(Titfight) Fuko vs Hitomi Tanaka, part one
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Thread: (Titfight) Fuko vs Hitomi Tanaka, part one

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    (Titfight) Fuko vs Hitomi Tanaka, part one

    (Titfight) Fuko vs Hitomi Tanaka, part one
    THEN LAND OF THE RISING SUN AND BATTLING BOOBS, starring Fuko and Hitomi Tanaka:

    After a long night of hardcore drinking in Bahamas, Hitomi, drunk, contacted Fuko, proposing her to do a lesbian movie. Producers did not welcome the idea, but an anonymous member from outside the country moved some strings, and convinced them explaining that movie would revolutionize the world of japanese big boobs porn. It was October, and the crew in charge was about to finish the filming, there was only the final scene left. But let's get into a certain room of the building where the movie was being filmed... It were half-bedroom, half-dressing room. Walls painted in a pinkish white, with alternative art hanging from them, and some plants scattered around the place, for atmosphere-improving. Blue standard lamps made contrast with the colour of the walls. Right in the entrance, there were placed two changing rooms, an enormous closet sheltered various sexy outfits, and in front of them, there was a wide bed. At the bottom part of the room, there was a couch, a dressing table, and a door leading to a bathroom. It was like somebody could actually live there.

    All of sudden, the door opened wide. Dressed only with a blue coat, which enhanced her cleavage, Fuko entered the room, quickly, upset, and nearly furious. Locking the door after her, Hitomi got in, dressed with another of those cleavage-enhancing coats. She also seemed very angry.
    Hitomi: Why have you left?
    Fuko: I just don't understand how could you do it!
    Hitomi: Excuse me? It wasn't me who left the set hysterical!
    Fuko turned back, so she could face Hitomi. Both stared at into their eyes, in a feline mood. There was only a little distance standing between them.
    Fuko: I don't understand how you've sold yourself to the americans.
    Hitomi: What!?
    Fuko: During all of these years, we've been the queens of boobs in Japan. People has treated us like rivals, but still, I respected you. I had to force myself for coming here and film this movie with you, but now I think that I can't even simulate that I'm having sex with a traitor.
    Hitomi: Are you listening to yourself? This has nothing to do with selling oneself to the americans! Business is business, and your attitude back there has been anything but professional.
    Fuko: Why should I be professional with someone who's not like that for her own country? We idols are a product of this land! You've disgraced that name! Did you know that a lot of girls turn themselves into models because they're inspired BY US?
    Hitomi: You know what? I think you're just jealous 'cause everybody around the world has crowned me as the biggest boobs from Japan.
    Fuko stared mad at Hitomi. The later understood that what she said was not nice, and began approaching towards the other girl. As she did it, Fuko threw her coat down to the floor, getting completely naked. Hitomi stopped advancing, but then, it was Fuko who began approaching slowly towards the other girl.
    Fuko: You know, I think it's funny you mention that subject...
    Hitomi understood the challenge at the very moment. She removed her coat too, and approached towards who seemed to be turning into her rival.
    Hitomi: You sure you want to continue?

    Fuko did not even bothered into answering. She kept looking Hitomi at her eyes, until their tits came into contact. It was pretty reasonable why Hitomi felt intimidated by Fuko's body, chubby, but still bulkier, full of energy, and maybe stronger. But then, Fuko should be intimidated too: Even when Hitomi had recently abandoned herself, she was still kind of athletic, and she knew karate. Both turned their faces to the right, without losing eye contact, with their hands on their respective hips, breathing deeply, swelling their bodies with air, until their breasts met. One time after another, they began to clash them, smooth and slowly.
    Hitomi: Did you know that firmness is a virtue?
    Fuko: Nobody appreciates it now. People wants tits bigger as possible.
    Hitomi: But being bigger does not equal better. Well-proportioned tits are the best.
    Fuko: I disagree, but I must admit that you have impressive tits.
    Hitomi: Wow, you've been very "tender" there...
    Fuko: Well, at least ONE of your tits is so impressive as mine.
    Hitomi recognized the offense. Fuko was talking about how her left tit was smaller than her right one. She did not enjoy it, and delivered a direct tit-blow, feeling how flabby were Fuko's tits. She smiled thinking it was going to be a piece of cake, but then Fuko pushed her pair forwards, and doing little effort, but enough to make Hitomi feel she was losing balance. Both held their own boobs, and began to clash them, livelier than before, rubbing sometimes their nipples together.
    Fuko: Don't feel bad darling. Your 97 centimeters are against my 120!
    Hitomi: *Dealing stronger tit-blows* Truth is they're 100 centimeters big. Guess being too busy even for working as a pornstar also gives you little-to-no time for enquiring about your partners.
    Fuko: *Countering* Partners? Today we're going to be more than that.
    Hitomi: Do you know the rules? That would amaze me.
    Fuko: No nails, no teeth, no hits under the belt.
    Hitomi: Funny, your champion belt?
    Fuko: I don't see anyother champion here.
    Both mashed their boobs together one more time, but now they would not separate them. Nipple-to-nipple, both caught each other in a mutual bear hug.

    Hitomi: Know what? Our internet fans, and every guy who we fucked in our movies, would love to see me with you like this.
    Fuko: Hah. Poor flamers. Internet is full of crap about you... And about me, I suppose.
    It seemed like they were glad to face each other at least. Each girl had one arm inside the bear hug, and the other one outside. That allowed they to apply the same pressure, and also compress their knockers to the max, not leaving any room for shrooming over their arms: Their hangers could only be more and more pressed, until one pair explodes.
    Hitomi: Let's make this more interesting...
    Hitomi kissed Fuko, and inserted her tongue into the later's mouth. Fuko tried to resist, and that distracted her from the bear hug, allowing Hitomi to tighten it. While they kissed each other, and the saliva fell from their mouths, Hitomi squeezed Fuko harder, feeling how her firmer enormities hammered into Fuko's ones, even feeling how her nipples pressed Fuko's ones under her tit-surface. The chubby one noticed it and took up again the offensive, trying to recover. Both pressed their bodies together, pubic mound against pubic mound, feeling heat coming from their private parts. Bit by bit, the skinny felt how her rival's tits, being bigger, were unleashing a hell of pressure. It was not like Fuko were having fun, but she was more conscious than her rival of her own advantage. Hitomi tightened the squeeze, but Fuko countered squeezing her too, making her rival to separate her lips from her own, groaning with a facial expression of pain.
    Fuko: *Smiling* Seems I'm winning the battle of the bulges.
    Hitomi: *Releasing Fuko and shoving her backwards* Mmph! Let go!
    Fuko instantly released Hitomi, and their enormous breast bounced wildy while they were taken away, colored red due the pressure. Hitomi stepped backwards with the hands on her tits, in pain.
    Fuko: *Still smiling* Don't you want another love hug? I thought you were learning what a big bust is...
    Hitomi: Don't be that cocky...
    From top to bottom, Hitomi groped her rival's boobs, making them bounce.
    Hitomi: Well, I understand why you did it so well. They're sooo quite firm.
    More subtle words were about to come, and Fuko groped her rival too, moving her hands in circles.
    Fuko: It's comforting to feel some tits so similar to each other. I'm sure you've never had to cut two different sized bras and neither had to sew them for a good fixing.

    Hitomi squeezed harder the other girl's tits. Fuko flinched, feeling the aggresiveness, but also seeing the rejoicing in her rival's eyes. Stepping forward, both held rougher their breasts, and handled them violently. They could in their hands how their boobs were still hot due the bear hug, and even their blood boil through the cramped veins.
    Hitomi: Suddenly, I'm craving for marshmallows.
    Fuko: Nmph!! Craving? Hitomi, I thought you were a lady! Who's the father?
    Fuko pushed Hitomi's knockers against her body, the later seemed like paralyzed, moaning in pain. Seeing she had an advantage, Fuko pushed them upwards, until Hitomi had to stand on her tiptoes, unable to handle it. Her eyes were closed, as her face only resembled pain. Half-opening them, she saw Fuko smiling evilly. Feeling an enormous grudge, she pinched her aggressor's nipples. Screaming in pain, Fuko released her rival, but Hitomi twisted them, and pushed her boobs. Pride made Fuko to feel her adversary was discrediting her enormities, which, for her, were better... So, she countered doing the same. Soon, both were screaming as they pinched their nipples and stretching their hangers in every direction, tumbling.
    Fuko: ENOUGH!!
    In angry, Fuko felt an adrenaline rush, released her rival's attributes, and moved the later one's arms away from her pair, freeing them. Hitomi knew that Fuko was going to be more vicious now, and covered her tits with her hands, but Fuko landed a left-to-right boob-swing that made her rival's ones bounce out from her hands.
    Fuko: Time to admit who's the tit empress!
    Another boob-swing, and Hitomi groaned in pain after receiving Fuko's enormous tits on her own. Another impact, and sweat drops got scattered everywhere. There is when Hitomi noticed that sweat was not coming from her, but from Fuko... She was getting tired, now she had to counter! Se rushed for holding her rival by the wrists, but Fuko struggled, and both ended holding each other by the shoulders. One last swing from Fuko, and all of sudden, Hitomi endured the pain and delivered a frontal tit-blow, making her rival to moan in pain.
    Hitomi: Then I'll flatten you and become the empress!
    It was hard to make their breasts connect due Fuko's sweaty and slippery skin, but Hitomi kept trying. Each breast-strike led Hitomi to realize that her firmer boobs were devastating Fuko's saggier ones. A fifth frontal push, and both startled, feeling their nipples connecting painfully.

    Continued in part two. Please, post comments there.
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