Sexy Reunion 4
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    Sexy Reunion 4

    Sexy Reunion 4

    Sometimes...women scare me.

    Despite what had transpired this morning both Maria and Hotaru were able to maintain a facade of normalcy.

    Guess they had practice keeping their little parties a secret.

    Me? I was a bundle of nerves, constantly checking my watch. At the top of the hour the closing ceremony would being, with speeches from various teachers and former club heads. That's was when everyone would be busy in the main ballroom. And when we would sneak off.

    It was going to be a long 30 minutes I thought to myself gulping down a rum and coke mix.


    "A possible answer to our problem," Hotaru answered with a toothy smile.

    "Our first fight to speak," Maria continued. "I wouldn't mind settling it now. If Hotaru has the stomach for it."

    "Oh you have no idea..." Hotaru scowled in Maria's direction.

    "Didn't I just say for you two NOT to fight?" I said, frustrated.

    "It's not a fight per se...," Maria said. "More of a...test of endurance I'd say."

    "Just what kind of fight are you talking about?" I asked. I was interested since, for one, they were agreeing on something. And second...well, the thought of being able to see something not even thier female friends had seen was a MASSIVE turn on.


    "Thinking about tonight are we!?"

    I started back to reality at Maria's statement. I nodded guiltily, staring at the way her white evening gown clung to her body. She'd combed her hair so that the left side of her face was hidden behind locks of long blonde hair, giving her a mysterious but sensuous air.

    "I'm going crazy," I complained, glancing at my watch. Twenty minutes till. "How can you be so calm?"

    "No point in worrying about it now," she shrugged. "I've fought her enough to know how she works."

    "Can you beat her?" I asked seriously. "Honestly."

    "Honestly?" she thought for a moment before taking my hand and placing in on her left breast. "What do you think?"

    A small part of me demanded that I remove my hand, that i was supposed to be a neutral party here. The other part kneaded at the firm flesh, squeezing at the heavy orb as her breathing deepened. The weight was impressive, as was the firmness.

    "All the times we've fought before we just personal," Maria said. "This time I'm going to show her I'm the better woman. And then I'm going to make her watch me fuck you senseless."

    "Jesus...," I thought to myself as a girlfriend got Maria's attention. "All the times we've fought before...fuck me senseless."

    I needed to get away frmo the crowd before someone noticed something they shouldn't. Moving from the refreshments table I stepped outside into the pool area. It was cooler here without all the warm bodies and I slowly felt myself relaxing again. Walking near to the pool itself I heard a light giggle. Glancing around I caught sight of a couple making out near the shower area. Face reddening I stepped back behind a hedge...right into Hotaru's firm body.

    "Mmm, I thought I saw you wandering out here," she whispered. Cocking her head to side she smirked. "Enjoying the show?"

    "Quiet," I hissed. "And what're you doing out here?"

    "I saw you talking to blondie," she replied. Pressing in close her hand moving over the bulge in my pants. "She left you with a problem. Just what did she tell you, hmmm?"

    "I just asked if she really thought she was going to win tonight."

    "Really, and what did she say?" Hotaru asked softly, her hand dipping into forbidden terriotory.

    "Do you think you can?" I hedged, trying to keep my breathing under control, only too aware that we weren't alone out here.

    "I know I can," she replied with a confidence that surprise me. I grasped at her tits with my hand, feeling them through the flimsy material of her cheongsam. At her moans, I hurriedly covered her mouth with my right hand as i continued my examination. Her breasts were fatter, and more oval as opposed to Maria's more pointed breasts. They were definetly as firm but it felt to me that Maria's might be slightly weightier.

    But then again it might be the dress.

    My breathing was getting more ragged as Hotaru kept up her work. Her fingers were damn talented I realised. I didn't bother trying to hold back biting back a yell as I came. Gasping, I forlornly looked down knowing that the front of my pants were stained.

    "Better get changed stud," Hotaru said, licking at a finger. "I wouldn't bother coming back down.


    As Hotaru suggested. I didn't bother.

    Instead I stripped off my clothes, leaving on my undershirt before slipping on a fresh boxers. Needing space, I shifted as much of the furniture around leaving a clear space between the bed and the space saver. Deciding to err on the side of caution I hefted the secondary mattress placing it in from of the saver after securely locking it. I'd just finished when the first to arrive knocked at my door.

    Opening it I found Hotaru there. Giving me a quick kiss, she sauntered into the room, swaying her body exaggeratedly...but sexily nonetheless. I barely had time lock the door again before Maria arrived. She looked annoyed at seeing Hotaru there first, but said nothing as she swayed in taking in the cleared room.

    "You've been busy," she said.

    "Despite what the two of you want, I don't want either of you hurt."

    "That's sweet," Maria said, turning to face her rival. "But it's too late for that."

    "Same rules as before," Hotaru said.

    "I'm willing to amend it to simply no hands," Maria replied.

    "Works for me," Hotaru said grimly, as they began the process of undressing.

    Hotaru simply hooked her arm under the straps of her dress pulling it down to her midriff, kicking off her heels. This done she unclasped her thin bra allowing her breasts bounce free. Like I'd remembered, her breasts were large and oval, hanging slightly from the weight. Her pink nipples seemed a bit small against the mass of light brown flesh behind them but I wasn't sure how much that would matter. I admired her firm, fleshy body as she tossed me her underwear. I trembled slightly as I held the thin silk material under my nose. Smiling at my reaction Hotaru gave Maria a it's your turn gesture.

    Maria clearly wasn't impressed. She'd already removed her own low heeled shoes, before she simply shrugged herself out of her evening gown letting it fall to the ground before kicking it into a corner. Then, while shaking her hair out of her eyes, she undid her bra tossing it onto the bed, standing proudly in a pair of pink lace panties.

    Her breasts were long, dipping slightly, and her pink nipples were very prominent. Her creamy white body was softly muscular, not heavily enough to be prominent, but enough to see as she flexed her body t owork out any kinks. The two of them paused for a moment taking each other in. Despite what they'd said earlier while talking to me I could see that they were both uneasy. In some fights there were ways to avoid pain and discomfort, but in this kind of conflict there was no way to avoid it. It figured heavily into the fight itself since it boiled down to who could take more pain than the other. After fishing a coin from my wallet a quick flip gave Maria first rights.

    "Just like old times," Maria smiled wickedly as Hotaru frowned, raising her arms. Maria shoved her tits forward roughly as she wrapped her arms around Hotaru, her fists locking into the small of the other woman's back. Hotaru never flinched as she banged her own chest back into Maria's as her own arms circled around the other's shoulders. Wriggling and adjusting to get their mounds lined up they then cast a look over in my direction.

    I swallowed taking in the scene for a moment. Maria's pale skin and blonde hair contrasting with Hotaru's tan and reddish hair as the stood still waiting for me to give the signal.

    "Go." I croaked.

    Two pair of arms immediately tightened, drawing their rival in close, as both women grimaced at the sudden pressure. Shoving their tits forward and squeezing they tried to force the other back, but while they'd occasionallly force a step out of the other the ground would quickly be recovered as the other shoved back in return. Despite match only just starting I could feel the frustration from both women.

    Their bare feet alternated between scrabbling for purchase on the carpet and being planted firmly as they compressed their tits together savagely. It seemed like they were both trying to end it quickly, but the only thing they were doing was getting more and more irritated. Moans and cries were coming more and more frequently as they abandoned any pretense of impassivity. Maria seemed to have the advantage as she forced Hotaru to moan and squeal with every tightening of her muscular arms

    They only had eyes for each other now as their gazes locked. I could see their lips moving, but whatever it was they had it was only for the other to hear. Maria seemed to be doing most of the talking and while I couldn't hear what she said, I could see the result. Hotaru's body tensed as she set her feet and her arms tightened pulling Maria in closer than they had been so far. Maria threw her head back in a soundless scream as her own body tensed and her grip on Hotaru faltered for a moment. I almost rose from my seat, concerned at what was happening, then settled back down. If I interfered Horaru would win by default. As it was her face was lit up with a beautiful smile as she moved her head in close whispering in Maria's ear.


    Her tits felt like they were on fire. But it was worth it to have the bitch suffering as she was. Deep within their titflesh she could feel Maria's ever present nipples digging painfully into her breasts, but she was getting used to that pain now and it wasn't hurting nearly as bad as before. As Maria's head flopped onto her shoulder, she took one step, then another, forcing the blonde back. If she could get her against a wall she could really make the bitch suffer.

    Then she felt her progress halted.

    Her feet digging into the plush carpet she pushed forward with her tits into Maria's own mounds trying to force her back again...Maria, however, was far from done as her own strong arms flexed and Hotaru felt their breasts forced together painfully as she cried out in both pain and anger. It felt as if her glands were being shoved back into her chest by the blonde's torpedo tits as they staggered to one side, moving back a step, despite her efforts. She could feel the woman's hot breathe on her shoulder and hear her soft gasps as she paused a moment for breathe.

    She was tired as well, realising she'd put too much effort into finishing this quickly, sick with fear at the thought of the agony they'd gone through in their first...of many...fights.

    While all of their fights had left her exhausted and in pain it was nothing compared to what they'd done to each other the first time they'd competed. Gritting her teeth she again squeezed with her arms and shoved out powerfully with her breasts. Maria groaned but gave no ground as they spun around the room hissing like cats and swearing softly at each other, their bodies becoming slick with sweat.

    Maria squeezed again and shoved her tits forward causing Hotaru to moan loudly. The bitch was smiling Hotaru realised, her boobs aching, squeezing in return. Trying to cause enough pain to distract the other woman.

    As Maria squeezed back Hotaru pushed forward herself, determined to cause her blonde rival as much pain as possible. Both women screamed at the sudden compression...and in surprise as their movements had brought them up against the bed. Focused as they were on their upper bodies, the sudden contact sent them tumbling apart as they crashed on their sides.


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    Re: Sexy Reunion 4

    Despite how tired they'd looked before they both jerked back up into kneeling positions opposite each, their bodies awash in nervous energy. They eye'd each other's tits, arms out slightly, swaying as they seemed to be trying to judge just how badly they'd managed to hurt one another. Clearly it wasn't enough as they lunged together, grappling, trying to get ahold of one another. Frustrated as attempts to hold each other were repelled their arms went higher, over the shoulders and around the neck. Whether is was intentional or not Maria, now the aggressor, banged her tits forward into Hotaru's with a painfully loud SMACK. Hotaru cried out at the sudden pain but quickly reciprocated, her own blow causing Maria to grimace in pain.

    Blonde and redhead now banged their breasts together in savage repetition. Most of the time they twisted their torsos delivering powerful blows to the opposing breast while high on their knees. Other times, as exhaustion set in, they sat back on their haunches, they banged all four mounds together in painful repetition. I was begining to get concerned now as bruises were begining to becomes apparent on Maria's pale skin. If Hotaru's were fairing as badly her tan was making it harder to judge, but her actions seemed to indicate otherwise as she started to gain the upper hand.

    It was slight at first. They'd both been shuffling around on their knees while banging their tits together but ,slowly, I could see Hotaru forcing Maria back. Maria's face had a pained exhausted look to it, eyes watering, as she realised she was on the backfoot...her knees shuffling backwards trying not to be driven onto her back. Hotaru's face however was a mask of concentration, her mouth set in a line as she systematically moved forward, keeping up the pressure even as Maria's tits continued to slam back in opposition. Only her eyes showed her emotion, bright with obvious delight, as her tits were proving her superiority over her hated blonde opponent.

    Occasionally when they banged together I'd see Maria pushing forward, grinding, into Hotaru's opposing breasts. The redhead clearly wanted none of that as she'd push forward powerfully trying to unbalance Maria before pulling back and banging forward again.

    Oh her boobs were hurting, there was no denying that. Everytime Maria banged back I could see her body shudder slightly, but she had the blonde retreating. If she could get her onto her back it would be game over, and the Maria knew it as she kept rising her body high at each contact to avoid being overturned. An effective move, but one that tired her more and more as she did it. It was only a matter of time, and time was something that was on Hotaru's side.

    I looked at my watch.

    Fifteen minutes.

    Short to me, but I'm sure it must be feeling like a liftetime to the two women. Maria, fighting to stay in contention. And Hotaru, fighting to end it.

    A scream from one of the women jerked me from my reverie. Was it over?


    In their efforts, they'd wandered too close to the edge of the bed. Maria now lay sprawled on the carpet while Hotaru sat back, dazed on the edge of the bed. Looking over at me Hotaru gave a an exhausted, but bright, smile as she raised her arm in victory. I looked concerned at Maria as she pushed herself up onto her elbows. She looked tired, demoralised, but in no way beaten. Hotaru looked surprised as Maria rose shakingly to her feet.

    "Stubborn bitch aren't you," she hissed, the first words I heard from them since they'd started. "Just stay down unless you want me to really hurt you."

    Maria shook her head, her hair waving, as she gasped out a defiant. "I'm just getting started."

    I had my doubts as Hotaru slowly got her feet under her. From the way she was avoiding any unnecessary movement with her breasts I had my suspicions that she was hurting more than she was letting on. Suspicion became fact as Maria attacked almost immediately swinging her torso to the right delivering a ringing blow to Hotaru's right tit. I flinched at the impact as both girls screamed. Maria managed to stay on her feet while Hotaru was knocked back onto the bed. She lay there stunned for a moment while Maria bowed over almost double, holding her breast, with a stricken look on her face. Slowly getting back to her feet Hotaru glared furiously at her rival. She clearly believed that she should've won by now and was angry at Maria's continued resistance.


    Maria took several deep breathes as she fought down the pain from that last blow. The pain was bad, but not unmanageable. She'd been hurt more in their scissors match.

    You lost that match a voice in the back of her head reminded her.

    She ignored it as Hotaru rose off the bed with a pissed look on her face.

    Pissed at her refusal to stay down, or pissed at the solid hit she'd received. Either was all the same to Maria. Hotaru'd lost her chance to try and pin her when she'd started showboating for Mark. She wouldn't make that mistake again. As they circled Maria realised that this was also possibly a bad idea. Her tits were better suited for fighting, where their pointed shape gave her and edge. In a banging or boxing match Hotaru's rounder and fatter mounds gave her extra weight to her swing. As if to emphasise this point, Hotaru locked her hands behind her back and, with a fierce grunt, swung sending her right breast smashing into Maria's right.

    Wincing as the heavy orb sent her own bouncing, she put her hands on her hips and swung back her right breast smacking painfully in Hotaru's right. At Hotaru's counter Maria staggered as Hotaru again took the offensive. Two swings went unanswered before Maria was able to get a shot back in.

    Maria lumbered forward swinging her breasts like fleshy fists as she tried to unbalance the redhead, but Hotaru stood firm. She stood toe to toe with her rival both of them swinging wildly until an errant swing uppercut Maria's left tit. The change in momentum caused to her step back while Hotaru pressed her advantage, her powerful breasts assaulting Maria's.

    She tried to retreat, to gain a brief respite, but the redhead grabbed hold of her hips her upper body swinging left and right as her tits slammed into her own. All Maria could do was grab Hotaru's hips and swing back, trying to ride it out. But the pain was almost unbearable as she was forced step after step backwards, Hotaru firmly in control.

    She could feel the tears flowing down her face, sobbing in pain, as her tits were being manhandled by her rival. Both pairs were reddened from the constant savage impacts, Hotaru's tanned globes almost glowing, but the redhead seemed almost immune to the pain. Again and again Hotaru staggered her, as she was barely able to keep enough focus to keep them dancing in a circle to avoid being pinned against a wall.


    Why.. (swing)

    Wouldn't.. (squish)



    She could hear the blonde scream with every hit even she,herself, hit back. Hotaru's boobs were getting heavier and it was getting harder and harder to swing them at her rival. She was herself squealing with every hit. The attacks slowed as they both took longer and longer to set themselves to hurl their breasts through the air. Finally she stopped, releasing her grip as she stepped back, bending over hands on her knees as she gulped down sweet air. Tilting her head back she shoved sweat streaked hair from her wet eyes as she watched her rival.

    Maria lay propped against the wall. Sweat ran down her body in rivulets, eyes closed, her body heaving. The fact that the blonde still stood was eating away at her. Her tits were bright red, but still pointing straight and proud. She felt at her own boobs and winced at the touch. Hotaru felt furious. If she'd just toughed it out another minute she'd have blondie up against the wall with no escape.

    This was more than anything they'd ever done before. She was so tired she was barely staying up on her tottering legs. And just the thought of having to go at with the blonde again made her sick to her stomach.

    This was why she hated her so much.

    No matter what happened when they fought, even if won, Maria always made it so that she couldn't compete for weeks. When she lost, she had to let Reiko take over, she get so furious at awkward times.

    And now again in front of Mark. She looked over at him, seeing him stare at Maria in what looked like horrified admiration. Even though she was winning, Maria was the one he was looking at. He should be looking at HER!!!

    Her fury gave her strength as she pulled herself back up to her full height. An angry cry on her lips she charged.


    This was too much I realised.

    For almost an hour the two women had been going at it. Hotaru had been in control for most of the fight after they'd seperated. He'd been surprised at how Maria'd gutted it out up to this point. He could now believe all the stories his mother'd love to tell about the pain of childbirth.

    Just the sound of their flesh clapping together had had him flinching and he'd had to restrain himself from seperating them at every cry of pain.

    But enough was enough.

    Maria barely had the strength to keep standing as she propped herself against the wall, her still magnificent breasts heaving with each breathe. The fight had to be over. There was no way either could continue.

    Hotaru's cry let him know just how LITTLE he understood the female mind. The redhead almost leapt into Maria's body tit's first with a horrific SMACK at contact. Both women shrieked at the contact their bodies writhing together in an obscene dance of pain.

    "HE'S MINE, YOU BITCH," Hotaru screamed, grinding their tits together. "SAY IT!!!"

    Maria screamed, but still gave no sign of surrender. I jumped to my feet.

    "Enough Hotaru," I yelled. "You've won."

    Neither woman paid me the slightests heed as Hotaru stepped back, wincing with each step until she was up against the bed. Then she charged again.

    I looked away tensing for the sound of flesh on flesh...but instead heard a hollow THUD and a hoarse rising cry of intolerable pain. Hotaru was limping backwards her arms crossed over her chest, while her face was grey with pain under her tan. Abruptly I understood.

    Maria had rolled out of the way of Hotaru's second charge and Hotaru had crashed breast's first into the wall. Maria now staggered after her injured rival. Grabbing her shoulder Maria spun Hotaru around.

    A desperate, "No," passed Hotaru's lips as Maria exterted her remaining strength to removing the arms covering what she was after. Her back to me I could see the tensing of the muscles in her back and butt as she slowly forced Hotaru's arms open. Slipping her arms under Hotaru's shoulders. Automatically Hotaru's own arms circled Maria's back as her sweat and tear stained face apeared over her shoulder. Maria took a deep breathe...then squeezed.


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    Re: Sexy Reunion 4

    My own body rebelled as I poured on what little strength I had left. Hotaru's body tightened as I heard her cry out in my ear. I could hear her sobbing as she hung almost limply in my arms now.

    "Give up?" i demanded.


    Her whisper was almost too soft to hear. I felt her arms tighten slightly but she made no effort to push her boobs foward. I squuezed again, shoving out powerfully, the pain excruciating, but I could feel Hotaru jerking almost spasmodically in my arms as her wails increased in pitch, as my tits began penetrating hers. I panted in exhaustion and pain as we both stood there, locked almost in what you'd call a loving embrace.

    Only there was no love lost here.

    "Give up?"

    "No...," she whispered back. "Not...gonna..."

    I gathered my flagging reserves and this time hefted her feet off the ground, arms squeezing as my breasts shoved out powerfully. She shrieked in pain and actually lost her grip on me. I was the only thing holding her up in my effort to break her. In the back of my mind I could hear noise, but I was focused on obliterating this bitchy redhead that I couldn't understand what was being said.


    I felt Hotaru torn from my arms as she slumped, kneeling, to the floor. Mark's arms were around me as I struggled to get back at the redhead.

    "It's over," he said. "You won."


    It wasn't over. Not until Hotaru said them. Said the words.

    "It's no contest," his voice was soft in my ears, holding me in a loose embrace. "She's in no condition to fight back."

    Slowly, his voice gentle in my ears, my blood cooled and he sat me down in his chair a pitcher of ice water and some glasses nearby. I gulped down three glasses of water and wrapped some ice in a napkin, laying it on my aching breasts.

    Mark meanwhile was tending to red. I felt jealous as he tenderly handled her, her sobbings slowly fading. Looking up she locked gazes with me, the hate still there, and struggled to rise. Mark set her down on the bed and stepped back to face us both.

    "Despite what I think," he said. " lost."

    "No..." Hotaru said, slapping the mattress. "I never...I didn't quit."

    "You were in no shape to continue," he replied. "I was not going to sit back and watch the two of you injure each other permanently. too much to let that happen."

    "Wait...," I demanded. "Do you mean..."

    "Don't get ahead of yourself," he retorted. "I don't know what the two of you have between each other, or what agreement you have. I'm not some prize boytoy for you to win."

    I was silent with that. I hadn't considered that he'd be this resistant. I mean...isn't this what men dreamed of?

    To have women fighting over them?

    "I'll keep my end of the bargain," he said. "I'll go back with Maria. But that is only as far as her home. After that..."

    I felt ill again. After everything I just went through, was I going to lose him again?

    "Now if you don't mind," he said, his voice cold. "I need to be alone for awhile."

    Slipping back into my gown, without the bra of course, I left after Hotaru who'd simply had to pull her straps back over her shoulders. I'd fully expected her to ambush me on my way back to my room, but apparently she had other things on her mind than starting another fight with me. As I closed the door to my room, emotions came to a head as I dropped to the ground, sobbing, as if I'd just lost, not won the fight.

    A few hours later I lay in bed, wrapped in my sheet, a bottle of Black and White on the floor after an abortive attempt to get drunk when I heard knocking at my door. I was still paranoid over a possible revenge attack from Hotaru so I glanced through the peephole. My eyes widened in surprise as I unlatched the door to admit Mark.

    "What do you...,"my eyes widened as he kissed me roughly kicking the door back into a closed position. Gasping heavily as we came up for air, I tugged at his pants while he pulled the sheet from my body. I cried out in pain as he attacked my still aching tits, biting and sucking at the bruised flesh while nibbling at the tender nipples. Throwing me roughly onto the bed, he paused only long enough strip off his shirt and pants before he was on me again and in me.

    It was rough and savage sex.

    And I loved it.


    "Maria. Mark's here."

    "You're spending too much time with him," Esk grumbled. My sister lay sprawled on my bed wearing her favourite pair of short shorts.

    "You can't still be mad that he called you little kid," I replied, smacking my lips to even out my lipstick. "Besides he's taking me to see his family today. Maybe you'll be calling him brother."

    Esk sputtered as I grabbed my handbag. I giggled to myself at my sister's jealousy as I let myself out. After the night in the hotel he'd come home with me. The trip was a memorable one as we took the long way around. I'd walking on cloud nine by the time I got home, just after midnight. I got yanked back down to earth by a message on my personal answering machine.

    "This isn't over blondie."

    Neither of us was in any condition to do anything for almost two weeks. And we both got a serious reprimand for fighting outside of the house and possibly drawing attention to the parties. We were both currently still on probation, barred from fighting each other. Diana knew damn well just how to punish us. I took pleasure in flaunting my new relationship, gossiping with the other girls within earshot of Hotaru.

    He'd been quite adamant about us getting reacquainted, before making any hard decisions. Only problem was my mind was already made up. I just needed to convince him...

    "You look tense."

    I looked over at Mark, concern on his face. It never ceased to amaze me how much I loved this clueless, perceptive, smart idiot.

    "I'm fine," I answered. "Just wondering if I'll pass the grade."

    "No worries," he replied. "My aunt likes to act like an old battlewagon, but she's a pussycat."

    "What about your mother?"

    "Mom, already knows about you," he winked. "She's already after me to get my old crib down from the attic.

    I flushed at that. We'd been damn lucky I hadn't gotten pregnant during the stay at the hotel, or the trip home. After a long talk we decided to take precautions. Now, even after almost two months, my tests were still negative.

    I got quiet, looking out the window at the towers and flow of cars he focused on the driving. It wasn't a long drive but I was quite nervous about this. Meeting the family was a big commitment as she it set you up for retaliation if things fell through. And considering Mark's would be a bad idea to tick them off. Houses began to appear as we left the bustle of the town for the quiet of suburbia. After an hour of driving, her parked us up along the path leading to a large bungalow.

    "This is it," I realised to myself as I stepped out of the car and took a deep breathe. Mark smiled at me, giving me a deep kiss while taking me arm. At the entrance he patted his hair before ringing the bell.

    I'd never realised how loud it was before since I was required to knock. A buzzer that loud would certainly be disruptive. My reverie was broken as the door opened. The woman who opened the door was still attractive, but there were now more gray than black in her hair. She gave me a look of surprise as I smiled and nodded at her. This mattered little to Mark as he spun her around in a hug.

    "Aunt Diana," he cried happily. "It's good to see you."


    So yeah...I was torn on who I wanted to win this fight. Eventually I chose Maria since...well...I don't like screamers. If you don't get it, shame on you.
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    Re: Sexy Reunion 4

    DAMN! This was one great read, and I can't wait to see what happens next. Will Hotaru get her revenge or will Maria thwart her? Will their battles accelerate to a steamy new level? I can't wait to find out

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    Re: Sexy Reunion 4

    Need a name for a sequel/continuation. Any ideas?

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    Re: Sexy Reunion 4

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    Sexy Reunion 4
    I'm not a fan of necromancing 5 year olf threads, but since I can't send PMs until I have 10 posts, well, I'll bite the bullet.
    I *loved* the story, even if I was pulling for the loser. The introduction was top notch and the competitiveness between the two rivals was hot. I can see you in the end decided not to do a sequel, but oh boy, the loser did seem very unhappy with how things ended.

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