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    Cockfight - similar stories

    Does anybody know or still write similar stories as the following on between X and Evan.

    It is basically a brutal fight between 2 men with one destroyed and the other claiming his wife as th prize?


    What I have to tell you is a source of extreme humiliation for me. For two
    years I have been married to the sexiest little tart any man has had the
    privilege to lay his eyes on. What a curse it has been! A curse you ask?
    Please allow me to explain....

    As I said before, my wife, Brenda, is a knockout! She is 28, 5'4"; with an
    almost perfectly proportioned body - firm, curvaceous, plump ass; smooth,
    flat tummy; and a firm set of B-cup tits that are perky with large
    protruding, slightly upturned nipples. She always gets noticed by EVERY man
    within eyeshot. To make matters worse, she constantly goes on excursions
    with her single girlfriends. Brenda is very friendly and can be considered
    to be flirtatious. Her girlfriends, on the other hand, are mostly
    exhibitionists. In public they always wears very short mini-skirts or
    micro-shorts, along with a very sheer halter or cutoff T-shirt. God how
    they love to cock-tease!

    My torturous decline into depravity began upon my arrival home from work
    one evening. Brenda and her friends Bridgit and Pam were drinking Long
    Island Ice Teas and smoking some primo cannabis. Bridgit is the same height
    as my wife but has the most exquisite pair of natural 40 DD breasts
    possessed by a woman 5'4'' and 125 lb. Her other friend Pam at 5'9", 122
    lb. 36D-25-36 is so absolutely perfect. Pam is a muscular woman, very
    athletic, with a voluptuous figure, a beautiful face and smile, as well as
    being smart, classy and rich.

    As I approached them by the pool, I overheard them telling Brenda about
    their previous days exploits. Apparently they had double-teamed some lucky
    bastard and were filling in my wife on the juicy details. Little did I know
    I was just being set up for the "kill."

    By the time I changed into pool attire and joined them pool side, Pam and
    Bridgit were telling Brenda how one night with Evan would change her for
    life and teased that she should have been there for their wild episode. Pam
    made a point of telling my wife that Evan had more than enough cock to go
    around for the three of them. Immediately I felt that my virility had been
    challenged, as any other man would when surrounded by three gorgeous and
    scantily clad women who were creaming over some other man.

    In reply Brenda told them it sounded as if they had an exquisite time and
    that it sounded as if Evan were a man she would like to give a tumble, if
    the circumstances were different. I was stunned. As I sat there wide-eyed,
    Pam told my wife that if she tried Evan just once, she would never be
    satisfied with ME again. Of course I immediately began extolling my own
    virtues: my slim muscular body, piercing eyes, my talented and incessant
    tongue, my indefatigable sex drive, and my sizable 7.5" long x 6" thick
    cock. Bridgit smirked that Evan could make a 'NEW WOMAN' out of my wife. I
    was incensed, so I told them I could beat this Evan in any contest they
    could devise, as long as a night of sexual abandon with the Brenda, Bridgit
    and Pam was the prize.

    Pam and Bridgit finished their drinks and left, but made a point of telling
    me they would convey my sentiments to Evan, and let me know of his response.
    As soon as they left, Brenda was berating me for embarrassing her in front
    of her friends and told me I should have kept my mouth shut and minded my
    own business, because I had no idea of who Evan was or what he was capable
    of doing. I told her I didn't care who he was - for a night with three
    beautiful women, I would twist his balls off.

    A few days later Pam stopped by the house and told us that Evan had agreed
    to a no holds barred "cockfight," and asked me when I would be ready to
    fight Evan. Brenda begged me not to fight and told me to apologize to him
    via Pam for challenging him. Brenda said her reason was that she didn't
    want Evan to hurt me. I decided to fight Evan on Friday, the next evening,
    at a location of his choosing.

    It was determined that we would fight in the finished basement of an
    isolated Pennsylvania house that Pam's parents owned. The fight would be
    knock-out only and no holds or blows barred, with the exception of a
    prohibition against blows/holds to the head, neck, throat and knees. The
    winner would receive a weekend of sexual adventures with all three ladies,
    and the loser would act as a man-servant to the four of them.

    On Friday evening, Brenda and I drove out Route 80 to Pam's house in the
    Poconos. During the entire trip, Brenda tried to convince me to forfeit the
    match, saying I wasn't ready for what would happen to me. I ignored her
    plea's, which only served to strengthen my resolve to emasculate and
    humiliate my rival, the man standing between me and sexual bliss with three
    ravishing women.

    We arrived at the house at 8:00 PM. Pam, Bridgit and Evan were already
    there. Brenda surveyed Evan for the first time. Apparently Evan felt
    aroused as he looked at her, because there was a sizable bulge rising in his
    pants. "Wow!" he muttered as she removed her long coat, and he caught sight
    of a black leather mini-skirt, a tight low-cut black silk blouse, sheer
    black nylons and stiletto heels.

    Deliberately Brenda turned her back to him and bent over to place her coat
    and handbag neatly on a ottoman, knowing the short skirt would rise above
    her stocking tops at the back. Turning around, Brenda smirked as she saw
    the tell-tale bulge in his trousers. "Why Evan! Is that a flashlight in
    your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?" she said.

    "You're too good for your husband. Let me show you what a real man can do
    for you," he said boastfully. Slowly she walked towards him, hips swaying
    provocatively, her eyes never leaving his face. "Oooh god, I want you," he
    gushed grabbing her shoulders and pulling her close.

    I was furious. I charged Evan, pulled my wife out of his grasp and punched
    him hard in the face, knocking him on his ass and bloodying his nose. As I
    started to jump on top of him, Pam and Brenda pulled me away, saying save it
    for later. Bridgit went over to Evan and helped him up. As she carried/led
    him into the kitchen to tend to his injuries, he turned, looked at me and
    said, "your going to suffer for this! You'll be begging for me to kill you
    when I'm through with you."

    Pam and Brenda dragged me into the living room and made me a drink. They
    both chastised me for taking a cheap shot at Evan. Pam advised me that I
    should just forfeit the match and declare Evan the winner, so I could avoid
    any pain and humiliation Evan planned to inflict upon me. Confident from
    almost rendering Evan unconscious with one punch, I scoffed at their suggestion.

    The match started in the main room of the finished basement. Several
    rubber mats had been placed on the floor and three of the walls, making a
    type of ring area at one corner of the large room. Brenda helped me prepare
    for this nude battle in a small utility room in the basement. She fondled
    my cock and balls, getting me hard and excited, then placed a leather cock
    ring and ball stretcher on me. My cock was the largest I had ever seen it,
    almost 8 inches proudly jutting away from my body at a 75 degree angle. The
    skin of my scrotum was stretched tautly around my testicles, making it
    appear as if they would pop through the skin at the slightest provocation.

    Brenda fondled me and rubbed scented oil into my body. She asked me to
    reconsider and to concede defeat in order to save myself from severe
    punishment. Then Brenda related some disturbing news. Evan had been in a
    few cockfights before and had yet to lose. In addition, all of his
    opponents had been beaten unmercifully and were subjected to a devastating
    specialty hold that Evan called the NUTCRACKER. Brenda said the NUTCRACKER
    was the ultimate humiliation/punishment and that to save myself from
    ruination, I should concede defeat and beg for mercy.

    Undaunted, I refused to concede and put on the terry cloth robe I had
    brought with me. I still felt confident and proud as Brenda led me into the
    main room, after all, Evan and I were close in height, and I had the weight
    advantage. Being six years older than the twenty-four year old could prove
    to be an advantage, since I should have more street fighting experience,
    which should prove useful in our bout.

    Brenda led me to the center of the room where Pam and Bridgit were standing
    with Evan, who also was wearing a robe. Pam said she would act as the
    mistress of ceremonies and told Brenda and Bridgit to make themselves
    comfortable. With that both women removed what little clothing they were
    wearing. The sight of these three gorgeous naked women made my cock just
    slightly harder and longer. I couldn't wait to feel Bridgit's large firm
    breasts against my chest or to bury my throbbing cock in Pam's hot pussy.

    Pam had us both strip off our clothing and face each other nude. We were
    both similar in height (6' 0"), but that's where the similarities ended.
    Evan was younger, weighed substantially less, 175 lb. compared to my 220
    lb., as well as possessing a more muscular and athletic physique that any
    professional bodybuilder would be proud of. He had broad shoulders, a deep
    muscular chest, flat washboard abs, large and thick muscular thighs and
    bulging muscled arms.

    But the biggest surprise was that Evan possessed the biggest nuts and the
    longest, thickest dick I had ever seen. It looked as if it belonged on a
    bull or an elephant! It was at least three inches longer than my 7.5" and
    was almost as thick as a soda can. His balls were each the size of small
    lemons. Like me, he was wearing a leather cock ring and ball stretcher,
    which looked as if it could be used as a dog collar for a full grown
    rottweiler, that caused his cock to jut away from his body at a 120 degree
    angle and throb in mid air with every heartbeat.

    Evan displayed his manhood defiantly, posing for the ladies, especially
    Brenda. I felt very embarrassed and more than a little bit inadequate as I
    heard Brenda sharply inhale and stare in awe at Evan's monster cock. Evan
    faced me and said that Brenda deserved a real man, one with eleven inches of
    hard cock to satisfy her. Then he turned back to her and told her not to
    worry; he would be gentle when he took her "virginity," because it was
    obvious, judging from the pathetic proportions of my genitals, he would find
    plenty of virgin territory. He added that like the Madonna song, she would
    feel like a virgin getting fucked for the very first time.

    I was enraged by his arrogance and Brenda's obvious, yet justifiable, lust
    for him. Brenda approached me and with a look of pity in her eyes, kissed
    me, and whispered, "Good Luck. I'll try to keep him from damaging you too

    "I'm not afraid of him or his NUTCRACKER," I replied. "I'll beat his balls

    "Well just submit as soon as he pins you and grabs one of your nuts in each
    hand, and I'll try to convince him to spare you."

    "Spare me from what? What is this NUTCRACKER?"

    Evan overheard our conversation and replied, "The NUTCRACKER is where I
    completely encircle your nuts in each of my hands, and then I roll them and
    squeeze them until the sperm inside has no place to go, because their
    storage areas are crushed, and you suffer an involuntarily ejaculation
    without even touching your pathetic little dick as I crush your nuts. And
    when I'm sure your nuts are empty, I'll grind and crush your empty, little
    nuts like grapes!"

    I was shaken; I had not envisioned anything so utterly devastating as the
    torment Evan had described. To be forced to orgasm in front of everyone by
    having your nuts violently manhandled was more than I had bargained for. I
    had visions of coconuts cracking and spilling the milk contained inside and
    shuddered at the thought of being pulverized until I spilled my seed.

    Pam told us that this was a fight to the finish, victory by knock-out only.
    There would be no submissions, no time outs, no outside interference, and no
    mercy. No holds or blows were barred, with the exception of a prohibition
    against blows/holds to the head, neck, throat and knees. The winner would
    receive a weekend of sexual adventures with all three ladies, and the loser
    would act as man-servant to the four of them. Evan told the ladies to make
    themselves comfortable, since he was going to keep me conscious for a very
    long time, so he could prolong my agony.

    I was apprehensive and down right scared. This match had the possibility
    of being more than I had bargained for. Pam and Bridgit immediately started
    yelling encouragement to Evan, telling him to beat the cum out of me.
    Brenda reclined on a sofa, with her legs spread, playing with her juicy pussy.

    Evan and I approached each other slowly, trying to feel each other out. We
    locked hands and pushed against each other in a test of strength. Chest to
    chest, abs to abs, cock to cock, we each tried to force the other to back
    down. Evan started to crumble. His knees were giving out, and his body
    started to lower towards the floor. I readjusted my stance and started to
    really pour on the pressure when, SLAM, his knee exploded between my legs
    like a steam iron, cruelly crushing my erection. I slumped forward with a
    cry of pain only to be caught by his firm arms. I looked up into those
    eyes. His mouth was set in a firm smirk. SLAM! His knee pistoned up again
    into my groin.

    "You're not man enough to face me," Evan said as he held me upright. SLAM!
    My balls were hammered again. The cock ring and ball stretcher were doing
    their job. Despite the pounding I was receiving, my cock remained rock hard
    and my poor balls, with no place to go, suffered the full brunt of the blows.

    "You're going to pay for punching me," he told me as he prevented me from
    falling. SLAM! Evan's knee continued to smash my manhood to a pulp. SLAM!
    I could hardly feel the blows now over the excruciating pain between my
    legs. I could barely breath, my legs were giving out, my balls were on
    fire, and my stomach was churning. I couldn't believe I was being beaten so
    thoroughly so quickly. I heard the girls in the background making comments
    and moaning, apparently they were enjoying my predicament.

    Evan let me slump forward then held me so that my torso was leaning at 90
    degrees to my legs with his arm wrapped over my neck. My face was inches
    from his hard, throbbing 11" cock. "I'm not going to let you ruin my
    pleasure by letting you pass out," Evan told me. WHAM! His knee buried
    itself deep in my gut. There was an explosion of air from my mouth. I felt
    his firm arms tighten around my throat to prevent me from falling.

    "You're nothing!" WHAM! His knee hammered my stomach.

    "Scum!" WHAM!

    "A sperm sucking faggot!" WHAM! With slow calculated precision, he
    repeatedly drove his knee hard into my gut.

    "Suck my dick, and I'll finish you off quickly." Each crushing blow was
    timed to let me recover a bit before he drove his knee in again. WHAM!

    "I'm your MASTER of pain!" WHAM! Finally Evan let me fall to the ground.
    I was in agony, my balls hurt, and my gut was battered. I was finished. I
    had yet to mount an offense and was already severely beaten. A sharp pain
    in the groin made me look up in alarm. Evan was standing over me with his
    foot on my balls.

    "I just wanted to get your attention! Tell me that you'll never bother me
    again. Tell me to fuck your wife with my huge dick!" he demanded calmly as
    he began to grind down hard.

    I complied. I screamed and screamed whatever he told me to say at the top
    of my lungs as the excruciating pain needling my balls continued. "There's
    no one here to help you," he smirked as he twisted the heel of his foot down
    as though he were driving in a screw.

    Then all of a sudden he stopped. I turned over onto my side in a fetal
    position and cradled my abused testicles. Evan stood over me, taunting me
    to get up and fight like a man, and then he told me to face him on my feet
    man-to-man or he was going to fuck me in the ass with a dildo. Pam threw
    him a large two headed dildo that had just been buried in her dripping
    snatch. Evan grabbed my face and put the dildo to my lips and said, "Suck
    it or fight."

    Pam and Bridgit were calling me all sorts of humiliating names by now, and
    my wife Brenda appeared to be in a world of her own as she orgasmed
    repeatedly watching the unfolding events. I refused to suck the dildo and
    somehow made it to my feet, with the help of a wall. I knew this was my
    last chance, and I charged him, trying to end the confrontation quickly and
    gain the advantage. Unfortunately, that was a big mistake, because he
    easily evaded my charge and drove me to the floor.

    As I was face down, he dropped down with both knees into my upper back,
    then started to slap me on the ass. As I struggled to catch my breath,
    regain my composure, and fight him off, he repeatedly slapped my ass. Evan
    slapped my ass so hard that every blow felt as if it were traveling through
    my body into my balls. I heard Bridgit yelling, "Look, he's really beating
    his ass now!"

    Evan pummeled my butt for what seemed like an eternity. When he was
    finished, he forced his hand between my legs and grabbed my genitals. He
    squeezed my trapped nuts and told me to turn over. I couldn't move - I
    could barely breath. My balls, gut, and ass were in flames after the
    beating Evan had given me. And to top it off, my wife and her girlfriends
    were enjoying my humiliation. I was truly a shattered and broken man

    Evan had the women come over to help him, and together the four of them
    turned me over onto my back. It was time for the nutcracker. Evan had
    Bridgit and Pam sit on my outstretched arms. In less than ten seconds my
    arms were slick with pussy juice from their leaking cunts. Brenda raised my
    head and held it between her thighs - Evan wanted me to see the results of
    his nutcracker application. With my upper torso immobilized, Evan knelt
    between my upper thighs.

    "Look at this," Evan said as he used his cock as a club to beat my dick and

    Bridgit and Pam masturbated on my arms as Evan used his cock to beat mine.
    They began was chanting, "We want the nutcracker." I begged for mercy. I
    was beaten and couldn't take anymore.

    Evan reached between my legs and gripped my swollen testicles, one in each
    hand. When he was sure that he had completely encircled my nuts with his
    hand, he began to slowly compress them. I began crying and babbling while
    my wife and her girlfriends looked on in amazement. The women were
    practically having multiple orgasms just watching him work me over. Brenda
    was playing with her pussy the entire time. I screamed in agony until I
    lost my voice. I was nearly insane when suddenly I felt something inside of
    my nuts twitch and spasm.

    The next thing I new, a torrent of sperm was spewing out of my cock ring
    encased dick. The girls went wild. Sperm shot out of my cock for almost
    two full minutes. Evan maintained his death grip on my nuts the entire
    time. I was devastated. Evan might as well have castrated me. He made me
    cum by beating my balls, and in doing so had taken my manhood from me in the
    eyes of my wife and her girlfriends. The worst part was I was still on the
    fringes of consciousness, although I couldn't speak, move, or cry, and I
    felt every iota of the pain.

    Evan finally let my nuts go, but my torment was not over yet. Evan scooped
    up a large portion of my sperm from my stomach and smeared it all over my
    face. Brenda, who was still cradling my head, pried my mouth open and
    forced more of my own sperm inside. Then Evan moved up to sit on my chest
    and started smacking me in the face with his huge cock. He had my wife jerk
    him off right into my face and made me open my mouth to catch a mouthful of
    his hot sperm on my tongue when he came. I had never been so demoralized!

    Evan then decided that he was going to let me watch him fuck my wife, or,
    as he put it, "find the new pussy in her," before he finished me off by
    crushing what was left of my balls. With the girls help, they moved me into
    the basement bedroom and carried me to a chair. They placed me in the
    chair, and Evan had Pam and Bridgit tie my hands and arms to the arms of the
    chair and my feet to the legs, so I would not fall out of it. Mercifully,
    Pam undid my ball stretcher and placed a cold compress on my battered and
    bruised testes.

    I was a broken man - my nuts were throbbing in pain from the severe beating
    they had just received. I had never been so humiliated. Evan told me that
    he will make love to my wife better than I could possibly dream of. The
    contrast in size of his cock and mine was spectacular. Mine looked like
    that of a small boy in comparison. Brenda reached around Evan to grab his
    cock She stroked it and told me how good it felt in her hands and how she
    can't wait to feel it inside her. All I could do was watch the lust in
    their eyes for each other.

    At this time, they left me alone and got on the bed to start their love
    making performance for me. Pam and Bridgit laid on the floor beside my
    chair and begin 69-ing each other. Evan laid down on his back with his head
    propped up on a pillow so that he could see both my wife and me. Brenda
    immediately began to suck his cock with me being able to see both her and
    Evan's face. Brenda sucked hungrily on his cock stopping only to tell me
    how hard it is and how difficult it is to get into her mouth because of its
    size. Evan told me what a great job she was doing to him and that he would
    come soon, but he wanted to save that for her pussy.

    At this point, Brenda laid on her back with her legs spread toward me.
    Evan reached down to her pussy lips and spread them, showing and telling me
    how wet she is. Her fluids were clinging to the lips like syrup. I knew
    she was incredibly turned on by this man, more than she ever was with me!
    Evan started to eat her, he told me how sweet she tastes, and Brenda told
    him not to stop. Evan's ass was facing me, and I could see his cock
    dangling from between his legs. It was huge and looked larger than it's 11"
    in this position. I knew it was only a matter of time before it disappeared
    inside my wife.

    Brenda started taunting me, telling me how she wished I could eat her as
    well as Evan. It made me incredibly humiliated and jealous that he did that
    better than me too, but my cock couldn't be any harder. Brenda told Evan
    that she can't take it any more. She demanded that he fuck her. He moved
    up on her and guided his cock to the entrance of her cunt. She held her
    lips open for him. He slid the head in at first and then shoved it all in
    at once. I could see his balls slap against her ass as she let out a moan,
    and then he knocked the wind out of her. All she could say was "Oh" over
    and over again as he slid in and out of her. I could see her pussy lips
    wrapped around his cock like rubber wrapped around a rod. She was being
    stretched far more than anything I could possibly do. He was in her so
    deep, I would have thought it hurt her, but from the look on her face, I
    could see no expression of pain, just extreme pleasure - a pleasure I knew I
    couldn't supply her.

    Evan looked back at me and asked me how I was doing. He told me that he
    can give her more pleasure by just being inside her than I can by fucking
    her. He was right, and I knew it. My wife told him to continue fucking her
    and then had the next of many orgasms. Usually my wife comes only once or
    twice when she is fucking me and that is with her fingers helping her along.
    But with Evan she seemed to orgasm endlessly.

    They changed positions with him on the bottom and her straddling him. From
    this angle I could see how stretched out she was getting. Brenda lifted up
    so that just the head was inside her and then slowly eased the rest inside
    until she was fully impaled on his cock. She was so tight for him that he
    could no longer control himself at this point and started thrusting into my
    wife. Brenda told Evan to fuck her deep, deeper than her husband's boyish
    cock can. He moaned, and I could see his balls spasming as he came inside
    Brenda. As she slid up and down, I could see the coating of Evan's cum on
    his cock.

    They both stopped, exhausted from their love making. Brenda rolled off
    onto her back, and I could see cum leaking out of her slit. Both of them
    were laying there watching me with my cock ring induced hard-on, unable to
    provide relief for myself. At this point I wanted to crawl inside a hole
    and die. I could not bear the thought of Brenda seeing me so emasculated.
    I asked Evan and Brenda to untie me and let me leave, but they ignored my
    requests. Evan slid his fingers through Brenda's crotch to show me how much
    cum was leaking out of her. Then Brenda announced that the only way she
    would ever want to have sex with me again is for me to eat Evan's sperm out
    of her freshly fucked pussy.

    Evan came over to untie me. His cock was very close to my face, so close
    that I could smell the aroma of their fluids on him. Evan grabbed my hair
    and told me to clean off his cock. Silently, I complied, licking every inch
    of his cock and sucking the juices off of his large, hairy nuts.

    After that I was set free. I was ordered to suck my wife clean, and I
    reluctantly obeyed. I half hobbled and half crawled over to the bed and
    immediately started eating the cum out of my wife's pussy. It tasted salty
    and burned the back of my throat, which humiliated me even more. Brenda
    demanded that I masturbate while I performed my clean up duties. It was
    degrading to hear her laugh and taunt me about my insignificant size while
    regaling to Evan, Pam, Bridgit, and me of all the kinky and wonderful
    sensations Evan's huge cock had made her feel.

    While eating Brenda out on my hands and knees, Bridgit came up behind me
    and forced the double headed dildo in my virgin ass. "A sperm sucking
    faggot deserves to be fucked up the ass," she said. They allowed me to cum
    into the palm of Brenda's hand, and then they made me lick it all off! Evan
    was so amused by my utter and abject subservience that he had mercy on me
    and did not finish his nutcracker job.

    They left me lying on the bed to cradle my injured balls and adjourned to
    another part of the house to continue their sexual activities. It was 12
    hours until I had recovered enough to stand on my own two feet, and three
    weeks before the swelling in my nuts dissipated. Brenda says she wants me
    to fight Evan again sometime soon. Not if I can help it.

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    Hi Chris,

    I agree with you... one of the things I used to enjoy about the (very) old sexboards site before this one came along and took its place was that occasionally there would be a good male sexfight story posted as well, or sometimes something involving couples or different situations. Not necessarily mixed - a man against a woman - which I have to say seems popular, but are usually not really very interesting to me... but then again that probably has more to do with the plot and way it's written than that choice of contest.

    In any case, in the past I've found a good cockfight story almost as much of a turn on as a good female sexfight or titfight story. Yours is well written, but as I've stated in the past, I'm not really a fan of the violent sexfight, and your well written description of specific moves was more cringe inducing than turn on for me. Nevertheless, it was a well written story, and I did find the power struggle and competition for the wife against a better endowed and superior rival to be erotic, so congratulations on that. It will be interesting to see how this board reacts to the topic.

    As always, I'm grateful to any writer to who takes the time to craft a well written tale for this board, whether it covers my specific interests or not... all the better when it's something new and different, and adds some spice to the typical fair here. Thanks!

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    I love that story - it's one of my favorites.

    Are you the actual author? I know you can find that story on the website, but you have to look for it. The author was listed as -- I've tried emailing, but no response.

    I would love to find more stories like it!

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    Sorry, if you got this wrong! I m NOT he author, but great credits to him indeed!

    Does nobosy know any simelar stuff - couple fights???

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    Out of curiosity.

    Does anyone write m/m sexfight stories without all this heavy duty humiliation stuff?

    As a rule I tend to avoid fiction with those sorts of themes. It's one reason I don't tend to like most of Aussie Greg's stuff.

    Not that have a problem with people that do like it. If it floats your boat & all that then fine.

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    I think a sexfight or a cockfight if done right is a great idea.Personally I don't like any violence or massive humiliation is needed although losing any sort of sexual contest would be humiliating if others are watching.

    Does anyone know of other stories with couples competing for example.

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    right! check this out as an example

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    Thanks but as I said I like something without violence or massive humiliation....

    Just 2 couples/2 guys competing for a girl/2 girls competing for a guy having a friendly sexual competition not something where someone is knocked out...

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    I agree..... Be nice to see an erotic m/m battle that isn't brutal.

    Maybe some guys feel threatened by that?

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    Cockfight - similar stories
    First, take a look at the stories at to see if these are your thing. The site is a bit gay, however, the stories are very similar to those found here. The site is free and somewhat large so scroll all the way down to links and click on "warrior fiction". Then check out any story but be sure to read "The Jungle Match". Hot!
    Second, check out which is preview of a goldmine story/slides/vids site where the very modest 3-month membership is worth it for stories (150+) alone!

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