3D Oldies by GotJack
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Thread: 3D Oldies by GotJack

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    3D Oldies by GotJack
    Great stuff Gotjack. If I do get my old site going again, I'd love to use a few of your artworks to illustrate. In the meantime, thanks for sharing. Your work moves me in strange and mysterious ways. Nicely done man.


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    great pics. loved the detail, noticed the tv scenes also. also a great signature pic.

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    Hello all,
    Well thanks for the response & e-mails from my previous posts. I've managed to make an oldies gallery for you all. Here's the link http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/3aa4...6a41049bc149f/ Most of these I posted on the Yahoo groups, some are new. So those of you who have been stalking me (LOL) over the years at Yahoo & MSN groups, these will familier to you with an added plus. I know Yahoo did resize these, but these will be the full size pics.
    Now to answer some questions on my e-mails & PMs from some of you. First let me apologize for not getting back to you. I'm the worst at answering my e-mails. The big question is: Do I have a paysite? The answer is NO I don't. My 3D work is free to all of you who enjoy this fetish of ours that we share. Now that doesn't mean I work for free. If some leeching little clown decides to post my work to his or her paysite without my consent and or any compensation to me, I will stop posting and close the galleries until further notice. Just so everyone knows ahead of time, my pics are copyrighted. Now for the answer for the commision work question. I would like to do it, but now is a bad time. As you can see by my other galleries I have a ton of ideas going thru my head for 3D stories. I have done some commision work in the past for a paysite called Two-of-her. I will contact the owner of the site and see if I can post a few pics to the oldies gallery. So with all that being said, I hope you all enjoy the Oldies gallery.
    Bye 4 now,

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    GJ you are by far the best!!! I have seen your work at various sites and I love it all. I would like to see you get your own yahoo groups site.Keep up the great work.

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    Dear GotJack,

    Hi! I was looking at your pictures in the small thumbnail size the other day and saw one that looked particularly interesting. I clicked on it and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was your rendering of "Inge vs. Conchita"!

    First, that was a really great surprise and quite flattering (I'm assuming the picture was inspired by my story of the same name). That was the very first picture I clicked on, which means it must have appealed to me in some basic way.

    If you have other pictures of the two characters in battle, please post them. If you don't, I certainly would not discourage you from doing more drawings of Inge and Conchita, perhaps illustrating other parts of the same story or later stories.

    Here is some personal and constructive criticism re: the artwork. Please take this in the spirit intended which, in my case, is just to tell you a bit more about how I imagine the characters when I write them.

    First, I love the bodies - I think that you've done a good job capturing the women's incredible dimensions. Re: their breasts - I think of Inge and Conchita as virtual mirror images of each other, just with a difference in skin color. I would put their areola as the same size, at around the size you've drawn Inge's areola. That makes it easier to imagine their nipples and areola in direct combat.

    I think of both of the women having long, lush hair. I don't know how easy it is to do that with computer imaging. I think one of the sexier parts of their battles is to imagine their hair thrashing around as their bodies struggle. Also, Inge's hair is described as straight, but I see Conchita's hair as higher and more wavy.

    Faces: When I think of Inge, I think of her pretty much like Frank Cho's Shanna or Jungle Girl. Here is a link:


    When I think of Conchita, I usually think of her as a typical hot, beautiful Latin woman. Sofia Vergara comes closest to looking like Conchita (in my mind):


    Anyway, I hope that this helps, if you decide to do any more illustrations of the characters.

    Thanks again, you really made my day.


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    Gotjack that is the best work I have ever seen. You have a great talent. And thanks for sharing them with us and we hope to see more of them.

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    Hi Jack(don't say that on a Plane), thanks for posting the Oldies. I especially like the full screen version of Internet Friends, great detail. I might have seen the last one somewhere before or one of the characters in it, the Blonde one. Again thanks for the Oldies and all you have posted before.

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    Hello jb57,
    Glad you liked the pic. I made that one shorty after I'd read your story back in 2006 or so. Since then I'd had a computer crash and lost the 3D files. So in 2007, I made a few more upated pics. Just a few days ago upon reading your post, I was so happy that you liked the old pic. I went back and re-updated the 3D figures and posted the newest on here. http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/43fd...aea50c6e1896c/ It's the very last pic in the gallery. The Inge/Conchita stories have always been one of my favorites. I will also PM you soon.

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    Dear Gotjack,

    Hi! Just to repeat publically what I sent to you privately...

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. The faces of the characters look much closer to what I envisioned, especially Conchita. I want to emphasize that I really loved the original picture that you did - in my ideal world, I would put the new faces on the figures in the original picture! As I said, if you ever want to do more illustrations for the Inge stories, then I strongly encourage you to do so. Indeed, as you can probably tell, I really hope that you do! ;-)

    My only other suggestion would be to make the women just slightly more muscular. One of the things that the original author of "Inge" plays up is how beautifully muscled both women are. However, as I said, I love your interpretations and I hope that you do find some time to create some new "Inge/Conchita" pictures.

    I also recently ready the "Legend of Molly and Running Deer" and I really liked it. I read the update today and I like it even more. I hope that you can finish it off soon.



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    Re: 3D Oldies by GotJack

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    3D Oldies by GotJack
    great pictures, i think Conchita looks like Tyra Banks. Specially the hair.

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