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    got jack

    got jack
    where i can find pictures of got jack ican't find it

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    Re: got jack

    In places you must look you haven't seen.

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    Re: got jack

    Here is one I found in from Got Jack:
    Titfighting Wives 1 by got jack tbc - E-Hentai Galleries

    I've also seen him post in Titfighting Wives Yahoo Group.

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    Re: got jack

    Good information post.
    Thanks a lot.

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    thanks very very much for information

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    Re: got jack

    Of accord good information but old the same had been put a long time ago by the author, did one preceding intervention of mine ask if she had finished, to this point I ask where it is found if the rest has been drawn????

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    Re: got jack

    You're welcome people!

    As to finding new information on got jack, if there was any new information, I would've posted it too. There just isn't anything new from got jack.

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    Re: got jack

    What is up with the thread necromancy these days?

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    got jack
    Hello all, back from the dead. Well first off, sorry for not replying to this a year and a half ago. Whoever bumped this up may have been answering another question. The real answer is this. You can only find any of my 3D pics here. The same pics were done at various Yahoo groups back in the day. But that's it. I did do work at a pay site called 2-of-her (doppelganger story) which I did post here. I have no official website and I'm not making any plans for one either. If I do choose to continue making 3D pics (stories) they will be free posted at imagebam. I don't really care for them. I sometimes take a look at my posts there and I noticed that some pictures have been dropped. But my main concern is this. I've come to a crossroads about making 3D pics. My other PC, the one I use to make these 3D pics with all my files decided to power itself down one day. As it turns out the capacitors on my motherboard had bubbled up. Many techs wouldn't even look at it. But I found a local guy who did replace all the capacitors by hand and for very cheap. It works but here's the kicker. He said I need to back the hard drives on this PC in event that his work may not last. I had an idea to clone these hard drives instead. But from what I've read that is hard to do since the system is RAID 0. So if there is any techs out there that can suggest something get in touch with me. Any whoozil, the bottom line is I'm constantly having bad luck losing my files etc. As much as I'd like to continue. I have to ask myself, Is it really worth it? I've posted most of my ideas out there. I just wish I could finish them. If I push this PC I could very well lose everything. I've seen the direction this forum has been taking (things here are to slow) I've been hanging around the Free Catfight Forum, stayed in touch with Catz and a few people from here and Yahoo that I remember, but I never have posted anything there. Well I hope that answers cococo original question. And give you all an update about what's been going on with me. Hope you all are doing good this new year. Bye for now. GJ

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