3D Oldies by GotJack
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Thread: 3D Oldies by GotJack

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    Re: 3D Oldies by GotJack

    3D Oldies by GotJack
    Dear Gotjack,

    I love your work and contributions to the catfight/titfight/sexfight fetish. I would appreciate it if you could post the second part of The Legend of Molly and Running Dear,(Panels 37-65) I believe that were on imagebam.com. That link has been empty for quite some time. The lastest post on imagebam are great! you really have the art down to a science. If there are anyother sites that have your please let me know!



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    Re: 3D Oldies by GotJack

    Hi there,
    This link should still be working for the complete gallery ImageBam - Fast, Free Image Hosting and Photo Sharing The only pay site I had done some work for was two-of-her.com. The site is not around anymore. The story was about a womans doppelgänger (twin) who confronts her own double image of herself in the ladies shower room at a late night gym. It was alittle science fiction-ish. I did it quite a few years ago cause I liked the idea of duplicates fighting each other.
    I hope this helps in some way.

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    Re: 3D Oldies by GotJack

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    3D Oldies by GotJack
    Hi Gotjack:

    I was wondering if you ever finished Titfighting Wives Rhonda vs Marcy,cercia 2007. As I have mentioned all your work is great!!!, look forward to seeing the rest of Titfighting Wives and any other work you may have.



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