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Thread: Beautiful Interracial Topless Equal Women Wrestling

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    Talking Beautiful Interracial Topless Equal Women Wrestling (video)

    ACA 304 - Jade Fang vs Kymberly Jane
    full - Academy Wrestling Video - ACA 304 - Jade Fang vs Kym James

    The girls get down to business and this is good old time Academy wrestling! Forget the porn aspect of it, this is straight up woman on woman competitive wrestling. Though the skill level is just above "novice", enthusiasm takes over. Jade wants to kick some ass on a similar sized woman, and Kym wants some all-out wrestling, no saving her energy for post-match "performances".

    Close match with both women scoring submissions-without the fancy stuff-plenty of pindowns, scissors, wristlocks, and headlocks come into play, as well as twisted up holds the girls invent along the way before one lady scores a match ending submission.

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