Review - ECNWC CF48 - Jemma vs. Hollie
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Thread: Review - ECNWC CF48 - Jemma vs. Hollie

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    Review - ECNWC CF48 - Jemma vs. Hollie

    Review - ECNWC CF48 - Jemma vs. Hollie
    I just received and watched a catfight video I feel many of you will definitely like: ECNWC's CF-48. (ECNWC catfighting & female wrestling)

    For those of you unfamiliar with ECNWC, they specialize in real, unscripted catfights. In most cases, the fights are intense and involve hair pulling, tit mauling, crotch attacks, body punching, face and body slapping, knees, kicks, and some wrestling tactics. The company is not one that pumps out tons of videos quickly. I think they've only released around 5 videos in the last 3 years! Anyway, what they DO put out is usually good, but CF-48 is exceptional.

    You may have seen Hollie, who used to be a professional boxer, on Vira's web site. I know Vira's fights are generally not very intense, but I guarantee you that Hollie is one tough cookie. Jemma, who is an ECNWC veteran, has been nothing but aggressive and impressive.

    The fight these two hellcats had is probably THE best catfight I've personally seen in years. Both start with a top and thongs, but the latter are torn away quite quickly, leaving both fighters bottomless. As you can imagine, their crotches are attacked quite a bit. What I think will interest you all the most is the tit mauling action. It happens quite a bit and is of the squeezing and twisting HARD variety. It looks and SOUNDS quite painful. The screams are very real and you can see the marks once one of the girls legs go. The aggression is what really got me. As I mentioned, ECNWC's fights are generally intense. Heck, it's the company Vira debuted at, and back when she began, she choked out her opponent. Well, Hollie and Jemma's fight doesn't just crank it up to 11. No, they turned it up to 12! The action is constant and not one-sided. Both women gave it their all and the ending actually had me going, "What would have happened if the time limit wasn't in place?"

    Anyway, if you're into aggressive catfights with good tit attacks, check this one out.

    A rare 5 Stars from yours truly.
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    Re: Review - ECNWC CF48 - Jemma vs. Hollie

    Hello, I checked the link and don't see CF-48 up yet. I have seen bits of CF-47 and that is one of the roughest rules catfights I have seen ever. Definitely a great match. I would say that ECNWC is the "go to" place for people who want to see real and rough fights, that aren't actually MMA in a cage events. Crystal Films and BSA carried this torch once upon a time ago, but you don't see new material coming out of them these days.

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    Re: Review - ECNWC CF48 - Jemma vs. Hollie

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    Review - ECNWC CF48 - Jemma vs. Hollie
    I just checked out the ECNWC site and you are right. They don't have a preview for CF48 and CF49. They do, however, have both videos for sale on the order section. Weird. I only knew about those two vids because they e-mailed me and there were pics in the e-mail plus a link to order.

    I miss Crystal Films. I personally liked their Hellfire Club series since the women there tended to go after each other's tits and crotches a lot more. I just wish that translated to their Video Magazines. "We Bring It" actually has some really good fights, but I still am unsure whether they're scripted fights or not. They claim that the storylines are scripted, but the fights aren't. I personally think the fights look rather real. However, I've seen cuts that suggest editing, so I have my doubts. Still, they really do have some rough fights in their "Bring It Bitch" series of films, like Jenn vs. Ariana and any of the Ariel X vs. Dia Zerva vids.

    Do you know which company I wish would "up their game"? Ultimate Surrender. I LOVE their whole winner fucks the loser idea and the women they have are gorgeous. I just wonder what would happen if they started to move away from "sexual wrestling" and towards "sexual catfights". Allow the women to attack one another's tits and crotches to elicit pain and not just pleasure. And, allow points to be scored by a woman who uses breast and crotch attacks, both sexually and catfight-wise, to get out of a disadvantageous position. Man, that would make things a lot wilder. That's my thought, anyway.
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