Hands on titfight stories
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Thread: Hands on titfight stories

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    Are there any?

    It doesn't seem to be that popular a style...story-wise

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    I agree with you. Hands on titfighting stories do seem to be out of favour at the moment. I love them myself!

    When women fight in reality they use their fists and only bow to foul fighting when they feel they are losing and this is the point when a fist fight can become a catfight, complete with breast mauling.

    What is rare these days, and only really appears in fiction, is a stand-up fight in which the breasts only are attacked.

    One story you might like is by a young friend of mine who likes to do tit punching fights for real. Look in http://groups.yahoo.com/group/titfightstories/files/ and look for her pdf called "The Point."

    I might even be able to send you some of her accounts of her own fights (to your e mail address only). NOT for publication here, that is her preogertive.

    Some of my stories have a bit of hands on, but my ladies are often so big they can't get their hands around each others breasts!

    Piers K.

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    Re: Hands on titfight stories

    Hello all...I finally got my membership up and running here, thought I'd pop in. I am a 22 year old female, former boxer without a sponsor turned, well, titfighter for lack of a better term. I and 7-8 other females group up now and again for bareknuckles style fights, breasts only. This is IRL, and can get a bit extreme. Our fights last from 20-90 minutes, and though we do not do "rounds", if the fight goes for an extended period, we will take a 5 minute break or so to attend to any bleeding that may be occuring during the fight. I have posted several stories to th yahoo group Titfightstories, under the titles Gladiatrix Arena, Sweat and Brass Knuckles Part 1, Sweat and Brass Knuckles-the Rematch, and As Real as it Gets. They are far from erotic, and more applied to real-time hardcore combat.
    If anyone is interested, drop me a line.


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    Re: Hands on titfight stories

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    Hands on titfight stories
    Here is a hands-on story for you; I saved this from one of the earlier incarnations of this board. I have no idea who wrote it; if anyone does please post so we can give credit where credit is due.

    The contest began at 6:30 on the dot.

    Lila, Rick's new fighter, stood nervously beside Rick and listened intensely to Rick's final words. Lila stands a stocky 5'7" and tips the scales at just over 175 pounds. No small girl, she sports a pair of full, pendulous DDD cup breasts in front of a 40 inch chest, offset by a lovely cascade of black hair and flashing eyes. For the fight, Lila chose to wear a pair of black leather shorts with no stockings. Her bare hands were tipped with short, red painted nails, and her lips, through which she breathed nervously, were a similar shade.

    Laurie stood by me, flexing her hands as she stared at the ground. A regular to the fight circuit in the area, Laur is a robust 5'6" and 155 pounds, a blonde girl who was born on a farm and had the build to prove it. A large girl in her own right, she possesses a pair of full, but still reasonably firm, 38D's. Laurie decided to wear her favorite fight outfit - a pair of red satin shorts that look like a tiny version of a boxer's shorts. She also went barelegged. Laur loves pink, and both nails and lips were a light, spring shade, despite the cold weather outside.

    The fight began in the normal fashion. I set out the money for Laurie, and Rick did the same for Lila. The pot totalled six hundred dollars. Looking at one another, I saw the usually reserved Rick's eyes flicker in fear...he seemed to think the money he just set down would never enter his fighter's hand. Continuing in the normal fashion, I read the rules from the rules sheet. The sheet read:

    1 - Bare hands are allowed. Gloves not required.
    2 - Winner is determined by a verbal submission from THE BOYFRIEND ONLY. (The fight continues until the boyfriend verbally submits for the fighter.)
    3 - Nails must be cut to no longer than the tip of the finger.
    4 - No rings or jewelry may be worn.
    5 - Fighters must fight topless with either shorts or a skirt. Leggings or stockings may be worn, but no shoes are allowed for this fight. (The floor is carpetted.)
    6 - The fight continues regardless of position. (There is no stop and restart if one fighter falls.)
    7 - Hair should be tied back, out of the face.

    Reminder - the only acceptable contact is hands to breasts. No kneeing, stomping, guarding, scissors, or other activity that is combatative is permitted. Punching, twisting, squeezing, pulling, clawing, or any other activity between fighters hands and opponents breasts is permitted. Sitting or kneeling on opponent is permitted, but scissors are NOT!

    The rules sent a gasp through the small crowd of friends, since they were clearly NOT what had been discussed via email over the weekend - nor were they even remotely traditional rules! I turned to Lila and asked her if she understood and agreed to the rules, and she confidently replied yes. Laur replied in a similarly confident fashion, and the crowd settled down to little more than a murmur...but they knew they were in for one hell of a fight.

    I looked to the two fighters and asked if they were ready. By way of response, both nervous looking women moved toward one another, the ten by ten area around them bare of everything except carpet. Rick and I stepped to the sides to watch closely - for the rules called on us to surrender if our fighter were losing!

    I told the women to assume the start position, that complex intertwining of arms. Lila out her left arm over Laur's right, and Laur did the same - assuring equal access and equal control, as was the intent. I watched my wife's hands as they rested gently on Lila's massive breasts, and wondered how it would go. I noticed Rick looking at the same thing, his face intense...his eyes grim.

    As I said "GO!" the two women did very different things. Lila took her two hands and sunk her fingers into Laur's breasts, Lila's palm hiding my wife's nipples. As Lila began to jerk her hands down, Laur released both of Lila's juggs and crashed her fists together...with Lila's right breast between her fists!

    Well, to say Lila was stunned would be an understatement! She kept her grip up, but stopped trying to pull down as her mouth fell open in shock and pain. Laur repeated the move, and I watched Lila's already engorged nipple turn a deep purple for a moment...and smiled to myself as Laur took early control of the fight!

    Two two fighters started to circle slowly, arms intertwined, as they sought out weak spots. Lila quickly found Laur's weak spot, and positively snapped her wrists while holding on to Laur's nipples. Laurie, who had been so well in control, yelped in pain, as she tried to focus on hurting Lila. Lila, though, had other plans.

    The darked haired fighter spun around in a short circle, dragging my wife by the nipples! Laur let out a scream of agony as she got released...and went flying into the wall, back first. Well, her flesh bounced and jiggled like mad when she hit the wall, but not as much as Lila's did when she ran to my wife and punched her in the right breast!

    I watched Lila's fist sink into my wife's tit from no more than five feet. Laur let out a whimper as her tit got fisted a second time, but before Lila could hit a third time, my wife grabbed Rick's fighter by the undersides and SHOVED upward...slapping Lila in the face with her own titties!

    Lila was in her own version of hell now. Every good titfighter know how tender the flesh under the breasts is, and Laur used it to her advantage. Her short nails dug crueely in to Lila's twins, and Lila could do little more than wail and scream. Tears started streaming down her face as she tried, ineffectively, to counter attack. In seconds, my fighter had control of the match, and had control of Lila.

    The dark haired fighter tried to fight back, and she got some good nipple pulls in...they were swearing at one another and screaming in pain the whole time. Laur, though, slammed one of her favorite holds home...and she stuffed Lila's heavy hangers under Lila's armpits...stretching her tits mercilessly!

    Laur let out a wail as Lila did something to her, but Lila started to bawl like a baby, blubbering about how her tits hurt! Well, Laur wasn't feeling too compassionate, and she started flexing her hands, squeezing them one at a time...really hurting the bigger tits.

    Laur shoved forward, and Lila went sprawling down onto her butt. Laur dove onto her, her fists slamming into Lila's soft, heavy tits with solid THUD after THUD. Lila was crying freely now, trying not to cover up (since she'd be unable to ever fight again if she did) but clearly wracked with pain. Watching my wife sink her fists wrist deep into Lila's DDD's was a sight - and one that got the crowd leaning forward in anticipation.

    Lila, though, refused to give up so easily! I was shocked to see her counterpunch my wife's tits...and even more shocked to realize Lila was a hard hitter!! Shot for shot they went at one another, neither able to cover up well, both beating the others tits back and forth. Finally, Lila landed a cross that shook my wife to her feet. Laur spun around, the crowd getting a perfect view of her red, mottled and bruised D cuppers...and then she fell to her knees.

    Knowing she held the advantage, Lila DOVE into my wife's back, knocking her to her stomach. Reaching under my wife, Lila grabbed two handfuls of my fighter's titflesh..and started RIPPING her hands up and down.

    My wife, unable to get hold of Lila, started bucking and screaming at the same time. I knew she didn't want me to give up, but she looked so tortured and overwhelmed, I almost did! Just as I was getting ready to scream out our submission, Lila got tossed onto her back and my wife got away.

    I knew it was done for Laur when I saw her babies. Her normally large breasts were easily swollen a cup size larger than normal - this was one BRUTAL titfight. Looking quickly at Lila, I realized she had the same problem. The fists earlier had done a shitload of damage to the fighters...but they weren't ready to quit yet.

    Lila and Laurie unloaded punches at the same moment...but Lila's was a little high and hit just the chest while Laur's was dead on target and she sunk both fists into Lila's soft, pendulous titties. There was probably thirty seconds of the sounds of two women sobbing and fists hitting large, swollen sacks...but Lila took another hard titpunch and spun around.

    Lila landed on her stomach, and Laur decided to repay the favor from earlier. While Lila kept blubbering about giving up, and while the whole crowd and Rick looked on, Laur straddled her dark haired opponent and placed her hands flat on Lila's boobs - her boobs having spilled out to her sides as she fell.

    Laurie then tried to do a HANDSTAND, essentially crushing Lila's prides and joy between her palm and the carpeted floor!!! Lila's face turned white as quickly as her milksacks turned purple...and I swear I saw drops of blood oozing from Lila's nipples as Rick finally called our her surrender!!

    My wife slowly got to her feet, her breasts clearly tortured beyond anything she'd ever gone through before. Lila lay where she was, face down...sobbing in absolute agony. As I took Laur over to my chair to help her ice her champs down, I heard Rick ask for Lila's coat! He slowly put the coat over his out-mauled fighter, patting her on the back of the head as she lay there, unable to move...sobbing in anguish.

    The fight ended at 6:42.
    We have enough youth; how about a fountain of smart?


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