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Thread: Equals

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    Long time reader first topic. Would like your opinions on the best evenly matched women.

    I have a few in mind but the one that gets me is;

    Venus Delight vs Anita Cannibal - I love their evenly matched bodies their fair complexions that go pink then red when battling, their large voluptous curvy bodies and of course their large breasts which are the same size and droop the same even weigh the same (until alterations in later life atleast). These women are a perfect match. Its a shame they only met once when younger (to my knowledge) on California Wildcats 'The Nasty Neighbor' (Which I have still not seen) on for a photo, they look like they met at their peak and look similary built. They both have similar aggresive faces that show natural aggession when battling in other movies would love for them to meet again too. *Crosses fingers*

    I would love to see them meet in real life in a hotel and size each other other up by stripping. First the tops whilst dissing each other. Taking turns to remove garments, wearing tight mini skirts and tight tops showing off their large breast and measuring vitals. Legs being compared, lifting them on to the matress whilst stroking each others calves and thighs all while putting each other down and turning the argument into a struggle meeting breast and arms, competing for dominace, getting hotter and redder before the battle tires only to wake next to each other hours later dazed and weak not knowing who won - if anyone actually did......Then getting dressed into colourful night wear and order some food via room service where they start reminiscing the battle each with their own bias only to realise both believe they beat beat the other. They looked shocked and draw closer gripping each other tightly, silently to meet face to face and trade slaps which turns into another struggle ripping the clothes of each other but neither women being able to gain dominance. They battle intensely hairpulling, punches and never agree to settle for a draw always meeting up by arrangement or chance, whether it be supermarket toilets, clothes shop changing rooms (trying to out sexy the other), car parks, nightclubs, each others house etc...

    Who is your perfect equal contest? whether it be real life, celebrity, dream plus your reasons for wanting them to compete or how you would like them to meet.

    P.S. Sorry if not upto a good standard, hard to put it into words. Would also appreciate if anyone could share anything they have done together, would be greatly received.


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    Re: Equals

    Since they are still active in the business, there is still hope that your dreams will be realized. It would be nice to see them in a battle now that they are both more mature now. I think it would be quite a nice sexy battle.

    I would like to see an updated catfight between Keli Stewart vs. Cristy Canyon.

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    Re: Equals

    I like equally matched girls too. Not only physically, but also in spirit. I don't like it when one gal (quickly) dominates the other. My fantasy is that they are so evenly matched, that after many (simultenous) orgasms are "worn/pass out" in a tie with their pussies and legs still entwined in a scissor lock...

    My current equals lists is:
    Devon Michaels VS Tanya Danielle (California Wildcats) My all time favorite Calwild is DD#5. Don't forget their matches at Napali.

    Denise VS Lucille (Tribgirls)

    Lucille VS Luna (Tribgirls) I am especially curious to their second match, since Luna has gained some experience. Luna might be smaller breasted, but she has the same... competitive spirit like Lucille.

    Sarah VS Juliana (FoxyCombat) They both have that angry look for eachother, even during a sexfight.

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    Re: Equals

    Some amazing equals from DWW Nikita and Mary-Ann are very evenly matched, tall long legs nice big breasts.

    As mentioned by sffan4e, I too prefer that the aggression is matched. As long as there is an eveness about the contest I tend to enjoy that.

    Really struggling right now for equals off the top of my head, will have a long mull and repost some of my faves.

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    Re: Equals

    Aneta Buena vs Bea Flora is another love their curvy figures, would love to see their thick thighs and breast mash in a heated clash rather than the usual sensual stuff they throw out there.

    Dors Feline vs Terri Jane is another good contest both thick girls, young and wanting to put the other in their place.

    P.S. There are women I like but havent found their equals too yet, any help would be appreciated;

    Cathy Barry
    Teresa May
    Shlya Stylez

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    Re: Equals

    My interests are only in roughly equal fights. Domination does nothing for me
    +1 for Sarah-juliana
    My favorite duel always has been Eva vs. Jana N on DWW, a sexfight between them would have been the greatest thing, today it's JanaW vs Anni
    On celebites I would love to see: Avril Lavigne vs Natalie Portman, Emma Watson vs. Kristin Steward
    My all time favorite: Alicia Silerstone vs. Drew Barrymore in the 90's

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    Re: Equals

    Quote Originally Posted by Spear View Post
    My favorite duel always has been Eva vs. Jana N on DWW, a sexfight between them would have been the greatest thing, today it's JanaW vs Anni
    On celebites I would love to see: Avril Lavigne vs Natalie Portman, Emma Watson vs. Kristin Steward
    My all time favorite: Alicia Silerstone vs. Drew Barrymore in the 90's
    I though Eva N did face off Jana N, but it was Jana W. Would like to see it too.

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    Re: Equals

    not eva N, the "old" Eva without N :-)
    Jana N vs Jana W would be grat too

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    Re: Equals

    What is more equal than... twins?

    Avellan twins

    Or my favorit, the Ikki twins, although Rikki might need some recovery

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    Re: Equals

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    Good shout! Twins are good matches, but I prefer the close looking females who have minute differences. A good, fair, constant struggle,dirty fight.

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