Apotheosis...Chapter 2 - The Beginning
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    Apotheosis...Chapter 2 - The Beginning

    Apotheosis...Chapter 2 - The Beginning
    They rose before the sun had awoken in the East, before the soft tendrils of light had snaked over the borders of darkness upon the sky. Shadowed was the sky, wreathed in a curtain of black that drew about the landscape above.

    They had gathered at the entrance of the great hall that contained their lodgings, where they were met by the one who had guided them to the Temple within the Isle, Neris. She stood, her body unclad as was theirs, for clothes were forbidden within the boundaries of the temple walls. Instructions to follow her lead were given, and they nodded their assent.

    Morgraine and Jeyne walked side by side in the front, for Morgraine was a leader of sorts amongst the young acolytes, and Jeyne was her pillow friend. Caihyfar and her pillow friend Éadaoin, a pale skinned girl with long flowing dark hair that curled almost to her knees followed behind them, holding hands with their fingers intertwined. Behind the two were Viviane and Tanith, Deorgreine with hair as white as snow though she was a mere sixteen years alive, and her friend Ceithlenn , who was the youngest at thirteen years. Móen who was the oldest of them at nineteen, and beside her was Óebfinn, who knew best that which they had already been taught. Ten there were, for the other four were away on other business.

    Side by side in files of two, they walked slowly along the line of a long stream that flowed out of the great lake before the gates, for into the forest and through it they were to travel. Behind them, the light grew in the East. As they walked, they talked little, for Neris had warned them that silence was to be maintained. Few whispers were exchanged between the young women, regarding the purpose of this walk, and the destination at the end of their journey. And there were small complaints, for the air was chill and they were naked.

    Even as they spoke, or whispered amongst themselves, the dark edge of the forest loomed up before them. Night seemed to have taken refuge under its great trees, creeping away from the coming dawn.

    Neris led the way under the huge branches of the trees. Old beyond guessing, they seemed. Great trailing beards of lichen hung from them, blowing and swaying in the breeze. Out of the shadows the young acolytes peeped, gazing back down the slope, still wondering as to the purpose of this journey so early in the day.

    Neris led them onwards with much speed as the dark and tangled forest allowed, following the line of the running stream, westward and up towards the slopes of the mountains that rose upon the Isle. Deeper and deeper into the forest they seemed to go. A queer stifling feeling came over them as they walked higher and higher, as if the air were too thin or too scanty for breathing.

    At last Morgraine halted. “We cannot go on like this,” she called out to Neris. “We must have some rest.”

    “Then rest!” Neris replied. “Have a drink, for walking is thirsty work.” She gestured, glancing at Jeyne, who blushed, for the memory of Neris’ victory over the Cyan of the Gate was still on her mind. She clambered on to a great tree-root that wound down into the stream, and stooping drew up some water in her cupped hands. It was clear and cold, and she took many draughts. The other girls followed her.

    The water refreshed them and seemed to cheer their hearts; for a while they sat together, ten in all, (for Neris was standing some distance away), on the brink of the stream, dabbling their sore feet and legs, and peering round the trees that stood silently about them, rank upon rank, until they faded away into grey twilight into every direction.

    “Where do you suppose we are going?” Caihyfar said quietly, casting a nervous eye at Neris, whose head was inclined back as she studied the roof of leaves above them.

    “I no not, but I can guess,” Deorgreine replied.

    “Then guess, and shed some light upon this mystery that puzzles us all,” Morgraine bade her. Jeyne sat beside her lover, silent and watching and listening.

    “I have spoken to the older ones, the acolytes who will soon be called to the Final Testing,” said Deorgreine. “They spoke of the Tower of Lilith, that lies in some distance away from the Temple itself.”

    “And what is there within this Tower, that we should journey thus far?” asked Óebfinn, whose voice was as sweet as the fluting of a songbird newly freed from captivity.

    “It is within this tower,” Deorgreine said, her voice dropping to a whisper that was almost silent, “That we are to learn the art of sexfighting at last.”

    There were gasps and looks of surprise from the other girls, and Jeyne found herself to be wet between her legs. Sexfighting! Oh, how she had dreamt of it. The thought of conquering another woman, the thought of testing her sexuality and her prowess in the arts of lovemaking against another. She shivered, and clenched her fist, letting her fingers dig into her palm, for her hand had twitched a little, intending, subconsciously perhaps, to run a finger over her pussy.

    But not against Morgraine, she told herself sternly. Not against her friend and lover.

    Further discussion about this was brought to a halt when Neris returned to them. “Come,” she said, “For our journey is not so far more. We shall soon come to the place which we seek. But…” and here she hesitated. “There is something that I must do.”

    Jeyne looked up and beheld her face, and it was one of someone struggling with a decision within.

    “Make a circle around me,” Neris bid. “Then sit and watch! But be silent!”

    Hastily, they followed her instructions, sitting in a ring while she stood in the middle. And then she too sat, but with her legs extended before her. “Behold,” she said…and spread her legs out wide.

    She reached up and ran her long fingers across each breast, rubbing her thumbs across the nipples. Then she pulled one breast up as far as she could and reached out with her tongue. She was just able to caress her own nipple. She then repeated the action with her other breast. Fingers no longer her own traversed the valley between her breasts, bringing with them the memory of the first time she'd let another woman touch her there.

    “What are you doing?” Morgraine asked, her voice soft as in a whisper, yet Jeyne could not help but notice the flicker of lust that had flitted over her face.

    “Silence, I bid you,” Neris answered, and her face was red, her cheeks suffused with a pink tint. Her eyes seemed to blaze with anger and humiliation, but her tone was that of one resigned to her fate.

    She ran her tongue across her lips, savoring the memory of first kisses and the thousands that had followed over the years. Strong hands continued to play with her breasts, squeezing and stroking the warm flesh. Her skin had always been so sensitive, even more so when she was aroused. She remembered what a delightful discovery that had been when she was a young girl newly flowered on her first journey of exploration on her body.

    Before their eyes, Neris slid her hand lower down her body, traveling over her skin and firm flesh. The first warm touch of flesh against her pubic mound was enough to break down her barriers. With a practiced hand she touched herself, upon the earth in full view of the ten young women. Extending her middle finger, she ran it up and down the length of her femininity, parting the light golden hairs that surrounded it. "Oh yes…!" she murmured.

    Parting the folds of her pussy, Neris slid her finger inside herself and enjoyed the feeling as her tightness closed around it. Gently she slid it in and out, simulating the motion of a tiny male sexual organ. Her outstretched thumb played with her clitoris, increasing the waves of passion that radiated from within her. Her free hand had returned to her breasts, continuing to play with the softness of each globe and the hardness of her nipples. A second finger joined the first and the tempo of her penetrations increased as well. It wasn't long before a third finger found it way within her as well.

    To their eyes, it was truly a sight to behold. A triangle of golden pubic hair pointed downward and at its apex began a perfectly linear slit descending through the tannish-pink soft flesh between her legs, guarded on each side symmetrically by soft, slightly bulging labia.

    The labia were clearly engorged and were glistening from Neris’ wetness. The smaller lips, hood, and orifice beneath were still obscured within the central cleft. Neris’ head extended back and her eyes remained closed. Her right hand descended quickly, failing to explore her inner thighs or pubis, instead invading hungrily between the upper portion of her labia into the deeper pussy beneath. Her middle finger pressed one lip to the side, widening her slit and unveiling a reddish, dripping hood of flesh capping the deeper orifice, flanked on each side by engorged, moistened lips. Her index finger pressed the flesh just beneath the hood, retracting it slightly to uncover her erect clitoris.

    She now moaned heavily, arching her back, contracting muscles of her torso and legs. Her left hand now descended and her fingers pulled impatiently at the left border of her, slit, grasping repeatedly at the moist, yielding pink flesh. Her right middle finger splayed wider the flesh of her pussy, opening herself fully for access to the clitoris and orifice beneath. Her right index finger massaged in a circular fashion her clitoris, first slowly, and then more rapidly. The small lips surrounding her vaginal opening were pulled rhythmically as the clitoris was pressed and encircled. Neris moaned and heaved. Her right index finger occasionally stopped circling to rub the shaft of the clitoris. She now used her fingers from her left hand to hold her lips wide and then penetrated herself with her left index and middle finger.

    Continuing to manipulate her clitoris, she invaded and fingered her pussy in steady rhythm, fingering deep and then withdrawing in rapid repetition. She was now arching so extensively that her buttocks left the chair of soil and earth completely. She cried loudly now. Completely abandoned to her self-invasion, she could not hear or see the other young women, who, now softly massaging the flesh of their own pussies, were hypnotized by the sight of their guide masturbating before them.

    Neris’ body heat soared as her wetness fueled a raging fire. Beads of sweat began to cover her body as she began to buck back and forth, keeping pace with the motions of her hands.
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    Re: Apotheosis...Chapter 2 - The Beginning

    Her breaths came in shorter gasps as more and more of her reality was caught up in a whirlpool of desire. Between breaths came moans of ecstasy which rose in volume with each passing minute. She could feel the walls of her womanhood contract around her fingers, a sensation that only spurred her onward.

    Her fingers splayed herself desperately apart and her fingers penetrated deeply into her dripping pussy. Her breath was light and rapid. Circling, penetrating, arching, moaning, faster and deeper, Neris screamed and climaxed.

    Her pussy seemed to quiver before their eyes, before a jet of her juices squirted out, fountaining from her pussy upon the earth below. Her body seemed to tense, every muscle within her stretching and contracting at the moment of her pleasure. Her face contorted, but it was not with pain. Rather it was the overwhelming feeling of an orgasm achieved.

    They watched in silence, a little awed by the sudden display that had been sprung upon them. Neris’ chest rose and fell as she took deep breathes to calm herself, the wave of pleasure slowly washing from her body just as the tide, after crashing upon the sand, returns to the sea. She blinked, her eyes looking around to meet the gaze of every young woman who had just watched her bring herself to an orgasm. There was shame and humiliation on her face, and a blazing anger that dared any of them to speak.

    “I…” she said, and hesitated. She bit her lower lip. Her face, already red from the orgasm, seemed to flush even redder. Her body trembled as an after orgasmic shock passed through her. She shivered, and pushed herself into a sitting position, her palms on the ground, her hands pressed down at her sides.

    “I am a slut,” she announced to them, breaking the silence. “I have been defeated by Cyan and was ordered to orgasm before you just as she did before. Thus I have done what she has claimed from me.” She trembled, but they could see that it was from anger and shame and not another orgasmic aftershock that she did. “My pussy was devoured by hers. My clit bent back by her superior one. My cunt is hers to command for a week and a day yet.”

    She stood, and blushed even harder; her face was a sunset red, and deeply did she desire to flee from her shame. But no…she was of the Isle, and defeated as she was, she would take her revenge. Soon.

    “Cyan defeated you?” Caihyfar asked.

    “She did,” came the curt reply. “But I have done what she has bid me to do, and I will say no more of it.” Her eyes narrowed, and she stared at them, for the memory of her most recent humiliation was still very fresh in her mind. Her gaze turned to Jeyne, who stood the closest to her now.

    “I am glad that you did not lose yourself in watching me this time,” she said to Jeyne, who lowered her gaze. It was poor sport tormenting the young woman, but her frustration needed to be channeled out for the moment.

    Jeyne felt a spark of shame within her, but she was comforted when she turned her glance to Morgraine. Her lover had come close to her, her arm wrapping itself around her lower body. “Take comfort, dear heart,” the raven haired beauty whispered.

    They continued their journey, but their pace was quickened. The mere mention of a sexfight was enough to set the blood of each of the young women aflame, and the desire to go to the place where they were to learn that art was greater than ever. For there was no doubt in their mind that Deorgreine was right. They were to learn how to sexfight at long last.

    The journey continued onwards, and time seemed to pass slowly and the path even slower to them. But suddenly before them the young women saw a wide opening. Two great trees stood there; one on either side, like living gateposts; but there was no gate save their crossing and interwoven boughs. At their approach, the trees seemed to lift up their branches, and all their leaves quivered and rustled. They were evergreen trees, and their leaves were dark and polished, and gleamed under the sunlight.

    Beyond them was a wide level space, as though the floor of a great hall had been cut in the side of the hill. On either hand the walls sloped upwards, until they were fifty feet high or more, and along each wall stood an aisle of trees that also increased in height as they marched inwards.

    At the far end the rock wall was sheer, but at the bottom it had been hollowed back into a shallow bay with an arched roof; the only roof of the hall, save the branches of the trees, which at the inner end overshadowed all the ground leaving only a broad open path in the middle. A little stream escaped from the springs above, and leaving the main water, fell tinkling down the sheer face of the wall, pouring in silver drops, like a fine curtain in front of the arched bay. Beyond their sight, the water was gathered again into a stone basin in the floor between the trees, and thence it spilled and flowed away beside the open path, out to rejoin the lake and the river without.

    They went on through the middle path, and it seemed as dark and shadowy as night within. Neris led the way, holding herself aloof as if to shield herself or discourage their scorn, for she still remembered her boast said before them, a boast that fell to ruin now that she had been defeated by Cyan. In her heart, she resolved to go through the next eight days with as much dignity as she could muster, and then she would show Cyan just how much of a woman she was compared to the guardswoman.

    Onwards they walked, neither seeing, the only sense of touch coming from their feet upon the soft and grassy ground. They marveled at the wonders of the Isle, and the beauty it contained. And lo! They came to a clearing, and finally, they saw their destination…the Tower of Iltiril.

    The Tower of Iltiril , stranding high within the centre of the clearing, shone out against the sky, glimmering like a spike of pearl and silver, tall and fair and shapely, and its pinnacle glittered as if it were wrought of crystals; and white banners broke and fluttered from the distant battlements in the morning breeze, and high and far they heard a ringing as of silver trumpets to announce their coming. But Neris gave them little time to stare in amazement, for with a quick “come” she led them towards the tower.

    They came now to the foot of the Tower of Iltiril, and to their surprise the tower which they had thought of as white as pearl and silver was now black, and the rock upon which it stood gleamed as if wet. The many faces of the stone had sharp edges as though they had been newly chiseled. A few scorings, and small flake like splinters near the base, were all the marks that it bore of the fury of time’s passing.

    “Behold Iltiril, the Tower of Learning, where you shall, as you have already guessed, learn the art of sexfighting,” said Neris. “Here I leave you, but there is one more thing that Cyan bid me do.”

    She stood before them, her naked body gleaming against the dark black of the tower. Standing tall and straight, she looked at them, her eyes blazing with pride and shame intermingled.
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    Re: Apotheosis...Chapter 2 - The Beginning

    “Each of you may slap my pussy thrice, if you so wish. For that is what Cyan wishes me to do, before I return to her. For it was three times I had defeated her before my pussy submitted to hers in combat, and she wishes me to know the pain and shame tenfold.”

    They stirred, and nipples that had lost their hardness during the journey onwards now rose to stiffness again, as if Neris was masturbating before them once more. Images of slapping their guide in the very epicenter of her womanhood ran through the minds of the young women gathered before her. Neris saw the desire in their eyes, and she trembled, and this time it was in fear.

    Morgraine stepped forward, and Neris swayed, as if she wanted to take a step back, away from the young woman before her. Morgraine saw this and smiled – she was going to enjoy this moment; delivering the slaps and watching the others deliver their own.

    “Rub your pussy…prepare your clit for what is to come,” she said to Neris. The guide shivered, and the blaze of anger in her eyes that had been present for so long seemed to have been quailed at long last. Fear rose within her as she spread her legs, her bare feet shifting on the ground.

    Neris’ hand slid inward over her waist and flat, unlined tummy, heading relentlessly towards her lush, pouty pussy lips. Down over these protruding folds her fingers danced. Her body shivered in response as her pussy trembled under the tender tickling touch. Her fingers paused at the center of her pussy momentarily, then drove inward, parting her delicate folds and plunging deep into her warm tight pussy. Perhaps it was the fact that she was being watched; for she felt a certain perverse pleasure amidst the more commonplace sensations that came with touching herself. Neris groaned and held her hand tightly to her crotch as her wiggling fingers created new sorts of pleasures from within her body. Her free hand squeezed the firm orb of her breast and pulled and pinched her erect nipple. Drawing her breast to her mouth Neris licked her erect nipple before drawing it into her mouth and sucking. Biting down on her nipple slightly, her body squirmed and her hips rolled as new waves of sexual delight grew and surged. Lost in her self-induced garden of sexual delights…and then her clit unhooded itself.

    “I am ready,” she said simply. She trembled at the anticipation of pain, and the humiliation of this, and yet something within her reveled at it. She thought of how she would make Cyan do this as well, and that thought was just as pleasing to her. She was to be slapped on her own pussy by ten young women, all of whom were eager to do it.

    On their part, it was the realization that Neris, who had in their minds been the epitome of a sexfighter, had been defeated by one that she had defeated before, and in their sight as well. And now she, a woman who had figured prominently in their minds during their fantasies about sexfighting, was open and vulnerable to them. There was her pussy, vulnerable and exposed, for them to slap.

    A silence seemed to have fallen upon the forest. Not a bird sung, not a leaf rustled. The air itself stilled in anticipation. The sound of ten women holding their breaths, preparing for what was to come…and then…


    “EYAHHHH!!!” Neris screamed. Her eyes closed tightly, the look of fearful anticipation upon her face unraveling into a look of pain. Her toes curled on the ground, and her knees buckled.

    The sight before her was one that Jeyne and the other watchers would remember for a long time to come; Neris, almost bent forward, her arms clenched tightly behind her back, her face contorted into an image of pain; and Morgraine, her right palm nestled in between Neris’ legs, a smile of delight on her face.

    The pain was overwhelming. She could feel the younger woman’s palm on her pussy, warm and soft yet as hard as stone. And mixed with the pain was pleasure, for her clit had been crushed under Morgaine’s hand, forced against the area where palm met wrist. She opened her eyes, and the tears that had formed the moment she had felt the sharp pain on her sex seemed to spill out.


    Her scream was louder now, and it was only by a superb mastering of her own body that she did not fall to her knees. Her eyes stung with unshed tears, for she refused to cry, refused to sob before the young women who were even now watching the sight before them with eagerness that enflamed her. Her pussy hurt, and her clit had been crushed once more against the palm of Morgraine, so that through the haze of pain she felt the soft caress of pleasure, but it was faint, and soon forgotten as the third and final slap landed upon her sex.


    Morgraine was secretly impressed by the resilience shown by the woman before her. Painful it was, for Morgraine’s own palm stung with a pain of its own. The sight of Neris in pain before her awoke something within her that stirred like a restless animal in the dark night of her soul. There was something…exhilarating…about this. Here was Neris before her, willingly spreading her legs so that she, Morgraine, could slap her pussy. Accepting her fate. Submitting to the pain and the indignity. It was more than exhilarating…it bordered on the erotic.

    I will pay for this, she thought to herself, for the look that Neris now gave her was one of pure hatred. Behind the red curtain of pain, behind the unshed tears in her eyes was the steely will of someone who had been defeated but as yet unconquered. I will pay for this, Morgraine thought to herself again. The thought of Neris doing the same to her made her even wetter than before.

    “Who will go next?” Morgraine asked, pulling her hand away. She glanced down at her reddened and unfeeling hand, numbed by the hard slaps she had delivered to the other woman’s sex, and saw the familiar glint of wetness on her palm. Another woman’s wetness. It sent a thrill through her.

    “I will go next,” said Caihyfar, and she stepped forward, eagerness and desire shining in her eyes.

    Ever slapped a wet organic surface before? Ever heard the sound it makes? That was the sound that played, over and over again, each splatting sound followed swiftly by a sharp wail of pure agony. There was weeping, yes…there were curses and whispers…but there was always the sound of the slap…always the cry of pain. Over and over again.

    After Caihyfar came Éadaoin, who’s skilled fingers elicited a moan from Neris even as she slapped the other woman’s pussy. Viviane and Tanith, Deorgreine, Ceithlenn,
    Móen, Óebfinn…each of them slapped Neris’ pussy…some lightly, as if unsure of the nature of their acts, some as hard as Morgraine. Indeed…Ceithlenn herself had managed to bring proud Neris to her knees at her second slap, though the woman had quickly scrambled back to her feet within a moment.

    “It is your turn, Jeyne.” Morgraine’s voice sounded as if it was coming from so far away, for Jeyne had watched the scene unfolding before her with her hands gently massaging her own sex. She had winced at each slap, she had looked on with sympathy, yes, but there was also some satisfaction at the sight of the woman humbled so, she had to admit to herself. At the mention of her name, Neris looked up, her eyes red rimmed from the tears that had at last cascaded down her cheeks. Her face was red, and she was breathing heavily.

    “Do it…” she whispered, nodding encouragingly.

    Jeyne took a step forward, her eyes flickering down to see the pussy that she was about to slap. Neris’ sex was red, her puffy pussy lips swelling up, as red as her face, and her juices were leaking from her pussy, trailing down her inner thighs. Her clit, smacked against palm after palm, was engorged and swollen, as though from the pain she had received she had gained some measure of pleasure.

    Neris narrowed her eyes, looking at Jeyne before her. “Do it,” she whispered, her voice hoarse from all the screaming she had done. “Or would you prefer to touch yourself before you continue?” she continued, her voice harsh and filled with scorn.


    “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” The pain was simply overwhelming, and Neris, for the second time, sank to her knees. Her head hung down, and her chest rose and fell as she sobbed in agony. A fallen twig poked at her knee, but she scarcely felt it…so painful was her pussy that it seemed as though it was burning.

    “Stand up.” Jeyne’s voice sounded cold and distant, and even Morgraine looked at her lover in amazement. The young woman stood there, a spark of savage delight in tormenting one who had humiliated her before in her eyes. “Stand,” she said again. Neris rose silently, and trembled once more, looking into Jeyne’s eyes.


    “UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” This slap was different. There was pain, yes…there was always pain. But now there was a sharper sense of pleasure infused within it; for Jeyne had not slapped her whole pussy. Instead, she had smacked her fingers against the engorged flesh that was Neris’ clit. It seemed hard to her touch, firm against the force of her slap. Jeyne narrowed her eyes.

    Here was Neris, who had been the instrument of her humiliation the first time. She could still remember the shame of her orgasm during Neris’ sexfight against Cyan, and the memory of Neris’ gaze upon her face when she had cummed that time rose within her mind. Her hand pulled back, swung forth again.



    The pain was unbearable, but beyond that, there was a need. A desire, a hunger…something that needed satisfaction. Neris moaned, falling to her knees again. Her hands moved to her burning sex, her fingers just brushing against her pussy lips. She dared not touch harder, for the pain would surely overwhelm her then. And that was when she realized what it was that she was feeling.

    It was the need to orgasm. It was the aching need within her pussy, within her womanhood, the hunger, the desire, the want and ambition that needed to be fulfilled. Through the pain, or perhaps from the pain, and from the humiliation and shame she had suffered, she wanted to cum. She wanted to cum.

    But she could not. Her pussy was too sensitive, too pained. It burned, but not only the heat of desire. It burned with pain. Pain that prevented her from the one single touch that she needed to step over the threshold. Pain stopped her fingers from brushing against her swollen clit. Pain halted her movements, leaving the thirst within her unquenched. Unsatisfied. And that was the greatest agony of all.

    Jeyne stood before her, tall and straight, like a conquering victor. Her hand was stinging and numb and red, and her fingers were wet with Neris’ juices. She looked at her hand, and then to Neris, and what she saw in the other woman’s eyes send a ripple of fear right into her very soul.

    “You will pay for this,” Neris said, so softly that only Jeyne heard what she was saying, which was exactly what Neris intended, for it was for Jeyne that her words were meant for. “You will pay for what you have done to me, girl. You…will…pay…”
    When Summer hangs upon the world, and in a noon of gold; Beneath the roof of sleeping leaves the dreams of trees unfold; When woodland halls are green and cool and Wind is in the West; I'll linger here and will not leave, for here I am at rest

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    Re: Apotheosis...Chapter 2 - The Beginning

    They walked through a grove of ash and willowy birch where the silence was a cloak that wrapped comfortably about. Morgraine led them, for they had left Neris moaning and clutching her sex outside. They reached an iron fence that rose twenty feet into the air, its summit spiked and laced with sharpened spurs, and turned left along its length. Beyond its forbidding barrier, tree-shaded grounds stretched away to a sprawling, turreted building that could only be the tower proper. An illusion, Neris had told them through pain wracked gasps. “The outer tower is mere illusion,” she had said. “Walk past the door and follow within.”

    As one, they skirted the fence to where the shadows were so deep it was difficult to see. Jeyne heard the rasp of iron against iron, and a gate in the fence swung open. They walked inside, waited until Morgraine locked the gate anew, and then crossed the dappled lawn into the tower. No one appeared to welcome them, and no one appeared to challenge them. No one came into view. But someone must have been watching, Jeyne knew. There must be.

    They reached the end of the building and stopped.

    A figure detached itself from the shadows, light and graceful as a cat. Morgraine waved to them to stay, and went forward by herself. The figure came up to where Morgraine was. Words were exchanged, too low for Jeyne or anyone else to hear. The figure melted away again. Morgraine beckoned, and they slipped through a gathering of spruce into the alcove. A door was already ajar. They stepped inside into the light.

    They stood in an entry with a vaulted ceiling and wood carved lintels and jams that shone with polish. Cushioned benches had been placed against facing walls and oil lamps bracketed arched double doors opened to a darkened hallway beyond. From somewhere down that hallway, deep within the bowels of the tower, Jeyne could hear movement and the distant sound of voices. She felt her sex stir as the cry of a woman rose high and sharp, a wail of despairing pleasure that made her pussy tingle.

    Following Morgraine’s lead, the other nine young women seated themselves on the benches. In the light Jeyne could see Morgraine smile at her. She smiled back, and brushed her hand against her pussy. Morgraine’s grin widened.

    A figure approached, easing silently out of the hallway, coming slowly into the light. It was a woman of medium height and build, pretty looking and completely naked, with a steady, penetrating gaze. Her lean sun browned face was shadowed by her dark brown hair, which she wore at shoulder length. She did not look so old, for indeed, the women of the Isle all wore to some extent a certain mask of agelessness. Lines did not touch their faces, and time seemed to move slowly within this realm. It was the eyes that told the difference in age. The woman who had now appeared to them seemed no older than Neris, who herself seemed only ten years older than Morgraine, but her eyes suggested that she had seen and endured a great deal more than Neris herself.

    “Welcome to the Tower of Learning.”

    There was a movement again at the far end of the darkened hallway, and they all turned to look. Two women appeared out of the shadows, the most striking of the two small and slender with flaming red hair, pale clear skin and huge green eyes that dominated her oddly triangular face. But it was the other woman, the taller of the two, who caught the newcomers’ immediate attention, who brought them to their feet without them even being aware that they had risen, and who caused them all to take a quick startled breath at the sudden rise in the heat between their legs.

    The woman met each of their gazes. She was long limbed and slender, unclothed, and yet her beauty and sexiness stirred more that mere lust within them. Her facial features were finely chiseled with high cheekbones and a wide, thin mouth. Her eyes were very blue and her hair flaxen, curling down her shoulders, tumbled from sleep. Her skin was smooth across her face, giving her, like all the women of the Isle, a youthful, ageless appearance.

    The woman’s smile appeared without warning – sudden, brilliant and effusive. “Welcome again, I say to you,” she said to them. “Welcome to Iltiril, the Tower of Learning. Here,” and her voice lowered to a whisper that they all strained to hear, “Here, you will learn the art of sexfighting, the art of lovemaking…and I am sure that you will all make excellent students. So welcome. Welcome. You have waited long to come and learn, and now that you are hear, be prepared.”

    Jeyne blinked. What had the woman said? She glanced about hurriedly. The others were like mirrors of herself, excited and yet unsure of what to do. She suddenly felt afraid. The light of the oil lamps flickered uncertainly, and the shadows crept closer.

    “I am Treasa,” the woman said, hands tightening. “Beside me is Aeife, and that is Eithne. Aeife and Eithne are to be your tutors, your mentors – they will teach you about the art that we practice here. Ladies!” she gestured, indicating the two other women, who had stepped forward when she introduced them, now standing side by side.

    “I understand that you have witnessed a sexfight before, when you first came to the Isle. But that was some time ago, and perhaps,” she paused, her eyes twinkling, “Perhaps you have forgotten. So I have arranged for Aeife and Eithne here to provide a…demonstration, shall we say.”

    “Aeife and Eithne,” she continued, gesturing with both hands to indicate both women. “have long had some measure of animosity amongst them. Their personal history I will not discuss, but this battle would have commenced sooner had I not intervened, for I thought it proper that you should be given this demonstration. And ladies,” she added, addressing both the combatants now, “I would suggest two prizes for the victor – one; that she shall use the defeated woman as she pleases, and two; that she shall share my bed tonight. Would that perhaps be pleasing to you both?”

    “It would,” said Aeife.

    “It would indeed,” said Eithne, and received a dismissive look from Aeife.

    “Do you really think that you can defeat me, Eithne?” she asked. “Do you honestly believe that you stand a chance?”

    “I do,” replied Eithne sweetly, but the look that she cast towards Aeife was nothing short of venomous. “But if you are having second thoughts now, perhaps you should withdraw yourself and declare me the victor. It would spare you the humiliation of losing to your potential students.”

    “I will not lose,” replied Aeife. “And it will be a pleasure to defeat you before all of them.”

    “Then it is decided,” said Treasa, a shade hurriedly perhaps to stop the verbal warfare that was just about to begin. “Make a circle around them,” she ordered the young women. “And ladies…take your places and begin.”

    The two women moved to the centre, and the others, already used to such a display, made a circle around them. All except for Treasa, who hung back in the shadows, keeping her expression hidden from all so that none could see it. Perhaps, Jeyne thought to herself, she did not want to betray who it was she wanted to win.

    The woman with the red hair took a step forwards, and Eithne moved to join her, closing the distance that separated them. They stood face to face, inches apart, their hands rising and their fingers interlacing with one another, gently, as if it was not a sexfight they were about to engage in but a moment shared between lovers. They smiled, each taking deep breaths, exhaling in more than just each other’s scent.

    They came together as one, their heads tilting to the side as they kissed. Lips met lips, and tongues waged war unseen by the spectators. Their fingers separated as each woman began to run her hands all over the other woman’s body, each exploring the gentle flesh of her foe.

    Eithne’s hand moved southward, but she did not immediately reach for her opponent’s sex. Instead, her fingers traced intricate circles on Aeife’s tummy, her nails gently stroking around the other woman’s navel. She ran her forefinger upwards, slowly letting it trace all the way to the parting between Aeife’s breasts.

    Aeife’s hands had moved to caress Eithne’s breasts, gently cupping each orb with her palm. She then began attacking the other woman’s nipples, taking each hard erect rod in between her thumb and forefinger and tweaking it. Each nipple was hard, yet rubbery, and the pinching motion felt very satisfying, to Aeife, at least. Eithne’s nipples began to harden even more, as the slow tweaking motion began to send ripples of pleasure through her body.

    And then Eithne acted.

    She pulled away from the kiss, her hands rising up to Aeife’s shoulders as she pushed her opponent away. Aeife’s eyes widened as she grunted, and that was when Eithne dropped to her knees. Her right hand rose up, and she slapped her redheaded opponent right in the pussy. A loud crack broke the silence, followed by a strangled scream from Aeife, who staggered back, her hands falling to cup her sex.

    Eithne saw all this, and smiled. She placed both her hands in front of her, before bringing her right foot out in a sweeping motion as she tried to kick Aeife’s legs out from under her. It worked, as the redhead shrieked and collapsed to the ground.

    Quick as a flash, Eithne was on her. The brown haired woman’s hand reached for Aeife’s right ankle, raising it to spread her legs. She was about to move her own body so that her pussy could go against Aeife, but the redhead was having none of it. With a snarl, Aeife twisted her body, placing her hands flat on the ground for added leverage. She pushed upwards, her left leg rising up as she kicked it right into Eithne’s chest.

    Eithne cried out, and fell back. She tried to roll away, but she was too slow, for Aeife had already moved on her knees before her. The redhead’s hand reached forward, and contact was made with the other woman’s pussy.

    She traced her fingers over Eithne’s lips, sometimes brushing her fingers into her slit, letting whatever wetness there slowly coat them. And then her fingers seemed to plunge inside the other woman. Eithne tossed her head back and moaned.

    “Feel my fingers inside you, Eithne?” asked Aeife.

    “I feel nothing,” the other replied. Eithne reached for Aeife’s hand, pulling it away from her pussy, and then pulling the selfsame hand forwards, so that she was tugging the redhead down towards her. Aeife fell forward, right on top of Eithne. Their faces were parallel to one another. For a moment, all they seemed to do was gaze into each other’s eyes. What they saw in the other woman’s gaze, Jeyne could not tell. Whatever it was, they seemed to have reached an agreement, for they began kissing once again.

    “Would you go pussy to pussy against me, Eithne?” asked Aeife, as she pulled her head back to break their kiss.

    “Perhaps…after THIS!” Eithne replied. Unnoticed by the redhead, the brunette’s left hand had fallen away from her body. She slid it on the ground, careful not to touch Aeife, not to alert her opponent as to what she was doing. She bent her knees, placing her soles flat against the ground, and then she kicked upwards, reversing their positions. Now it was Eithne on top, and Aeife beneath her.

    “Don’t you…dare…” Aeife’s words trailed off into a moan as Eithne slid her fingers inside her pussy. A soft slurping sound echoed through the hall as Eithne’s two fingers slid inside Aeife’s sopping sex. Ignoring the other woman’s protesting moans, Eithne began to finger fuck her opponent.

    “You feel so wet – you are going to cum soon, aren’t you?” Eithne said tauntingly. “You bitch…” moaned Aeife, her hands desperately pushing against the brunette’s shoulders, trying to dislodge her from her topmost position. With strength borne from desperation, she managed to push Eithne away from her.

    Eithne slid away, but she did not immediately lunge back into the attack. “What is the matter?” she asked, her voice lowered into a hiss. “Have you decided to give up already?”

    “Bitch!” Aeife snarled as she pushed herself up to her knees. And then she lunged forward, her arms extended as she used her legs to push herself into the brunette. Eithne was ready, and her arms too flew up. The women grappled with each other, each one of them trying to force the other down.

    It happened too quickly for Jeyne to see, or perhaps it happened at the moment when she had turned to risk a glance at her fellow acolytes, to see if any of them were having as much difficulty in controlling their hands as she did. It was a fleeting glance that did nothing but distract her momentarily from the fight at hand, for she did not see anything.

    When she turned back, Eithne was on top of Aeife once more, but there was a difference this time. Eithne and Aeife were aligned so that each woman’s mouth was near the other woman’s pussy, so that they could attack the other woman’s sex with her mouth and tongue. They were, it seemed, mutually inverted like the numerals six and nine.

    “Your mouth will never make me cum,” Eithne snarled from somewhere above Aeife.

    The words on the other woman’s lips made Aeife's blood boil with fury. Without even replying, she put her face down on Eithne's pelvis, opening her mouth and giving her a warm slippery kiss as she worked her way back to her target. She moved her tongue around the brunette's sex a little bit more, making sure to leave saliva and juices around to heighten the feeling all over the other woman’s hidden places. Then, Aeife rested her left hand on Eithne's hip and used her right one to open her opponent up a bit more, giving her deeper access.
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    Re: Apotheosis...Chapter 2 - The Beginning

    Eithne gasped immediately, trying her best to ignore the pleasant sensations rising from her sex. Aeife’s sex was presented before her, the musky scent of the redhead’s arousal rising up to her nose. Suppressing another moan, she plunged her head forwards.

    Eithne began by exploring Aeife's tender flesh, one of her slender fingers sliding easily into the moist heat of the girl's vagina. She slid in another finger, gently turning her hand so that her thumb now lay on the hood of Aeife's clit. Moving her fingers and thumb, she began to finger fuck her opponent, seeking to bring Aeife to the brink of orgasm. A squeal from the redhead told her all that she needed to hear…it was working.

    She only hoped that it would work before her own pussy exploded.

    To mix it up a little, Aeife made sure to massage Eithne's outer lips with her hand and then occasionally run her mouth up and down them. She pulled the brunette's sex box open a little wider and then opened her mouth to match, enveloping as much of her opponent’s exposed pussy as possible.

    Eithne let out several short gasps and her fingers went rigid inside Aeife. She pulled her head up and moaned, possibly interrupting her own attempts to pleasure the redhead. "Ohhh, fuck…that feels so good!" she wailed, her eyes widening at the realization of her own admission.

    Aeife was so engrossed in what she was doing that she barely remembered to breathe. However, those words from Eithne’s mouth, words of encouragement unwillingly drawn from her opponent, coupled with Eithne's renewed stroking of her pussy and clit, almost sent her into a frenzy. She sucked and licked at the brunette, almost trying to devour the other woman. She flicked her tongue and trashed it around in response to Eithne's involuntary bucking. Aeife then wrapped her right arm under and around the brunette's left leg, which helped hold herself in place on the writhing woman.

    Tears were forming in Eithne’s eyes as she spread her legs even father apart, overcompensating for the compulsion to clamp her thighs over Aeife's head. She started moving her butt up and down, as if responding to the unseen thrusts, and Aeife adjusted her timing to match her opponent’s. Suddenly, Eithne grabbed Aeife’s own knees and pulled them sideways, as if to expose her opponent’s most private area for the entire world to see and love. The brunette struggled to stay still, barely able to control herself as Aeife rolled her head and darted her tongue all around her tingling pussy. Aeife wrapped her left arm under Eithne's right leg, making separation all but impossible as she fought to finish the job.

    Aeife was pressing her hips into Eithne's fingers when suddenly Eithne slipped a finger between the folds and onto Aeife's clit, pressing down slightly and then moving slowly...slowly, back and forth. Aeife's hips jerked up and a loud groan came from deep within her chest. Eithne moved her finger faster and Aeife gasped, bringing a hand down and grabbing onto Eithne's hand, wanting her to stop yet needing her to continue. Eithne’s pussy was still before her…she had to concentrate on bringing the brunette to orgasm first before seeking her own pleasure. But it was difficult…Eithne licked from the bottom of her vagina to the clit, swirling her tongue around the hood then pressing it back to give her tongue complete access to the bared clit. She lightly brushed her tongue up and down and a scream erupted from Aeife’s mouth as she felt her opponent’s tongue on her exposed clitoris.

    "AIIIIHHHHH...!" Aeife screamed as her insides started pulsing, squeezing and contracting on their own. Eithne felt the change and dove straight for the clitoris, ticking it with her lips and tongue, sucking it gently with her puckered lips and then licking her slit up and down. Aeife relished the involuntary dance going on inside herself, relished it, and hated it all the same. She realized she was holding her breath, and it was only after several seconds that she remembered to breathe again, inhaling deeply and then letting it out slowly, trying to calm herself.

    “You are exposed to them…” Eithne said, the words coming out in short gasps…”They can see your pussy quivering in defeat…”

    That did it. The words hit her, and suddenly, the intensity in her pussy was too much to bear. Aeife started to pull away from Eithne's deadly fingers, but before she could form the full thought of pulling away, she was shoving her hips and with that her pussy back against Eithne’s fingers. The pleasure was like nothing she had ever imagined experiencing. It was more then she could take and a pressure started building up in her toes, up her slim calves to her thighs and exploded between her thighs.

    Her pussy exploded, sending out a fountain of her juices squirting out. Back arched, her hands involuntarily found her own face, as if to cover her from the shame. A guttural scream starting low in her diaphragm and escaping from her mouth. Colors flashed behind her eyelids and she suddenly went limp, gasping for air, but her pussy continued to drool out her juices.

    With an incredible struggle, Eithne slid off Aeife, pushing up so that she was kneeling with her pussy right above the defeated redhead’s face. Eithe slipped a finger into her pussy, and then a second. With her other hand, she rolled her nipple between thumb and forefinger, while she started fucking herself. Faster and faster, she thrust into her pussy, while she rubbed her clit with her thumb. She marveled at the warm wetness inside of her, feeling her pussy juices run down her inner thighs, droplets falling on Aeife’s face.

    Aeife stirred. Her eyes opened to look at the sight before her. “No…” she whispered, realization of what was happening finally dawning on her. “NO!” she cried out, turning her head away.

    “Turn back,” Eithne hissed, looking down at the defeated redhead. Aeife froze, but slowly turned her head back so that she was looking directly into Eithne’s pussy. “Open your mouth,” the brunette snarled. Aeife’s eyes widened, but she made no protest. Her lips parted as she opened her mouth.

    Satisfied that Aeife had done what she had ordered her to do, Eithne returned to the business at hand. She reached down and rubbed herself, focusing this time on her clitoris. At the same time, she squirmed around on the ground, her knees shifting on the marbled floor. Aeife whimpered, but made no attempt to move.

    Eithne felt her cheeks burn, knowing that her face, her entire upper body in fact, was brightly red with excitement and arousal. The smell of sex was heavy in the air, and the sensations coming from her pussy and from clitoris made her growl; a low, guttural sound almost like a she-wolf in heat. Then it was upon her.

    "Oh, yes!!" she cried as the first spasm shook her. "YES!!!"

    After that, she was lost in a haze of pleasure. She groaned loudly, her entire body quivering as her muscles tensed and relaxed, tensed and relaxed in a steady rhythm. Her juices streamed from her pussy, shooting out right into Aeife’s face, filling the loser’s mouth with her cum. Droplets of it intermingled with the tears of defeat on the redhead’s face as she swallowed the juices of the one who had defeated her.
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    Re: Apotheosis...Chapter 2 - The Beginning

    hi. So this is part 2 up, and part 3 is well underway. It might take a week or longer because being in a cast is very limiting, not to mention irritating. Do you know what the worst part of this is? Having an itch on your skin under the cast and being unable to scratch it.
    When Summer hangs upon the world, and in a noon of gold; Beneath the roof of sleeping leaves the dreams of trees unfold; When woodland halls are green and cool and Wind is in the West; I'll linger here and will not leave, for here I am at rest

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    Re: Apotheosis...Chapter 2 - The Beginning

    Again, you write an incredible story here. The descriptions of the defeat are exceptional.

    I can't wait to read more! Hope you feel better soon.

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    Smile Re: Apotheosis...Chapter 2 - The Beginning

    Hi This is a great story hope you get the next part up soon.

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    Re: Apotheosis...Chapter 2 - The Beginning

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    Apotheosis...Chapter 2 - The Beginning
    Dear Leviticus,

    Great story and exceptional writing. I don't think that you need any help! ;-)

    Hope to see the next part soon.



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