When She Was Sweet Sixteen
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    When She Was Sweet Sixteen

    When She Was Sweet Sixteen
    When She Was Sweet Sixteen
    A Fem-Fight Story
    By Piers Knight

    Women are cordially invited to a
    Titfight Tournament
    Saturday 16th April 2011

    Swingers’ welcome. (Pardon the pun.)


    Just three months before Fran’s tit bruising supermarket parking lot fight with Fatima, Fran and Piers Knight’s daughter, Morag, was born in June 1993. It was to be almost 10 years between the births of Morag and her son, Alex, because of three reasons, (1) establishing her career, (2) Fran and Piers got married, and (3) because Fran was keen to get in a lot more Titfighting and cat fighting before the next child she had planned for.

    Alex was born in January 2003, and Fran’s breasts never lost their new found proportions thereafter. In fact, they gained, and refused to settle at her natural H or HH cup size, but achieved a J cup by 2006, then for health reasons (a broken knee joint) she had to shed some of her weight.

    But back to the years after Morag came into our lives; From 1994 on, Fran had not been idle regarding fighting with other women during that time; Despite her burgeoning breasts, there were three memorable fights with women at the livery yard where she kept her horses, including a fantastic one with the extremely busty owner in a meadow one hot summers evening, after which she was asked to leave the yard.

    Fran set up her “Rug Wrestling” ring at home with like-minded busty friends Carol L, who was my girlfriend from 1983-1992, (with whom there was much rivalry until June 2009 when Carol got married for the third time), Karen M, Sarah T, women from the gym Rebecca and Nadine, Samantha P, our next door neighbour at our previous house Carol Smith, and Fran’s own sister, Lyn who actually lived down south but visited us often. There were a few others who drifted in and out of this core of keen topless fighters, but this Titfighting/wrestling went on almost weekly until 2003. After Alex was born, we finally moved to the countryside in 2004 and most people drifted away. But the old rug was kept busy with a few more fights until December 2006, but Fran broke a knee during one of these fights, so she was forced to consider retiring.
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    Re: When She Was Sweet Sixteen

    When She Was Sweet Sixteen

    CHAPTER 1.

    Things changed quite a lot in Piers and Fran’s household. After a longish career in her much loved sport of Titfighting, Fran retired from it in 2006 following a wrestling accident in which she broke a knee. In fact, this was an old injury which the wrestling injury had exacerbated, a fall off a motorbike in icy conditions many years before, had originally shattered the joint, and the doctor told her that she would have to lose weight and do floor exercises to strengthen the joint.

    I guess that in the long term it was better for her health, but it was disappointing to see her breast cup size reduce to DD. A reduction of four or five cup sizes is an almost unbelievable fall, to my mind. But she slimmed down from 175 Lbs to 140 Lbs, by bicycling everywhere rather than driving, doing vigorous floor exercises morning and evening, and womanly weight training, though she did actually use the big bar with a collection of 15kg weights too.

    To Piers’ eyes Fran became a shadow of herself, gradually reducing her 38HH cup breasts to 36DD. Naturally, as a big breast man, Piers preferred the latter 48-50 inch bust, but ultimately, it was none of his business. Fran is one of these women whose breasts are not all fat, the core of dense glands is a result of her genetic inheritance, like all of her female relatives stretching back for centuries; even when slim in body, her breasts are still relatively large and astonishingly firm on account of a very large amount of alveoli and nodules of milk producing glands, so they always remain pretty dense and firm to the touch.

    This change in Fran, kids, and Piers illness put their marriage under some strain. But by Christmas 2009, Fran was missing Titfighting so much she was talking about doing it again, no, she did not think that 45 years was too old; she had become a lot fitter and stronger due to her floor exercises, weight lifting and bicycling, but happily for me, she began to put her fighting weight back on, swelling her boobs out to their natural proportions and restoring her familiar hourglass shape. She modified her keep-fit regime to exclude weight loss. But she continued training young horses, which is a tough job in itself, but she had to abandon her weight lifting because her huge bust was getting in the way!


    Over the following year, Piers and Fran’s relationship wandered a bit. Piers had been casually dating busty lactating women over the Internet to try to correct the breakdown of Myelin via human breast milk, and much later, Fran began dating men online who took her fancy, she also was obliged to spend long months away from home with her work. Theirs became a pretty open relationship, but strangely, this did not lead to a cooling in their personal life, in fact, it resulted in it heating up, if anything!!! It heated up so much that Fran had a ferocious fight with Laura, one of Piers big-breasted lactating beauties, in their house who just would not get her claws out of him. Fran helped her with that in no uncertain terms! Suddenly, both she and Piers saw the advantage of Swinging, but they agreed that this was to be with purpose, and that purpose would be to recruit willing women to Titfighting.

    By spring 2011, Fran was fit and ready at the age of a very young looking 47 to take up the mantle of Titfighting again, and she made this point very forcefully to busty Laura just 6 weeks ago. Fran has always looked youthful, at 47 she is frequently mistaken for being 27; and at 27 she was often told that she looked to be no more than 19. As before, Piers would arrange most of the matches. And what about Piers? Oh, don’t even ask; He has always looked older than his years. At 53 he looks like 73. He has even been mistaken for Fran’s father!

    Well, anyway, they got to trawling the local dating pages around the Internet and it was not very difficult to find some willing women and girls to put their tits on the line, either in the interests of just dating or swinging, or indeed, for the £1,000.00 which Fran decided to offer the champion. The field narrowed a bit when we said that ideally we were looking for women with G to J cup breasts (so that Fran’s natural HH cup had plenty of scope). We got quite a number of middle aged swingers interested, made even more alluring when I told the men that they would be watching their wives Titfighting. Some 20 something’s with natural tits well over G cup were recruited, (young women today seem to be bigger boobed than even the generation before!) but we got predominantly middle aged women, between 40 and 56, with great big boobs, most big enough to swing like huge fleshy clubs.

    The thing all these women have in common is that they want to titfight other women because they want to prove their boobs are better than their rivals, and would titfight to settle an argument for sure!! Some do titfight over men too, though most men being fought over never get to hear of these! Personally, I find that most women who have done their share of child bearing are more adventurous and willing to risk minor breast injuries in this invigorating sport. Apart from which, their breasts are more supple, swing more freely, and are easier to fight with. Fran was now in this category.

    Fran’s eldest daughter, Morag, was now 17 years old and quite an independent young lady with a bust to rival her mothers (genes always show through), the age which, incidentally, Fran first began Titfighting, having been cat fighting out of necessity and self preservation since the age of 10 or 12 when her boobs suddenly sprouted and grew to give her a 42 inch bust, making some girls jealous. It was a rough school.

    Alex was eight years old and very independently minded, he could not see what all this fuss of women slapping their milk bags together was all about. Fran had planned to continue to breast feed him until the age of eight, and he was happy to take some from her breasts two or three times a day. Fran had wanted to keep producing milk to keep her tits naturally big and plump, but they reduced to a DD when Alex reduced his intake. Well, now she was back in business, they were back to her natural HH cup size.

    I offered to help make them bigger by helping her to re-lactate, part of which involves suckling her several times a day and we did begin this, but I was surprised, though I should not have been, to discover that one of her Internet boyfriends had already begun suckling her! Well, that was okay, I had begun dating a busty woman who wanted me to suckle her, which I did willingly. I asked her if she was interested in Titfighting, but she said no, and thought I was weird. Well, it’s not for everyone I suppose, especially as most women’s tits are at their most sensitive in a state of lactation. Then there was Laura! Dear mad Laura, who Fran had a ferocious fight with, now on remand for killing her husband. You should read her story. (A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved).

    Come spring, we were not going to hang around, especially as some of the women we had contacted were keen to fight and bring their men along, as well, as a way of spicing up their sex life. There were twelve busty women who wanted to titfight on that sunny, very warm, Saturday morning 16th April and they began to arrive singly or in small groups. Fran had elected to fight the first woman, who was the same age as her, but equally busty to my eyes. The winner would go on and fight the next woman in the queue and so on until there was eventually a winner out of the whole troupe.

    We half expected some women to drop out, there are always people who change their minds at the last minute, but we had invited four women along for the first day, with another four definite for the following day. The weather was so sunny and warm on that April day that we decided the fights would take place on the lawn in our secluded garden. Our house is located deep in the countryside, surrounded by fields more than a mile away from the nearest road, with little more than a small lane wending its way to our house. The garden is huge, mostly a lush green lawn of about an eight of an acre with huge flower beds around the perimeter, shrubberies gracing the perimeters and tall trees beyond that, shielding us from the outside world. There was also a wild flower meadow, when everything was in season, which in early spring, as now, they weren’t. But being overlooked by no one at all, our visitors were happy for the fights to go ahead.

    My old girlfriend of 27 years ago, and Fran’s former Titfight partner throughout the late 1990’s, Carol, agreed to come and be our steward and look after our intrepid visitors once they had arrived and wanted to know where to get changed, eat, drink, etcetera comestibles we had supplied in generous proportions.

    Nerys and her husband arrived first, both she and her diminutive husband, Ben, seemed very keen. They both went on about “how experienced Nerys was” and “what a fight Fran had let herself in for.” Nerys was a big brunette the same age as Fran, an inch taller, and with huge breasts to rival Fran’s HH cups, her body was heavier than Fran, she was curvy with a voluptuous hour glass figure, her enormous and well presented breasts being her best asset, looked firm, and barely bounced when she moved. She had a little more spare fat around her waist than Fran, (as most women do after bearing children) and also on her legs and arms, most of the fat being cellulite, but she was beautifully in proportion, her body was quite well defined and she would easily turn people’s heads. She had two grown up daughters and now that her responsibilities had ended, she wanted to have fun and be like the irresponsible teenager she had been.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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    Re: When She Was Sweet Sixteen


    By the time she was sweet sixteen, in common with Fran, Nerys had made a lot of girls jealous of her big, firm, shapely tits and this led to uncompromising breast oriented fights. At the time the song “When You Were Sweet Sixteen” was a big hit in the record charts and Ben, her husband to be, bought her a record of the song. (Remember those old black Vinyl disks?)

    Her husband said he wished that he had seen her busty fights, so now he was about to get his wish. Ben obviously loved Amazon-like women as he was only 5 feet 4 inches and enjoyed his face being at breast height; he was glad that the other Titfighters and their partners had not arrived yet, because he decided that he could not move from the folding wooden chair he was sitting on, on account of his massive erection! His penis had extended to an unprecedented length and he felt as though his burning hot, turgid cock end would explode. He felt certain that at the very least he’d bust a nut!

    After both women had got changed in the house, the voluptuous busty women, wearing just their panties, began to stalk each other around in a circle on the lawn, their bare breasts swaying and bouncing as they did so. Nerys hands were held out like claws, her generous breasts bounced and wobbled as she moved, waves of flesh disturbing their smoothness, her dark pink saucer sized areolas mounded up and extended the length of her breasts by up to two inches, with the long nipples on top. Her shapely hips swung and gyrated sexily as she moved, her thigh muscles flexed in anticipation of action.

    Fran did not disappoint, and suddenly strode quickly forwards to barge against Nerys firm breasts with her own. Nerys’ face was crestfallen as she tottered backwards three strides, until she remembered she was supposed to be Titfighting. As Fran’s aggressor boobs bounced violently after their strike, Nerys virtually ran at Fran to slam her gorgeous tits violently against Fran’s, turning her head aside before the strike so that she did not clash heads with Fran, but grasping her long hair with her claw hands. With Nerys being heavier than Fran, Fran was knocked backwards several strides, her boobs bouncing violently, while the pieces of hair, which Nerys pulled out, fell to the ground.

    Fran was annoyed at the unwarranted pain inflicted on her scalp; but her tits were throbbing hot after just having had her areolas completely concertinaed, and this made her angry. Fran’s face was grim with determination; she clasped her hands behind her back, which had the effect of pulling her shoulders back and thrusting her boobs out more, her breasts looked like polished bronze blimps as she indicated for Nerys to do the same. “Unless you are a coward of course,” Fran qualified her motive to have their breasts fully prominent.

    Both women now threw themselves at each other, crashing their prominent tits together, their areolas collapsing as their strong breasts folded into each other. The women grabbed each other’s hair to try to hold each other still, and mutual shrieks of pain and surprise escaped both women as they fell to dragging and grinding their tits across and into each other, contorting and twisting their tits, their erect nipples being squashed and bent against their areolas.

    After a minute or so of intense breast grinding, testing the strength of each other’s dense mammary glands, they began raking across and swatting each other’s nipples, making them both gasp and yell out as they stung. Then pulling back a few inches, Nerys fell forwards for another breast slam, and again their areolas collapsed together, and both women began grinding their tits hard making the firm gland structures gouge deep into the softer areas of each other’s areolas, which had the effect of pushing the women back and forth and making them lose their balance. This heavy grinding went on for around 10 or 15 minutes, with neither woman really making much of an impression on the other.

    After nearly falling over several more times, both women let go of each others hair and agreed to a stand-up breast boxing match. Now with their hands on their hips, they began twisting their torsos so that their breasts flew from side to side, cutting through the air to batter and box each other’s magnificent mammaries. As they lifted off their chests with every swing, the heavy breasts flew and collided mid air, the resultant heavy “SLAPs” stinging them and causing them to redden. The women became more and more vehement in the violence of their breast swinging and flung them ever more wildly from side to side, the loud breast slaps dissipating in the open air as the women grunted hard with the effort of the vigorous fight. The increase in violence sent them tottering back and forth as they lost their balance, so each woman spread her legs for maximum balance to facilitate her flinging her breasts at her enemy’s boobs, their heavy breasts soundly battering each other all over their chests.

    With no movement backwards or forwards, they swung their long 10 or 12-inch long breasts from side to side even more vigorously, sending each breast flying through the air before hitting its target, full force. This full force breast battering had a devastating consequence in gradually debilitating each breast by causing bruising. With each breast weighing up to 12.5 pounds and frequently meeting with a full force of more than 25lb it was like having their breasts hit with a 12 Lb or 25 Lb rubber mallet!!! And it hurt!!! And should all four breasts come together at once, their combined weight of 50lb reinforced by the force of the slam, could be devastating.

    They delivered these punishing blows in groups of 15-20 swinging tit punches before they began to overbalance again and after 20 minutes or so of this constant battering, their areolas positively glowed as they took the brunt of the slapping, punching and grinding, but still their nipples remained fully erect, despite looking as though they had been savaged by an animal.

    Neither women’s tits hurt particularly badly, but Nerys had not expected to become sexually aroused by all this intimate tit fighting, but her vulva was wet, hot and swollen, her panties soaked by her vaginal juice, making them virtually transparent. She had never had any lesbian tendencies, but she was incredibly turned on by this fight, and despite the throbbing, deep aching, and shooting pains in her breasts, was growing hornier by the minute. After ten more unsteady minutes of this exhilarating battle, the women were slowing down their pace, but their big breasts looked even bigger now as some of the bruised flesh swelled up. Their areolas stood out like cones on the peaks of their orbs, pushing their thick nipples out further than normal. Despite the bruising, there was still no significant pain, beyond stinging and what felt like a healthy glow, but no doubt they would feel it tomorrow when the protective swelling reduced.

    At this point two cars arrived on the hard standing outside the front gate. The first one had a busty brunette woman and her male partner in it; the second one had two women and their husbands, making 5 keen fighters including Nerys and Fran.

    But the women were determined to fight until one of them was forced to give in; so the exciting slapping of the mutual bludgeoning and battering of each other’s breasts continued. After an astonishingly long breast boxing match, by which time both women’s breasts were red raw, and the women were sweating hard, Nerys’ breast veins had become extremely prominent and resembled blue cables trying to burst out of her breasts, her red areolas were speckled with small blood blisters and her nipples were also swollen. She must have been in some pain, but she wasn’t showing it, her natural endorphins had kicked in I guess.

    Fran’s seasoned boobs, complete with their hard lumps and scars from her previous battles, continued to bludgeon away at Nerys visibly softening breasts, but she still continued to pay the price for her determined persistence against an unexpectedly tough rival. Fran’s breasts were softening, stretching and lengthening causing her breast ligaments twinges of pain and the breast meat in her heavy orbs ached and throbbed.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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    Re: When She Was Sweet Sixteen


    Nerys was suddenly shouting out in pain at every other breast punch and I wondered why this interval, until I spotted the split which had opened up on her swollen left areola, leaving smears of blood as she fought. Her nipples looked as though they had been conditioned and stretched inside a breast pump nozzle as they now looked so thick, long and red raw. She stood on the lawn, legs parted for balance and swung her huge 10 or 12 inch long blimp-like breasts left and right at Fran’s. She achieved a satisfying slapping and battering sound as she clobbered Fran’s tits, and at last Fran was being bested. Her areola veins were very swollen and patterned her areola with a spiders web of bright red veins, the thick blue veins feeding her hefty breasts were swollen as thick as cables! God, these women were giving each other’s tits a really good working over; they were swollen and glowing red from their battering!!!

    Each grunt was now accompanied by a shriek with every tit punch, which connected, but neither woman even thought of giving in, both were determined to win the tit fight. With every single breast punch, the combined weight of the two breasts dented, battered and crumpled each other’s areolas, stung their nipples and bruised each other. Nerys right nipple had split down to the areola, as though it had been overused in breastfeeding a child who likes biting. Blood ran from the split and both women were sweating heavily despite the cool spring air, and staggering as they tired.

    I could not help thinking that in her heyday Fran would have made mincemeat out of an inexperienced fighter like Nerys. I believe Fran thought this too and seemed to redouble her effort to batter Nerys tits to pulp. But both women were so tired and breast sore they fell together, breasts to breasts and clutching each other around their upper shoulders and necks in a light, flexible bear hug. They ground their tits around and around; working on pulling each other’s sore boobs all around their chests. Their soft breast meat, pulled and twisted each other in all directions, including upwards and downwards, their huge orbs eventually twisting and rolling apart, bouncing very heavily on their ribs before being ground back together again. The moans and groans being forced from each woman turning both men there on.

    The women’s natural breast grease and sweat acted like oil, making it easier to rub their breasts around each other, their supple sweat drenched bodies slowly gyrating as they pushed and hugged. Now they began to squeeze and pull each other in tightly, their breasts crushing together so hard that they could not breathe. Their arms worked their way down behind their shoulders and backs so they could get a tighter squeeze in.

    One or the other had to asphyxiate in this cruel breast compression fight, - as their dense breast meat compressed it impeded the women’s freedom to breathe. Now this exhausting fight truly became a test of strength and they both groaned continuously as they tightened their arms and their veins in their arms stood out in bold relief. Then Fran tightened her arms around Nerys lower ribs even more and squeezing tight, leaned backwards and began to lift her weight. I think the plan was to slam-dunk her, but I did not believe that after the long fight they had endured, she would be able to do it.

    Nerys was groaning in pain, but successfully struggling to break free, soon took her turn in trying to crush Fran to unconsciousness. The women went round and round in a tight circle as they fought to lift each other. Nerys grunted like an Olympic weight lifter as she heaved Fran’s 175lbs off her feet and held her there, unable to breathe, for 12 seconds, her arms trembling and shaking violently as her muscles strained. Fran was purple in the face due to lack of air when she came to rest on her feet, then immediately, she strained to heave Nerys off her feet and held her in her rib crushing, breast crushing muscle trembling hold for 27 seconds.

    Her weight lifting was proving its worth now as she, unbelievably, tightened her grip still further. Then as her victim turned dark purple, with a massive gasp, Fran dropped Nerys, but the big busty beautiful woman’s legs just crumpled beneath her as she lapsed into unconsciousness, the breath squeezed out of her had deprived her exhausted, overheated brain of oxygen and her body plummeted to the grassy ground. Fran was swaying on her feet, but lifted both of her battered breasts up on her hands with the challenge: “Get up and fight you fat COW!” she gasped.

    A stunned silence hung on the chill air for several interminable seconds.

    “Go on Nerys my love!” her husband, Ben, called in a frantic tone as he stood up, his erection pushing the semen soaked front of his trousers out in front of him. “Fight the busty bitch!” he shouted, getting carried away.

    “Watch your tongue, you squirt!” Fran warned the lightweight man with the huge erection.

    “Go on Nerys, - rip her tits off. I know you can do it!” he cajoled.

    “You’ve got a fucking big dick for such a small squirt!” Fran said to Ben.

    Nerys reacted automatically as her swimming senses slowly cleared and lurched her into consciousness. She rolled onto all fours, her battered tits hanging down towards the ground and swinging from side to side and in circles like udders as she prepared to stand. They appeared to have stretched as they almost brushed the grass. She rose onto her knees. “You’re only jealous of my husband because his cock is bigger than your husbands,” Nerys slurred.

    “Want some help tit-queen?” Fran sarcastically blurted out as she grabbed Nerys long dark hair and dragged her to her feet, swinging her around in a circle as she did so, Nerys’ big tits swinging wildly.

    “Just leave my husband out of this!” Fran said.
    “If you stop insulting my hubby’s cock!” Nerys replied in a stressed tone.

    Nerys screamed at the pain as her hair was being torn from her scalp, and fought to get her body as close in as possible to Fran’s to stop her from swinging her around, and as she came in tight, her right hand shot out, and grabbed Fran’s left tit in her clawed hand and began to pull Fran around her with it. Now it was Fran’s turn to scream as Nerys sharp fingernails gouged into her breast flesh, as she swung her around the lawn in front of her husband, Ben.

    Fran’s long blimp-like breast stretched impressively until it looked almost cylindrical, and, still swinging Nerys around by her hair, Fran also grabbed one of Nerys breasts with her left hand, so both women were now screaming in agony as they swung each other around the lawn by their tits. Their long hair flailed wildly as they fought.

    Their battle-reddened breasts were now bleeding from punctures caused by their fingernails. But this wasn’t the worst of it, Fran felt not only her breast ligaments bruising and stretching, she could feel the deep subcutaneous ligaments and other breast tissues wound in with the deeper glands literally tearing. Fran ensured that Nerys was getting exactly the same treatment as she increased her mauling of her breast as she swung her round by it.

    I thought - “This can’t go on much longer, Nerys and Fran are just causing each other too much pain!” But neither woman was in the mood to give in and lose the fight.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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    Re: When She Was Sweet Sixteen


    While Fran and Nerys were slugging it out, another car rolled up with two blonde women inside, making seven potential fighters. Mandy (Amanda) a blonde aged 22 with a 52 GG bust and her companion Rhiannon, 23 years old, also with a 52 GG bust, got out of the car. I was in heaven with all these busty women determined to fight each other with their breasts.

    A loud foghorn voice and a rough exterior typified 39-year-old blonde bombshell Robyn with her enormous 48FFF knockers. Oh she was certainly beautiful, but you could see she had “been around the block” a few times, said, “I’m tougher than you dumb cows,” Robyn arrogantly asserted. “I have big 48FFF breasts which have got me into loads of catfights, which I have paid the price for. I've had my breasts mauled and bloodied, I've had my nipples sewn back on or repaired, I've even had my vagina repaired after savage catfights. I did not want doctors asking dumb questions about how my tits got injured in fights, so if these beauties look fucked up to you, - they are!” she said, proud to display the scars of her fights, “because I didn’t always go to the hospital when I should have. “So here’s a warning to you fucking stupid cows with your big fat udders. You’re going to get beaten, - by ME! Then you’re going to get big titty Cancer because of the way you treat them!!!”

    Just when I thought all of our breast fighters had arrived, an old girlfriend of mine, who I was at college with 25 years ago, arrived - BBB aka Big Busty Brenda Blethyn 56FFF.

    So now we had eight keen Titfighters! Perhaps I had misjudged the popularity of the sport?! There is a list of these women with their ages and breast sizes in the Appendix at the end of the story.

    Mandy, Rhiannon, Robyn and Brenda all came to where Fran and Nerys were trying to rip each other tits off, tearing them to pieces in the process, and they all applauded just as Fran threw Nerys over her shoulder onto the grass , where she then sat on the woman’s tits. Nerys was gasping and sobbing, partly emotional and partly the fact that she could not breathe, and her wounded breasts, were being painfully crushed.

    As Nerys began to lapse into unconsciousness, Fran asked her for the umpteenth time in this match “Do you give?” Injured, exhausted, beaten and in imminent danger of hospitalisation Nerys nodded her head. Fran threw her arms up in victory, then cruelly began to bounce up and down on Nerys breasts. Eventually, Frances finally got off the beaten woman and headed for the kitchen to begin to clean up and inspect her injuries. Nerys husband and two of the other girls went to help Nerys, still flat out on the lawn.

    Fran bemoaned the injuries her breasts had taken; the puncture wounds and scratches were still bleeding. “Damn!” She said. “That bitch has scratched me to bits good and proper. I would not be surprised if there is an infection in these wounds, - Tetanus, at the very least. Or, I dunno, - Ebola?, M.R.S.A?, Septicaemia?, HIV?? I’m going to drive to the hospital later on to get these looked at,” she said.

    Meanwhile, Carol applied plenty of ice to take the swelling down and later on, cleaned and dressed the injuries for her, soothing her that the scratches were only very minor. “Piers, look after our guests while I’m cleaning up,” Fran said as she went back into the house. “Don’t forget, whoever wins a match fights the next one and so on until there is just one overall winner. Then I’ll fight the overall champion!” she promised, as she called through the open door.

    I could not have the winner of the first fight take on another just yet, because Fran had not emerged from the house yet, and wouldn’t for some time. Nerys was “out of it,” and had been escorted into the house by Ben to have her wounds dressed by Carol, so I would have to choose two brand new fighters.

    I looked at my growing list.

    “Nerys Jones, 47, 52HH

    Frances Suzie Knight, 47, 48HH (in American bra measurements)”

    I put a cross next to Nerys name to indicate she had lost and I put a tick next to Fran’s name as she had won.

    The next on the list was ……

    “Robyn, 39, 48FFF, tough blonde bombshell brawler!

    The two glorious blondes;
    Mandy (Amanda), 22, 52 GG bust. A seasoned fighter as it turned out, and Rhiannon, 23, 52GG. --

    Brunette pals,
    Debbie Wood 5 feet 8 inches, with a magnificent 48 inch bust, and her friend, Jenny Wilde displaying a comfortable 56 inch bust; hovering over her 24 inch waist and her 36 inch hips, and with her 5 feet 9 inches height, she looked like a model. I was looking forwards to seeing these girls fight.

    BBB a.k.a Big Busty Brenda Blethyn 56FFF. My ex girlfriend from my college days.”

    I decided to set the two blondes on fighting the two brunettes.

    I was frankly astonished that such young shapely women had such massive natural boobs, but I guess I should not be as today’s young women have much bigger breasts than previous generations and with more tendency to macromastia. Some people blame the global dairy industry for putting giving growth hormones to the cows to maximise their milk yield, but I honestly do not know what to make of it, so I just thought that I would enjoy natures increasingly voluptuous bounty.

    While the first match was taking place between Mandy and Debbie, (a veritable wild catfight / big boob brawl,) a vision of a REAL woman turned up at the gate. Six feet tall in her two-inch heel shoes, she wore a belted floral dress with her truly mountainous boobs swelling out her double bay window front like a pair of balloons. In fact, I did a double take and I thought “Are they real, or something stuffed up her skirt?” Her name was Jugs, to her friends, -- and enemies, -- most of whom she had put in hospital. She was statuesque and very fit looking, built like a wrestler, but she was not at all pretty or attractive, her face was hard and inscrutable, her brunette hair was a short bob which barely came down to her shoulders. Her eyes looked hard, The only thing I liked about her were her huge boobs swelling out the front of her dress by more than a foot, enough to act as an awning, should it start to rain.

    I mused that I would need to use both hands to hold just one massive breast, and that would be with difficulty! If she were to fight Fran with those juggs, Jugs would kill her!!! Fran’s 5 feet 6 inches height (an inch taller in her shoes) with her 50 inch bust confronting this 5 feet 10 inches tall Amazon with what I guessed must be a 60 inch bust at the very least, sporting, perhaps, L cup breasts?, would be a fantastic fight, especially if their massive boobs were tightly harnessed into their bras with their tits thrust straight out. Imagine such well supported monster tits slamming into each other!

    The thing, which bothered me, was the height difference. “I wonder if Fran could be persuaded to use her three inch Cuban heel boots again, the ones she wore for her cage fight in the Return to the Cockpit?” I wondered. I went into the kitchen to make my suggestion, but I got an emphatic “NO!” from Fran as she patted one of her breasts.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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    Re: When She Was Sweet Sixteen


    As it was Fran came out of the house onto the lawn in her jeans and her old J cup bra (the cream silky one which I bought her when her boobs were still big in 2006) to accommodate her swollen breasts after her fight with Nerys; she could not yet wear her HH cup nursing bra. I introduced her to Jugs. The women stared at each other suspiciously and coldly shook hands, staring with hostility at each other’s huge breasts as they did so. The cold, penetrating stare from Jugs’ eyes actually terrified me; I thought that I would not like to be the one to upset her.

    She relished telling us about the people she had hospitalised, as though trying to intimidate Fran, but Fran seemed to rise to the occasion and glared back at this threatening Amazon, and told her about some of her Titfights. Jugs noticed, as well as I did, that Fran’s nipples were getting hard and pushing out her top like twin bolts. Exactly the same was happening to Jug’s dress! Then it happened to my cock! I could barely move, and I began looking for the garden seat I had left by the door, but someone had obviously taken it. Then I saw Nerys’ husband, Ben, carrying it to the area of lawn squared off for the Titfights to take place in.

    I vaguely heard Fran ask Jugs some questions about how she managed such big tits, then began paying attention as Jugs replied: “My huge boobs inhibit movement and flexibility, make it less comfortable to sleep on my stomach, attract unwanted attention, bounce awkwardly when I go down stairs, make it difficult to find comfortably fitting clothing, and I cannot go braless, (oh, how I wish I could.) They move too much if I go bra less, and my clothing fits awkwardly because of their conical nature. They are actually more missile shaped than cones… and I hate to have hard nipples showing because I feel it attracts too much attention. I know how I am when other people have hard nipples. Men or women, I cannot stop staring, and God, they are HEAVY.”

    “So are there any pros?” Fran asked.

    “Well they fed my three kids, -- two grown up daughters, and one six year old, -- still living with me, but that’s what got my tits so big, they’ve just never gone down! But they are kind of fun to play with and my man likes them,” Jugs said.

    For the first time, she smiled, but it was a smile that made me shiver; she had nice even teeth that made her look ghoulish, and I noticed the scarring on her jaw and face, as though she had had her jaw smashed and repaired.

    “You?” Jugs said.

    “What?” Fran said defensively.

    “Any kids?” Jugs said, slightly irritated, still measuring up Fran’s boobs with her eyes.

    “Just one teenage daughter living with her boyfriend, and my eight year old boy living with me, at home,” Fran said tersely. “But he’s staying with his gran for the weekend,” she added. “I expect you’ll be glad to get that tight bra off and allow your tits to hang down to your knees?!” she added laconically and wandered off to talk to someone else. My attention had wandered with awe to Jugs’ huge boobs again, sticking straight out from her chest and she smiled at me in a lascivious “c’mon” sort of way. I kind of liked the idea of fucking her and getting my head between those enormous bosoms. Then I began to imagine her monster tits slamming into Fran’s again!

    The only thing that bothered me was the height difference. “I wonder if Fran could be persuaded to use her three inch Cuban heel boots again, the ones she wore for her cage fight in the Return to the Cockpit?” I wondered again. But again, I got an emphatic “NO!” from Fran, but after I lied that Jugs had been badmouthing her and calling her magnificent tits pimples, Fran was incensed. I then went to tell Jugs of the nasty things Fran had been saying about her, and laughing at her preposterous boobs with the other girls, (I lied again) Jugs was fighting mad. In fact, she was so mad I began to regret what I had done as Jugs went to challenge Fran to a fight herself! Of course, Fran could not refuse a direct challenge and asked me to find her long boots with the 3-inch heels.

    On the growing list of matches I was compiling there were two or three fights to come before Fran and Jugs could fight. I was nervous that I had let the genie out of the bottle for this fight and that there would be a tits to tits bloodbath on the lawn!

    The women agreed to fight in their bras at first, but I did not think that this would offer enough support. Jugs and Fran debated how they would pit their enormous juggs against each other (some breasts can be too big to titfight with unsupported). Jugs wanted to use the “special” bra she was already wearing to fight in, but Fran’s tits were still paying the price of her fight with Nerys. To even things up I suggested a bound breasts titfight, pointing out that tight binding would not only hold them level, but the tautness achieved would make them bulge and look fantastic!

    Fran thought this was a great idea (as long as she could have some pain relief pills (hydrocodone oxycodone), and declared that this would be a titfight to the death for one woman’s pair of tits. Jugs, of course, had no option but to agree, or look like a coward. Ropes would be wound tightly around each of the women’s individual breasts so that their areolas and nipples topping their big, firm orbs are thrust out.

    Jugs wanted to know exactly what is involved, so I explained that a rope is tied around the base of each breast, causing the breasts to bulge outwards, the same rope is used for both breasts so that the rope harness is automatically held together at the front. The rope may then also be fixed behind the back, to make a harness bra. For this to work, the tied person needs large breasts.

    That was not a problem as far as I could see!

    Apart from the visual appearance of the breasts being lifted, the pressure that is applied results in a reduction in blood flow, causing further swelling and firming of the breasts. This makes them not only bulge, but to become very sensitive, especially the nipples and surrounding areas, this makes Titfighting particularly challenging. But this was the beauty of the thing; only the genuinely toughest woman with the toughest tits can win. This piqued a heated argument between Fran and Jugs about which of them has the toughest tits.

    With that organised, I had the rest to sort out. Mandy and Debbie were just finishing tearing each other to pieces. It was more of a vicious catfight than a titfight, but their tits were literally pouring with blood from the scratches they had ripped in them in this tit for tat fight. Considering their injuries I thought of revising the term to tit for tit !!! It turned out that the two girls knew each other and were bitter rivals over boyfriends!

    I looked forwards to the next match between equally bitter rivals blonde Rhiannon, 23, 52GG and Brunette Jenny Wilde, 23, 56J.

    I was determined to watch this fight without distractions and I went to take a seat on the garden bench beneath the big eucalyptus tree, to benefit from the shade while I watched these two busty goddesses slug it out to the finish. Jugs followed me over like a loyal puppy, (or a baby elephant) making doe eyes at me, which I did my best to ignore. “God, -- what an ugly face,” I thought; “But you don’t look at the mantel piece while poking the fire do you?” I told myself. Yes, the rest of her body looked very fit, she might be fun in the sack.

    After big busty Jenny, had emphatically won the fight, I decided to get the “baby elephant,” Jugs, off my back, and give her an equal fighting experience to Fran to make things fair, by pairing her up with 39 year old blonde bombshell Robyn with her enormous 48FFF knockers.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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    Re: When She Was Sweet Sixteen


    Both women, stripped to just their bras and panties, looked fantastic. Both had good figures, and Jugs’ surprised me in having abs almost as taut as an ironing board, which of course served to emphasize her truly huge breasts, which, now she was divested of her dress, I could see clearly were all her and all natural. They sat spread out in front of her in her huge balcony bra and shuddered with rolling waves of womanly breast flesh stuffed with mammary glands.

    Similarly, Robyn’s breasts were equally impressive with at least a foot of voluptuous breast flesh in front of her and each breast a foot wide across the heavily veined orbs. There was little difference to see between these equally matched breasts, but I think that Jugs’ boobs were just that bit longer and name. At least Robyn, the 39 year old stunning blonde beauty (as long as you didn’t look too close), could be reasonably certain not to have her tempting breasts torn to pieces as in some of her catfights. The whole point of this Titfight tournament was that the women fight with their tits, not their hands.

    Seconds later, the big brunette and the almost equally big blonde went at it with their tits. It was such a vicious fight that their bras did not stay in place for long because they split so much the women decided to take the sweat soaked things off. The battle continued with greater ferocity than before and went on relentlessly for a further 40 minutes, but desperately frayed tempers led to the women attacking one another’s breasts with their hands, and within just a few minutes leaving networks of bleeding scratches and lacerations on their breasts.

    Jugs threw Robyn to the ground where she punched and kicked at her. I made sure that both women got to their fight to finish their match as a titfight, but when Robyn got up her underwear was gone and blood was pouring from her vagina and lacerated nipple. She was all in. So Jugs won, despite kicking and stomping on her cunt. There had been enough tits on tits to make it fair and I must admit that both sets of milk bags, whilst quite pert at the beginning, were now much softer and flabbier.

    True to form, Robyn had a nipple ripped and her vagina torn when Jugs gouged her foot right into it, stretching it wide open. This had been a relatively easy win for Jugs, although she too had had a nipple bitten and her tits mauled and scratched, though none of the deep scratches were bleeding, but now she wanted to face Fran. They had struck a wager, which would result in me having a passionate session in the sack with Jugs if she beat Fran. I don’t know how passionate Fran was to disallow this, and with those injuries to her breasts from Nerys, -- well… But Jugs was virtually in the same boat.

    Fran insisted that her fight with Jugs MUST go ahead so they could finally settle who the best titfighter is, and she demanded that I give her some of the powerful pain reliever hydrocodone oxycodone which we keep in the bathroom medicine cupboard for emergencies. She was obviously thinking of her own advantage, but to be fair, I insisted that Jugs should be given treatment too. To my mind, it would not be fair to have one fighter virtually impervious to pain, while the other is painfully disadvantaged. In the meantime, Jugs’ boobs had been recovering from their fight with Robyn, and Jugs was looking forwards to her fight with Fran.

    But for now, as a delaying tactic and to give the women time to rest and recover, I pitted busty Jenny 56J against my voluptuous ex, big busty Brenda, 56FFF.

    If ever you wanted to see really heavy breasts swinging wildly about to the point of them pulling themselves apart due to their humongous weight, then this fight would have been for you. It had everything, pulling hair, both on the head, and pubic hair. Vigorous breast boxing, enormous breasts smacking violently together until they were bruised, followed by brutal nipple pulling, twisting and biting, then more tit to tit action. I cheered for my ex, I had her down as the tougher woman, but she lost.

    Now this buxom beauty, Jenny, would have to rest her tits to wait and see who she would be fighting in the Final; - Fran or Jugs. Though I honestly believed that if she was pitted against Jugs she would not have a cat in hells chance!

    With the semi-final of the tournament now imminent, Fran and Jugs had agreed to titfight with bound breasts. Fran tried to intimidate Jugs that this would be a titfight to the death for one woman’s pair of tits. Jugs said that she was looking forwards to destroying Fran’s tits. Both women fell silent, realising the gravity of the situation they had created with their binding agreement and recent circumstances.

    I went into the house to get the waxed washing line ropes we kept in the utility room.

    On the lush lawned fighting area, Nerys and I began to wind the waxed ropes tightly around the waists of each of the women’s individual breasts, so that their orbs were thrust out horizontally.

    Fran was very insistent that Nerys should not be afraid to pull the ropes tight around the waists of her breasts, to “get them good and tight,” she wanted them to be turning purple and swelling up. “Oh, don’t worry you fucking twat. I’m going to tighten these ropes until your tits burst!” Nerys said bitterly; “as payback for nearly ripping my tits off!” she added. I looked on as I continued winding the ropes around Jugs’ fantastic juggs, which I enjoyed just as much as she did, as though it was some bizarre sexual rite. Then my attention was recaptured; Oh god, they were beautiful, great long missile shaped breasts with orbs as big as footballs and thick 2-inch long nipples on conical areolas, made them appear as truly destructive weapons. I wanted to caress them and kiss them all over, and suck her long thick nipples, but that was highly unlikely to occur right now.

    I think I should take credit for this breast harness;
    3 turns around the left breast top to bottom,
    Pull tight, and cross the sternum diagonally.
    3 turns around the right breast top to bottom,
    pull tight, and cross the sternum diagonally.
    3 turns around the left breast, remembering to
    pull tight after each turn, then across the back;
    3 turns around the right breast,
    across the back, then tie off against left side ribs,
    or variations to that effect.

    Remember that this is thin-waxed washing-line or sash-cord rope, which does not take up much space on the breasts, but because it is waxed, has a tendency to pull tight and remain tight !
    The result is a tight nursing style harness bra, pulled so tight as to project the breasts forwards. The breasts will discolour and start to become numb, but this actually helps to protect the breasts from pain. I’m told that the breasts can be pretty painful as the rope harness is removed and blood supply is fully restored, especially if there is any damage to the breasts.

    Jugs’ was very pleased with the way her knockers looked and felt, once I had finished, and could barely stop rubbing and pulling her torpedo shaped boobs through her hands and tweaking and pulling her incredibly long thickened nipples, which made her extremely horny. “Oh my god! I would love to caress and fondle your magnificent breasts and suck your big fat nipples!” I told her, half serious. “If I beat your wife, you can suck my nipples all you want, then I’ll fuck you senseless,” Jugs promised.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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    Re: When She Was Sweet Sixteen


    The thick veins in both women’s bound breasts swelled up as their breasts extended and swelled inordinately. Fran’s normally softly mounded areolas now appeared more conical and lumpy as the pressure of the bounds forced them further outwards and her nipples extended incredibly. Beads of milk formed on the tips. She also grew as horny as Jugs, and this made her breasts swell more. Of course, as Fran was still lactating, and though she had pumped her breasts of milk before her fight with Nerys, they had since filled up again and the pressure of the ropes was causing her nipples to dribble quite a lot of milk. Some of the scratches, which Nerys lavished on her breasts, began to bleed again, but not enough to detract from the task in hand, but neither did they diminish the fact that Jugs’ scratched tits had been through a tough fight too.

    Jugs looked with incredulity at Fran’s dripping tits; “You have an eight year old boy, - and you’re still lactating?” she said.

    “So what’s that got to do with you?” Fran said. “Just because you’re a dried up old sow doesn’t mean the more potent of us are,” she said. (The ancient Spartan women of Laconia would have been pleased.)

    “Just as long as you know that this will make you easier to defeat, you dumb cow!” Jugs said.

    The women approached each other with their hands on their hips, their heavy breasts bouncing gently against and within the springy rope harnesses.

    Fran pushed her right breast, areola first, straight into Jugs’ left tit. Jugs resisted and pushed back. “Oww fuck!” she gasped as their breasts squashed together. They painfully pushed each other back and forth, their breasts never losing contact, but Jugs won this short tussle with her superior weight and repulsed Fran, sending her flying backwards by two strides. But Fran came quickly back at her, ramming both tits head-on into Jugs’ tits, all four breasts squashing together for a few minutes while they rolled their breasts on each other causing one pair of opposing breasts, then the other pair, to roll and gouge into the areolas, crushing their nipples in the process. With such firm breasts, so tightly bound, this rolling action is usually pretty painful, but not only because their tits are so firm, but because the ropes chafe and rub their flesh painfully. But they repeated the move with opposite breasts before running through the entire sequence again.

    Now they grew bolder, each woman swinging their opposing pair together with considerable force, pushing and shoving in an effort to make the meaty opposition breast collapse, but none of these very firm organs showed the slightest sign of giving. Their mammary tissues rebelled against the tautness of the ropes and soon became numb and swollen.

    As the women gained in confidence, the speed of the battle picked up with areola slapping into areola causing them to sting with every breast punch. The women also authoritatively put their weight behind their tit punches, causing a terrific “SLAP!” with every tit punch and a shout of pain as each areola stung from the blow, sometimes knocking one woman or the other backwards by a couple of paces. But they inevitably leapt forwards again to crash their tits together. Fran started to take a new initiative and began to swing blows to send her tits skywards, and Jugs gasped in pain as the ropes resisted. Jugs used her natural height to slam her boobs down heavily on top of Fran’s boobs, crushing the flesh temporarily.

    Fran staggered from the force of these tit punches as her knees buckled.

    I watched both women’s blood-engorged breasts swelling as though someone was pumping them up, and looked at Fran’s also suffering milk engorgement. As I said before, apart from the visual appearance of the breasts being lifted, the pressure that is applied results in reduced blood flow causing swelling and firming of the breasts. This makes them not only bulge, but to become very sensitive, especially the nipples and areolas. But this was the beauty of the thing; only the genuinely toughest woman with the toughest tits can win this titfight. For a few minutes both women enjoyed the sexy feelings as these incredible breasts hovered in front of them, tightly constricted on their waists the breasts swelled into torpedo shaped blimps, which bounced gently in the rope supports as they moved.

    Jugs judged the moment and taking a step backwards, hurled herself forwards and rammed Fran's breasts with hers as hard as she could. Fran had also taken that split second which Jugs created to throw herself, tits first, at Jugs. With their incredibly firm breasts being held out in front of them by about a foot (12 inches) the breast crash was tremendous! There was a “THUMP!” of their chests as their tightly bound breasts collapsed into each other. There was a double shriek as the collision hurt them both and knocked both women backwards by two or three steps, then flung themselves together again. Gasping at the pain, each woman pushed against each other’s huge boobs for a full two minutes, until Jugs caught Fran off balance by taking a long step backwards. Fran fell forwards, saving herself with her hands before her trussed up boobs hit the ground.

    "Ha! I had you there!" Jugs laughed.

    "No!" Fran said indignantly. "My boobs are really heavy and they pulled me over!" She said

    "Not as heavy as mine!" Jugs said, proudly pushing them out. "Come on then. -- We'll see," Fran said and stepped forwards twisting her torso and smacked her breasts across Jugs’. A loud sharp slap indicated that they had connected with some force.

    Jugs glared at Fran with growing fury on her face, then stepped forwards, twisting her torso, she whacked the full weight of her substantial boobs across Fran's. The women winced as their large breasts contorted. Fran twisted back as Jugs took another swing and their boobs clashed and wrestled heavily, twisting left, then right. They fought for a further full three minutes. Their rope clad breasts dragged and twisted each other all around their chests, causing burns, rubs and cuts from the rope, their voluminous breast flesh contorting, wrinkling and twisting. Each woman's chest and stomachs were covered in sweat, and each woman observed that the other's breasts bulging over and around her rope bra had grown thicker, and possibly longer, and the sweat running down the shining skin and down their cleavages. Each woman noticed that her enemy’s nipples had grown even more pert from the stimulation. Neither had given an inch so far in this fight. They stared with psychotic hatred at each others enormous boobs held up and thrust forwards in their rope harness bras, like shelves.

    Despite their tingling Fran was confident her breasts were firmer, and said so. Jugs disputed this and made sure Fran knew, in no uncertain terms that hers were firmer and heavier, (I suppose they were, - as they were bigger). Fran flew at Jugs and their sweating boobs met with a 'WHAP!' Both women jumped back. "AAARRGGHH! -- That hurt you BITCH!" Jugs shouted and rubbed her boobs with her fingers along where the edges of the ropes had cut into the voluptuous flesh. "GOOD!" Fran shouted back and, despite the pain from her injured boobs ran with them at Jugs. Realising in the next split second what was happening, Jugs instantly ran at Fran and the two big women met with the combined force of their body weight, slamming their huge tits together. With a shout of pain the women rebounded off each other and Jugs landed on her substantial ass on the grass.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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    Re: When She Was Sweet Sixteen


    Fran fell backwards heavily and was sent sprawling, her tightly bound boobs juddering as she was cast like a crab, her legs flaying upwards as she landed. Seconds later both women were back on their feet and faced each other squarely. Jugs reached behind her back, not taking her eyes off Fran's for a second, and grasping a wrist, she pushed her chest out another few inches. "I'll show you whose tits are the toughest" she boasted. Fran needed no second bidding and gripping a wrist behind her back thrust her boobs outwards. I and the audience could hardly believe our eyes as their bound, engorged tits stuck out in front of them an unbelievable distance.

    "Try these for size bitch!" Fran said, lifting her engorged boobs on her hands. "NOW we'll see whose are the firmest and heaviest!" she added, the tension and strain in her voice showing. "Too right!" Jugs said. The two women walked towards each other until their boobs were within touching distance, then they then lined up their now erect nipples and pushed them firmly together. An electric shock ran through both of them and as they pulled their hands out of the crush their boobs squashed together. Fran felt Jugs’ incredibly hard nipples gouge into her swollen areolas - which made her bite her lip. Fran wriggled her torso to try to grind her still erect nipples into Jugs’ flesh. Jugs placed her hands on Fran's shoulder blades and Fran gripped Jugs’ elbows.

    Fran felt empowered now she had a physical grip on Jugs and she began to push harder with her chest. Jugs began to grunt as she resisted, then, to her surprise she found herself taking steps backwards. "Oh ho no you don't!" she said to Fran and began to push back harder. Fran groaned, heartfelt groans wracking her body as she felt the resistance of her opponent’s firm mass of glands deep inside Jugs’ breasts. Almost overwhelmed by the size and firmness of them, she hoped hers were up to the challenge. Fran bit her lip as she concentrated on pushing her own substantial mass against Jugs’. But was not prepared to give in and gripped Fran harder and tried to pulp her breasts with her own. Fran sweated as she began to struggle for breath.

    The compression of her thick boobs was compressing her lungs. She noted that Jugs was going purple in the face too. The women began to twist their torsos again, their firm breasts contorting grotesquely despite the fact of being restrained in their harness bras. I'll beat you if I have to knock you out of the way!" Fran declared and demonstrated her intention by taking a step back and twisting her torso wildly from side to side so that her huge boobs swung through the air smacking across Jugs’, making her nipples sting. Then back the other way, separating widely and smacking heavily into the meat of her breasts one at a time. Jugs readjusted the grip around her sweat-slicked wrist behind her back. "Come on then, if you think yours are heavier!" she said and advanced on Fran swinging her tits at Fran's. They met with a stinging double slap as Fran's right tit met Jugs’ left, then twisting hard whacked their other breasts together.

    Jugs leaned back slightly so that Fran's next shot missed, then got back into the rhythm as her right breast whacked the inside of Fran's right. Fran completed her twist and met Jugs’ right breast swinging back with a square on slap with her left breast. Several times they missed their targets and, they were swinging their breasts so hard now that they slapped their own side ribs. A loud "SLAP!" followed as Fran's right breast punched Jugs’ right breast aside

    Their nipples had thickened to twice their normal thickness because of all the punishment they were receiving, and they appeared red raw.

    Jugs grabbed Fran’s right tit with both hands and squeezing her swollen nipple, pointed it straight at her face, and as it unleashed the full torrent of milk it squirted into her own mouth, but also splattering all over her face. “Here, you pervert. Drink your own fucking milk, you twat!!!” Jugs angrily said. Fran’s right hand grabbed the backs of Jugs’ hands and tried to wrest them away, but Jugs’ grip was incredibly strong. I could see real distress in my wife’s face. Something deep inside me wanted to stop this fight, but I dare not, because both women had vowed to fight to the finish, and I had no right to trample over their rights.

    Jugs was using her natural height advantage to bear down on Fran’s unfortunate tit, and all but crushed the firm, hard, turgid mammary, the pulverised flesh being spread wide and forced across the tight ropes around the waist of her breast, close to her chest. Jugs manipulated the pliable flesh to force it to spread, then swell over the abrasive rope.

    Her method for near destruction of this tit was; -- pull, twist, spread, then swell, pull, twist, spread, then swell. Fran’s breast was not only being crushed and twisted, it was being ground mercilessly against the ropes, causing it to bruise and bleed. Fran’s arm muscles were virtually bursting as she tried hopelessly to tear Jugs hands from her tortured and bleeding breast, so she gave up and attacked Jugs’ huge boobs instead. Her orbs were so big that Fran could not easily grip the fronts of each one, but she quickly got a firm latch onto each tit. Squeezing and twisting her areolas, Fran wrenched them up and down, twisting them as she did so, the big fat nipples bending.

    This had the desired effect and Jugs stepped backwards. Fran decided to prove her tits superior, tit to tit, and, grabbing the rope tit harness as it looped around Jugs’ muscular back like a back band bra strap, she pulled Jugs in for a torpedo breast slam. Both pairs of tightly bound boobs crushed violently together, each seeking out the weaknesses in the flesh of the other breast. They squashed, -- as much as they were able to, then sprung apart, only for the women to ram their reddened, bruised torpedoes together again, and again, and again, interminably, their nipples crushing against their own areolas with every blow.

    In normal circumstances, one woman would give in on account of pain, but the hydrocodone oxycodone painkillers they had both taken were certainly doing their job, leaving each woman free to pound the enemy tits with impunity. These purple blimp-like breasts seemed to me to be barely making an impression, but where Jugs had mauled Fran’s right tit there was weakness, and the breast appeared to be softening. Jugs aimed to collapse it altogether; personally, I saw it as cheating, because her brutal hands-on milking of the breast had softened it.

    Each woman took a strong grip on each other’s rope harness brassiere and began to pull on the ropes, thus tightening them and strangulating each other’s breasts. Their fat bulbous missile shaped breasts thrust straight out in front of them, began to turn a darker purple, their dangerously enlarged breast veins swelling even more as the women hauled each other around in a circle. “OWW…YOU BITCH!” Fran painfully groaned as her tits swelled out to unforeseen proportions. “I’LL BURST YOUR TITS IF YOU DON’T LET GO OF MINE!” she groaned.

    “NOT UNTIL I’VE BURST YOURS!” Jugs said as she systematically tightened the ropes. Both women groaned louder as their breasts waists were reduced to just a few inches circumference, while their bulging vein marbled orbs had assumed unprecedented proportions. Their areolas became dark cones and their nipples stuck out like cows teats. The women could now only grunt as they continued their torture, and to Jugs’ surprise, Fran’s tits did burst, but not as she speculated; Fran’s squeezed milk glands erupted showers of milk from each nipple, which absolutely soaked Jugs face, head, breasts, arms, - everything in fact, down to her waist. Jugs spluttered as it filled her mouth.

    “Like my milk do you?” Fran asked.

    “No. It’s revolting!” Jugs groaned, as though she had been force fed poison. “I don’t know how your kids can drink that stuff!” she added.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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    Re: When She Was Sweet Sixteen

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    When She Was Sweet Sixteen

    Incensed at this remark, Fran let go of the tightened rope by Jugs’ truly enormous left breast and retaliated by swinging a punch at the stiff boob, as though it was a particularly firm punch bag. The sound her fist made on Jugs’ taut skin was very satisfying, but she could not enjoy her advantage for long as Jugs had now also freed her right hand and began punching at Fran’s left boob until it bounced stiffly, repeatedly, up and down. Then she quickly altered her tactics while Fran was gasping in pain, and started raining dorsal roundhouses and uppercuts to Fran’s punch bag breast.

    Fran replied, restricting her hefty punches, at first, to right hooks, -- middle knuckle extended to gouge right into the taut breast tissues. This ploy worked as Jugs staggered uncontrolled for several seconds with huge bloody bruises erupting on her breasts, while the pain dissipated, but even before she had fully regained her balance Fran was capitalising with uppercuts and roundhouses.

    Both women’s taut breasts were heavily bruised before they stopped punching them; but even then, the women separated and began flailing their fists at each other’s bulging breasts sticking out from their tight rope harness brassieres. Their reddened nipples came in for a pasting as their fists splatted each other’s swollen purple areolas with all their thick veins flattening and distorting them, before ripping across the nipples. Breathing heavily and sweating so hard it poured off them, the women retreated a few feet from each other, circling with their fists held up ready to strike.

    “Do you remember that fist fight you had with your sister a few years ago?” I said to Fran. (H Cup Sisters)

    “Piss off, I’m concentrating!” Fran said.

    “You’ve got a tougher sister then?” Jugs asked.

    “A fucking little rat of a sister!” Fran said.

    “Yes, well, I think that your tits should be settling this fight,” I insisted.
    “You’ve both got this breast harness on, to hold your tits level to put you on equal terms,” I said. “I think you should use it, or I’ll have to declare this match void,” I finished. The small audience around the lawn grew palpably uncomfortable at this.

    “How dare you?” Fran said in annoyance.

    “I think Piers suggestion is a good one,” Jugs said. “I’m game, but if you’re a coward…” Jugs goaded Fran.

    “Okay Fran. If you’re too scared to take Jugs on, or your tits aren’t up to it, I’ll understand if you pull out,” I said.

    Of course, Fran rose to this, annoyed at the suggestion of cowardice and that Jugs might be tougher than her, and have better tits.

    The women stopped circling and stood face to face. Fran stood still, legs apart to brace herself, hands on hips.

    “Okay. As long as this bitch keeps her hands off my tits this time!” Fran said.

    “I think it would be better with hands behind backs,” I suggested.

    Jugs grasped a wrist resting on her coccyx behind her back and readied herself, expecting some pain, and Fran copied the move.

    The two very busty women, almost completely naked apart from their Panties and rope harness brassieres, stood and faced each other, their large busts, held out a full foot in front of them dominating their flat stomachs. Being the same height, with the help of Fran’s 3-inch heel boots, it was just a question now of whose tits were the firmest and could dominate the others. The small audience around the fighting area grew restive as they waited for the titfight to resume, and they were not disappointed.

    The two big-breasted women went at each other with a grunt as they barged their titanic breasts together and the force of the collision squeezed the breath out of them. Both women rebounded a few inches, but ready for the next slam, Jugs whacked Fran’s turgid, discoloured right boob with her left, the extended nipple sinking into Fran’s mounded areola, ripping across and stinging her nipple before she bounced backwards, her firm boobs bouncing in their harness, leaving her very pert boobs bouncing wildly.

    Fran waited the second it took for Jugs to attack her again, and firmly stood her ground. But Fran, (being somewhat lighter than Jugs,) bounced backwards a step, while Jugs immediately twisted her shoulders and rammed Fran’s other breast with hers. Fran immediately rammed her firmly held tit at Jugs’, slapping it across her chest to collide with the other. Jugs twisted her shoulders and smacked Fran’s tits with her left tit then with the right and advanced on her repeating this breathtaking display of breast boxing several times. Fran had barely got a shot in, but she finally halted her backwards progress and stepped forwards forcefully ramming both of her breasts into Jugs’ forcing her backwards two or three steps. Fran felt her nipples stinging as they were becoming blood-engorged and extending. Her breasts also tingled deep within as they expanded, aroused from the stimulation of the slamming, until her areolas, already up like mounds, began to rival Jugs’ tits in their smooth conical shape.

    Jugs angrily came back at her ramming and twisting. Fran gave back as good as she got, her tits battling Jugs’ smack for smack, slap for slap, grunt for grunt, shriek for shriek. Their big firm breasts by now gave the impression of being pointed as their large areolas and nipples were fully engorged. This bout of breast boxing was even more breathtaking than the last! Their barging became more vehement as each woman angled her body to stab a nipple into her enemy’s.

    The audience cheered each time they struck the target and their firm boobs bounced each time they separated. The more Fran’s breasts bounced in their harness, the more she felt sexual excitement, -- enhanced by the heavy pull of her stimulated breasts at each attack. Ram after ram, one woman or the other was knocked backwards a step or two. In the pauses between the small audience cheering, emphatic “SLAPS!” and “SMACKS!” could be clearly heard as thick breast flesh pounded thick breast flesh.

    But now the battle intensified as they continuously rammed one another’s boobs head on, and pausing for several seconds with their tits rammed together, as one woman, then the other, pressed their boobs hard together and twisting their shoulders tore each other’s breasts all around their chests. Their turgid areolas and nipples, so tightly held in their rope harnesses had nowhere to go, and so hurt all the more.

    Fran gasped as she felt her right tit pull at its root, the burning sensation had hardly abated when Jugs suddenly grabbed hold of Fran’s arms by her biceps and held her still as she rammed her boobs mercilessly into Fran’s. Wet “SLAPS!”- “SPLATS!” – and “SPLOTS!” sounded loudly on the warm spring air and Fran was powerless for several slams; her reddening boobs throbbing from the battle. But coming quickly to her senses she grabbed Jugs’ arms by her biceps and holding her steady slammed her tits repeatedly into Jugs’, who reciprocated blow for blow. For a minute they both bounced their firmly held boobs against each other, doing untold damage to them.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Come visit my Yahoo! Groups I am still caring for for marcdo,

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