Black Cat VS Mary Jane Chapter 4:  Worked Out
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Thread: Black Cat VS Mary Jane Chapter 4: Worked Out

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    Black Cat VS Mary Jane Chapter 4: Worked Out

    Black Cat VS Mary Jane Chapter 4:  Worked Out
    CrimsonRash>>Takes place directly after the events of chapter 3, in which Mary Jane Parker manipulated events to disgrace Felicia Hardy at a party. Do check it out (along with chapters 1 and 2) and please let me know what you think. Written with MUCH help from my good buddy Foreshadow. As always, big props to him.

    ForeShadow>>This is the first thing I ever wrote for CrimsonRash, heavily revised years later. It originally started out as just a collection of wank fantasies I had loosely tied into CrimsonRash's much better original BC/MJ material, but was folded into continuity because he enjoyed it. Since starting the 'revised editions' of the original content, CrimsonRash and I have given this story a massive rehaul to put it into proper context; chapter 3 (Love in an Elevator) was originally supposed to be only a lead-in to this story, but grew into it's own chapter as I wrote it.

    I feel this version is much stronger. It's less of a fight and more of a humiliating beating and psychological torture, and sets up some good stuff we have coming later on, so stay tuned!

    As always, you can find the previous chapters on this board or on CrimsonRash's DeviantArt site: redhotrash on deviantART

    Worked Out

    Mary Jane awoke, eyes fluttering softly open, still groggy with sleep. It took a moment for her to processed the unfamiliar tightness in her extended arms. Her fingers and wrists tingled with a dull, numb, ache, and her head throbbed painfully with the more insistent ache of hangover. As the fog cleared, the blearily eyed red head lifted her heavy head to investigate the pins and needles pain in her wrists. Her eyes widened as she discovered her wrists bound together by a coarse length of rope that clawed unforgivingly at her tender skin and held her suspended from the ceiling about half a foot off the ground. Mary Jane struggled, panic setting in quickly and pushing her headache into the background, as she kicked her legs wildly, only to find that they where similarly bound, as she attempted to gain some kind of solid footing in a vain attempt to try and loosen the rope, but only succeeded in sending herself swinging too and fro instead, like a child's PiŮata in the wind.

    "HELP! SOMEONE!", she cried, her voice hoarse and hushed, her mouth dry.

    Mary Jane struggled and screamed for several minutes before finally calming down. She took a few deep breathes, which helped to slow her racing heart and allow her rational mind to take over, then turned her attentions towards evaluating her situation.

    She was bound by the hands and feet, but had been left ungagged, which probably meant that there was no chance that anyone could hear her. She was still in the expensive designer dress she had wore to the party, but instead of her apartment, she was now in the middle of what appeared to be some kind of workout room. With no windows or clock that she could see, there was no way for her to know what time of day it was, or how long she'd been there, though the fact that she was still suffering from a hangover and in the same clothes suggested that at anywhere between 4-8 hours had passed.

    Various equipment furnished the room, which was littered with weights of various sizes. A jump rope and a few pairs of boxing gloves hanging menacingly on the wall near a heavy bag. The most out of place item in the room (aside from the red head in the sparkling party dress, of course) was a long three paneled screened partition folded neatly in the corner against a single tall locker. There were no windows and two doors; one solid wood door with a heavy bolt lock on it, and the other frosted glass, through which Mary Jane could make out the fuzzy outline of what she assumed was a shower and sink. The room was dimly lit by light that come from this room, which had been left on; for her benefit perhaps?

    Mary Jane's calm observation of her environment was interrupted by sound of the heavy click of the door bolt unlocking, and the rusted turn of the handle. The door opened slowly, revealing the worst possible person that could be behind it.

    "Oh no..." she gasped aloud, giving voice to her shocked surprised, "Felicia!"

    The blond beauty sauntered briskly into the room, wearing the same long willowy black dress she'd been wearing when Mary Jane last saw her. Her heels clicked on the solid concrete floor as she flicked a switch next to the door, summoning the long fluorescent bulbs to life, fully illuminating the room.

    Mary Jane winced from the sudden brightness as her mind scrambled to establish a timeline and sequence of events that had brought her to be here with her worst enemy.

    Mary Jane clearly recalled the events that took place during the party at Stark Tower. Fondly she remembered her moment of triumph as she watched a vilified and humiliated Felicia disappear into the elevator as she vowed revenge. She remembered soaking up the condolences of the party goers who witnessed Felicia do the unspeakable and slap Peter's Aunt May. Most of all she remembered deep throating and titty fucking her estranged husband in the elevator at the start of the evening; her first step on the path to her final victory over Felicia that night.

    Less clear is what took place after Felicia had left; the victorious red head had indulged in a few too many celebratory drinks, and much of the night passed in a boozy haze. She could vaguely recall Sue Richards calling her a taxi, then stumbling home on unsure feet to her apartment, fumbling drunkenly for keys, then... nothing.

    'No,' she thought, as her memory organized itself, 'It's coming back...'

    The light swelling in her jaw helped jog her memory. Felicia had been there when she finally managed to open the door, appearing out of the shadows like a some kind of silver haired wraith, smiling with malicious intent. Mary Jane had dropped her purse and, despite her drunken state and initial surprised, instinctively swung at her tormentor. Her punch never landed, sailing wild and erratically past her assailant, but Felicia's did; a forceful haymaker that collided solidly with her face, soundly laying her out. The last thing she remembered before fading into the inky blackness of unconsciousness, was Felicia standing over her.

    "Good night, Mary Plain," she spit, before the darkness overtook her.

    Mary Jane grimaced, 'Knocked out again...' she thought disappointedly, 'By a single punch this time!'

    She was brought to the here and now by Felicia's mocking voice, "Oh, good, you're awake! I was worried I'd have to start without you," Felicia quipped in a faux-chipper drawl.

    Felicia carried a heavy looking gym bag over her shoulder as she gracefully crossed Mary Jane's field of vision to the locker on the far side of the room.

    "That was some stunt you pulled tonight, Red. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was impressed," Felicia mused, as she dropped the bag with a heavy thud before the locker, and turned to her captive audience.

    "I knew you were a petty, vindictive bitch, but you really went all out on this one. How long have you been planning that?" Felicia questioned with false interest as she sauntered up to the bound red head. Mary Jane again struggled against her bounds, which amused her blond captor.

    "Before tonight I didnít think you had two brain cells to rub together, but you impressed me," Felicia complimented her rival, as she came to a stop before her, looking up slightly to hold her gaze, pausing until Mary Jane ceased her futile struggles.

    "Oh, and I'm sorry to have kept you waiting here, I had to go back to the apartment and square things away with Pete," she related, casually crossing her arms underneath her prodigious shelf of a chest, "We had a long talk about us, then a longer shoot session to smooth things over. He was quite... vigorous, so whatever you tried in the elevator wasn't enough for him. But I guess that was the story of your entire marriage, wasn't it?" Felicia mused smugly, hefting her chest a bit for emphasis, enjoying the jealous fire lit behind her helpless foes eyes, as Mary Jane again began to thrash about, and spit obscenities at her blond captor.

    "But even after all that, I could still tell that he's disappointed with me," Felicia's smug smile faded, and her face darkened, "Which is something you'll pay for tonight," Felicia stated in a cold, hushed unthreatening tone, as if stating a known fact, reaching up dismissively pat Mary Jane's slightly swollen cheek. Her touch, though gentle, sent a chill through Mary Jane that was enough to cease her defiant struggles, as she closed her eyes and tensed her muscles, waiting for a punch, which never came, as Felicia was already back in front of the locker

    Felicia hefted the partition into place and unfolded it, noticing Mary Jane's confused expression as she turned back toward her, "Oh, don't worry Mary Plain, we are going to have a fair fight tonight," she assured her, bemused, "But first I need to warm up."

    Felicia stepped behind the partition, through which only her silhouette was visible to her rivals inquisitive eyes.

    Mary Jane watched quietly as her silver haired tormentor opened the locker and pulled out a change of clothes. She unfastened the belt of her summer dress and the garment breezed outwards, draping impressively from her thrusting chest. Stepping lightly out of her heels, she dropped only about a inch, but still stood at a impressive height, her head and shoulders clearing the top of the partition. She winked and playfully waved at her captivated prisoner, who turned away in disgust; though she couldn't help but look back at the sexy tabloid unfolding before her.


    Slowly, teasingly, Felicia peeled the dress from her voluptuous form and allowed it to flutter softly to the ground. Mary Jane's jaw tightened and body tensed as she silently witnessed her rival's playful striptease. Unseen to Mary Jane, Felicia's chest flushed with excitement; she could almost feel the red head's penetrating gaze on her body, and it excited her. As she pulled the silky material from her body, the heat spread to her plump pubic mound, from which a small amount of slick feminine arousal began to flow.

    'That's right, whore,' Felicia sneered mentally, 'Just keep your eyes on me... enjoy the view. I know you can't help yourself.'

    Felicia felt that familiar thrill returning; the same thrill she'd gotten during her first encounter with Mary Jane. That arousing, dirty, excitement she had first felt stepping into the living room, still wet from the shower, wearing Mary Jane's own pajamas. It was something she couldn't really express properly with words; it wasn't that she was attracted to Mary Jane, or even women in general. Felicia was hardly a prude, but she didn't really identify as being bi-sexual. She'd played around a bit in Europe, experimented like any young twenty something in a foreign land, and while it was fun, her real preference was for cock; and one in particular. But something about standing there that night, wearing her rivals clothes, her chest stretching and distorting Mary Jane's top in a way the red head couldn't; seeing that jealous glare when she thrust her chest out at her and the red head KNEW that she couldn't compare... it excited her in a way she'd never felt before, and that building heat, that mounting thrill, only grew more pronounced as they fought. The harder Mary Jane struggled, the more she denied to Felicia and to herself who the better woman was, the more aroused Felicia became, as she proved it.

    Something about Mary Jane's eyes on her body lit her up like a bonfire. The way the red head's discerning, penetrating, gaze would caress her voluptuous form, looking for some flaw, some minor defect which she could exploit to justify her vain self belief that she was somehow on the same level as Felicia, and finding nothing; it was intoxicating.

    And integral to her plan.

    The events of the party had been the last straw. Felicia didn't mind her bested foe talking shit about her behind her back; she didnít' care what anyone thought of her, as long as she had Peter, she had all she needed. She didn't even mind the red head's plotting and sneaking around; she was confident that she could overcome whatever Mary Jane came at her with, and even relished the chance. But the devious red head hand really hurt her this time. She'd actually succeeded in driving a wedge between her and Peter. Her earlier mocking had only been half the truth. Things had not gone well between her and Peter when they returned home. They had fought, and made up, but she could see it in his eyes; the disappointment and the doubt. Mary Jane had fertilized the seeds of doubt that he'd had ever since that first night together. She knew exactly what he was thinking as she rode his stiff rod, looking up into her eyes; she could almost read his mind in that moment, as he thought, 'Have I made a mistake?'

    Peter had doubts from the beginning about Felicia's ability to maintain a normal, healthy, relationship; she was so wild and free; but she had been working hard to make it work. There was a learning curve as she adapted to what it meant to be in a relationship with someone; the compromise and the dedication. Staying in one place, with one person, didn't come naturally for her, but she knew that this was what she wanted, and the more she worked at it, the more comfortable she became, and the happier she was. Now, thanks to the deceitful crimson maned backstabber, she could lose it all.

    Mary Jane had to go.

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    Re: Black Cat VS Mary Jane Chapter 4: Worked Out

    And the only way she'd ever leave her and Peter alone was if Felicia finally dispelled any illusions that she could beat her. Finally, unequivocally, get it through Mary Jane's thick skull that she did not compare, and could never defeat or overshadow, her.

    Felicia was going to torment her. She was going to break her down physically, mentally, and sexually.

    She was going to force Mary Jane to admit that she was the better woman, once and for all, not just to her, but to herself. Ultimately she was going to gain a little closure for herself and Peter.


    Mary Jane gulped heavily, as she watched the fabric peel away from Felicia's breasts, finally exposing their unencumbered silhouette. This was her third time seeing Felicia topless, and she couldn't help the familiar feelings of resentment and envy that begin to boil away inside her as her eyes unwillingly traced the dynamic curves and thrusts of her hated rival's shadow.

    The first time was during their last fight, where she was introduced to the blonde's massive tits over and over as they battered her face. The second time was through teary eyes when she forced herself to watch that horrific fight on the dvd Felicia had sent her, complete with multiple camera angles, crowd reaction shots, and a optional commentary track provided by Tony Stark and Hank Pym. Now, even though it was only a shaded outline through a screen, she grit her teeth and begrudgingly admitted that her curves were amazing.

    It may have seemed a stupid thing to focus on, the comparison of their chests, but it had always been a point of contention between the two beautiful women. Neither could deny that the other was remarkably attractive, it was obvious to anyone with eyes, so it had always come down to which one was more attractive. Everything in Mary Jane's life revolved around her looks; her career as a model and actress were highly competitive, and if you wanted to stay on top you had to be the best. Ever since puberty Mary Jane's growing beauty had earned her praise and attention. When she would walk into a room, heads would turn, and all eyes would be on her, because she put the other girls to shame. She had always been the sexiest, wildest, and, yes, bustiest. Breasts are an outward sign of feminine power; they're eye catching, and attention grabbing. And with breasts like hers, so round and firm, thrusting insistently from her chest, no one could ignore her; none could draw attention away from her. Until Felicia.

    Mary Jane bitterly remembered how she had felt when she had seen Felicia standing there that first night, wearing her favorite pajama top. She almost winced as she remembered that smug smirk on the blond homewrecker's plump lips, as she followed her red haired rival's gaze down to her chest; her big firm tits straining the shirt that she wore comfortably almost to bursting, her creamy pale flesh peaking through the gaps stretched out between the buttons, which threatened to burst with a deep breath. Felicia had met Mary Jane's shocked gaze for a moment, and it had almost been like Mary Jane could read her mind, 'Not so special now, are you?'

    Although Peter didn't notice, Felicia surely did. In that moment, ever so slightly, Mary Jane had shrunk back. For the first time in her life, she had felt not only inadequate, but intimidated. Despite all her rage, she had been cowed, even if just for a moment.

    This had been a hard thing for her to process in that moment; a harsh reality she long denied. Felicia had been flouncing around in and out of her and Peter's life for years, but until that moment, Mary Jane had never felt threatened by her. Even with all the veiled jabs, catty remarks, and the nicknames; the relentless, subtle, torment; until that moment she was just some slut; a harmless floozy that couldn't let go of the past. But standing there in their living room, still fresh from HER shower, with HER husband, wearing HER clothes, the bold slut had taken the opportunity to effectively illustrate to Peter the stark physical differences between them. She had issued a silent challenge to Mary Jane through her actions, and found her rival wanting.

    Unfamiliar thoughts and feelings sparked in her mind as time seemed to slow; what was she to do? This was a joke right? Peter wasn't going to leave her just for a bigger pair of tits, right? What husband would? But as Peter turned, Mary Jane began to panic. It wasn't just her breasts; it had never been. It was everything. Standing there with her big tits overfilling her favorite silk top, Felicia was forcing a comparison of their entire beings. The superhuman versus the supermodel. The woman would could fight beside her perfect, heroic, husband versus the wife who could only watch from the sidelines. As the arc of Peter's burn brought Felicia into his field of view, Mary Jane felt fear as his eyes where inevitably drawn to her thrusting chest then down her entire body. She could see his reaction; his wide eyed shock, and then the recognition as he, either consciously or subconsciously, compared the two of them.

    In that moment, Mary Jane panicked; she didn't bother to wait for Peter to make any conclusions, because she had already jumped to her own; she was afraid that she didn't stack up to Felicia. So she pushed the matter. A physical confrontation.

    She would fight for her man.

    And now here she was, still fighting, only now she was at war with herself, as she watched Felicia change. She was battling with her own jealousies and self image; and she wasn't sure she was winning.

    Felicia bent over at the waist and picked up her dress, folding it neatly. Mary Jane took in the sight from head to toe. Her long hair was still held up, with just a few strands hanging down. Her shoulders arched, supporting the weight of her awe inspiring tits. They hung proudly from her chest, heavy and firm, her nipples erect with the excitement. Further down the arc of her lean, well muscled, back curved down then out into perfectly rounded, taut, gluteal muscles. Mary Jane's eyes traced the contours of Felicia's muscular, shapely, legs for what seemed like several minutes before reaching the floor, they were so long. Mary Jane went through a range of emotions, none of which she liked. Jealousy, fear, envy, and... lust? She hated this woman; hell, she disliked most women; but despite herself she felt a lusty tingle that bothered her nearly as much as the implied threat of what was to come; part of her feared that she might like it.

    Mary Jane couldn't deny that she got a certain dirty thrill during her fights with Felicia; she despised the woman vehemently, and would never openly admit that Felicia was an outrageously attractive woman, despite the obvious evidence to the contrary. There was a certain sensuality to fighting another woman; an almost electric charge that hung in the air. Every touch, every punch, every scratch was amplified, as pain mixed with pleasure; it was a confusing, conflicting, sensation, almost as if her body was turning against her, forcing her to confront feelings and sensations that she denied. True enough in both encounters, MJ found herself terrified at points, wanting nothing more than to escape the situation. To be on some distant beach with her man and a slew of paparazzi snapping picture. Certainly not cornered in front of a screaming crowd as her body was punished beyond it's limits. It was Mary Jane's secret fear that she might be a masochist on some deep, subconscious, level, and that was why she couldn't beat Felicia; because she liked being beaten. The thought scared her, because it meant that she could not even trust herself; she was her own worst enemy. But then she remembered the thrill she had had during the first round of her fight with Felicia, where she had had the upper hand; that inflated feeling of power and confidence, that erotic tingle in her nether regions as she dealt pain out instead of absorbing it. To see all of her hard work come to fruition. To see the woman sharing her husband's bed wince in pain. She remembered how intoxicating it was to triumph over Felicia at the party, how her vagina had opened up with a near orgasmic flood of juices as she turned the world against her platinum haired rival.

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    Re: Black Cat VS Mary Jane Chapter 4: Worked Out

    Mary Jane snapped back to reality, her eyes focusing on Felicia as she stood up to her full height and freed her shimmering silver hair from the two jade hair sticks that held it in place, the mass of her long wavy hair cascaded down her back and chest. Mary Jane gracelessly tossed her own hair aside, as she had styled it to fall over the side of her face, partially obstructing her view, and struggled with her bonds once again; she knew it was futile, but she didn't want Felicia to think she was watching her to intently, falling under whatever spell the gorgeous bitch was trying to cast.

    Felicia pulled an article of clothing out of the locker and slid it over her head down around her chest with some effort, grunting slightly as she forced herself into the tight support garment, and then adjusting her breasts for comfort. She next removed what looked like a pair of pants, which she slid into. They seemed to disappear into her silhouette as she slid them up her legs and around her waist. Reaching up she pulled her long hair back and hastily secured it in a high ponytail, deftly securing it in place with a black scrunchie. Finally she laced up pair of sneakers before retrieving her bag and stepping out from behind the screen.

    Felicia cleared the room in just a few steps, now encased in tight workout gear. A black sports bra that barely contained her huge rack, and black skintight lyrca pants that hugged her wide hips and round ass. Mary Jane was stunned in silence as Felicia set aside her gym bag and began to stretch out. Her tight, lean muscles gave her the look of a predatory cat. Her biceps bulged slightly as she stretched her arms out. Her shoulders, abs, and legs looked like something you'd see sculpted by a master artist. For a super model like Mary Jane, she'd relate it to one of her photo shoots; Even a world class athlete would need hours of make up, airbrushing, and even a few hours of photoshop to get what this cunt had naturally. It frustrated MJ as she watched the platinum blonde bitch stretch. Her legs were planted slightly more than shoulder length apart as she reached down towards the floor, stretching her lower back. She smiled at the restrained redhead as her long silvery hair hung over one shoulder and her never ending cleavage stared at her, almost threatening to suck her in. As she continued her routine, she began to talk about her relationship with Peter. She chatted on as if she were talking to her best friend. First it was about trivial things, having to change her lifestyle, his roles as a teacher, photographer, and superhero, and how loud he gets when watching professional wrestling. Then she got a little more intimate. Discussing about having to stitch him up in a recent fight with the Scorpion, or the time the two of them had tormented Morbius with a endless stream of Twilight jokes. After a few moments Mary Jane realized what she was doing. She was telling her about all the things a non-superhero type like herself could never do with him. No matter how much she loved Pete, she couldn’t accompany him on a patrol or save his life from the scum of the city. Mary Jane could do nothing but hang there and listen. Finally, as Felicia started some rotation exercises, she went into their love life. Mary Jane was forced to listen as Felicia listed some of the famous sites of the city she had fucked her husband at. The top of the empire state building? Was a little chilly. The statue of liberty? Felt like the eyes followed you. Mary Jane was about to scream when Felicia hopped to her feet and approached the exercise machines.

    She sat on the butterfly press and without ever losing her determined grin, brought her arms together. MJ couldn’t tell exactly how much weight was being lifted with each press, but there were no remaining weights not being hoisted. Her eyes fixed on Black Cat's chest, her breasts compressing together with each repetition. The room was silent except for a faint grunt from Felicia and the mechanical rhythm of the weights being lifted and dropped with maddening regularity. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore.

    "What the hell is this? What do you plan to do to me? You can't possibly think you'll get way with something like, this," Mary Jane shouted frantically, a slight tremble in her voice. Felicia just laughed.

    "Of course I can get away with this! That's why they call it a 'safe house.' Even Peter doesn't know about this place, it's one of my naughty little secrets, and no one else gives a shit about you after our little video hit the shelves." Felicia did one final rep, and let the machine snap back into place, lowering her arms, "No, we're all alone, just you and me. As to what I have planned... like I said, I'm going to work out. And you're going to help me. Just 'hang around' for a bit and I'll get around to you, don't you worry." Having said all she need to on the matter, Felicia got up and headed to the next workout station. Mary Jane watched as Felicia went through her routine, marveling at her strength and endurance, as she effortlessly lifted weights, counted off crunches, and did one handed pushups. Mary Jane occasionally struggled with her bonds or tried to get Felicia's attention, but she just ignored her and continued with her workout. As she watched Felicia's sexy body flex and strain, and her huge breasts bounce and sway heavily, Mary Jane felt her body image issues swell, as she was forced to admire Felicia's toned body move in front of her. For her part, Felicia did her best to flaunt her toned attributes while working out, occasionally tossing her bound rival an arrogant, knowing, smirk or a wink when she'd bend over, showing off her round, full, ass or her deep cavern of cleavage, usually making a disparaging comment comparing Mary Jane's body to hers, "It's hard work maintaining a body like this... not that you'd know, Mary Plain... you don't have much worth maintaining," continually invoking her favorite insulting nickname for Mary Jane, and laughing at her angry, but futile, retorts.

    After over an hour of this, Felicia had finally worked out a good sweat, her tight sports bra stained with sweat, her body glistening. Felicia dropped the weights she was curling, and wipes the sweat from her brow, letting out a soft sigh before finally turning to Mary Jane, hands on her hips, "Well, it's finally time for you to help me with my workout, Mary Plain. I usually like to finish off by working on the heavy bag, but wouldn't you know, the chain snapped. I needed a new one to work on... and that's when I thought of you."

    Mary Jane's eyes went wide as she realized what Felicia was implying, and began to struggle fiercely once again, sending her own large tits jiggling as Felicia laughed at her futile efforts, "YOU BITCH! Leave me alone! Haven't you done enough to me already, you crazy slut!" Mary Jane fiercely cursed.

    Felicia was on her in a flash, her normally seductive blue eyes now narrow and fierce, she grabbed her face and squeezed her cheeks together, forcing her lips to purse as she brought her face in close to Mary Jane's, and whispered harshly, "After tonight's stunt? Oh no... there's so much more I want to do with you, Mary Plain," Felicia let go of Mary Jane's face and gave her a little slap on the cheek, and spun her on the rope, turning and walking to her workout bag, "See... I already know I can beat the shit out of you, I’ve done it twice. And I know I'm hotter than you, Pete agrees. But you know the best part? Its that you know that too. Now we both know sex with Peter is fantastic, but I have to confess that I really get off on fucking you up. He does too even if he'll never admit it. I'd be content to just enjoying my 'happily ever after' with Spider, but you keep showing your pudgy face and trying to sabotage things. I may not ever be able to patch things up with May now..."

    Felicia paused to bend over and rifle through her backpack. Mary Jane stopped spinning, her gaze settling on Felicia who had her back turned to her, and was putting something on her hands, "Just look at you in that get up. Hair falling over your eye, that dress you don’t have the body to wear, the long purple gloves. Like a little girl trying to look like Jessica Rabbit, pathetic. Just relax, and enjoy yourself. I couldn’t help but notice you were a little, ahem, excited when I last trounced your flabby ass. I wonder, is it me, or the pain that gets you off? Either way that would explain why you keep challenging me. Ah well."
    Mary Jane had a slew of profanities readied, but choked them back as Felicia turned to face her. The tall blonde held up her hands, which were now clad in light 4 oz leather gloves, white with 2 paw prints printed on them. "Like them? Got them brand new, just for you."

    Mary Jane swallowed hard as Felicia advanced on her, panic in her voice; "Felicia... please... you can't do this. You know I... I... can't beat you. Why do this? Please."

    Felicia, paused just a foot from Mary Jane's suspended form, and raised her fists into her boxing stance, and coolly replied, "Because you wont learn any other way, you stubborn bitch." and slammed her fist hard into Mary Jane's toned abs.

    Mary Jane cried out as the breath was driven from her lungs by the vicious blow, and she swung slightly. Felicia laughed, and laid another hard punch into her stomach, and another into her kidney. Felicia began to speed up her punches, landing quick, rapid fire punches all over Mary Jane's venerable body. This is what she needed. She had been reduced to tears earlier due to MJ's manipulations. The look of disappointment on Peter's face was devastating. Now she could vent her anger and frustration on the right target, or targets. Felicia took special care when punching Mary Jane's breasts, carefully aiming and using all her considerable strength to flatten her beautiful boobs. Mary Jane cried out and screamed, pleading with Felicia to stop, only to be met with more, harder, punches. Mary Jane could do nothing but watch the barely padded fists collide with her tits. Just a few hours ago, MJ was admiring how her red dress displayed her rack like a expensive frame showcased a work of art. Mary Jane flashed back to the months of recovery she endured after their last fight. Her breasts especially took a hellacious beating, and were among the most painful going through the healing process. She was terrified at the prospect of going through that again as Felicia's small fists sunk into their fleshy targets with a hateful savagery. Several times Mary Jane's battered breasts would pop out of her top. Felicia would simply target the naked orb for several punches before roughly shoving it back in the dress and continuing her beating. Felicia finally slowed down, and then stopped, her breathing slightly heavy, as she admired her work. Mary Jane was heavily sobbing, as tears ran down her cheeks, "Please..." she sobbed, but to no avail.

    "You know what... it's starting to get a little hot in here..." Felicia commented, struggling to free one of her hands from her gloves. Once freed, she used it to pull the tight sports bra off her chest, her huge breasts falling free, bouncing heavily once released, and tossed the wet shirt over her head. Her breasts looked incredibly heavy and full, but there was almost no sag to them... they were perfect and huge, at least a cup bigger than Mary Jane's own. Mary Jane whimpered as she watched Felicia's boobs sway before her, as she tugged the glove back on. "Mmmmmmm... much better. Got to let the girls breath sometimes. I don't usually work out without a sports bra, but I guess you wouldn't have that problem, would you 'Li'l' Mary Plain?" Felicia taunted, shaking her breasts at Mary Jane. Again she was taken back to their recent fight, to those monsters battering her face left and right. Splitting her lips open, further bloodying her already wrecked nose. Those imposing nipples smacking her face as if someone was flicking her hard with their fingers. Mary Jane had always been easily baited by Felicia's unflattering jabs at their comparable breast size. Mary Jane was not small chested by any means... her DD's were the subject of many teenagers wet dreams... but there was no doubt that Felicia's much bigger, fuller, tits made her look almost average by comparison. It also bothered Mary Jane that Felicia had a respectable height advantage, which put them almost eye to eye, even suspended several inches off the ground.

    Now topless, Felicia again took her stance and went back to work on MJ's breasts with quick, hard, jabs and hooks, alternating between flattening them and forcing them to bounce off each other. Through the battering, she began laughing, "HA! I hope you're having as much Maybe you'll get lucky and they'll swell up a bit and look like a real woman's tits. Of course you could still never match these babies," she taunted, pausing to lift her huge chest for Mary Jane to see. Mary Jane could only choke out a weak sounding, "B-bitch..." between sobs, eliciting a harsh belly punch from Felicia in response.

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    Re: Black Cat VS Mary Jane Chapter 4: Worked Out

    Felicia's punches seemed to be slowing somewhat. Mary Jane opened her eyes to see a grinning, almost bored looking Felicia picking her shots more deliberately. The pain stricken Mary Jane hoped that Felicia was finally coming to the end of this painful torture. Felicia noticed a slight look of hope in MJ's eyes. "Ah-ah-ah, Li'l girl... I'm not nearly done with you. I'm just getting ready for the best part of my workout... the speedbag. Guess what I'll be using." Suddenly, Felicia took a tight stance and stood her ground, delivering a rapid series of lightning punches to MJ's breasts. MJ's once gorgeous breasts were now tender and swollen, beginning to bruise rapidly, and the uncountable punches cause her to cry out in anguish. The top of her dress was utterly destroyed and drifted down in shreds under the heavy rain of blows. Felicia continued the assault for what seemed like a impossibly long time. Mary Jane let out a long weeping cry that had a stuttering effect from the fury of blows. Finally Felicia jumped back and wound up for one final punch, crying out, "Aaaaaaand... THE FINALE!" letting loose her fist, too fast to follow through Mary Jane's tear blurred eyes, aiming for MJ's up-till-now untouched pussy, her barely padded fist hitting with explosive, devastating force as it disappeared under her dress. After a bone chilling scream, MJ weakly coughed clear fluid on her own battered bare chest. Felicia only laughed
    "Well, I suppose that about covers what you owe for whatever happened in that elevator..." Felicia paused, ensuring that MJ could understand her. "..but you still have the rest of the night to pay for."

    Felicia wiped the sweat from her brow, and began to unlace the bloodied gloves, while surveying the damage to her helpless captive. Mary Jane's body was covered in darkening bruises and even a few cuts. Her once toned abs now looked tender. Her once beautiful breasts where swollen and bruised, her right nipple was split and bleeding, and one looked bigger than the other. Mary Jane's left cheek was swollen, and she had a darkening black eye. Her formerly plush and full lips where split and bleeding, and her nose was likely broken, again. Where once stood one of the world's great beauties now stood a complete mess of a human being, sobbing and slightly drooling bloody saliva.

    "Damn... I was hoping to knock out a tooth or two... guess I'm losing my touch.." Felicia taunted almost absently. With a easy tear she stripped what remained of MJ's dress. Then something caught her eye. With a inquisitive, almost childlike expression, she knelt down, getting eye to crotch level with a weakly trembling Mary Jane. Using just two fingers, she lightly touched Mary Jane's pussy, and through the lacey material of her panties, her suspicions were proven correct.
    The redhead's own arousal had soaked through and left a light sheen which now covered Black Cat's hand. This was the second time tonight she had encountered the fiery redhead's cum. This was definitely the more favorable of the two. Rising to her full height, she softly patted Mary Jane's swollen cheek, getting only a weak groan as a response, "You really are a dirty little whore... Well time to get you down... you still have to help me with the rest of my workout."

    Felicia grabbed a stool from one of the corners and hopped up on it, pushing her still perfect breasts into Mary Jane's face, forcing her nose into her deep, sweaty, cleavage as she fiddled with the rough knot. Giggling from the sensation of Mary Jane's hot, ragged breath on her tits, Felicia shook her shoulders back and form, causing her tits to batter Mary Jane's face playfully, as she exclaimed, "That tickles!" She shortly succeeded in loosening the rope holding MJ up and watched her collapse onto the floor in a heap. Felicia hopped down from the stool and kicked it out of the way. Bending over, she grabbed Mary Jane's mane of long red hair, now soaked sweat and knotted, and dragged her over to a large mat, dropping her lifeless body to the floor with a thud. Felicia kicked MJ over onto her back leaving her staring blankly up at the ceiling. Next she moved to straddle her, looking down at her from between the huge globes of her breasts, which almost eclipsed Mary Jane's view of Felicia's smirking face. She patted Mary Jane's trounced stomach. In the months of her recovery, Mary Jane was unable to keep up the strict training schedule that Ben Grimm had put her on. While she was still in model quality shape, her toned abs had lost a bit of their musculature. "Look at you... you're so out of shape. This will do you some good, fatass, and maybe you'll learn something."

    Felicia hunkered down beside Mary Jane, taking her right arm, Felicia pulled it out, and laid her long, smooth, legs on either side of it, forcing the arm between her crotch and trapping it in her cleavage. She playfully manipulated the appendage, forcing MJ's extended elbow into slow circles lightly caressing her crotch through her skin tight workout pants. She guided Mary Jane's hand over her breasts, enjoying the feeling of her rival's knuckles helplessly gliding over her hard nipples. Mary Jane began to regain her senses and was mortified about what was going on. She was involuntarily helping her tormentor masturbate. Felicia felt her rival begin to resist and with the slightest of effort she pulled the helpless arm between her breasts and hyper-extended the elbow. Mary Jane's entire body went rigid as she felt unbearable pressure in her joint. Through gritted teeth she cried out.
    "So this is an armbar." Felicia instructed, as if she were talking to a child. "Its become really popular now that so many fighting shows are on television. You know with just a little bit of pressure I could ensure that you'd never put this hand on Spider ever again. Make it as useless as the rest of you."

    Mary Jane's eyes contorted into a pained horror at the thought of being disabled, knowing that this lunatic bitch would not hesitate to make good on her threat.

    "N..No, please.. Felicia.." Her plea was interrupted as Black Cat unwrapped her legs from the helpless arm and seamlessly transitioned back to her sitting position, while maintaining a odd grip on her sore limb. With one arm bent around her elbow and the other securing her wrist, Felicia forced Mary Jane to repeatedly slap herself in the face. MJ remembered bullies doing this back in elementary school. Hell she heard stories of Flash Thompson doing this to her own husband in high school before his fateful encounter with a radioactive arachnid. Her already battered face was jolted around by her own hand. She tried to resist, but too many factors were working against her. Leverage, fatigue, and the fact that on her best day she wasn’t as physically strong as this cunt mounting her.

    "Mmmm," Felicia moaned "and look at these lips. To think they were once around the most perfect cock in the world. With just the tiniest bit of effort I could have you eating your meals through a straw for the next few months.

    Without resistance or hesitation, Felicia released the hold somewhat, only keeping a light grip on MJ's left arm. Using the limb she hoisted Mary Jane onto her knees as she rolled on her own back. Felicia's long legs came up and locked around the model's head and arm, forming a triangle shape. Mary Jane gazed down at Felicia’s supine form through confused and anguished eyes. This position wasn’t especially uncomfortable, as Felicia wasn’t actually holding her in a head scissor. Seeing the bewilderment in her eyes, Black Cat smiled viscously and reached past Mary Jane's limp arm, grabbing her by the back of the head. With just a tiny pull towards her, she nearly instantly sent the supermodel into unconsciousness from a triangle blood choke.

    The platinum blonde released the pressure but not the position, enjoying the limp body of her thoroughly vanquished rival between her legs. Mary Jane's face fell fully into Felicia's crotch, exciting her with every weak exhale. With a gentle thrusting of her hips she manipulated her victim's limp arm, again causing Mary Jane to caress Felicia's awe inspiring rack. Felicia nonchalantly twirled a finger in Mary Jane’s curly red locks.

    The only way she could make this better would be to have Peter watching. She had considered placing a camera to record this, to show it to her Spider later, likely during sex. She decided against it, knowing she were in hot enough water and that if Pete got wind of this his reaction might not be what she hoped. With little effort she rolled the supermodel off herself. Mary Jane limply fell onto her back, one arm splayed out and the other across her chest.

    For the first time in over an hour, she appeared at peace. With a dismissive flick of her toes, Felicia sent the bitch's limp arm off to her side. Towering over her, the dominant platinum blonde took in her victim. The bitch had gone all out tonight for Peter. Her now battered face had been done up with just the right amount of makeup. Her cracked nails had been immaculately polished and colored. Her dress and hair had been both sexy and elegant. Now she was a complete mess. The only role she'd be starring in would be as a accident victim in a drunk driving commercial.

    Still Felicia was not satisfied. She had been humiliated tonight in ways she might not ever fully recover from. This insistent bitch had seduced the man she loved, sucked his perfect dick, and rubbed the result in her face. She had caused damage with his elderly aunt that may never be repaired, and she had driven her out in front of all her own peers. Felicia may have dominated this bitch physically three times now, but MJ had made long strides towards winning their personal war. Still Felicia have to give her the tiniest amount of begrudging respect. Before tonight she had always considered Mary Jane to be unintelligent, if not completely dimwitted. She had thought the redhead's only skills consisted of spending money, walking in a straight line down a runway, and reading poorly thought out lines on some cheap soap opera. Now she knew this bitch was capable of devious acts of cunning. She had to squash this tonight, or she'd never be free of her bitchy machinations.

    Felicia sauntered over to her workout bag and pulled out a bottle of Evian, drinking deep as she approached MJ once more. She dumped the remaining water onto her rival's face. MJ didn’t respond. Felicia chuckled as she removed a small white capsule, knelt down, and squeezed it near the model's bloody face. Mary Jane felt as if someone reached into her lungs and crushed them as the ammonia did its thing. She shot up to a sitting position, gasping. Felicia tossed a towel in her lap.

    "Clean yourself up, I’ve been thinking about this next bit all night."

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    Re: Black Cat VS Mary Jane Chapter 4: Worked Out

    Mary Jane's head spun from being choked out, fortunately much of the pain in her body and face had now numbed, but she could only look up at her tormentor in confusion.

    "I said clean up. I would say I want you looking your best, but lets be honest, the best you've ever looked was when your face was buried in my ass, crotch, or tits." Felicia mocked with a wide smile. Mary Jane's expression turned hateful. The topless blonde, her tight workout pants like a second skin, her pompous tits, her cocky grin... she wanted her gone. She wanted to dig her nails into her face and twist it into inhuman positions. She wanted to punch her tits until she couldn’t raise her fists anymore. But now she was at her mercy. This was their third altercation, and the third time she was cheated. She had been ambushed, tied up, and beaten without mercy. Clearly this costumed freak was intimidated by her, why else would she resort to these tactics. Mary Jane could still taste her husband in her mouth, and knew she had struck a sound blow tonight. Why would Peter be so quick to allow MJ to take him unless he wasn’t satisfied? He still loved his wife, still wanted her. She only needed to get through this ordeal, recover, then she'd come back stronger than ever. A odd but increasingly familiar scent wifted past her nose. A dirty, foul sulpherous scent. It passed as quickly as it came. For now she had to cooperate. She took the small towel and wiped the blood from her face and chest.

    Just as she was finishing, Felicia once again grabbed Mary Jane by her hair, and unsympathetically pulled her to her feet, grabbing her arm and twisting it behind her in a hammerlock. The surprised redhead squealed first in shock then pain. Felicia roughly pushed Mary Jane in front of the large mirror that dominated one of the walls, "Why do you keep challenging me? Do you enjoy being dominated by a real woman? Or is it because you know the closest you'll ever get to Pete from now on is by being consumed by the woman he loves and fucks regularly, in your own bed? Or is it jealousy? Jealous that no matter how much work you do, no matter how much of Peter's money you spend, you'll always be a self centered bitchy little girl, ordinary in every sense?" Felicia's words cut deep. Mary Jane's eyes fell on the mirror in front of them. Now more than ever their physical differences seemed to stand out. Felicia seemed to tower over her. Her measurements and curves seemed completely overwhelming. She felt like a child at a museum, standing next to some world renown artist's sculpture of a goddess. Her silver hair, pale skin, and bright white light from the fluorescent bulb overhead light gave the effect of some celestial beauty standing looking down on her from the heavens.. Felicia's white teeth flashed in a wide smile as she watched her restrained rival looking her over.

    "Like what you see? I’ve noticed how aroused you have been getting when we fight. I also know about how you've been slandering me. Telling anyone who will listen that your body eclipses mine. Well, we have a mirror here. Lets compare, shall we?" Mary Jane felt a sinking feeling in her stomach. She felt the strength in her arms and legs drain away. Felicia gave her captured arm a sharp yank, a nonverbal warning that Mary Jane acknowledged with a grimace. Releasing her arm, Felicia stepped up beside her. "Tell me... who has the better ass, Mary Plain? And don't lie... I'll know if you're lying." Felicia gently ran one hand over Mary Jane's bare ass and the other over her own. She then grabbed it roughly, digging her fingernails in. Mary Jane knew what she wanted to hear, and also knew she couldn't deny it anymore, "Y-you do Felicia..." Felicia unsheathed her dagger like nails and reassuringly patted Mary Jane's round ass, "Mmmmmm... why is my ass better than yours?"

    Mary Jane wanted to cry. It didn't seem fair to her what was happening... where was the justice in her abuse, both physical and now emotional? Why was she made to suffer at the hands of such an arrogant, self assured, harpy as Felicia? But she also know there was nothing she could do about it... she wanted to fight back, but she was tired, sore, and completely demoralized at this point, while Felicia was still strong, fresh, and confident. Mary Jane knew her only choice was to play along with Felicia's degrading game... and even worse, another part of her knew that to do so, she'd have to voice all her fears and issues, giving credence to her envy of Felicia's superiority. Looking over the contrasting reflections, she quietly said "I-it's rounder than mine."

    Felicia turned to the mirror and ran her delicate fingers over her own buttocks, so Mary Jane could see it, "Mmm-hmmmm... go on." Mary Jane choked back her tears, and went on as Felicia watched her reflection with amusement over her shoulder, "Y-your ass it t-tighter and firmer than mine. Y-your hips are wider a-and curvier as well." Felicia slid her hands sensually up over her hips now, tracing Mary Jane's comparison of their bodies, "So you're saying your ass is fatter and saggier than mine, and your body is dumpier... right?" Mary Jane nodded in response, and Felicia chided her, "Don't nod... SAY IT."

    "My a-ass is fatter and saggier... yours is firm and tight. M-my hips are dumpier, y-yours are curvier." Mary Jane’s knew her ass was certainly neither fat nor saggy. Though judging by their reflections, it may as well be. No matter how many lunges or squats Mary Jane’s personal trainer put her through, she’d never been able to achieve the perfect curves the Hardy bitch possessed. She knew Peter realized this as well. The stinging memory of a recent pictorial came to mind. Some sleazy tabloid photographer (nothing like her husband) had captured pictures of Spider-Man running his hands over Black Cat’s hips and ass as the two celebrated the arrest of some goofball criminal who wore a fishbowl on his head. As she was forced to look it over now, a small, stifled part of Mary Jane wanted to reach out and grope at her tormentor’s ass.

    Felicia smiled and turned to face the mirror again, now running her hands over her impressive six-pack, "What about my stomach, Mary Piggy? Is my stomach better than yours?"

    Mary Jane again looked at their reflections. Her abs were the one thing she had real control over, and she had worked them to exhaustion prior to their last fight. Still she never achieved the same sexy cut that seemed to come naturally to Felicia. Mary Jane was unaware of Felicia's own inhuman work out regimen, so to her it simply seemed like another unfair advantage that came to this vile whore. Still, there it was in front of her face. Her now mildly toned (and thoroughly bruised) abs next to Felicia's own sculpted six pack. "Y-your stomach is flatter than mine, a-and your a-abs are more toned," Mary Jane was mortified as she choked out every word. Felicia ran her hands over Mary Jane's tenderized midsection, sending a shiver through MJ as she anticipated some horrible act of violence yet to come, "AND," Felicia prompted, wanting more out of Mary Jane's self-humiliation, "A-and, my stomach is p-pudgy and weak." Felicia purred in agreement, and moved her hands up behind Mary Jane's back, jerking her forward forcibly. Mary Jane's worst fears were now being realized as Felicia forced their chests together, Felicia's massive tits overwhelming and pushing Mary Jane's less impressive breasts back into her ribcage. The image in the mirror of Felicia’s staggering profile eclipsing and dominating hers mortified Mary Jane, but not as much as what she knew was coming.

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    Re: Black Cat VS Mary Jane Chapter 4: Worked Out

    Mary Jane could feel Felicia's nipples harden under the sensual pressure of her breasts dominating Mary Jane's, stabbing into Mary Jane's tender, battered flesh. To her horror, Mary Jane felt her own nipples begin to harden from the stimulation, as Felicia began to grind her tits into Mary Jane's and purred, "I don't even know why I should bother to ask, because it's pretty obvious, but it's so much fun to hear you say it... who has the bigger, better, sexier, breasts Mary Plain? Which one of us has itty bitty little girl titties? Which one of us couldn't even BEGIN to fill the other's bra? Which one of us is actually capable of giving Spider the proper titty fucking he deserves, hmmm?" Felicia's full lips where close to Mary Jane's ear as she whispered her contemptuous challenge to Mary Jane, even as she stabbed and ground her larger, harder, nipples against Mary Jane's, bending and pushing them around, like some high school bully, "Yours are! You're breasts are so much bigger and s-stronger than mine. I couldn't begin to fill your b-bra." Mary Jane began to sob lightly. A mixture of rage, gear, lust, and envy running through her head.

    Felicia laughed and pressed forward harder, as Mary Jane watched her breasts seemingly disappear into Felicia's in the mirror, "That's right... You're like a little girl by comparison to me, inferior in every way. You know what I did for Spider when I threw your sorry, fat, ass out? I took all your bras and snapped them with my breasts in front of him... I kept all your sexy lingerie and wear it for him every night so he can see how much bigger and better I am than you... so he can see how tight your teddies and nightgowns are, straining to contain my superior tits," Felicia hissed sensually into Mary Jane's ear, "But I bet you don't believe me... I bet you hold on to some small sliver of hope that bigger really isn't better... that I'm not THAT much bigger than you? But how to prove it... I KNOW! I'll put on your bra, and you'll put on my bra! That should do it, right?" Felicia had been waiting for this, her masterstroke. Beatings, while satisfying and stimulating, weren’t doing it. That much was obvious now. This however would send the mousy bitch away forever. After her initial assessment, Felicia never considered Mary Jane a rival, but she knew the redhead obsessed over it. Now she was able to lay the issue to rest.

    Mary Jane imagined Felicia modeling for Peter in their bedroom. Her husband laying on the bed, lightly playing with his rock hard erection as Felicia made a spectacle of wearing the read head’s bras and lingerie. Mocking her modeling background as she’d strut a imaginary runway from their walk in closet past the bed before striking a pose in front of her masturbating husband. Or squeezing into bras that Mary Jane herself had professionally modeled for magazines, only to wear them better before snapping them with the slightest shrug of her shoulders. MJ had a large collection of undergarments, she wondered how many shows Parker had gotten, and how he’d compare them in his mind. Suddenly a very uninvited sensation washed over Mary Jane. Just for the briefest of instants, she wished she could have watched as well.

    Giving Mary Jane's back one final squeeze, Felicia then gave her a hard shove that sent her sprawling back into the mirror, before turning once again towards her workout bag. Her back turned to MJ, Felicia fished through the bag looking for the final act humiliation for the redhead, but Mary Jane was beginning to have other ideas... she couldn't just stand there and continue to be dominated and humiliated by this arrogant, overconfident, bitch. Now with her back turned, unsuspecting and venerable. Mary Jane still felt sore and weak, but even if she failed, she had to at least try, or everything Felicia said about her was true... that she was weak and pitiful and didn't deserve Peter, and worst of all... that she WAS inferior to Felicia Hardy. Slowly standing up, Mary Jane got her footing and slowly advanced on Felicia, her back still turned, her beautiful ass swaying in the air.

    Standing menacingly over Felicia, about a foot away, Mary Jane contemplated her attack, settling on tackling her from behind and beating her beautiful face against the ground, going for a quick knockout so she could escape... anything longer and she wouldn't have the strength or endurance, when suddenly, Felicia whipped around and delivered a roundhouse that sent Mary Jane back towards the exercise mats that had been the site of her earlier torment. Lying there, stunned and winded, Felicia mocked, "You've got to be kidding me... I’ve fought Venom and defeated Sabretooth! Did you really think I wouldn't notice a heffer like you clumsily sneaking up behind me? Still, I'm glad you tried... as much fun as it is to outright humiliate you, I love it when you struggle... but do you really want to rush to tonight's fight before hearing the stipulations?" Felicia sauntered over to where Mary Jane now lie, helpless, in a repeat of her earlier tabloid, stood over MJ's prone form and once again looked down on her from between her cavernous cleavage. In Felicia's hands were two lacy garments, one red and one black. Felicia moved her legs to either side of Mary Jane and sat on her stomach, straddling her in a mock schoolgirl pin, "Now, here's how it's going to be Mary Plain... we're going to box each other, but being that you obviously have no way of actually beating me, I'm going to give you a handicap... I'm going to wear your tiny bra, and you'll wear mine. Since your little titties are so much smaller than mine, just imagine how hard it'll be for me to breath with it on... see, a perfect handicap? Aren't I nice? But first, I want you to confirm that I'm not, God forbid, cheating!"

    Felicia held up the lacy red bra for Mary Jane to see, "Is this your bra?"

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    Re: Black Cat VS Mary Jane Chapter 4: Worked Out

    Through glazed eyes, Mary Jane confirmed that it was indeed her bra... her favorite red bra in fact, which pushed and squeezed her tits together creating an amazing valley of cleavage that made her awesome breasts look perfect. The bra she wore on her honeymoon with Peter Parker. The Bra she had been choked, leashed, and walked around by during their last fight. The bra Felicia had taken and Mary Jane had forgotten about. Until now. "Y-yes," she choked out, coughing a little, still feeling the effects gut wrenching kick. Felicia opened the lacy bra and held the tag out, close to Mary Jane's face, "Are you sure? Read the tag... is that your size? I don't want you to think I'm bringing in a ringer, Tiny Tittie Mary Plain." The tag was close to Mary Jane's face and her vision was still clearing. She didn’t need to look, she knew this was hers, "Yes, it's m-my bra, damn you, you crazy bitch!" When Mary Jane had watched the dvd of her fight, her being led around the ring on all fours was one of the hardest to witness. Felicia quickly rose on her knees, and dropped back down, her heavy ass crushing Mary Jane's tenderized midsection, causing her to groan, "Now now... no need for the language. Are you sure that's your size, though? You look a lot smaller... oh well, it'll do, I suppose... now, lets check my bra," Felicia opened up the black bra in her other hand and held the huge cups up to her own tits, filling the bra in a mock fitting. Even without fastening the straps, the bra looked like it might be slightly overfilled, "It looks likes it might be a bit small... I must have grabbed an older one by accident... sometimes I wear one that's a little smaller to really push my titties together. Its a little uncomfortable, but Spider loves it. Anything for him, ya know? What's the tag say, Mary Plain?" Felicia let the bra drop off her massive bust and held the tag close to Mary Jane's face as she had with MJ's own bra. Mary Jane's eyes widened in disbelief as she read the tag, "Holy shi-" Mary Jane exclaimed before she could stop herself, playing right into Felicia's little comparison game. Mary Jane had, despite herself, always envied Felicia's larger tits, but had no idea just how large she actually was, "Anyways, it's definitely too big for you. What should we do... I know! How about this," Felicia hopped up and briskly moved over to the frosted door Mary Jane had seen earlier, and assumed was the bathroom. Mary Jane remained where she was, holding Felicia's black bra, looking absently into the deep, round cups. After a short wait, Felicia emerged with a roll of toilet paper, her blue eyes wide with excitement "We can stuff my bra! That should be better, right?"

    Mary Jane wanted to cry... the scenario Felicia was building before her eyes just kept escalating and became more degrading and humiliating with each passing second. It wasn't just enough for her to confirm Felicia's superiority... she'd have to confirm it physically as well. Stuffing her bra like an insecure teenager was the ultimate in humiliation, only to be made worse by watching as Felicia overfilled her own bra. Mary Jane wanted to die.

    With the almost childlike glee of a little girl playing with her Barbie's, Felicia forced Mary Jane to her feet, spinning the punch drunk redhead around to face her, and forcing her to lift her arms, sliding the lacy black garment over her, making sure her tits once again pressed heavily into Mary Jane's. Having gotten the bra straps over MJ's shoulders, Felicia now adjusted the cups into place, discriminately tugging and pushing them into place over Mary Jane's overmatched tits, which bounced loosely in the oversized garment. Pulling Mary Jane into her arms again, Felicia looked over her prone foe's shoulder, deftly fastening the straps, and again crushing her tits, as she did every chance she was given. Mary Jane felt like a child, being bundled up by a parent before going out to face winter temperatures. "There..." she purred through glossily red lips into Mary Jane's ear before pushing her away. Looking her over, Felicia readjusted the bra again, having dislodged it with her own breasts, and nodded in satisfaction, "And now... to fill up the cups. I hope one roll is enough..." Felicia mocked, picking up the roll of toilet paper off the floor, and shoving Mary Jane back towards the mirror. Standing behind Mary Jane, she grabbed her face, which tried to look away, and forced her to watch, as her smooth hands snaked around, her heavy boobs pressing erotically against MJ's back, to begin stuffing the bra with wadded up pieces of paper, occasionally squeezing Mary Jane's tenderized tits before grabbing another wad. It took almost the entire roll to fill both cups, and the image before Mary Jane was horrifying... something out of her nightmares.

    Mary Jane stood there starring at herself in the mirror, the oversized bra now tight with the soft toilet paper that filled it, peeking out of the top of the cups, as if mocking her. The front of the bra looked lumpy and disfigured, but absolutely huge on her frame. Felicia's beautiful face was next to Mary Jane's own as she looked over her shoulder and laughed, "Don't you look just PRECIOUS! This must remind you of high school! I bet you did this all the time, playing with Mommy's bra in front of the mirror and wishing for big ol', womanly, titties some day... too bad some dreams don't come true... well, for most of us, anyways," Felicia taunted cruelly, stepping out from behind Mary Jane, her massive breasts coming into view again. Even without the help of a bra, they stood up huge and proud, incredibly firm and full, with almost no sag at all, almost as if gravity was afraid to touch them. The contrast between the two was humiliating.

    Felicia now produced Mary Jane's bra, and ordered her to step behind her, "Now it's my turn... I'm going to need your help with this, for obvious reasons, so no funny stuff! Remember... I'm doing you a favor here. Do you really want to blow your handicap?" Mary Jane reluctantly complied, and stepped behind Felicia, just as she had done to her, "Now look over my shoulder, I don't want you to miss a second of this..." Felicia slipped her arms though the straps, and had MJ pull them up her slender arms, until the cups were pushed up against her overwhelming breasts, "Now fasten it," Felicia instructed. Mary Jane pulled the tight straps together with some effort. The first try to snap them failed, she hadn’t tugged hard enough. The second attempt the hooks touched by quickly pulled away. Mary Jane fought back a sob. In happier times, she'd fastened this very garment around herself, admiring how they held her own sought after tits. Now she couldn’t even fasten it around this bitch. She wanted to convince herself that Felicia was simply wider, in the shoulders, or, dare she hope, chunky. However looking ahead in the mirror, that excuse was denied her. Mary Jane had never seen a more shapely form before. On the third try she finally fastened the snaps. Looking back over Felicia's shoulder, Mary Jane was flabbergasted by the image in the mirror. Felicia's tits could barely be contained by Mary Jane's too small bra, her creamy flesh bulging obscenely out the top, bottom, and side of the cups, which struggled and strained to hold the mighty tits in place. The shoulder straps bit into her shoulders like overworked suspension cables... but worst of all was that the overworked support device still managed to uplift and enhance Felicia's amazing chest, making them look bigger and fuller than ever.

    Felicia choked out, "Huff-... not bad. I look good in red, don’t you agree? I can't believe how tight it is... you're a lot smaller than I thought. No wonder Spider loves my tits so much. I'm really trying not to breath deep... I don't want to snap it... not yet anyways. That'll be the finale. Are you ready for round two, Mary Plain?" Felicia turned, hands on her hips, pushing the overstuff bra against Mary Jane's artificially stuffed bra in challenge.

    Mary Jane looked down at the humiliating sight before her, and suddenly felt her anger rise. Strangely, Mary Jane could swear there was another person in the room. Of course there wasn’t, but perhaps this crazy bitch was recording this? Certainly not for Pete. He'd find such wanton and senseless violence to be distasteful, especially after tonight. Also, you couldn’t really get the feeling of being watched from a camera, could you? She shook her head and it was gone. However for the second time since her abduction she felt something snap. Like some outside force reached into her mind and flipped the switch on her 'fight or flight' response. She was tired of the humiliation, and of being in Felicia's shadow. She'd had enough... she knew she'd have to fight Felicia either way, but at least like this she'd have a chance. Even if she lost, at least she'd have some pride left... and it wasn't like there was anything Felicia could do to further humiliate her... this was her chance, win or lose, to make a final stand for her dignity. "Fine, whore, Let's do it."

    Felicia smiled and purred, "Mmmmmm... that's the fiery red-haired spunkiness I've missed... I'm going to enjoy taking you apart again... this time I'm going to shoot you up completely... totally and completely humiliate you. Destroy your self image and confidence forever, before I completely wreck your pitiful body. This is going to be so much fun... for me anyways."


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    Re: Black Cat VS Mary Jane Chapter 4: Worked Out

    Felicia threw Mary Jane a pair of red 4 oz boxing gloves she took down from the wall, "Put 'em on," she instructed, a note of bemusement in her voice, as she herself began to relace her own white gloves, adorned with two paw prints, and slightly stained with MJ's blood from her previous 'work out.' Mary Jane pulled on the lightly padded gloves with some awkwardness. The Thing had put her through the paces, schooling her up on some boxing. She had even gotten a couple lessons from the Dare Devil some time ago. Basically, she learned enough about the sweetest science to know she had just scratched the surface. She also knew from personal experience that Felicia's knowledge was a bit deeper. She watched as Black Cat comfortably slid on and laced her gloves with practiced ease before throwing a few, quick, warm up jabs, dancing a bit to get used to the feeling of the too tight support garment that now confined and constricted her oversized tits... a mock handicap she'd given Mary Jane to 'even the odds', as it were. Mary Jane still fumed at the humiliating stipulations of the match... Felicia clad in Mary Jane's own too small red bra, the lacy garment uncomfortably attempting to contain Felicia's envy invoking chest, making it difficult for her to breath properly, while Mary Jane was entirely unencumbered in Felicia's own black bra, which she had forcefully stuffed with toilet paper. Mary Jane highly doubted that this was going to be much of a handicap for her better trained rival, as she'd already delivered series of punishing beatings to Mary Jane before deciding to give her a chance to defend herself, but MJ really had no choice in the matter...

    For the first time she wondered if tonight's victory was worth it. She had made huge strides tonight in winning back Peter, but at what cost? After her previous two encounters with Felicia, she was in no hurry to face her again physically. However she shared her rival's opinion of the other's intelligence. She was just a ditzy platinum blonde whore who's only talents were dressing like a skank and ruining marriages. Mary Jane had been taken to both extremes tonight; ultimate confidence at the party to complete humiliation in front of the mirror. Oddly enough she felt some of her earlier resolve returning. She felt stronger than before. Her biceps flexed as she clumsily laced on her gloves. Felicia looked cocky, arrogant, like she was already dismissing her. That worked against her before and nearly gave Mary Jane a upset victory. It would be the same now. One well placed punch. "Puncher's chance" it was known as. MJ knew she had it in her. Suddenly merely escaping seemed unsatisfactory.

    Mary Jane was starting to physically feel better as well. Her hellacious, undefended beating earlier had left her a wreck, but it all faded away. She was unsure if it simply adrenaline or something more. Something she couldn’t explain. She began stretching out her mysteriously recovered muscles while keeping a wary eye on Felicia, who waited patiently, "Oh don't mind me, Mary Plain... you take all the time you need. I really want you to feel I gave you a good, fair, kick at the can, when I hand you your ass again. We have all the time in the world." Every word Felicia said dripped with arrogant confidence. It began to enrage Mary Jane to think of just how much Felicia was enjoying this degrading scenario she'd created... the way she pointed out the physical differences of their bodies, and the way she enjoyed physically dominating her. It had to stop. If it was the last thing she did, she was going to wipe that cocky grin off of Felicia's admittedly beautiful face, and finally teach her some humility. Everything in front of the mirror started to warp in her mind. Who was the one posing on the covers of all the Men's magazines? Who was featured on no less than 4 billboards across the city? Who was the most googled woman for the better part of the last year? Mary Jane was! The people wanted her, not Felicia. Ignoring the whole "vigilante with a secret a identity" detail, she continued the comparison in her mind, and felt her confidence return. Watching her husband's tall, shapely mistress stretch and throw some light punches in the air, she noticed her breathing was indeed restricted by the tight bra. Maybe this half-baked handicap would come back to bite her in the ass. Hubris would ultimately be her downfall. Punching a gloved fist into her hand, she was satisfied with the effect. The rain of blows she had taken earlier was terrible, she knew what they were capable of. The leather had torn MJ's shrine of a body to ribbons, and now she'd return the favor. Suddenly merely escaping wouldn’t be enough. She'd feel her fist drill into Felicia's titflesh. She'd feel the warmth of this bitch's crotch on her knuckles. It would be a meteor shower of fists on her prone body. She'd hear the sweet sound of Felicia Hardy sobbing on the mats, pleading for mercy that would never come. She might even drag the harpy in front of the mirror by the hair and demand a second evaluation of their bodies, this time with Black Cat's body swollen and battered. She'd make the bitch worship her tits, kiss her ass, maybe even lick her feet. Mary Jane would not be a gracious winner.

    "What are you smiling about, Mary Plain?" Felicia questioned, having noticed the goofy look of satisfaction of MJ's face, as she contemplated the sweet taste of victory. MJ snapped back to reality, "Nothing much... just thinking about you finally getting your just desserts. Things have gone your way for far to long, Felicia... you're out of control... unstable. You need to go down, and I'm going to do it." Felicia plump red lips spread wide in a manic smile as she broke out laughing, bringing her gloved hands to her chest to keep the bra from exploding from the added pressure of her guttural belly laugh, "Where did all this confidence come from? HA HA! I like your spirit, Mary Plain... it's even more satisfying to beat the shit out of you when you think you can win. I wasn’t going to say anything, but I have a extra special surprise in store for you when this is all over. A little something I’ve been working on in my spare time that’s long overdue. I'm excited now! Are you ready? Can we start?" Mary Jane's expression darkened, as she took her stance and shot off a few quick practice punches, emulating Felicia's earlier moves with confidence, before raising her gloves to her face and proclaiming, "I'm more than ready now... I'm going to end the night the way it started! Let's go!"

    Felicia was still smiling as she took her own stance, and the two began to dance around each other on the mat. If one could have seen the site of the two woman moving around each other in the early stages of combat, it would be hard to decide if what they were seeing was sexually appealing or just outright absurd. Mary Jane's tissue filled bra bounced lightly, the tissue rustling against her tits, she looked like a little girl playing dress up in her mothers bra, while alternatively, Felicia's breasts couldn't move at all, tightly constrained and budging over the top, bottom, and sides of the lacy red bra, cutting harshly into her shoulders and back. Felicia occasionally showed signs of discomfort; a wince and her shallow breathing as she attempted to keep herself form ripping the bra apart with the expansion of her lungs. The circumstances of the match were meant to further illustrate the negative comparison between Mary Jane's body and Felicia's, further humiliating MJ. Instead it seemed to fire up the redhead. With a little gamma radiation, she'd be a match for The Avengers tonight.

    Mary Jane was playing it cautious, deciding to let Felicia make the first move, an opportunity she took almost immediately, sending a blazing right hook to rock Mary Jane's pretty face. The punch hit like a sack of bricks, faster than Mary Jane's eye could follow, flashes of light clouding her vision as she staggered back, almost falling to one knee as Felicia danced in place, chuckling as Mary Jane tried to regain her footing, "You just take your time dear... it's no fun if you go down too fast."

    Mary Jane shook the cobwebs from her head and flushed at the verbal jab. She couldn’t let this fight slip away so early or she'd never recover. Felicia's strength and speed thoroughly outmatched her own. Putting her arms up to protect her face as she shook off the effects of Felicia's last punch, Mary Jane moved forward, and sent a testing jab forward, which Felicia easily blocked. She did a few more with no sign of retaliation from Felicia who just mocked her feeble efforts, "Are you going to fight or not, Mary Plain? This is starting to bore me..."

    Satisfied that she'd lured Felicia into a false sense of security, she launched a right hook, which hit Felicia's cheek hard. Pulling back, Mary Jane cocked a smile, which quickly faded as Felicia seemed to be entirely unfazed by the punch, and simply laughed, causing her breasts to strain Mary Jane's tight red bra mockingly, "HA! That was your best shot? You've got to be kidding... here, I'll give you a free one. Really put your heart into it this time."

    Felicia lowered her defensive stance and stuck out her chin. Mary Jane flushed with embarrassment and a little fear... was her last punch really that weak? Was Felicia even taking this seriously? "You bitch," Mary Jane muttered, "I'll show you how strong I can be..." Staring into her rival's now wild blue eyes, Mary Jane wound up her arm and reached deep inside herself, thinking of all the humiliation and pain Felicia had caused her, casting her eyes down to those huge boobs sitting more than snuggly in her bra, mocking her, as she felt the toilet paper Felicia's huge bra had been stuffed with rubbing her hard nipples. None of that Iron Fist shit this time. Mary Jane let her rage build and put it all into her fist, determined to knock that smug smile from Felicia's vulnerable face, and sent another hard right hook into Felicia's face.

    There was a loud smack as leather clad fist met face, and the both of them just stood there; Felicia had stopped Mary Jane's fist with her face, barely moving an inch, that same cocky smile on her face, a intense but amused look in her eyes. Mary Jane was stunned; her punch had been completely ineffective.

    "That's it? That's really all you have to offer? I guess I shouldn't play around with you anymore then..." Felicia cooed, as she shrugged off Mary Jane's fist, and quickly buried her left glove into Mary Jane's delicate midsection, knocking the wind out of her, before following up with an uppercut that immediately sent her stumbling back in the other direction. Mary Jane's punch had hurt, it may even bruise eventually, but Felicia would give her no satisfaction. She had been hit harder, and relished in any chance to downplay her rival. Now to really fire up her offense. Felicia's fists struck like vipers, lashing out, inflicting great pain, then recoiling back to their starting positions. She relentlessly knocked the powerless MJ around the room, her punches only seemed to increase in strength with each blow, as she laughed and taunted Mary Jane, who would occasionally try to put up a defense, or send a desperate jab out which Felicia would easily dodge, laughing, before rocking her face with another hard, strong, punch.

    Felicia punched Mary Jane until her back was up against the wall. Moving in close, Felicia got Mary Jane in a clinch, putting her ruby lips close to Mary Jane's ears, whispering, "Now I'm going to knock the stuffing out of you." Pulling back, Felicia launched a relentless attack on Mary Jane's toilet paper stuffed boobs, literally knocking her stuffing out, leaving her standing there looking like a little girl in her mothers bra. Tissue breezed around the room as Mary Jane groaned and whimpered with each blow. Every time she came into conflict with this bitch, her tits were the favored target. Tonight however was the worst. The verbal, psychological, and worst of all physical abuse was too much to bear. All she could do was lay against the wall, hands at her side, and take it. She couldn’t focus her thoughts enough to even defend herself. Her head titled forward as her eyes focused on Felicia's magnificent chest, which still threatened to rip apart her own bra, as the strain of her violent movement and heavy breathing tested the fabrics tensile strength.

    Finally satisfied with her abuse of Mary Jane's defenseless breasts, Felicia momentarily backed off, grabbing Mary Jane's sweaty, tangled, locks with her gloved hand and dragging her away from the wall. Felicia proceeded to punch Mary Jane back towards the center of the room. Mary Jane could barely stand, as she sway back and forth, punch drunk and blurry eyed. She was a mess, one of her eyes was swollen and she could taste blood. Whatever had numbed her earlier was now gone as all her previous abuse compounded with this new beating. Her body ached, especially her breasts, which were now swollen and starting to bruise. Her arms felt heavy and her legs weak. Looking at the unmarked and confident Felicia, who smiled smugly at her, made her want to cry. It felt like a long time since they'd started this fight, though in reality it'd actually only been a few minutes, and it seemed laughable that she'd thought she could beat the overwhelmingly beautiful and confident woman standing before her. Now she just wished Felicia would end her brutal physical and mental humiliation.

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    Re: Black Cat VS Mary Jane Chapter 4: Worked Out

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    Black Cat VS Mary Jane Chapter 4:  Worked Out
    Realizing that she had beaten all the fight out of Mary Jane, Felicia reached under her chin and raised her head with her gloved fist, "Aaaaaw... had enough, little girl?" Felicia cooed, eliciting only a slight gurgle from Mary Jane, "Do you see the error of your ways now?"

    Tears ran down Mary Jane's swollen, aching, face, as she gurgled and nodded in response, she'd say anything Felicia wanted to hear to end this. "Y-yes..." Felicia smile, and bullied her back in front of the mirror.

    "Look," she commanded. With great effort, Mary Jane lifted her head, looking at the two of them standing side by side. The contrast was obvious and extreme; she was a blue and purple wreck, bleeding and swollen; grotesque; while Felicia was at the other extreme; she glowed with feminine power; immaculate and untouched. She turned to Mary Jane and pressed their bodies together. Her breasts pressed painfully and firmly into Mary Jane's swollen rack, as the blonde pugilist reached around to cup her firm ass cheeks and draw her closer. She whispered, "Who's better, Mary Jane? Who's stronger? Who's sexier? Who has the better breasts? The better body? Who is more deserving of Peter's love?" Felicia droned on, grinding her muscular leg into Mary Jane's pussy, forcibly stimulating her.

    Mary Jane was filled with conflicting feelings as pain and pleasure mixed; she hated Felicia, despised her, and knew it was wrong to be stimulated by her own destruction, but some part of her was responding against her will. Some animal instinct to submit to her proven superior; the alpha-female, this uncrowned queen of New York City. She stared into Felicia's smiling face. Her seductive deep blue eyes, her perfect white teeth. The sweet smell of her breath and perfume. Felicia bit her neck softly, and she reluctantly choked out a response, "Y-you are... o-oh God, I-I... can't beat you..." Mary Jane cried. Felicia smiled, and gave her neck a tender peck with her soft, silken, lips.

    Felicia stood back, and thrust out her chest, which threatened to tear apart Mary Jane's embarrassingly overtaxed bra, "Kiss them."

    Felicia's breasts quivered slightly in anticipation, expectation. Mary Jane stared at Felicia's breasts, suddenly taken by their perfect beauty. Felicia thrust them again, impatiently, and commanded, "NOW." Mary Jane hesitantly leaned down, pulled back, and then resigned herself to her task; she had no choice. Disgustingly, a part of her wanted to. To just lose herself in them as her own husband had done. She hated this bitch with all she had but knew any resistance would be futile.

    Mary Jane pressed her swollen lips to Felicia's expansive chest, pressing them gently into the soft but unyielding flesh. Felicia moaned, "Mmmmm... now LICK them bitch. Just like Spider does."

    Mary Jane hesitated, looking up at Felicia quizzically. Felicia let out a low growl and grabbed a sweaty, tangled, handful of Mary Jane's matted red hair, and roughly forced her face into her cleavage, firmly commanding in a flat tone, "Lick."

    Mary Jane's soft pink tongue darted out and made contact with Felicia soft, salty, flesh. Felicia moaned and directed Mary Jane's tender ministrations around the expanse of her chest, forcing the beaten red-head to clean her sweat covered breasts. Moving her knee from her victim's crotch, Felicia let her hand travel down, roughly stroking the redhead's damp mound, not entirely surprised by the model’s arousal while sending a shiver through her body. Whenever Mary Jane would weakly try to protest or pull away, Felicia would remind her of who was in charge with a sharp claw hold on her own aroused pussy.

    Mary Jane licked, sucked, slobbered, and drooled all over the tops of Felicia's huge, tightly confined, tits, until Felicia directed her deep between her deep, dark, cleavage, "Really get in there, bitch... I don't want a drop of sweat left," the platinum blonde demanded haughtily.

    Felicia forced Mary Jane's swollen face deep into her cleavage. Mary Jane blindly darted her tongue out, licking her sternum and the deep sweaty recesses of Felicia's excessive tit-meat. It was impossible to breath, the fully packed flesh creating a tight seal; Mary Jane felt the inky blackness of unconsciousness slowly creeping in on her. She squeaked softly, "F-Felicia... p-please..." but it was lost in the deep, dark, recesses of Felicia's cleavage. Her knees started to buckle as she weakly grasped Felicia's waist, trying to hold herself up.

    Suddenly, Felicia dragged Mary Jane's bruised face from the depths of her tits, laughing as the powerless red-head gasped desperately for air. Felicia released her grip on Mary Jane's hair, allowing her to stand on her own two feet. She swayed and swooned unsteadily, her knees shaking and almost buckling. Felicia considered her for a moment. It was a shame, just from the forced worship the redhead had paid to her chest, Felicia was ready to orgasm. Still, another few seconds and she'd be lost to unconsciousness and no use to anyone.

    "Well, I guess it's time to put this baby to bed then?" Felicia fell back and wound up for a devastating uppercut, taking a deep breath, pausing a moment to savor the anticipation of Mary Jane's impending KO. "Lights out, Mary Plain," Felicia mocked, bringing her fist up under Mary Jane's prone chin with devastating force, actually lifting Mary Jane off of her feet and sending her sailing through the air. As her fist made contact, Mary Jane's DD-Cup bra finally gave up trying to contain Felicia's enormous and firm breasts, which now exploded out of the bra, snapping it in half.

    Mary Jane landed on the mat with a loud thud, unconscious. Felicia observed her fallen victim with amusement, shrugging the now tattered remains of Mary Jane's former bra off of her shoulders, and walking over to her prone, unconscious form. Felicia kicked her onto her back, and placed her foot on Mary Jane's swollen right breast, pushing down on it with her full weight, enjoying the feeling of the defeated breast squashing under her. She placed her hands on her hips. She thought back to earlier in the night when Mary Jane's breasts glimmered with Peter's cum. Now her own tits had a light sheen from MJ's saliva. As the redhead finally found peace beneath her, Felicia sighed. Her real challenge still loomed over her. Patching things up with Peter would not be easy. Still, at this very moment, Felicia was again dominant.



    For the second time tonight, a ammonia capsule pulled Mary Jane from the sweet sanctity of unconsciousness. Unable to lift her head, Mary Jane gasped and stared up at a now dressed Felicia Hardy. "Almost forgot the most important part, the surprise ending I promised. Now, I’m sure your jaw is a little sore after that, so feel free to just blink your response. One for yes, two for no, understand?" Mary Jane felt paralyzed. Her body and spirit broken. She could feel herself fading out, even welcomed it, but knew she'd only be awoken again. She wanted to scream, but feared she’d break down into a uncontrollable fit if she tried. Mary Jane blinked her swollen green eyes once.

    "Great, I simply haven’t got the time for a repeat performance tonight, so I’ll keep this simple.." Felicia could see Mary Jane's expression become foggy, she was going under again. With unexpected delicacy, Felicia grabbed Mary Jane by the chin and steadied her gaze, forcing her completely vanquished rival to focus on her dazzling blue eyes.

    "You are going to sign this. Don’t concern yourself with reading it, I doubt you could in this state. Just know its something you were supposed to sign months ago but backed out of. You will honor our agreement now though, or we start over, understand?" Felicia's tone left no doubt as to her sincerity. MJ didn’t think she would survive another encounter. She quickly blinked once. Felicia pulled a clipboard from Mary Jane's peripheral vision and held it front of her, a stack of papers pinned to it. The words swam across the page in Mary Jane's altered mental state. She felt her hand being guided to a line at the bottom. She didn’t remember having received a pen, but one was in her hand now. Mary Jane would sign anything to avoid more pain, anything at all. Without hesitation she scribbled a signature on the line as was demanded of her. Felicia smiled almost warmly down on her.

    "Good girl, its like you said Mary Plain, everyone gets their just desserts in the end. Now I’m going to go enjoy mine, you have a nice nap." Felicia allowed Mary Jane's head fall back on the hard floor. This time the redhead willingly closed her eyes, both oblivious and unconcerned with the divorce papers she had finally signed.


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