the breath out of her lungs. She can only take small breaths. She forces her body to stay conscious. She sees stars in front of her eyes. From the lack of oxygen entering into her lungs. She fights him. She tries to get her body off the mat. That is so forcefully pressed into it.

    He slowly unwraps his arms from underneath her body. He reaches forward and grabs her arms. He yanks them back while kneeling behind her. He pulls her arms out to her sides and fully extends them. He presses his knee into her back torturing her in a kneeling surfboard. She howls in pain. Her arms are pulled out of their sockets and stretched using her back as leverage. He puts his strength behind all of that wearing her down. He looks down at her and smiles. He presses her back forward using his knee and pulls her arms back farther. She howls in pain. Her back is in excruciating pain from his hold. She feels that she is about to break in half and fights with all of her willpower to outlast this painful hold. She grimaces her mouth in pain. She calls forth her willpower. She tries to fight giving in to him. He works his arms. He pulls them back and forth. He will not let her muscles fall asleep from the hold or letting her get used to it. He lessens and increases the pain factor in his hold. He does this for a few minutes keeping her in pain. He uses his strength and his leverage to stand her up. He puts his foot to her lower back and pulls back on her arms. He has her standing up now.

    She pulls her head back in agony. A scream comes from her lovely throat. The intense pain she is going through. He lifts his leg and places his foot. Now he is standing on just one leg to increase the pressure on his standing surfboard. She howls in pain. Her lower back is wrenched in pain and agony from this torturous hold on her. He pulls back his arms with increased strength. He wants with determination in his soul to submit to his hold. She howls in pain feeling her back, shoulders and arms wrenched from his standing surfboard. He keeps pulling on her arms and pressing forward wearing her down for her submission.

    Finally he lets her go and turns her around facing him. She looks into his face with weariness in her eyes from the pain. She has been fighting giving in to him. He scoops her up in his arms and squeezes her close to his body. He crushes her body in his arms against him. She moans in pain. The blood rushes down her body to her head. It makes her feel lightheaded. He holds her there briefly in the air and then slams her to the ground as hard as he can. She howls in pain as her back is so forcefully slammed onto the hard and unyielding wrestling mat. She arches her back using her legs. She tries to disperse the pain running through her lovely. He bends down and grabs her by the neck. He pulls her back up and standing. He scoops her up again in his arms and slams her into the ground again. She howls again in pain. Her back is slammed so violently into the match. She knows she should give in, but hoping to turn the tables on him just once. She wants to get a submission from him for this round. She is waiting for him to make a mistake.

    He bends down and pulls her back up. He stands her up. He scoops her up in his arms and lifts her up. He does not slam her onto the ground. He takes her scooped up body and slams it down on his out stretched knee. He presses her back onto it. He removes his hands. He lets her hang on his knee as she is bent in half. She now regrets not giving up. She is to stubborn to give in before the pain starts. She knows what is about to come. She is being paid back. For her working over his back and arms and this is his revenge. There will be no passion in this fall just cold and brutal pain. He looks in her eyes. He sees her preparing her will power to fight his over the knee back breaker. She calls it forth to fight this painful hold that is about to be placed onto her.

    He slowly places his hands on her thigh and lays his forearm on her upper chest. He starts bending her in half on his knee. She howls in pain. The back breaker is applied to her with his full force. She screams out in agony. She tries to fight his hold and force out of it. She is totally helpless from him working on her body earlier. She cries out in pain. He presses down harder on her body. She cries out louder and louder. He grimaces from the power. He is channeling. He is trying to make her submit to him. She keeps on fighting his strength. She is trying to ride the pain. She is waiting for that chance to strike. Her arms lay outwards totally lifeless. She tries to will out the pain. She knows she has her arms free of confinement and can push him off of her, but she can't. She is in agony from his backbreaking hold on her.

    "SUBMIT" He screams
    "Never" She cries out in pain trying to fight this hold.

    He moves his right hand to her right breast and squeezes it. He presses down on her body. She howls in pain. She feels her soft and tender breast squeezed. It is being attacked again in his powerful hand. She cries out in pain and frustration. The torment her back and breast are going through. She wants to give in, but will not give him the satisfaction. He moves his left hand to her groin and places it on it. He feels her silky smooth hair on his palm of his hand. He squeezes it in his hand and pressing down bending her in half. She can't take this punishment that he is inflicting upon her. She screams out in pain. Her body has suffered intense punishment to her womanhood, back and breast already. She feels searing and hot pain in her back and radiating throughout her entire body. She cries out in agony. He presses and squeezes on her groin harder. Her liquid passion long since dried on her silky hair. She howls louder now. She is feeling her will power erode once again. It starts to give in from the pain he is inflicting onto her body. He squeezes and presses her tender breast into her chest. He presses her harder onto his knee bending her in half.

    Finally she screams out her submission. He immediately releases his holds onto her body and slowly lowers her body gently onto the ground. She lays there covered in sweat. She is rubbing her breast and groin. She is trying to rub the pain away and recover from submitting to him. He stands up and sits down tired from the match with this challenging woman. She slowly catches her breath and finally rubs the pain in her breast away. She moves her hands to her back and rubs on it. She tries to lessen the pain that is radiating from it. She massages her back. Her chest thrusts forward. She is sitting with her legs crossed over each other. He looks at her and stares at her body. He is amazed by how beautiful she is and it is stirring a small bit of sadness in him for hurting her. He pushes it away and thinks of the competitive side of wrestling. There will be time for that later. When he gets his chance to pleasure her and not cause her pain. She sighs as her muscles and back slowly start to regain some life. She stands and stretches out her back bending it back into shape. She is preparing for the next round. She thinks of how she is going to win. She is just 5 points away from victory and him just 3. She needs to get him to give in to her totally and fully. She thinks of ways to wear him down and get him to yield, then orgasm for her. So she can win this match decisively.

    "Ready" He asks
    "Yeah" She replies and stretches just a couple more times. She is stretching her muscles out and looking at him thinking and wondering how she will beat him.

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    Wrestling my little sister's friend

    Posted by Protesting Bi-Polar on 9/12/2001

    Bobbi was a sweet looking 16 year old, long brown hair which reached about halfway down her back and a nice rack for a girl her age (D cup). She's a little chunky but even though most people say she has a big ass (she tells me this because all adolescent girls are insecure, not to mention boys as well) I tell her it's just the right size, while giving her a playful spank.

    This kind of teasing went back and forth for months into the school year; Bobbi always came by wearing low cut tops and I was always walking around without a shirt on, sometimes in just my underwear while I noticed her lustfilled stares. Like every guy I live with the notion that I'm bigger than everybody else. In fact, when I'm using a public restroom and some guy sidles up next to me to use the other urinal, while I'm shaking off and I know he's well into his piss, I feign a look over and say (quietly), "I'm bigger." I walk away and just crack up. Of course I never do this if it's some big motherfucker who could kick my ass but I usually get a big kick out of it anyway.

    One day while my sister (Shannon) and mom were out at church--they're real religious while I'm on the other hand couldn't give half a shit (so I guess I'm agnostic?)--when Bobbi dropped by wearing not much as usual. Managing (not very hard) to flirt her way inside I informed the sophomore that my sister was not home--Bobbi usually came over to do homework since my sister was miss perfect and got straight A's.

    "So what do ya wanna do," she asked me coyly, rubbing up close to me so that I'm sure she could feel the bulge in my pants. "I dunno; ladies' choice," I whispered, hopefully intending maybe I could finally get this sex kitten up to my bedroom for a couple hours (they never came home until nearly 10 at night). Although it's a bit weird she said she wanted to wrestle.

    She knew I was a big WWF fan (what's left to watch?) and asked if she was serious. Bobbi actually got me in a headlock and told me she was. Finally believing her I managed to break her grip by grabbing her tittie; she had not worn a bra under her tight "Boys are great: every girl should own one" t-shirt that had been cut in the front so her cleavage was spilling out.

    "How bout we have the match in my room," I suggest and even though she gave me a sly look Bobbi accepted. Pushing her down on the bed as soon as we got up the stairs (I had a hand between her legs rubbng the entire time we were ascending) I noticed a wet spot on her jean shorts. I had a heck of a time pulling them off, especially with her trying to kick me.

    I finally saw she had a (big) pair of red panties and ran my palm across it. "Uh-uh," she said, shaking her finger side-to-side, "it's not gonna be that easy, baby." She locked her thick thighs around me and actually rolled me over so she was straddling my waist. Pinning my arms above my head, Bobbi's breasts were practically swinging right in my face; a nipple had popped through the top and I licked my lips eyeing it like a cat.

    She began grinding her wet pussy on the bulge in my cotton shorts (it was still warm this time of year), moaning either in pleasure or in just some attempt to make me cum early. I caught her nipple between my teeth and gently bit down. She began screaming in what I thought was pain, even though I didn't bite very hard, but judging by the way her breathing had accelerated she had just came.

    She began French kissing me deeply while rubbing her soaking wet crotch on my hard dick. "Oh God, that felt so fucking good," she panted. I rolled her over, still kissing, and reached up her shirt to cup her firm tits. I could tell she wanted to go but I slid up, pinning her arms under my knees and made her suck my cock until I pulled out and came all over her chubby face.

    "You lost," I said and with an arrogant wave of my hand told her to get cleaned up. "Maybe you can give me a challenge next week," I yelled while I heard her whining for more.

    That's how you gotta bait 'em so that way men won't be the ones pussy whipped but the girls will become...cock worshipers!

    Chalk another one up for the boys.

    This has been Stone...don't prosecute me.

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    Free for All
    by Norm

    "So, Bob, what sort of filthy stuff do you guys like to look at on the Internet?" Beth asked, with a nasty twinkle in her eye. The other two women looked at me, Martha with obvious but friendly amusement and Phyllis with open curiosity.

    I was having lunch with three female coworkers. The four of us constituted the art department for a small ad agency. We were all in our twenties, Beth just barely. We got along well, and in fact I had mild crushes on all three of them. I never asked any of them out for the obvious reason that most relationships eventually end in a breakup, and then it can be awfully hard to work in a small office together. I learned that lesson well and early, which isn't to say I hadn't come close to breaking my rule on a couple of occasions.

    We'd been talking about the Internet and had somehow gotten onto the subject of censorship (which we all pretty much agreed was a bad idea), and this had naturally led to a discussion of porn. I was hesitant to get involved for fear of saying the wrong thing, sex being a dangerous topic at the office especially in the past few years.

    It turned out that all of them had done a little exploring. Beth got the giggles describing stuff she'd seen. She reminds people a lot of the character with the same name on the News Radio TV sitcom. She's got the same small, slender body that she likes to flaunt in sexy but offbeat clothes. Her personality is pretty similar to the TV Beth as well, but she's a little cuter and younger, wears her light-brown hair long and straight, and has a few piercings (which I personally don't find attractive, but are definitely in keeping with her personality). Anyway, Beth seemed to think online porn was a lot funnier than it was offensive.

    "Come on," she prompted me. "What do guys really go for?"

    "Well," I said, looking across the table at her and feeling a little uncomfortable. "There's all kinds of stuff out there."

    Martha, sitting to my right, grinned at my embarrassment. "Gee, tell us something we don't know."

    As long as I'm describing people in terms of what sitcom characters they look like, Martha reminds me a lot of Roz on Frasier. She's friendly and easy to talk to and sort of gives off sexual vibes without any being blatant about it. She has beautiful, shoulder-length red hair and a very nice athletic figure that would attract attention in anything more revealing than a caftan.

    She had more mixed feelings about Internet porn than Beth did. Earlier she'd mentioned being disgusted by terms she'd seen used for women and their body parts and by poses that she said looked too vulgar to be sexy. At the same time, she admitted she'd gotten a lot of enjoyment out of looking at men on gay porn sites. "I swear," she said in one flight of enthusiasm, "All the best looking men are gay." (I wish I could have thought of a good comeback to that.)

    The other woman was named Phyllis, a brunette between Martha and Beth in height and build, who tended to take everything very seriously without being obnoxious about it. She'd evidently done the least surfing for porn, but on the other hand she didn't seem at all offended by it. If anything, she seem to approach the subject with a sort of clinical curiosity, as if it were a new of restaurant she'd driven by a few times and was thinking might be worth a try. "Seriously," she said to me, "do you like to look at porn on the Internet? What kinds do you like? Don't worry about offending me."

    Beth grinned around her gum and said, "I'd like to see him try to offend ME!"

    Still feeling a bit hesitant, I said, "Well, if it doesn't sound too tame, I like to look at pictures of attractive women."

    "Boring!" Beth decreed. "Come on, what do you like that's kinky?" She wiggled her eyebrows and leaned forward.

    I had a feeling she was going to keep after me until I confessed to something, so I decided to get it over with. "OK" I said, "I'll mention one thing, but you're going to be disappointed if you think I'm into bondage or S and M or that sort of thing."

    "Oh, wow! Whips and chains!" Beth said. She mimed cracking a whip and added, "Snap!"

    "That stuff doesn't do anything for me," I went on. "Pain just isn't sexy. But I admit I've always had a thing for wrestling."

    Phyllis's eyes got very round. "You mean those big sweaty guys?"

    I thought Beth was going to choke on her gum. She was laughing too hard for any sound to come out.

    Martha seemed pretty amused herself and asked me, "Do you fantasize about Mankind and Socko?"

    "NO!" I said emphatically. "And how in hell do you know about Mankind and Socko anyway?"

    "Who's Socko?" Beth wanted to know. Phyllis asked if we meant Sacco and Vanzetti.

    It was Martha's turn to look a little red-faced. "Well, OK, I like to watch pro wrestling. Some of the guys are big and hairy and fat, but some of them are pretty hot. And I don't mean Mankind."

    "So is Socko hot?" Beth asked. She and Phyllis seeming genuinely interested.

    "Socko is this sweatsock that Mankind uses as a secret weapon," I started to explain. "And Mankind is this wrestler--"

    "Ooh! Ooh! I know!" Beth announced, hopping up and down in her seat and waving a hand in the air. "He wrote a book."

    "I didn't even know they READ books," said Phyllis. "But look, we're getting off the subject. I want to know what kind of wrestling Bob's interested in." They all looked at me again.

    "Well, you know, wrestling women, like Andy Kaufman used to do. Or the way Martha likes to watch attractive men wrestle, I like watching cute women wrestle each other."

    "Catfights," Beth said. "Reer!"

    "Actually, I prefer the more sensuous stuff."

    "Sensuous how?" Martha asked with an expectant expression.

    "Well, various kinds of things. There's even something called 'sex fighting' that shows up on some web sites."

    For some reason the term struck Beth as hysterical and she started cracking up again. Martha demanded to know what the hell sex fighting was, and Phyllis was hanging onto every word as if the subject was going to be on the final.

    "OK," said, "as I understand it, there are a lot of variations, but sex fighting means basically, that each person tries to make the other one have an orgasm."

    Martha turned to the others and said, "Damn, that sounds like something to get more guys interested in!"

    Phyllis asked, "What are the rules?"

    "I don't think there's any set rules as such," I told her. "I mean, it's not like baseball. In the stories people write on the Net there are all different ways of winning. Sometimes the first one to have an orgasm loses, and sometimes it's like best out of three, and sometimes it's until somebody gives up from exhaustion. Sometimes it's part of a wrestling match and sometimes it's closer to regular sex."

    "So it's like golf," Beth observed.

    Martha looked at her in amazement. "Golf?"

    "Yeah. You know. In golf they have all these different kinds of games, depending on how many people are playing against each other and whether they're all any good and so on. I used to date a golfer. Bastard wouldn't spend a Saturday afternoon with me the whole time we were together. I should've buried his balls in the back yard."

    Phyllis decided to ignore that tangent and looked at me. "Do people really do this, or is it just a male fantasy? And don't get smart and ask me if I mean golf."

    I spread my hands. "I'm not really sure. I mean, I've certainly never done it. But I've read messages from people who say they do it. Of course, on the Internet you never know whether to believe people or not. Come to think of it, I did actually run across a lesbian site once that had instructions for how to do it."

    "You're kidding!" Martha said. "What did it say?"

    "I don't remember all the details, but basically it was just common sense stuff about not hurting each other. I think it said you were supposed to sit on a bed facing each other so you could, well, you know, touch each other. And it said you could talk dirty to try to get each other turned on. Oh, and it said if you had an orgasm, you had to be honest and admit it, since it wasn't necessarily going to be obvious."

    "What are you supposed to say?" asked Martha. "Touché?"

    Phyllis said, "So it sounds like people probably really do it. Have you ever done it yourself?"

    "Well, no."

    "Would you like to?"

    Beth looked at her with mock shock, "Damn, Phyllis. Are you coming on to our dear Bob?"

    Phyllis stunned all of us by saying, "Well, if you want to put it that way. I'd actually be curious about trying it."

    Martha said, "You're not serious!"

    Beth roller her eyes and said, "Phyllis is ALWAYS serious."

    "Why not?" Phyllis said, looking serious indeed but with a twinkle in her eye I don't think I'd ever seen before. "I have to say, it sounds very interesting. I've never heard of a fight that was based on giving somebody else pleasure, and it seems to me that if you're going to fight, that's the best way to do it. I'm intrigued. And if I decided to try it, I'd certainly want to do it with somebody I wasn't in love with and wasn't likely to fall it love with, so it would be just pure sex."

    She looked at me, "I mean, no offense, Bob, but I don't think we're each other's type. But I like you, and I think I could probably trust you, and you're certainly not bad looking."

    Beth nodded matter-of-factly and said, "That's true."

    I was too stunned to say a word.

    Martha shot me a flirtatious look that gave my already-hardening manhood a twitch. "Well," she said in her throaty voice, "now that you mention it..."

    Beth put a hand on Phyllis's arm. "Now, if you're going to do this right, you're going to need a referee."

    "You just want in on the action," Martha said.

    Beth looked me up and down appraisingly, chewing her gum behind a very faint smile. "Maybe." Her smile got a little bigger.

    "Whoa!" said Martha. She grinned at me. "Think you're man enough can take on all comers?"

    Beth almost swallowed her gum, "All comers!" she repeated between incoherent giggles.

    "Oh, shut up," Martha told her with mock exasperation.

    "If you both want in on it, I have no objection," Phyllis said to them.


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    Free for All by Norm (part 2)

    "If you both want in on it, I have no objection," Phyllis said to them.

    Beth and Martha stared at her, evidently not knowing what to say. I was personally not about to interrupt, since this was getting pretty interesting.

    "Look," Phyllis continued, "I'm not gay or bi and I don't think any of you are either. But I don't rule it out. I mean, it's just a fact that women are more open to this kind of thing than men tend to be."

    I felt like I'd stepped off the Earth and onto the Cinemax planet.

    Nobody said anything for a minute, then Beth spoke up, "OK, if we're doing true confessions here, I got a little drunk and a little experimental back in college once or twice." We looked at her. "OK, OK, it was like a dozen times one semester, OK? Well, OK, a few times some other semesters, too. I mean, I was just trying things out, you know? I mean, I prefer guys, but it's like what Woody Allen said about how being bisexual gives you more chances for a date on any given night."

    She looked at Martha. So did Phyllis and I. Martha looked embarrassed and girlish. "Oh, all right. I did it back in art school too. But I didn't make it a semester project like Miss Biology here. I mean, you're in the arts, you tend to be more open. Hell, we're all in the arts. I bet you experimented in college too, didn't you Bob."

    "NO!" I said emphatically.

    She held up her hands. "Hey, just asking."

    Phyllis said, "So are we going to try this or not?"

    Beth said, "Be specific. What are we going to try?"

    "All right," said Phyllis. "How about this? Just as a hypothetical, I mean. We all meet somewhere, and we have a free for all. No violence, nothing to cause pain. Anyone who has an orgasm loses. It keeps going until only one is standing, so to speak."

    "Well, as long as we're talking hypothetically," said Beth, "it seems to me that this puts poor old Bob here at a disadvantage. I mean, three sexy babes try to get him off, if he's like other guys I know he's going to last about a minute and a half."

    "So we can agree not to gang up on him," suggested Martha. "Speaking hypothetically."

    Beth shook her head, "But if he's turned out watching women go at it, even one of us could get him off in nothing flat. Even if he's got a condom on."

    I felt an obligation to speak up in my own defense. "I'll have you know I have a great deal of self control."

    "Yeah," said Beth waving me off with a flick of her wrist. "Sure. Right. Whatever. But anyway, guys, what if we make it double-elimination? Come twice, gotta go."

    "Sounds better," said Martha. Phyllis nodded thoughtfully.

    Beth looked across the table at me. "So. You in?"

    I looked back at the three women. "This is a joke, right?"

    Martha looked around. "You see anybody laughing?" Nobody was. Not at that moment, anyway.

    "I-- I don't know what to say," I said.

    "You can start with 'Hallelujah!' and 'Thank my lucky stars,'" Beth suggested.

    Martha put a hand on one of mine. "Look, I'm not sure I'm ready to commit to this. I want to think about it first. But it's like Phyllis said. We're all friends. We can trust each other, and we're not going to have any emotional involvement. It's just sex. Well, sex and sports. We've worked together for a long time without dating. Frankly, I wouldn't mind trying something a little crazy for once. And I don't know who else I could do something like this with."

    "So when do we decide for sure?" Phyllis asked.

    "Give me until Monday," Martha said. "I want a good long time to think about this and make sure I'm actually going to go through with it."

    Beth said, "I'm game if the rest of you are. Or if even two of you are. Maybe even just Bob." She gave me a smiling, gum-chewing stare under her eyebrows that made me catch my breath.

    The remainder of the week, Beth kept asking the rest of us questions that always led back to what turned us on. She claimed not to have any ulterior motives. And let me tell you, I had a lot of very interesting dreams, daytime and nighttime variety, before Monday rolled around. When I walked into the office that morning they were all there ahead of me. I just looked at them and they looked back at me. Suddenly Beth started pogoing up and down, waving her hands over her head like a cheerleader. "We're gonna fight, and I'm gonna win! We're gonna fight, and I'm gonna win! Woo!"

    It was on, and they'd even picked a time and place: That very night (because nobody wanted to put it off any longer) in Phyllis's bedroom (because she had the biggest bed and undoubtedly the cleanest house).

    So after work we had dinner together. Beth sat across from me and kept caressing the other two women while occasionally playing footsy with me under the table. I pushed her stocking-clad foot away from my crotch and said, "No fair." "All's fair," she said. "And you're gonna lose." She leaned squirmed her other foot into my lap and whispered, "I might just take you out right here in the restaurant."

    The other girls threatened to hose her down, so she reluctantly backed off, though she waggled her tongue at me. (I'd make the mistake of telling her on Friday that a woman licking her lips or making licking motions or otherwise showing her tongue turned a lot of guys on, me included.)

    By the time we got to Phyllis's I had a raging hard-on and I think the women were a bit aroused themselves.

    We hesitated a moment, then Beth insisted we stop dicking around and get started already. We went into the bedroom together and undressed in front of each other, all, even Beth, feeling a little uncomfortable, I think. We said a few complimentary things about each other's bodies, all sincerely meant at least with respect to what I said.

    I'd agreed to wear a condom (not just for safer sex but to give me a little advantage) and started to put it on, since I was plenty hard enough. I wrestled with the packet a moment trying to tear it. "Ooh! Let me!" Beth squealed. She ran over, snatched the packet out of my hand, and used her teeth to tear into it. She squeezed the condom out, and flattening the little bulb at the end she put it over the end of my cock. Suddenly she dropped to one knee and used her mouth to roll it on. She didn't stop, but just kept right on going up and down on me. I was too startled to do anything.

    "Hey! No fair!" yelled Martha, grabbing Beth from behind and pulling her away, which took some pulling, let me tell you. Beth could give Electrolux a run for their money. Intentionally or not, Martha had her hands on Beth's small but almost perfectly hemispherical breasts and was using them as handgrips to pull her away from me.

    "Oh, you want to fight, huh?" Beth said, turning on her. She plastered herself against Martha and used one hand to pull the taller woman's head down into kissing range. Martha seemed stunned by the counterattack and let out a sort of whimpering "Oomph!" It looked like Beth was off to an early lead. She abruptly dropped down on one knee as she had with me and thrust her tongue between Martha's legs. Martha shuddered involuntarily and said, "Oh, shit. God dammit! Fuck! Wow!" She seemed to squat a little involuntarily and whatever Beth was doing was certainly having an irresistible effect.

    I was so startled I just stood there watching them. Suddenly I felt gentle hands on my ass and cock and Phyllis's body was against mine, her hard nipples pushing into my side. She smiled up and me. "Do you like this?" she asked.

    I seemed to have lost the power to speak, so I answered her with a deep soul kiss. She responded, not aggressively but incredibly gently and erotically. We put our arms around each other like long-lost lovers and kissed deeply. One hand came lightly up my back and ran through my hair, while the other caressed my straining dick, very gently and very expertly, but gradually more and more rhythmically and rapidly.

    She was good. Good, and very crafty. I almost completely forgot about what we were doing, until it finally dawned on me that if I just stood there like an idiot, I wouldn't last another minute. I wasn't really near coming yet, but still it took all my willpower to push her hand away from me, because I really didn't want her to stop. "Nice try," I told her. "Now it's your turn."

    She didn't try to wrestle with me or grab my cock again but simply put both arms around me and let me do whatever I wanted. I ran my hands over her body and in between her legs, causing her to gasp. She soon began quivering and whimpering and moaning under my touch, almost about to lose control, it seemed. She desperately pulled one of my hands down to her ass, for me to stroke her from behind. She tugged on the other one as well, the one stroking her pussy from the front, and I obliged by shifting it around to behind her, pulling her ass cheeks apart and reaching between them to play with her, realizing there was now no way she could get one of her hands in the way to shield herself. But she didn't try to fight it. She arched her back so I could reach her whole sex all the more easily all of her from behind. She sucked hungrily on my tongue as she gasped and whimpered. She hooked one of her legs around one of mine and used the leverage to raise herself even farther back toward my ministering hands. I really had her going. Or at least I thought I did.

    Meanwhile she was stroking my cock again with one of her hands, keeping it wet with her own freely flowing juices. I was obviously having some affect on her, even if I was soon to discover that she wasn't as out of control as I thought.

    With a smooth movement that didn't seem rushed but was still too fast for me to stop, she shifted herself forward and guided my cock into her. I felt her love muscles clamp down on me. She stopped kissing me long enough to look me in the face and say, "Now I've got you."

    I don't know where she learned her tricks, but they say it's always the quiet ones. She started working on me with her very talented inner muscles, and I was soon in something approaching ecstacy and serious trouble. It took all my will power to wrestle her off me. She was of course hanging on with everything including her amazingly talented vagina, so this took some doing, and the whole time she looked at me with a wicked smile I'd never seen on her before.

    Just as I managed to get loose, a loud gasp distracted both of us. Beth was now flat on her back on the bed with her legs hanging off. Martha had her head between Beth's legs, eating her out. Beth's eyes were closed, she was bucking and moving in time to what Martha was doing to her, and needless to say, she was clearly no longer the aggressor. In fact, she seemed to be all over but the screaming.

    After a moment Martha raised her head from between Beth's thighs for a better view of her thrashing, weakening opponent's face. Martha had a wicked your-ass-is-mine expression. Not letting up, she attacked Beth's mound with the fingertips of one hand, making them fly back and forth with the speed of a vibrator directly over Beth's clitoris. Beth's arms were flung across her face and every which way and she was making sexual noises. "Oh, Beth," Martha teased in her throaty voice, "how the tables have turned. You thought you really had me, but now I've got you good." Beth just whimpered helplessly in reply. "All right, now, Beth. You put up a good little fight, but now it's time for you to give in. Come on now, you know what you have to do. Unconditional surrender. You can't hang on any longer. You're going to come, aren't you Beth? You're going to come for me, aren't you?"

    Beth cried out, "No!" but it was more a plea for mercy than an exclamation of defiance. She tried to grab Martha's flying hand and push it away from her throbbing clit which surely must be on the edge of total surrender, but Martha easily brushed off the weak defense..

    "Come for me, Beth. Come on. Don't hold back. Just one little climax. You can't fight it. You can't hold back. You WANT to come for me. You can't help yourself. Come on Beth, come for me now. Come NOW!" and with that she drove her tongue back onto Beth's clit, causing the smaller woman to buck and squirm in helpless desperation. I couldn't see the tongue, but from the motion of Martha's head it must have been going like made. As she kept up her assault she kept her eyes on Beth's face as best she could, seeing how she was affecting her with Beth sure to give in at any second.

    It was incredible, like my daydreams come true but better than I'd imagined because it was all live-action, three-D, living color and wide screen. I was half aware that Phyllis was watching with me, her arms around me, one hand stroking my cock very slowly and lightly as we watched for what was sure to be the first fall of the four-way match.

    Suddenly Beth jerked her legs up and managed to get her feet onto the bed. She pushed her body upward away from Martha's conquering tongue. Martha hung on and came after her but Beth repeated the maneuver three more time in rapid succession and manage to get herself all the way across the bed and enough out of Martha's grasp that she could finally roll away and get onto the floor.

    "You came!" Martha insisted.

    Beth shook her head. "No," she panted. "I swear. You almost had me. Another three seconds and you would have had me. But I didn't come, I swear I didn't."

    "Cheater!" Martha scolded. "You just don't want to admit it!"

    Beth said, "No, I really, really didn't!"


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    Free for All by Norm (part 3)

    "Cheater!" Martha scolded. "You just don't want to admit it!"

    Beth said, "No, I really, really didn't!"

    Phyllis, still gently stroking my cock the whole time I stood transfixed and incredibly turned on by Beth and Martha, spoke up beside me and said, "You want to see somebody come? Watch this."

    And with that she dropped into a crouch beside me and shoved a couple of fingers up my asshole from behind while she again sped up her stroking of my cock from the front. I could feel her fingers twisting around, going for my prostate, and I knew that if she succeeded in what she was trying to do she could force out an orgasm in nothing flat and there would be not one damn thing I could do about it.

    I desperately dived away from her and managed to get loose in time. "Where do you learn all this shit?" I asked her.

    She smiled sweetly. "I read a lot."

    Out of the corner of my eye I saw Martha closing in on Beth again. Beth was pleading with her, "No, no, let's get her before she gets Bob!" Martha stopped, looking over my way. I could easily imagine what she was thinking. She now knew Beth's weaknesses and could put her away any time she wanted. Maybe it was time to go after somebody else.

    "OK," she said to Beth. "We agreed we couldn't gang up on Bob, but nothing says we can't gang up on Phyllis."

    "You bitch!" Phyllis said, showing rare emotion. "You just try it!"

    They did. They wrestled Phyllis over to the bed. Phyllis fought like a wildcat but they soon had her on her back each controlling one arm and one leg of their captive. They both started sucking on Phyllis's nipples while stroking her between the thighs. Phyllis called them names I never heard before but they wouldn't let up. Eventually the inevitable started to happen and Phyllis's will power began to cave. She was getting turned on and was in serious trouble. I decided to do more than just watch, so I went over and got between Phyllis's legs and started tonguing her.

    "Bob, stop it, dammit!" she yelled at me, with some desperation in her voice. "If you keep that up I won't be able to keep from coming!"

    "That's the whole idea," I reminded her. She was bucking, trying to keep my tongue off her hard clit, but I held on."

    "Bob, listen to me, we can team up against them! Come on, you know I'm good! We can take them in a fair fight! This isn't fair!"

    I paused for a second. "You know, that's not necessarily a bad idea."

    Martha said, "Oh, don't be a dumb putz! She's trying to manipulate you. If she's so good, then she's the one we should put away first."

    "Come on, Bob," Beth urged. "A few more licks and she's ours! She even admits it. She's just desperate."

    Their hands were doing almost as good a job as my tongue, and Phyllis wasn't going to be able to resist much longer no matter what, unless I joined the fight on her side.

    Feeling a little weird that I was thinking about strategy under the circumstances, I decided that Martha was right that it probably made more sense to eliminate the strongest opponent first, and Phyllis certainly seemed to be the sneakiest. But on the other hand, I always like to root for the underdog. Hell, I'm a Cubs fan.

    So I stood up and pulled Martha off of Phyllis. Martha let me know what a total stupid monkey-brained dog-kissing, buffalo-licking, egg-sucking, half-assed, short-dicked, off-brand, down-market, red-neck, pissant, squat-nosed, hairy-backed, no-account dip-shit asshole idiot I was. She then told me she was going to get me off in about five seconds just to show me how useless I was. We started wrestling around trying to get a grip on each other.

    Meanwhile Phyllis had rolled over on top of a very surprised and unprepared Beth and had the smaller woman's hands pinned over her head and her thigh massaging Beth's mound. But Beth must have known Phyllis would still be on the edge and drove her own body up at her, rubbing against her and talking dirty. Phyllis tried to talk back but Beth stuck her tongue out – it was incredibly long, almost like a very sexy lizard -- and managed to get the tip of it into Phyllis's mouth. This evidently really got to Phyllis, because she desperately scrambled off the bed and away from Beth.

    Beth came up after her. "Oho, my pretty! Got you on the ropes, haven't I?" Phyllis said nothing and looked like she was concentrating, trying to come up with a plan to get out of this fix. It occurred to me that if she was as turned on as she seemed, then any amount of wrestling with Beth might be enough to put her over the edge. Beth, of course, was nowhere near that far gone, so Phyllis was probably just a minute from losing.

    I thought of trying to help her, but there was no way I could keep both Beth and Martha away from her, especially since Martha had just come up with a clever little maneuver. She suddenly dropped to the floor and then grabbed me around the legs, pushing me over. I had to put my arms behind me to break my fall (fortunately the carpeting was thickly padded) and Martha had her lips around my cock before I knew what hit me. Her fingers played with my balls and she was damned good. Every time I tried to push her head off me she came up with something, like swirling her tongue around the head of my dick, that just totally took the fight and the will out of me. Part of me told myself to put up a fight, but another part said I wasn't all that close to coming yet and what was the harm of a little blowjob?

    Meanwhile, as I was only half-aware, Beth was now grappling with Phyllis and was taunting her, telling her how wet she was and how there was nothing she could do to stop from coming. I heard a sudden bunch of noises ending with Beth's saying, "Shit!" and looked over. Somehow Phyllis had managed to get behind Beth and was sitting on the floor with Beth between her legs, immobilized in a full nelson. "Shit!" Beth said again, trying in vain to break the hold. Then she got smart and started writhing her body back against Phyllis, trying to keep her turned on.

    Speaking of getting turned on, it was starting to get obvious that I was starting to lose control again and if I didn't end this blowjob pretty damned soon I was going to be the first to lose a point. I pushed Martha's head away, and to my surprise she didn't try to fight it. Instead she was suddenly on top of me, rubbing her good-sized breasts across my face and trapping my cock between her slippery thighs. "You give in?" she asked.

    "No way!" I said, starting to push her off me.

    She again didn't try to fight me but instead slipped down, used her hand to guide my cock where she wanted, and suddenly I was in the second vagina of the night. That thought didn't help me muster much resistance. And while her pussy muscles weren't as talented as Phyllis's, she was rubbing up and down against me pretty expertly. She put her hands on my shoulders to pin me down and lifted her upper body off me, giving me a view of her bouncing breasts. I couldn't take my eyes off them. It was like I was hypnotized, and she was making me want to come a lot more than I wanted to win any silly contest.

    "Look over there," Martha told me, pointing. I looked. Now Phyllis had both her hands down between Beth's legs and was tonguing her ear. I was starting to get the impression that Beth was pretty good on offense but not worth a damn on defense, because she was so easily turned on. She was whimpering and rocking her hips and trying only weakly to pull Phyllis's hands away from what they were so effectively doing. The sight got me incredibly aroused, as Martha damned well knew it would. I felt her lean onto me and put her lips next to my ear.

    "Oh, Bob, I can feel you getting ready to come for me," she whispered. "Don't fight it. You want to come. Come on, come on, come on, just a few more strokes. It's too late now, you can't stop it. You're too far gone. You're right on the edge. You're helpless, and you're going to come in me. Don't hold back. You can't. Come on. Come for me. Come for me." That trash talk seemed to work pretty well on Beth and it was having the same result on me. I was disgusted with myself for not even putting up fight, because I knew she was right and she had me beat, but by now I was just to turned on by everything she was doing and everything that had been going on that I just didn't have any will power left. Another few seconds, I think, and I really would have been at the point of no return, but then suddenly in the nick of time Phyllis came to my rescue, knocking Martha off me with something close to a body block. And Beth seemed to be helping her.

    Soon, with Beth's help, Phyllis had Martha tied up in a sort of sunset flip position, her legs flailing helplessly in the air as Phyllis's tongue went to work on Martha's most sensitive spot. As soon as Phyllis had the hold the way she wanted and Martha completely under control, Beth headed for me.

    "Phyllis made me an offer I couldn't refuse," she said. "She really had me good and she let me go only if I promised to help her take Martha. But then she said if I did, I could have you." And with that she was on me, her mouth aiming for my highly vulnerable, straining cock that was entirely on her side.

    But now I knew how easily turned on she was, and I was a lot stronger than she was, so I rolled away, got to my feet, and then knocked her back onto the bed, adopting the same strategy Martha had used. I dropped my head between her thighs and started licking. It was like my tongue was cattle prod. She squirmed and spasmed in response. "No! Dammit!" she yelled. "I'm supposed to get you!" She tried to push away the same way she got away from Martha, but of course I was ready for it. I had her good.

    Suddenly she smacked her legs together around my head, stunning me. I was caught completely off guard and she started to squirm away. I lifted myself up to grab her and pull her back, but then I realized that she was slipping down the bed toward me rather than away from me, aided by the slippery sweat that covered both our bodies.

    I felt her slipping rapidly down under me and I tried to grab her, but I couldn't get a hold. Next thing I knew her lips were again around my cock. Her hands gripped my ass to keep me from getting away and rather than pumping me in and out she let her tongue do 90 percent of the work.

    I was in an awkward position, my head still on the edge of the bed, and I couldn't seem to get a grip on anything. I felt an orgasm rising like a huge oncoming wave and I knew I had to get away and do it now. "Dammit, Beth!" I yelled, "You're not going to make me come!"

    "Om ihmm ahmm ahmm!" I heard her say. I suppose she was trying to say, "Oh, yes I am."

    "No way!" I vowed, finally managing to get a grip on the bed with my hands. I pulled myself up but Beth was hanging on like lamprey eel, if lamprey eels have talented tongues and give great blowjobs. "I'm not doing it! I'm not going to come! Stop it." I wasn't sure whether I was talking to her or to me. I finally got myself to where I could hold on a bedpost with one hand to keep from falling and use the other to push her head away from me. Another instant and she'd have me. "I won't give in!" I swore, and I pushed her head down and my cock came free of her mouth. "I'm not going to let you make me!" I yelled down at her. She smiled at me and said, "Yes you are, baby," waggled her tongue sexily at me, and ran it up the underside of my cock as if she was greedily licking an ice cream cone. That was all it took. I felt myself giving in, then felt her lips on the head of my cock, sucking while her tongue flicked across it, and I just couldn't resist her any longer. My cum came spurting out of me and I cried out and collapsed onto the bed. At least I had put up something of a fight.

    Beth got up and jumped around, leaning from side to side in mid hop, breasts flapping, arms thrust over her head. "I win! I win!" She went into a kind of sack dance. "You said I couldn't make you and I did! You said I couldn't make you and I did! I made you come! I made you come! You tried to keep from coming but I made you come!"

    I looked up and saw that Martha and Phyllis had come over to look at this performance. Beth asked them with comical seriousness, "What's the score?"

    Martha looked a little sheepish. "Well, so far, it looks like Bob and I are each down a point."

    I was pissed off I hadn't seen Martha succumb, but I asked how it happened.

    "Pretty much the way you saw it," she said. "I tried my damnedest to get out of that hold but before I could do it Phyllis's tongue had me on the ropes and I just had to surrender."


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    Free for All by Norm (part 4, Final)

    "Pretty much the way you saw it," she said. "I tried my damnedest to get out of that hold but before I could do it Phyllis's tongue had me on the ropes and I just had to surrender."

    "You put up a MUCH better fight, Bob," Phyllis said. "I saw you. You were trying to hold out right up to the end."

    Martha glowered at her. "Just you wait, you cocky bitch."

    "Yeah, but I won! I won! I won!" Beth said, dancing around. "You tried to fight it but you couldn't. I made you come and you know why? 'Cause I'm too sexy for my coworkers, too sexy for my coworkers…"

    "Let's get her," I said.

    Beth squealed and tried to get away, but of course with three of us after her she didn't have a chance. We got her onto the bed and while Martha and Phyllis held her down I very slowly and gently ate her out. They taunted her that she wasn't putting up a fight and she swore at all of us, saying I could lick until I was blue in the face but she wasn't going to come for me.

    I deliberately didn't rush it. As responsive as she was, I probably could have gotten her off in a minute or two of rapid-fire licking right on her clit, but I preferred to make it last. I think for a while she really did believe she could hold out indefinitely, but she was wrong. She finally saw it too. Her protestations that I wasn't having any effect on her were a transparent desperation measure trying to make me give up or at least let up long enough to let her marshal her willpower. Or maybe she just wanted to try to make me change tactics, so she could at least say that my slow, languid technique hadn't beaten her and she'd managed to make me try something different. But I wanted to rub her nose in it, so I just kept it up and kept it up and her protests got weaker and weaker,

    "No, no," she moaned, "I'm not going to let you win this way. It won't work. Girls, he can't make me come this way, you'll have to help him."

    "Oh, I think he's doing just fine," Martha said.

    "Fuck you," moaned Beth. "You're not going to make me… Oh, fuck. Oh fuck. Oh, Bob, you bastard, I won't let you do this to me. Oh fuck. Oh, no. OH, NO!" She tried desperately to twist away from all three of us, but of course they easily held on to her, and I very slowly continued to lick her clit.

    She kept squirming and emitting incoherent little strained sounds, concentrating all her willpower on trying to resist what I was doing to her. I think her last hoped was that she could somehow postpone her orgasm long enough that we would either give up or the other women would get impatient and join in, so she could claim I hadn't been the one to get her off and she could at least claim she'd beaten me. But I was clearly getting to her, and no matter what she said, it was obvious she couldn't last much longer. The more she tried to twist herself away from my tongue, the more evident it was that she was losing control and succumbing helplessly to my ministrations.

    Suddenly she stiffened, then started struggling wildly and I knew for sure that I had her. I resisted an impulse to change tactics to push her over the edge, in case it gave her a faint last chance to somehow regroup her forces of resistance. I just kept up doing exactly what I'd been doing, slowly using my tongue with total relentlessness. She was rigid, still trying her best not to give in. But of course it was futile.

    "OH, FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!" she finally squealed, still rigid but now shaking, almost vibrating, with the dam burst of ecstasy I'd forced on her.

    I was actually worried about her for a second. But she finally subsided and started breathing in a relaxed, satisfied way. I got up and looked down at her.

    She opened her eyes and smiled up into mind. "That was incredible," she said. "You are absolutely the best, Bob. I think I'm in love."

    Phyllis laughed. "Well, on that note, I think perhaps we ought to call a recess. Take a look at the time."

    To my surprise, it was already almost midnight. Time flies when you're having fun, I guess.

    "Hey," said Martha, "Phyllis is the only one who didn't come yet!"

    Phyllis put out her hands as if to push us off. "Whoa," she said. "We can take this up again and the three of you can gang up on me if you want. But we have to get to work in the morning, and we're not going to have time to finish it the way we planned."

    "Or energy," said Martha. "You're right. I'm bushed. I vote we name you victor for the first round and try this again maybe in a week, after we've had a chance to rest up."

    We all agreed that that made sense. We got cleaned up and dressed and said our farewells before going back out to our cars. And the whole time Beth just kept looking at me with her big brown eyes, a quizzical smile on her face. I started to wonder if we were really as immune to romantic entanglements as we thought.

    We said more farewells in the yard, as if we weren't going to see each other for a while, which was silly since we'd be at the office together in a few hours, at least if we didn't oversleep too much. Then we got into our cars and Phyllis went back into her house. Martha drove off. Beth and I just sat there in our respective cars for a while, neither of us starting the engine. Finally, I said what the hell and opened my door and got out. I walked over to her car. She had her window down and she looked up at me with those same huge eyes and that same quizzical smile. I said, "Maybe we ought to talk or something."


    "Go get a cup of coffee at the donut place near the office?"


    I hesitated a second, then abruptly and clumsily kissed her. She kissed back.

    "I have a confession," she said.


    "Martha made me come twice in a row, right at the start, when she had me pinned on the bed, so I was really out of the match."

    "You cheated," I said, pretending to scold her.

    "Well," she replied, breaking eye contact and looking very girlish. "I wanted you to be the one."

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    Friendly Relief

    Posted by Dr. Riggs on 6-1-2003

    My wife Elaine and I had a great sex life. We would occasionally – maybe a little more than occasionally – have bed-top sexfight matches where the first to orgasm would lose. As I am sure to others of you who have, it mattered little who won or lost.

    Then came the baby.

    Sex while pregnant was a bit of a touchy topic with Elaine, and what little we did have was a bit awkward and ultimately unfulfilling. As the months passed – seeming ever so itchingly slow – even the awkward sex began to wane and finally disappear as my expectant wife began to round out her motherly figure. Things – not to mention certain body parts – began to get tense as our formerly wonderful sex life mutated into our formerly wonderful sex life.

    I woke on Saturday morning with the same infernal desire and frustrating firmness in my groin. Elaine had already awakened and, as far as I could hear, was talking on the phone.

    “Yeah. Okay . . . I’ll get him up and send him over,” she said. “Love you too. Take care.”

    Elaine walked back into the bedroom with a yawn. “Oh, you’re awake. Good. I was hoping you could trim the front hedge today. After that, Melanie needs you over her house. Something about the drywall. Hal’s flown to Brussels, and she wanted some help.” With that she shuffled out of the room to perform a number of chores she absolutely needed to do herself. Must be the hormones.

    ‘Christ!’ I thought, ’It’s fucking eight in the morning on a Saturday and I got a list of chores already.’

    Melanie and Hal were good friends of mine from high school, and Melanie and Elaine had been fast friends ever since college. Hal had some big job as a chemical engineer and was always flying somewhere or other on business. They had just moved into an older Victorian home and were trying to renovate it into something tolerable. Apparently, Hal couldn’t –- or wouldn’t -- take any vacation time to get his house in order.

    “Fine,” I grunted as I slid out of bed and prepared to get dressed. I found my dresser drawers empty of any type of underwear. "Hon?”

    “Oh yeah! Doing a whole bunch of laundry today. Sorry. I think there’s a pair on top of the dryer, though.”

    I looked and sure enough there was a single pair. A pair that I hadn’t seen in a long time. A pair of pink bikinis saved only for the times that Elaine and I . . . too painful for the little head to think about.

    “Are these the only ones?” I asked. I wouldn’t have cared normally; it was just the principle of the matter. Just donning these would bring back fantastically awful sense memories that I didn’t want to deal with on a day I would be doing nothing but literal pruning and spackling.

    Some painful memories, a shirt, shorts, and an all-too-short breakfast later, I was heading out to prune the freaking overgrown hedges.

    “You’re not done yet?” Elaine chirped. I felt an all too familiar frustration begin to grow.

    “Sorry. No.” She was so lucky she was pregnant.

    “Well, forget about it for now. Get over to Melanie’s. She needs you . . . probably take all day.”

    Stifling the anger, I managed a semi-convincing “No problem.” Must be her hormones.

    She pecked me on the cheek in way that she would have formerly found sacrilegious. Elaine used to find anything other than a long, deep soul kiss with a slight grope of at least one erogenous zone unforgivable; now she was more sterile than June Cleaver. “Have fun,” she perkily chimed.

    ‘Unlikely,’ I thought as I left to drive to Melanie’s.

    Chapter Two

    Melanie answered the door with a sexy smile. God how I often thought of the wonderful things to do with those lips.

    I forgot all about chores and early Saturday mornings as I looked her over. She was dressed in a tight pair of bib overalls with an even tighter pink halter top underneath. While the halter top showcased her already magnificent breasts (I would’ve said DD’s if my wife would hadn’t said otherwise), the overalls accentuated the curves outwardly in a way that made me forget this morning.

    I must have stared blankly. Her hand lightly breezed in front of my eyes. "Helloooo?”

    “Oh, sorry,” I blurted.

    “I said we’re going to finish the drywall in the dining room. Elaine said you were up for this,” she said luridly. “I just hope you won’t disappoint me.”

    I suddenly felt lost as to what she was talking about.

    “Well, c’mon in.”

    As we walked into their soon-to-be dining room, I watched luscious ass fill out those overalls. I had fantasized about Melanie a number of times, but never would’ve acted on it. Even though Elaine and I both talked about sex and flirted shamelessly with Hal and Melanie, there was or must be (somewhere) an implicit boundary line. I’d just have to enjoy having her in my dreams. Or so I thought.

    Despite the drudgery of the work, Melanie sure as hell made it interesting. For some reason, all day she kept bumping into me as we spackled. Every now and again, under the pretense of “trying to get the right coverage”, Melanie would duck under my reach and press her voluptuous ass against my crotch. She looked back once as I must have had my eyes rolling into the back of my head and coquettishly said, “Oops. Sorry.” I somehow doubted her sincerity.

    We had ordered lunch from someplace and sat down in the living room to eat and share a six-pack. As we ate we talked about various things: the house, her job, Hal’s job, how he is gone so frequently. The conversation suddenly shifted about sex.

    “With Hal gone so often, we hardly get to fool around. When he’s not flying to Denver, Bismarck, or –for God’s sake – Brussels, he’s busy working late at the office or on some report or other on the computer here.” Moving even closer to me she continued, “And other than the house, there are other . . . chores . . . he overlooks.” Her hand lighted on my knee, and snaked its way, her fingernails lightly pressing into the material of the shorts, up my leg and short of the increasingly stiffening bulge at the crotch. I was in a daze - must have been my hormones. My eyes closed as my head lolled slightly back, enjoying the sudden loss of blood that was reaching to certain as of yet untouched areas.

    “It must be hard,” she cooed.

    Suddenly remembering where I was I stuttered out a “H-huh?”.

    “Oh you know Sam,” she purred. “At home, with Elaine pregnant . . . she loves you lots, y’know . . . unable to have the things you enjoy.” I felt a sudden enjoyably shifting pressure on my cock. “Girls talk to one another . . . about a lot of things. . .,” the fingers of her hand dug into my shorts wrapping themselves around my ever uncomfortable erection.

    “ Size,” her fingers pulled at my hard-on. My breathing became shallow.

    “ Width . . .,” another tug.

    “Technique . . .” Her thumb slowly circled the head of my restrained cock.

    “Stamina . . .” She pulled in close and ran her tongue up my neck. My dick pulsed in her hands, and a low moan escaped my mouth as I got lost in the moment. My hands roved over her incredibly soft body.

    “Wrestling . . .” At that my eyes opened in disbelief. I shifted to look at her. There was that sexy smile. “She talks a lot about wrestling. When Hal and I fuck, it’s the usual standard stuff. Nothing out of the ordinary. But he’s not here now, is he?”

    I think I blankly shook my head no – with all the blood swelling my dick, I can’t be sure.

    “So here’s the deal. You and me. One fall – loser is the one who blows it first – that’ll be you by the looks of things. Winner gets to ask for anything she wants. No sexual holds barred.” She let go of my cock, stood up in front of me, and dropped her overalls to reveal a white silk bikini bottom which barely covered her pussy. “So what d’ya think?”

    I couldn’t believe it, but I actually muttered, “But Elaine?”

    Melanie giggled and slightly tilted her head at me, “I know I got some work out of you, but did you really think you were here for the drywall? She told you to have fun, didn’t she?”

    I couldn’t help a smile coming across my face as I look at this incredibly sexy woman and thought of the conspiracy that she and my wife must have made.

    “You’re on!”

    Chapter Three

    “All right,” Melanie sauced. “Off with the shorts and shirt.”

    I quickly complied, and she removed her halter top. I had fantasized a number of times about her, but had never seen her nude. Though she was a bit heavier than Elaine in her prime, the weight hung just in all the right places. As she dropped the halter top, she ran her hands down her neck and over her incredible breasts, cupping them as if to present them to me. She sauntered over to me as I watched her in a daze. I felt unable to move as I watched her, smiling sexily. She pulled one breast up to her mouth and tongued the nipple.

    “Mmmmm. Just love that,” she cooed. “How ‘bout you?” she leered.

    I did. Entirely too much.

    She strutted, hips swaying over to me on the couch and sat legs spread on top of my lap.

    “Ready, set, go!” she giggled and began to grind against me. I still was too stunned to believe it. The feeling of her body against me was incredible. She pulled even closer to me, pressing her breasts ever so close to my face. I began to thrust intermittently into her. She cooed at every thrust and throatily laughed. “Oh that feels soo goood . . . But I can’t imagine how Elaine loses if you’re this easy.”

    I had forgotten that this was a contest. Having not felt this way for months, I shouldn’t have cared, yet the competitive beast within me wanted to win – guess it’s the hormones. I started to try and get up, and Melanie thrust those fabulous breasts in my face as if to smother me. I jerked back and gave the left one a hard suck and licked the nipple. Reacting like I wanted her to, Melanie forgot all about the smother, and just enjoyed the tongue work as small moans and sighs escaped her lips. I ran my hands up her ass and lightly up her back. She twisted in ecstasy ‹God it must have been a long time› and ground more urgently against me. A sudden urge to forget what I was planning came over me, but alas, it had to be done.

    With a quick move, I grabbed her hair and pulled her down and across the coffee table. “What the fu---uhhhhh, yeah!” she gasped as I began to work on her already erect nipples, sucking and lightly biting first one then the other, working the underside of each breast, and slowly working my way down her body. Melanie had obviously forgotten what she proposed doing as she actually lifted her legs slightly to aid me in removing her bikini bottom. "Yeah,” she gasped, “do it.”

    Holding a leg in each hand, I traced my tongue down from her knee down to the edge of her thighs and began to lick her moist pussy. To heighten the sensation, I pressed her legs down toward her chest as I erotically assaulted her . I traced my tongue over the outer lips and sucked as she quivered in pre-orgasmic ecstasy. In the middle of the tonguing and sucking, I muttered, “So . . . who’s easy now?” She giggled slightly, but moaned more in earnest when I uncovered and attacked her clit. Her legs slightly shook as she moaned louder and longer, and I let them drape over my shoulders as I thought I had this won already. Big mistake.

    As I ate her sopping twat out, I felt her legs lift a bit. I thought it was another spasm. The world suddenly seemed to rush right in through my ears and go deafeningly quiet. I stopped tonguing to notice that breathing was suddenly a lot more difficult than just a few seconds ago. I came out of my confusion to find my head locked tightly in between her shapely legs. Melanie propped herself up by her elbows to look at me. A wry smile came across her face as she stated, “Oh that felt so good, honey. Elaine sure wasn’t lying about that.” She tightened her legs ever so slightly. “You could have beaten me if I let you keep that up. But I’m winning this one.”

    Melanie swung me down to the floor. At this point, I hardly felt it as the world was going woozy. When we hit, she loosened the hold and reversed her position so that she was facing my feet. She ripped my briefs down and began to kiss her way down my belly and across my thighs. My cock pulsed as she worked her way closer and finally licked up and down the shaft. I moaned loudly – it’d been so God damn long. I could hear another throaty giggle as she wrapped the fingers of her left hand around the base of my dick and began to work the shaft, slowly yet firmly, massaging it as she intermittently licked the head of my cock.

    Her oral ministrations had distracted her from the scissors hold, and I now had the urge to fight back in the only way that made sense. Putting my one arm on the inside of her leg to widen the target, I plunged my tongue into her sopping pussy. With a soft moan followed by “mmmm . . . .yes, again . . .” her hips pushed down into me, grinding my face as she swallowed the length of my cock and began to work her lips and tongue around it. To try and even things out, I introduced two fingers into her twat, massaging the walls of her vagina as I began to focus on whipping my tongue across her clit. This sent her into overdrive as she sped up the tempo on my needy erection and started to massage my balls and occasionally deep throat me. God she was hot! Why the HELL would Hal ever leave home?

    It seemed like we were locked in this heavenly sixty-nine for an eternity, my cock pulsing with the urge to release as her moans of urgent pleasure tingled the sensitive flesh. With a sudden energy which surprised me, Melanie tumbled off me, twisted on the carpet to face me, and jumped back onto me genital to genital. She went for another breast smother, but I managed to grab her by her shoulders and swing her down to the carpet. With a swift motion, I pinned her to the floor and thrust into her heavenly hole. As she moaned, back arching and tongue tracing across her lips, I realized with a bit of pleasant regret that this could have been a mistake. I was so close to blowing already, and now this felt just too good!

    I pumped her with long, slow strokes at first, grinding my hips when I filled her entirely and rubbing up against her clit.

    “Oohhh, fuck . . . .,”she uttered in a high-pitched whisper. Her legs wrapped around my hips and locked in the back as she pulled herself into me, matching my thrusting. I sped up trying to gain control, but she matched me, pulling me deeper and deeper into her. My hips began to have a mind of their own with sudden unplanned rhythms and hits as my moans melded with her increasingly urgent cries.

    “Ooohhhhh . . .yes! . . . .yes! . . . .ooooooooo . . . .c’mon . . .yeah . . . come for me baby . . .oh yeah!” she cried. “You know you want to soooo bad!” With that, she rolled us over, our genitals still entwined, and began to viciously ride me. I was so stunned, I just watched this incredible show as she bounced up on my throbbing dick, grinding as she met the base, her luscious breasts bouncing wildly. We both had lost it. It was now just a matter of who would blow first. I made a move to get up, but her eyes flashed open and with a great deal of power she thrust my shoulders to the floor as she ground down heavily on my cock. It was so damn good. My eyes rolled back in my head as my back arched to thrust deeper into her.

    “Awww . . . shit,” I groaned. It was now or never.

    I grabbed hold of her massive tits and squeezed. She lost her concentration for a second and paused her grinding as she squealed and basked in the sensation. I took advantage of her lapse and rolled her to her back, rolling up her legs against my shoulders, and began to plow into her full force.

    Her tits rebounded from the momentum, and she was now screaming out, lost in the pleasure. I was no better, thrusting wildly without any care for strategy or competition. Melanie’s vagina muscles contracted around my cock massaging it like crazy. Suddenly, she shrieked as her twat pulled one last time, and Melanie clamped her arms around me and pulled me close as she shuddered in orgasm.

    I pushed her off me, sat below her chest, and placed my raging cock between those tits. Melanie obviously aware of what was going on, pressed her massive breasts in to surround it as I pumped away. I always fantasized about doing this with her. She leaned up to lick and suck on my cock as it popped up within reach. With a final thrust, I groaned and let go. My load shot up her breasts and neck after which Melanie swallowed me yet again to clean me off.

    When she finished, I rolled alongside her.

    “Well,” she said exhaustedly. “Elaine was right. You’re just what I needed.”

    I laughed thinking that I could have said something similar.

    “So . . .,” she turned, her sexy, naked body covered in a sheen of sweat. “You get whatever you want. What is it going to be?”

    “Round 2?” I chimed.

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    Out of my league-pt1

    Posted by BFDaddy on 27-12-2002

    We had just arrived at the mansion at dusk. I was forced to go along with Susan due to losing a bet- (no way tech beats state this year, no way)-. I planed on just fucking her all night if I won the bet, make her clean my apartment naked, that kind of stuff, but the lady's mind was more cunning than mine.

    Sir Robert met us at the door and led us to the meeting room were about 20 people were milling around in the flimsiest bathing suits imaginable. I was easily the least attractive person there, 6'0 250 with a beer belly. Susan quickly disrobed to a modest white two piece suit was flimsy and very thin. If someone sneezed it may have disintegrated reveling her compact yet perky body, I took off my sweats to a regular old pair of blue trunks that could actually survive a day of swimming. After every one was in their suits, Sir Robert walked up to the stage in his royal purple Speedos, on second thought he could afford to lose some pounds also, reinforcing my belief that Speedos are a bad idea. He got everyone's attention and started to speak.

    "Welcome to the 5th annual Battle Royale. Just a recap of the rules for the fresh meat, er new people. We enter the wrestling room and battle until one person is left standing. People are eliminated in three ways.

    1.Their swimwear is completely removed and they are forced to orgasm. Once any part of the suit is completely off, it cannot be put back on.

    2.A contestant can end up in the viewing pit by his or her own actions, usually by walking.

    3.Performing an act that fellow competitors find is dangerous or injurious in a non sexual way.

    Remember this is for fun so no biting, scratching, punching, kicking or throwing. We start in one hour. One last reminder - last year Kris won the trophy."

    Susan spent the whole speech looking at me with a smirk on her face as I went from pale to white. After the speech she came over to me and gave me the quick scoop on the people she knew at the party.

    "Over there is Kris"- she said pointing to a surfer dude in the corner. Not too much to look at if you ask me, not partciular muscular, but not fat either but I couldn't help but notice that his dick was already sticking way out of his beat up trunks, and it wasn't even hard.

    "Anne over there came in second last year. She hates losin', she would cheat to win." Anne looked athletic enough but very thin. Maybe 5'1", 100 pounds soaking wet. I think surfer dude had bigger tits than she has, but no fat on a body makes for an awesome ass, an ass that was not hidden in any way by her emerald green dental floss bikini.

    "Those three over there are who we call the triplets" Nay was black lady who worked out but had a rack that were a perfect handful. She was in a black one piece. Aimee was probably a few pounds overweight but not too bad a looker nonetheless. Her tits were the biggest of the three, but not scary big. Lill was the best of them all. Blonde hair, blue eyes and enough meat on her bones so that you could grab on and enjoy the ride. I knew Lill from before and had had many a wonderful wet dream with her in it. Susan continued-"they will work as a team, watch out".

    "As for the guys I know here, outside of Kris, they are so horny, pretty much all it takes if one of the girls touch them, they will cum." I figured that statement included me.

    The hour was so that nobody cheated by putting on lotions or jacking off ahead of time. Some of the people used the time mingle, make plans, or do their nails, (women are weird like that). It seems Anne was especially busy trying to get everyone to gang up on Kris at the start. After talking to most of the people it was pretty obvious that everybody else had at least sexfought before at least once, although usually not in a group this large. As a rule they laughed at me for having a swimsuit that actually cost money, since they all get ripped up anyway.

    The hour passed and we went to the wrestling room. It was a big enough room for all of us to spread out in and was covered with mats on the floor and the walls, by the main door was a large area that was a step below the main floor. This was the pit were defeated people would wait for the winner. In the pit there is no contact allowed between anyone.

    We all spread out around the mat; Susan intentionally went to the far side of the room from me. I guess I was getting no help from her today. The triplets were together of course. My plan was to hide in the corner and play defense. Oh and hope that Lill is the one who does me in. Maybe if she was separated from the triplets i would go for her.

    Sir Robert held up a timer set for one minute. "When this goes off, we begin".

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    out of my league-pt2

    Posted by BFDaddy on 3-1-2003 at 12:48:50 GMT (477 VIEWS):

    When the timer went off we started. It seems that all of Anne's planning had worked. Most of the guys immediately went to Kris in an effort to hold him down. Kris fought the good fight ripping off a few suits but he was soon over powered. Two guys grabbed each leg and a girl or two on each arm. Soon his massive cock was given the attention it deserved from the ladies. It probably ended up a foot in length, but I didn't have a ruler handy, and boy did Kris have stamina- it was easy to see why he won last year. A couple of the girls including Susan rotated off just to keep a fresh mouth on his prick at all time, they were working hard but he still wasn't cumming. However, not everyone was on Kris. One of the early exits was by Sir Robert. I followed him as he went after he went to the pit. I walked to the edge of the pit sat down and struck up a conversation in an effort to hide just a little more. He was a veteran of this sport and the evidently triplets went after him first, he was obviously upset as he spoke. "The triplets got me again this year, same MO, they would circle until one of them could grab a hold of me. That person would hang on until I was finished. One of the other two would work on my suit," he pointed to a gash mark left on his leg by one of the girl's finger nail," and then my penis the third would work be responsible if someone came to rescue and also the mouth and breasts if they were fighting a women." Now I knew how to separate Lill from the other two, just had to wait for Lill to be on the top of somebody and she would peel off and get me as I approached to "save" their victim.

    By this time Kris had been defeated and the match had separated into little groups. If a girl came over towards me looking to see if I was the next conquest I would attempt to look fat (not hard) and the girl would look for a more appetizing conquest. Funny, while watching everyone go at it, I did not see one DDT, huricanrana or even a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, yet they always found a way into my dreams. I kept a close eye on the triplets, but Lill was never in the top position, so I was getting worried that I wouldn't be able to fight her alone. Looking around I found Susan and a guy going at it in the far corner- I went over for a closer look.

    By this time both Susan and the guy were completely naked. Susan had just mounted the guy and his 8 inches. The fellow started pumping away at Susan with great power. Susan was almost flung off at every stroke. Both Susan and the guys were rubbing away at their opposition's chest. The guy had a smile as he was feeling Susan's orgasm building. The fellow started pounding harder and harder and I noticed a marked change in Susan's breathing so I made a step to save her. Just as I got there I saw her face light up as she winked at me. At the top of one of the pumps, Susan lifted off his penis, grabbed it with her hand, and after a quick pump or two, the fellow was shooting a load into his own face and wondering what had just happened. I grabbed Susan and pulled her into the corner before someone else grabbed her in her excited state.

    out of my league pt3

    Posted by BFDaddy on 7-1-2003 at 02:23:03 GMT (390 VIEWS):

    "He almost had me," Susan said, - "I was enjoying the moment and almost forgot why I was here."

    Looking around there were only about 10 people left in the room, all naked except me. Anne started looking this way- so I stuck my finger in Susan's pussy- "for show" I explained.

    "I think the triplets are going to be tough," she said.

    "Yeah- if Lill grabs you, you are done Susan" someone else started eyeing us so quickly my hand was in Susan's pussy again...

    "Don't let Lill behind you" I kept repeating to Susan. When somebody else started looking our way Susan quickly slid her hand in my trunks- "for show"

    After Susan calmed down I retreated to my corner.

    I kept hoping that Lill would end up in a position where I could get at her, but I was running out of time. Somebody would have to fight me soon.

    Then I saw the triplets pick out Susan as their next victim. Susan took my words to heart and knocked away an attempt by Lill to pin her, while she was distracted Nay grabbed her and quickly the other two jumped Susan. Susan fought hard and I figured this was my last chance so I leaped into action. As I got there Nay was holding on tight to Susan's waist while Aimee was caught in a headlock by Susan. Lill was about to go for Susan's legs and defenseless pussy when she saw me coming- she knew Aimee couldn't stop me so she got up to fight me- mission accomplished.

    Lill mainly was playing defense while her partners finished off Susan, but I was desperate so I went on the attack. We locked up our hands and I pulled her in close. As soon as her breast rubbed up against my chest I was hard as a rock. I kept her hands above her head and forced her against the wall. Quickly I applied the Mongolian lip lock and soon our tongues were wrestling inside my mouth- she was definitely winning, but I was not complaining. Lill was smaller than me so every once in a while she would get up on her toes and rub her pussy against my dick. I don't think she realized how much pleasure getting a dick rub from a dream girl is. After about a minute of this I let loose a cum in my pants. I don't think Lill realizes it, but she used this moment of my distraction, to take her fingernail my swim trunks, she managed to gut the drawstring and some of the fabric was ripped. There was definitely enough force applied to rip the rags that most people were wearing.

    We were still locked in the lip lock as I recovered my senses and felt the extra chill of the Air conditioner. We both changed our plans a little bit. We each tried to get one hand free. I wanted to feel tits and pussy and she wanted to work on my exposed cock. I managed to do some rubbing and even managed some dick to pussy contact. Her stroking brought me back to a hard state rather quickly. During one of our tussles she got her legs behind me and I fell, but I held on and pulled her on top of me. She landed on me and stunned me for a second. She used this as an opportunity to slide down and start the blowjob that would finish me off.

    "Is this all you got?! she said as she started to swallow my "6 inch" penis. As she was going at my penis, she used her other hand to slide my suit down my legs. She had gotten the suit to my ankles as the pleasure of the blowjob was too much and I shot my second diminished load in her mouth. She looked at me with shock at how quickly I came and how little came out. She looked down and saw that my suit was not completely off and if I could see, I would have seen the anger come over her face. She grabbed my shorts scraped out my first load "you will need this later" she said, and then made me swallow it. She then removed my shorts and shredded them into little pieces.

    I just sat there for a bit with a smile on my face till Susan came over and kicked me in the leg.

    "Nice save, bastard" she was on her way to the pit after her elimination by the triplets.

    I smiled some more

    out of my league pt4

    Posted by BFDaddy on 12-1-2003 at 06:17:29 GMT (468 VIEWS):

    I'm not sure how it happened, but as I recovered my senses, I noticed I was one of the last 5 still active in this contest. There was me, Anne and the triplets left, all of us were naked and had fluids of all sorts on our bodies. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that one of the triplets was going to win. I was just trying to figure out how I was going to get eliminated with the most pleasure involved for me.

    Lill then spoke to the other triplets" one of you two take that loser in the corner while the other two hold off Anne. It should only take you a minute. I am not touching him ever again! Nay and Aimee dutifully played scissors rock paper until Aimee lost and headed over to my corner by the pit.

    Aimee could afford to lose a few pounds but she was by no means ugly. I am a sucker for ladies with big dark eyes. She was pretty short but had a nice rack on her. I figured I could take her with my speed and quickness, plus I had already cum twice recently. So there is no way I was going to cum a third time any time soon.

    After a second or two of sizing me up- Aimee made a lunge for me. She probably underestimated me as I easily sidestepped it, as she passed by me I gave her a loving smack on her rear end. This bothered her a little, so she made another lunge at me, which I countered with a quick strike to her legs. She went down to the mat a few feet away; I couldn't take advantage of her falling as she quickly got to a solid defensive position. She got up and must have decided on a different plan. This time she slowly walked up to me. We met in a collar and elbow lockup. When she loosened her grip to take a stab at my dick, I instinctively slid behind her and placed her in a full nelson.

    While this may be useful in most wrestling matches, it was kind of useless here. We were not trying to hurt anyone and I don't think rubbing my dick into the small of her back was going to get her to cum anytime soon.

    I paused for a second wondering what to do when she kicked out her feet causing herself to fall to the mat, she then quickly turned around and swallowed my limp penis. At the same time she grabbed my legs in a bear hug maneuver severely restricting my mobility and leverage. I wasn't too worried, because as hard as Aimee tried, I was not going to cum in the near future, but I still needed to try and finish her off before the other two triplets came over and I would lose a chance to get more Lill.

    The only idea I came up with is to fall. So I did. It broke the hold and both me and Aimee were flat on the ground. We both immediately went for each other instead of getting up. She had a better position after the fall than I did so she managed to get on top of me. But while she could still suck my balls I was still able to reach her lovely pussy. So instead of pushing her off I decided to go for the kill. It was obvious that at least one person had come inside of Aimee today, for the record I don't want to taste somebody else's sperm, even if it is in a woman's pussy. .

    We were both working away at the nether regions of each other, Aimee on my slowly hardening cock and me on Aimee's pussy. I could tell that I was making progress as Aimee was starting to lose steam. A pause here in her sucking or an audible whimper there. I was thinking that I might actually be beating her. Aimee went for a desperation move. I soon felt a finger enter into my asshole. Now it felt kind of funny. Not HAHA funny but strange funny. I had also considered my asshole as a one-way opening, but if a naked lady is trying to make you cum by sticking a finger in you, it must be good right? I don't know.

    The good news is that while this was happening I had kind of forgot about cumming, so Aimee was not making any progress that way, but I had stopped my tongue action and had loosened my grip on Aimee. She used this opportunity to swing herself around. So instead of her feet around my head, she was now completely between my legs, with her knees on the floor of the pit. I was doomed; I was getting near my point of no return with no way to retaliate. Some of the guys in the pit came over for a closer look, I couldn't hear what they were saying as I was now within seconds of blowing my top again. It almost looked like they were trying to pull Aimee off of me. They managed to get her off as my third load of the day splattered on Aimee's face. I just sat there and was about to roll my self into the pit to save myself the effort of getting up when Susan stopped me.

    "Aimee ended up in the viewing pit by her own actions when she switched positions on you. She was eliminated, so she could not eliminate you so get back into the fight, bastard." she then gave me a kiss for good luck

    I just lay on the mat for a minute or three, catching my breath and knowing how lucky I was to still be in this contest, the crowd of people in the out of bounds pit let out a loud cheer and a round of applause. I knew it wasn't for me so I rolled over and saw an amazing sight. Lill and Nay were both flat on their backs having screaming orgasms at the same time. Anne had her left hand working away on Lills pussy, while she had her face buried in Nay's crotch skillfully tonguing away. After the orgasms had subsided, Anne got up and slowly turned to face me. I could see Nay's Pussy Juice glistening off her teeth as she flashed me her evil smile. She licked the juices off her hands and motioned for me to join her in the center of the room.

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    Stories from "mixed fuckfighting" forum -- help!
    out of my league pt5

    Posted by bfdaddy on 26-1-2003 at 04:29:29 GMT (442 VIEWS):

    As I cautiously walked to the center of the room, we both sized each other up. I am sure what Anne saw could not have impressed her. I am 6'1 260ish, complete with a beer gut that would make Budweiser proud. Top it off with a receding hairline and I doubt I am what she is looking for.

    Anne on the other hand may have been my opposite. Not an ounce of fat on her- she obviously works out, but not a muscle bound freak. Her only real flaw was she had no tits, but the rest of the body was to die for. Straight brown shoulder length hair on top and no hair down below. Her body glistened with the various fluids she had accumulated since the start of the match.

    I figured my strengths were that I was lucky as hell today and I had already cum 3 times today and I couldn't remember the last time I had cum 4 times in a week. I also had a strength and size advantage. She would have the advantage in quickness and experience in this type of match she also was very flexible- maybe even double jointed. The wildcards are that she is a known cheater and probably overconfident.

    We started to circle around each other. She started with the trash talking. The obligatory I couldn't last 5 seconds once she started working on my penis and that her French poodle has a bigger dick than me. Or that she could beat me with her eyes closed and blindfolded. I told her to prove it. So she grabbed a suit that was on the mat and tied it around her eyes. She then lay on the mat pussy facing me. She kept rambling on.

    "You couldn't make me cum with a 16-inch dildo"

    "Hey, you suffer from dicdu. Your stomach hangs out farther than your dick do"

    While she was thinking of another great line I got right up to her.

    "I am probably going to have to go home and get myself off after this contest." While she was saying this I got my hand to her pussy and inserted 4 fingers in and started to work on her

    "I think a mosquito landed on my pussy" she continued, obviously not turned on a bit

    I worked harder.

    " Did the air conditioner turn on? I feel a breeze." she took of her blindfold

    "Oh it's you"

    She rolled over and quickly got me in a head scissors. She wasn't squeezing hard, but she was in control now. She curled up to me and whispered so only I could hear.

    "You know if you warm up to this event by using a baseball bat as a dildo, no dick could satisfy you, even surfer dude Kris'. But to play it safe, a little cream can remove all sensitivity." she then laughed in my face. She released the hold and we both got back to our feet.

    Her confidence level was obviously very high. We closed and we locked up in something close to a collar and elbow lockup. She managed to lay a kiss on me and as I felt her tongue invade my mouth and start to grapple with my tongue, she let go with one of her hands to start playing with my penis. Her playing with my balls was not going to do her any good for any time soon, but as she was about to say something witty, I got behind her. I managed to get her in a reverse bear hug. Now I had the advantage, so I started to ponder my options. If it were one of my dreams, it would be time for some fancy maneuvers I couldn't do in real life. I even looked to see if there were any ropes to fling her against, but there was none. I was brought back into reality when she starting to grind into my groin area. I put my leg into her butt, so the only thing she could grind on was my thigh.

    "What are you going to do limp dick" "I can stay here all day, I bet you would eventually cum by me rubbing your leg." She was probably right.

    She tried to stomp on my exposed toe but she only got a glancing blow on me but it still hurt. Luckily I still had my bear hug on, but I was pissed. I immediately set her up for the atomic knee drop, but just as I was about to slam her down, I remembered that we are not really supposed to hurt each other, so I slowed her down at the last second. She still hit my knee pretty hard and then she flopped on the ground in some pain her one arm ended up under her body as she writhed in pain.

    "Oops" I said sheepishly, I figured that while she was on the ground, I might as well get on top of her. I jumped on her, putting my ass just above her belly button. She tried to buck me off, but she wasn't that strong. she tried to hit my dick with her free hand, but I caught it and held her firm. Now if I only had a way to finish her off...

    I don't know if she panicked or actually thought it was a good plan, but Anne tried to bring back her legs an attempt to hook my shoulders and drag me off her that way. She actually did hook me, but could not get the leverage to budge me. I than clamped down with my shoulders and she was caught. Anne kicked as much as she could but she had no way of breaking out, so I let her tire herself out. After a few minutes she was spent. I lifted my butt of her and slammed down on her enough to knock her breath away. While she was coughing I grabbed a leg and spun around so my ass was facing her face and my face was starring at her pussy. She tried to beat me with her free arm. I eventually caught it and just held it with my left hand for now.

    I now had her completely stuck. Me sitting on her stomach. Her legs pinned under my legs. I figured her one arm had to be asleep trapped under her like it was. And I had the other hand secured in my left hand. I had her caught, but I had no clue how to finish her off. It was like she had no sensitivity at all in her pussy. I still took licks every once in a while, because I could, but I couldn't see how it was going to help me win.

    Well the answer was staring right at me, as I took a few licks on her pussy I was staring right at her ass. Aimee had tried it on me, so why not try it on Anne. I inserted my first finger in and Anne immediately tensed up. So in went fingers 2 and 3. I started pumping away. Soon she was swaying in unison with my motions, I had her. Her breathing got faster and faster. Redoubled my pumping and her swaying followed suit. Soon fluids were escaping from her pussy. She tensed up, let out a barely audible sigh and went limp. Victory was mine!!!!!!!!!

    I took a few more licks of her pussy so I could forever remember what the taste of victory was. I unengaged myself and went over to the throng that had come over to congratulate me. Even Lill came over. It was then when Anne got up, while trying to get some feeling into her arm, she announced- This match isn't over-I haven't cum yet.

    out of my league- pt6

    Posted by BFDaddy on 7-2-2003 at 08:25:25 GMT (514 VIEWS):

    A hush immediately feel over the crowd.

    "Liar" Susan yelled at her

    "I said that I didn't cum yet" was Anne's reply

    Well how do you prove that a woman has cum within the last 5 minutes? Coupled with the fact that she already had fluids, male and female all over her. There has to be some trust involved with all of the participants. Of course if one person wants to cheat there is not much that you can do about it. We looked to Sir Robert for a decision.

    "Well", He said, "If she says she didn't cum, we have to believe her even if everybody in this room knows she is lying so go beat her again and we will deal with her group membership later...."

    "I didn't cum" she said again, like saying it more times will get someone to believe her.

    Anne walked back to the center of the ring, I was walking back when Lill stopped me and quietly.

    "I will give you $10000 if you really hurt the cheating whore"

    "Add in a dozen 'one on one wrestling sessions' with you and you're on" was my reply


    That was probably a mistake for my chance of winning, because the mere thought of 12 nights with Lill started put some life into my dick.

    This time Anne was more focused- no taunts or bragging just silence out of Anne. I made a feint for her bad arm and went for her leg. She barely dodged me, but I slipped on a wet spot on the mat and started to fall. She was on top of me before I hit the ground. She pulled my leg back farther than it should go. Any time I showed a sign of life she would pull it some more and my life would stop. She started slap my butt. Playfully at first and then harder and harder to the echo resonated throughout the room. She grew bored with that.

    "You tried to beat me with an anal attack, lets see how you like it." It felt like she tried to stick her whole hand in at once. I don't know when I have ever felt so much pain. I probably jerked a mile. Anne fell off. We both got up but for now I could hardly put any weight on my bad knee. For her next move she went after my good leg. I would have easily avoided it except my first step was on my bad leg so I was slower that I wanted to be and she got my leg and easily got me to the mat. She then "slipped" and dropped an elbow on my good knee, so that that meant I was not going anywhere for a while.

    I was flat on my back with my slowly hardening dick within easy reach of Anne's mouth- she quickly started sucking and slurping away. I managed to grab her hair and get her off me, but it was obvious that life had returned to my penis and if I didn't do something soon it was over. Anne grabbed my dick with her hand and gave it a twist; another shot of pain went through my body. Anne used this respite to slide up my body. She inserted my penis into her pussy and started to grind away. She used her body and arms to keep me pinned wile she slowly rose up and down on my penis. To be honest it felt great, making me forget about all of the pain in my body. She kept my head down with a steady kiss, it also managed to restrict my airflow, and it is very hard to breathe with a cumflavored tongue in your throat.

    She may be the best fuck I have ever had and because of this I had lost all hope of resistance. Why would I even want to get out of this situation? The only thing missing was some tits to suck on. If this were my first or second fuck of the day it would be over now, but luckily it wasn't so I got a little longer pleasure out of it.

    By this time a few people had left the pit and circled around us to get a better view of my final defeat. Anne was focusing entirely on me and was still grinding away when she pulled my head up and started whispering in my ear.

    "Sure will be nice taking the prize home after I finish milking you. I don't know how you made it this far, you are not in my league, I think there are 10 people here better than you are. I guess when we watch the tapes I will find out. But victory is sweet isn't it, too bad women can hide when they cum unlike men, or you would be winner, instead I will win any second now...

    She was cut of by the booming voice of Sir Robert " I heard that"

    Anne froze in her tracks. I rolled her off, not a second too soon and tried to catch my breath.

    Anne started yelling at Sir Robert "heard what?"

    "I heard what you just said in his ear"

    "All I said were things to make him cum"

    "Don't lie to me little lady" they proceeded to get into a huge long argument. I was just recovering so I didn't hear what was being said. Eventually somebody had to pull Anne off of Robert

    "I declare that Anne did in fact cum so... the winner is" Anne smacked Robert before he can finish.

    Lill looked over me and said "20000"

    I smiled back and said- "and 2 dozen" she thought a minute and smiled "yes"

    Anne was probably out cold after the belly to back suplex she never saw coming, but just to be sure I added a huge power slam. I looked over towards Lill

    "Not enough" she said

    Pile driver- "not enough"- hell has no fury like a women cheated I guess.

    Choke slam- "still not enough"- Anne was complete dead weight by now

    Atomic knee drop- "keep going"

    Back breaker-"soon"

    Swinging neck breaker-" a little more"

    DDT- no signs of life except some short breathing out of Anne

    "That's enough" I told Lill... she agreed

    The end

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