How Did YOU Get Into Cockfighting / Sexfighting?
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Thread: How Did YOU Get Into Cockfighting / Sexfighting?

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    Question How Did YOU Get Into Cockfighting / Sexfighting?

    How Did YOU Get Into Cockfighting / Sexfighting?
    Hello Everyone.

    I am still new here and I am glad I found this group! It is really hard to find
    real people who are cockfighters and/or sexfighters. I look forward to many
    discussions and conversations with you all.

    So I was wondering, how did you all get into Cockfighting and/or Sexfighting? I am asking all men and all women.

    As for myself, I have always been competitive. And making the leap from
    wrestling to cockfighting was a short one for me.
    Wrestling nude did not seem like a big deal, since I had been wrestling in
    briefs and jock straps privately already. What was a big deal was getting an
    erection while we wrestled. My getting hard was not unheard of when I wrestled.
    But being naked and hard was at first, rather embarassing. My opponent, David,
    took full advantage of it too. He got a hold of my cock every chance he got. It
    was the first time a man had ever touched me like that before. At the time that
    was also disturbing, but I did my best to ignore it, focusing on winning.
    I ended up loosing this match when David got my cock from behind and bent it
    back between my legs and continued to bend it closer and closer to my ass. Oh my
    did that ever hurt! I ended up submitting to a man with my cock in his hand.
    From there things evolved for me. It wasn't long before my wrestling morphed
    into sexfighting. Being a novice I lost all of my early matches. But as they say
    practice makes perfect.

    My first official sexfight to forced cum match was hard, active, and short. It
    was simple really; if you shot your load, you lost. I went into the match cocky
    as hell. (No pun intended.) I knew Gil was Bi, but I was (and still am)
    straight. And I knew there was no way on earth that a MAN could make me cum. Was
    I ever wrong! We wrestled, looking for advantage and so on. And when Gil had the
    chance, he worked my cock like no one else ever had. I have heard many many many
    women say that no man can please them like a woman can, because a woman know's
    how to stimulate another woman's body. Well the same is true with us men. I had
    never been stroked like that ever. It felt so good it distracted me. I ended up
    cumming in short order for him. It was humiliating at the time. But I look back
    on it as a learning experience. Now I am an experienced sexfighter, and while I
    do not win them all, I can tell you all that I know how to stroke a mean cock,
    and drag the white fluid of defeat out of an opponent pretty well.

    As I said earlier, I am not gay. My girlfriend will atest to this fact. I also
    would not call myself Bi, for I have no desire to love or have real sex with a
    man. However, I like a challenge, and putting my cock against another man's I
    find to be the ultimate in competition. And you gals will never know the thrill
    of defeding your sperm from forced ejaculation, or how manly one can feel when
    you see your opponent succum and shoot his load in defeat and humiliation!

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    Re: How Did YOU Get Into Cockfighting / Sexfighting?

    I watched pro wrestling when I was a kid. That led me to wrestle with friends, but I particularly enjoyed it with girls. Then a boy who used to sleepover and I wrestled naked a couple times. At this point it wasn't a cockfight, but we were definitely aroused. Then I found California Wildcats. That turned me onto sexfighting for the first time. It was great. It combined two of my great interests as a teenage boy... sex and wrestling. So from CW I found chickfight, then Rhinos Ramblings, and YASS (yet another sexfight site) so on and so on. It hasn't been until recently I really started fantasizing about cockfighting. I love the growing number of stories and vids. I find myself wanting to seek out my naked wrestling friend and challenge him. Well thats my story- Ghost
    Don't get too cocky my boy. No matter how good you are don't ever let them see you coming. That's the gaffe my friend. You gotta keep yourself small. Innocuous. Be the little guy. You know, the nerd... the leper... ****-kickin' surfer. Look at me. Underestimated from day one. You'd never think I was a master of the universe, now would ya?

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    Re: How Did YOU Get Into Cockfighting / Sexfighting?

    Hi !

    When I had fourteen years, I and my friend fought according to principles of wrestling on beach. Fight was obstinate. We were in briefs only. This happened then twice. This was only wrestling. Without catch cocks and balls. We felt touch tense muscles and emotions. We smelled sweat and warmth of our bodies. Our penises touched and wiped through fabric many times. When he had me in scissors jumps of neck, I had to smell his balls and cock. I had the great bulge of his briefs before face. I remember that I felt excitement with reason this view. Then head of my hard penis went out from briefs. Cocks and balls were near face, when I or friend sit on rival in schoolboy's pin.

    I am heterosexual,... but meybe I have bisexual preference too. I did sex with women only and I like this.
    I never sucked cock. No man or boy (legal age) sucked my cock, but thinking about this excites me.

    I would like to fight in wrestlings, in which was been possible to seize cocks and balls willingly. Fight will begin in briefs, thongs only or naked. Loser will suck winner's cock and lick balls.
    This was to interesting experience.

    I don't know anybody, who I would can to say about my thirsts, imaginations and to propose him such fight.
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    Re: How Did YOU Get Into Cockfighting / Sexfighting?

    Although I have never had any kind of fight, real, sex, or otherwise, the idea has become a turn on. Ever since I saw the gypsy fight in From Russia with Love, I have loved the idea of two women fighting. I love watching two breasts being mashed together, trying to overpower the other. I am not very big into all out battles, leaving somebody bloody. My wife knows my interest, but ignores it. In my fantasies of her fighting, it occurred to me that if I want to see her fighting another woman topless or nude, I should be willing to do the same with another man for her enjoyment. And the idea turned me on. I remember reading a story when I was young, about two boys who lived in the country and had some issues. Their fathers made them go off alone and settle it. They came back as friends. The idea of me and another man, squaring off with nobody else around still turns me on. And, I am straight. I know for some that is hard to believe, but I have no interest in kissing, being kissed by, sucking, or being sucked off by another guy. Although, obviously, cock to cock contact would not be a problem. As I approach age 62, for me this will remain a fantasy. But I admire those who have made it a reality.

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    Re: How Did YOU Get Into Cockfighting / Sexfighting?

    I don't remember exactly when, but I think it was when I was a teen when I started to really enjoy watching women's matches in WCW and WWF. When I got to college, I discovered female sexfighting and catfighting on the web and just fell in love with them. Like itsamikey, I don't like all-out battles leading to bloody victories when it comes to catfights. I like the kind of stuff you see on We Bring It and DWW. With sexfights I love watching women going all-out for sure. I like seeing matches where the combatants use everything possible to dominate each other sexually.

    When it comes to cockfighting or male sexual competition, that interest came with this forum and you members. Before reading about cockfighting here, though, I was already interested in cock to cock contact in the form of watching videos where two men would thrust into a woman's pussy at the same time. When I read my first cockfighting story on here, I became interested in the idea of two men competing sexually. Nude wrestling, cock rubbing, cock sucking, and even kissing in competition are a turn on to watch and read about. For me my idea of two women going all-out to win sexually applies to men. Anal, however, is a turn-off. Although I have never had any fights in real life, if the opportunity ever arose where I found someone interested in the same, I would seize the opportunity for sure.
    Check out the Titfighting and Sexfighting Forum at

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    Re: How Did YOU Get Into Cockfighting / Sexfighting?

    I am a straight guy into women wrestling and fantasy catfighting but when I was a teenager I did have a thing about wrestling other boys, either in mixed tag team or one-on-one. There were two boys in particular that for some reason I always lost to when they were my opponents in my head. One of them lived on the same street as me and although we were usually friendly we did actually have a fist fight with each other one day which I won. After we'd made up I offered him a wrestling rematch which I lost on purpose. He rather enjoyed himself in victory and pinned me by sitting on my face, something I was also happy to allow and did nothing to try and bump him off (I should point out we were wrestling on grass and he was wearing jeans).

    About a year later I moved to another town and had a long trip to school. The only two people who lived nearby that went to that school were one of the ugliest girls in the school and a strange boy called Ben. The ugly girl had a long-running grudge with the prettiest girl at out school so I imagined mix tag-teaming her and Ben against her pretty rival and me. It was sexier to think of the ugly girl winning against the pretty blonde so I also lost to Ben. This led to me wrestling Ben to further this `imagining' and he won in much the same way as I'd lost to Dominic but that went a bit wrong because he saw that I had a hard on and he made a lot out of that and started traveling home a different route in the end just to avoid him.

    That sort of cured me for the next 16 years, I never thought about wrestling a guy again and my interest was strictly fem vs fem until my fiancee got friendly with this guy at her work. He looked a bit like Sheamus from WWE and my fiancee assured me he was just a friend and he was "too ugly" for her to be interested in but he continually sent her flowers and bought her presents until I caught them in bed together. I had nothing but real vengeance in my mind for the guy (and her) for a year but then I met a wonderful girl who had dated a friend of my ex-fiancee and she didn't like her. My ex knew I was into wrestling as I'd tried to get her to wrestle for me when we were together and now suggested wrestling my new girlfriend. I saw the opportunity to put my mixed tag-team fantasy into being against her ugly boyfriend but that didn't come to fruition. However my girlfriend and my ex did wrestle (three times in the end) and they both enjoyed the ones they won (unfortunately my ex won two to my girlfriend's one) but a year and a bit after their last fight her boyfriend contacted me and said he was ready to wrestle me now. My ex didn't want him to get involved so she wasn't there but we wrestled and he won. I really wanted to beat him but he did everything he needed to (cheat) to win and after I lost the defeat `grew' on me, particularly because of how he acted. After he won my ex now wanted us to wrestle again with her watching. She wanted me to lose and had some `dirt' on me to persuade me to do so that would have caused big problems with my girlfriend but now the idea of losing to Nick didn't seem so bad. We had the re-match and Nick won really easy (6-1 - I got the one to make it look realistic to Nick that I was trying hard). The last three falls we wrestled naked which was something Maria had wanted from the start but neither of us had wanted but as we got into it our views changed.

    Finding out he had a really small penis only made me want to lose to him more for some odd reason but then he found out Maria had `instructed' me to lose and was disappointed and said he wanted a proper re-match. I was totally in Nick's thrall by now because of the cock-sure way he acted when he thought he was beating me easy for real but I didn't want him to know that so to `prove' the next re-match would be for real I offered to agree to a `loser kisses the winner's penis' forfeit if he won which was something Maria had wanted as a forfeit at the end of the second match once we went naked for her but I had refused for obvious reasons (I knew I was going to lose and at that point I didn't want to do it). It was best of seven like before and this time I decided to wrestle him for real until I got three pins or submissions just to see if I could actually beat him and slightly to my surprise I went 3-0 up. At this he changed his mind about the loser's forfeit and even considered walking out and I had to do some delicate negotiation to get him back without revealing he was going to win (I said I didn't want him to kiss my penis, it wasn't my thing, and we agreed to drop that forfeit). When he got it back to 3-3 and I was acting hurt from his third submission he reinstated the forfeit which I kind of admired. Another thing I liked was that he took what seemed like an eternity to actually take his winning submission, he knew he was going to win and sat with his penis facing me for an age telling me I was going to have to kiss it and telling me all the reasons why I'd made his life a misery, which was a bit odd. Then he made me submit and I was made to kneel in front of him and I kissed his penis and he enjoyed that so much that he then schoolboy pinned me with his penis in my face and made me kiss it some more while Maria went and got her mobile phone and come back and took some photos. I have to say I would have happily have sucked his penis at that point and tried to do so but he didn't want me to, which made me feel even smaller that he turned that down, he pulled back and then resumed his position and held his cock in front of my face and said "just kiss it, don't suck it" which was about as embarrassing as it gets considering what I felt about the guy up to six weeks before.

    I don't know why I feel this way, either previously with the boys from school or with Nick, who is the most unlikely guy for me to have got into this situation with. We've had a few chats on MSN since and met up on one occasion to play golf and I've enjoyed being around him and the humiliation of him winding me up that I lost and kissed his penis. We were discussing another re-match but unfortunately he has now split up with Maria so that has put that on the back burner. He does make me do `forfeits' for him though, one of which is to write our story up and post it on a board like this, which is how I discovered this board and when I saw this thread I thought I'd introduce myself and make my confession.

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    Re: How Did YOU Get Into Cockfighting / Sexfighting?

    Not really overly into the whole sexfighting thing since few of the stories hold my interest. Though there are a few that do. It's difficult where I live to get hold of videos so my library is rather limited. But overall I find that alot of the sexfighting stories and vids have a lot of sex, and very little fight. I just find it too out there for women competing to just suddenly decide to have sex to decide their issue. And at the same time suddenly becoming buddy buddy. Even if they're written in as being friends from the outset it just seems kind of forced.

    One of the few stories I've read with sexfighting in it, and enjoyed, was Homewrecker. The writer managed to convey that these two women really did not like one another and the transition to sexfighting was written as almost an accident. That being said I was a bit disappointed with the ending and how they became friendly after just having sex.

    That being said I guess that's why I prefer the mixed sexfights. It's more believeable (to me at least) that a man and woman can have an have a sexual rivalry while friends. And if the two don't like one another, having sex doesn't change that.

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    Re: How Did YOU Get Into Cockfighting / Sexfighting?

    Well me and an old friend of mine used to go swimming. And once we were in this really long bearhug in the pool. It was very sexual. I definitely got an erection. And I know he did too.

    I like the idea of using sexual jealousy between men in stories. I did post a cockfight story a while ago. I will work on more.

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    Re: How Did YOU Get Into Cockfighting / Sexfighting?

    it was only a few months ago after years of a female fight fetish. really not sure when exactly, but seem to recall it coming from trying out a story here and finding it interesting. now quite excited about it and had a few rps and wrote a few stories on comission

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    Re: How Did YOU Get Into Cockfighting / Sexfighting?

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    How Did YOU Get Into Cockfighting / Sexfighting?
    Just a note to say that Nick and I are meeting today. We are going to wrestle but I won't tease you with a `I'll let you know the result...' Nick is going to win lol (that was decided when he won our first two wrestling matches and got photos of me paying homage to his little ginger penis for which we have an unspoken disagreement that he'll spread all over the internet if he ever loses a rematch!) Whereas I hated him for this in January and February for the first two of our monthly meetings that he insists on as a forfeit for my losing the original fights, and rather embarrassingly cried in his presence in January over the terms of his `blackmail' (which only made him laugh!), when March ticked around I actually got quite excited that I knew I would be seeing Nick again soon and I've been awake since 5.30am. I have absolutely know idea why I've come to feel this way, especially about Nick, a guy I would have been very happy to have heard had died up to a few months ago, and I know I'll probably feel like shit again after he leaves but right now I'm bizarrely excited.

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