Honest the 1st part of this Story is real and actually happened to me decades ago.

The second part is a wild embelishment.
I'll let you fantasize where the line should be drawn between fantasy and reality.

Anyhow here goes my First Story at this Forum;

Pub Pealers Catball Delite

In the Summer of 74 I had a great job. Acting as a Transporter of sorts for Hot Honies who took off their clothes, or "Pealers" as they were called.
I'd drive the ladies from Pub to Pub so they could do their little shows.

Well this Summer was really hot, and between shows the girls were not wearing much. Of course that was OK with me! This particular day I was only driving around one girl, a hot little potatoe, named Jackie. Jackie was a 20 something shoulder length dark haired beauty, with matching dark brown eyes, lightly sun kissed skin, a perky 5 7 frame packing 136 or so busty pounds, and hanging onto a natural C cup 38 special. Nicely tucked in tummy, a firm butt attached to a pair of nicely turned legs, AND always in her hot pair of black strap on 4 inch heels. Today between shows, she was wearing a sweet braless look, tight, silky black mini dress, about 2 inches above the knee which slid nicely up to her thighs when she would sit back in the old Duster's fuckit bucket seats. As my other transport duty had phoned in sick, Jack and I were taking our time between Pub stops. She had four with one left to go. As I got up to get the car ready , Jack said she was heading to the little girls room for a tinkle. I thanked her for sharing and headed for the car.

Just as I got to the rear exit, a pushy little long haired, reddy-blonde Pealer called Sammy Sam, blocked my get away with her bouncy C cup 36ers. Her firm and freckled healthy little 5-5, 125 pound frame was planted firmly in my pecker path. "Jake" she wispered in my ear, with a little lick of my ear lobe to get my attention, I need a ride". I could feel the shoe toes of her black 6 inch strappies tapping at my footy foot, as she grinned expectantly into my eyes. Man Sam smelt good, she had splashed on some kind a hippy honey suckle perfume, which was ozzing from her short little form fitting light black cotton mini dress

Sam then let out a blue eyed glare and sigh, as the sassy mussy perfume of Jackie's fanned my nortrils. "Well Sam, Jake and I would love to help you but we're in a rush"
Sammy then tapped cutely around me and took a beggy beggy please please stance in front of Jackie. However, I could tell Jack was having none of Sam's beggar routine and besides, it wasn't the first time for a Sammy sad sack story. "Off we go Jake" Jackie waved at me and pointed towards the duster. As I turned my back I heard Sam slam one of her black heels into Jackie's path. Now nose to nose the girls whispered back and forth as to how the other owed or didn't owe the other. I had turned abruptly, only to now find my package being accidently massaged by Sammy's cute little left ass cheek as she discussed the intensity of her dilema with an ever angrier Jackie.

Well, this couldn't go on forever, so I interjected in their little glowy lip to lip spat
"Come on Jack let's go, we can drop Sam off along the way"
..."NO screamed Jackie, not ever!" I have had enough of this little moo moo mooch "
What I encountered next was dead silence, not even the birds were chirping, but I'm sure they were hoping down the power lines to get a closer inside look at the sporting event about to light off.

Jackie had moved towards the parking lot, only to have Sam glide back into her path, getting nose to nose boob to boob and pressing her right thigh into Jackie's black pantied crotch.
"Girls", in a slightly erection induced higher pitched voice,... however that is all I could get out past my lips. Next thing I knew, they had both tossed their purses at me for safe keeping. Kinda like when Hocky Players throw down their gloves, girls do the same thing, but with their purses. Great! now I had something to cover my raging hard on with. A Red Heart shapped girlie girl purse and Jack's beige handbag.

Jackie acted first, firmly grabbing the red head by the shoulders, with her french manicured nails and tried to move her to one side. "You owe me" growled Sam and grabbed back at both of Jack's shoulders with her red tipped sharpies. The pushing side to side along with a little inner thigh to thigh rubbies, only got nastier during the ten second count down, ....until both glarring gals let out a whooping, shreaking war cry, grabbed each other's hair, and tumbled into the hall way in a hugging rotating ball of legs and arms. Slaming their combied 260+ pound mass back and forth into the opposit walls of the narrow exit.

During their leggy collapse to the ground, they had both spread their respective left legs up and around the other's back, while coiling their right leggy cobras around the left butt cheek of their wrassle pal. Dresses had rolled up to the tops of their hips instantly, and black G string crotches were doing a camel toe to camel toe lambada. I would later learn that what these two had coiled themselves into, was called a CatBall, in catfight lingoe.

Round and round they tumbled and rumbled like two halves of a stringy fleshy silly putty ball, all mashed together. It was almost like Jackie was trying to roll herself down the hallway to my car, but with her little red haired buddy tied tightly to her, in a boob to boob and crotch to crotch lock, with a muttual leggy muscle wrap. Amazingly only one opposite pair of nipples had poped out and was mashing together in a little fencing fight of it's own. Otherwise, both girls remained fully clothed[for strippers that is...]. ...even their tease garters for collecting gash cash were hanging in there For a brief few seconds their catball then took on a sumersaulting ass over tea-kettle rolling action,kinda head to foot locked up rotation, firmly putting them back into the center of the change room. Somehow they still managed to keep on the rest of their clothes, and keep their growling pearly whites out of each other's flesh, by a firm twisted grip on the others locks. "Give...NO...fuck you...NO FUCK YOU!"....round and round... I was about ready to auto ejaculate, when they had both pounded their way into a corner of the dressing room. I could see that French Eddy the cook and part owner of "Da Greasy Frog", was peaking in through the Pealer's change room door, one hand on the door and the other hand....WELL, I did not want to know where it was !
"Eddy give me a hand and separate these two! ....
"Hey Jake fuck you too I'm busy" replied Eddy

Both girls had coiled and cemmented each other firmly into the corner. Slow grunts and tight little rolls, was all they could manage now. They were still in a panty to panty soaked crotchy catball but they had also got each other into some kind of mutual frontal head lock. Dam horniest thing I ever saw. I could not tell which leg belonged to who.
If it wasn't for Sam's freckles I could not have figured out how this Chinese puzzle had been tied together. Eddy laughed and in a bad ass French Canadian accent said, "you never pry dem bitches apart"

...Man I was sweating bullets and so was my DONG!

"Hey Jake" chuckled Eddy, the other girl for tonights strip show, she gonna be late by 30 minutes, what you say we charge de customers a little extra and roll des two dame on the stage to finish der lyytttllle fight?"
"Come on aye? dey be getting into each other's face all year"

Well now!..how could I argue with solid French Canadien Logic, and the squirming mass between my legs?
...and also the two catballing girls in the corner

"Well girls what do you say?" ...all I heard was a muffled gnawwing kinda filatio sound beneath a tangled curtain of red and brown hair, with a combined scent of two hot perfumes.
"OK Eddy" let's roll. I locked the two purses away, told the girls we would help them fill their money buckets up, then rolled the two squirming growling cat ballers onto the stage to the spontanious roar of the mixed crowd. As Eddy collected the girls tips, the girls grunted clawed and rolled on stag for a further 45 minutes. The late Pealer didn't mind the interruption and thought she could use a little catball herself some day with a stripper she had an issue with.

Two bouncers on either side of the stage prevented them from rolling too far and falling off. They were positioned to show off a great rotating crotch view, of two hungry pussies toeing into one another spreading apart their wet lips and pushing the others g string aside, both of which were now sweat soaked strings, digging into the two glued humping pussies,
... from beneath the veil of their tied locks you could spot the odd glimpse of a muffled slurpy tongue fight, complete with sucking, spitting and biting. At about the 40 minute mark of their rotating catball, they stopped rotating, laid side by side, and with a renewed grip, and while tongue fencing, and slapping a little nose and lip blood and spit around, ground wet pussy into pussy, until a final five minutes later they began to spuff creamy translucent pussy cum into one anothers' honey cups.

After a deep and passionate sigh, the two Catballers pulled each other up with the help of the stripper pole, and sauntered off stage arm in arm, for a well earned hot shower.

They made $500 a piece that night, and they didn't have to tip me a dime.

The three way shower afterwards was tip tickling enough