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Thread: Who would win catfight?

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    Follow this link to see pictures of my wife katrina, and an old gf, lisa. Who do you think has the better body, and who would win in a catfight? If you think your woman would be able to handle mine, let me know, would love to see who has the better wife.

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    katrina would easily win and, believe me, im an expert!

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    katrina i guess. though the other girl could be like joanna at dww. very slim and fast. or even like nadege who has beat some big women. so you never know.

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    If it was a catfight i think Katrina would win but if they would titfight looks like a good match neither of them are very busty. What are their stats my wife Lisa would take your wife Katrina on in a tit/sexfight if you want.

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    I can see why you decided to upgrade! Good choice!

    I'd say probably Katrina. Looks like a real hurricane!

    (Sorry ....)


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    Katrina, no doubt!!! And yeah, she has a much better body and face than Lisa also!

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    On looks, Katrina wins hands down, as seen by the poll of previous answers.

    However, one never knows in a no rules catfight. Lisa looks deceitfully peaceful, but after taking a couple of hard slaps, when caught in a burning hairpull would eventually answer with an unexpected low blow - and change the normal course of events from there.

    I would hate see Katrina lose to Lisa, though...

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    Thumbs up

    Um, "Lisa" is the worst photoshop job this side of photoshopville

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    Katrina will win the catfight


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