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    Story: Cheating Wife

    Story: Cheating Wife
    Mary walked into the house and looked around. Her husband Charlie was no where to be seen but she expected that. Charlie was a stay at home dad and a successful author, so he might be anywhere from the grocery store to his upstairs office, or even in bed by this time of night. Mary had been out of town on a business trip and she wasn’t scheduled to come home till Friday afternoon, but she wrapped things up early and managed to catch a flight late Wednesday, getting into the airport after seven. It was close to ten o’clock when she arrived home.

    She hung up her coat and began walking through the hallway, then stopped as she caught a glimpse of herself in the hall mirror. She turned to face the mirror and appraised her shelf. Not bad for a forty two year old mother of three. She was 5’6” tall, auburn haired (she was careful to hide the grey that was seeping in) and 36D-30-38. She exercised moderately and was in relatively good condition. Not bad at all…as a mater of fact, Mary felt she was one of the sexist women in the neighborhood. There were only two women could match her…well maybe three, but the third was only twenty five. She was hot and she knew it.

    Continuing on, she checked the downstairs rooms then headed upstairs. She checked the kids rooms only to find them empty. Oh yes, Charlie had said something about his mother, the kids and the lake house they owned. Ooooohhhhh, that was better than she had hoped for. She admitted to herself that she had been rather neglectful of Charlie for awhile…awhile, shit it’s been six months, no eight, wait almost a year since the last time they had…well, she’d make it up to him tonight.

    As she approached her bedroom, she could hear water running in the bathroom. She turned the corner, then stopped short, startled. Laying on her bed in a rather provocative pose was a buxom, forty something blond…one that Mary knew well. She was the droolie of the neighborhood. She had all the attributes any man would want; beautiful, widowed, rich, blond (well platinum), 5’ 9” tall, and a 40DD-27-38 figure which she worked hard at keeping.

    “Candy…what are you doing here?”

    Jumping off the bed Candice hastily stood up and faced the irate Mary. Suddenly calming, she said “Well… you see… you forgot Charlie’s birthday, so a bunch of us girls from the neighborhood took him out for the night. A girls night out, as it were. We just got back.”

    “Birthday? When was Charlie’s birth…. oh shit, it was Tuesday.”

    “That’s right, Tuesday…and when he called your hotel Tuesday night, what do you think happened? Oh my…a man answered your phone! Charlie is not a happy camper.”

    “Yeah…well... well that’s none of your business, is it Candy? Now get the hell out of here. Get out before you get hurt.” Mary was getting more agitated by the moment, furiously trying to think of a way out of this.

    “She’ll go when I tell her to go.” Mary whirled to face an equally distressed Charlie. “Would you like to say anything?”

    As nonchalantly as possible Mary said “Say something about what?”


    “Oh that! That … um… that was just some guy I met in the hotel bar. He asked to use the bathroom, then left right after.”

    “THE BATHROOM! IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN UP WITH?” Charlie slammed the bathroom door. Candy snickered as Mary stared at the door.

    Whirling around Mary screamed “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE YOU WHORE!”



    “I said no. You’re the fucking whore… worse…you’re a slut wife cheating on a great man like Charlie…you get out. Charlie’s been moping around here all day and he’s been crying on my shoulder all night. He’s just starting to admit what you really are and I’m going to make sure the picture is completely clear before I leave.”

    “GET OUT!”


    Stomping across the room, Mary grabbed Candy by her long blond hair and began pulling her toward the bedroom door. Caught by surprise, Candy was towed halfway across the room before she reacted and slapped away Mary’s arm.

    “Get out you bitch…or I’m going to fucking throw you out.”

    “Bring it on cunt. I’d love to show Charlie how much I care about him by fighting you for him.”


    “Yes…fighting for him. Or aren’t you willing!”

    Motion caught Mary’s eye as the bathroom door opened. Charlie stood watching.

    Mary knew that Charlie was a fan of catfighting women…and it appeared that Candy knew also. If she refused to fight, she might as well pack her stuff and get out, because between the guy she fucked Tuesday night (and all the other guys Charlie didn’t know a thing about she hoped) and not fighting for him, their marriage was over. With out another word, Mary slapped Candy across the face, sending the blond stumbling back. Candy looked over at Charlie for a second, then a huge smile filled her face, and with a yell, she lunged at Mary. The fight was on.

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    Re: Story: Cheating Wife

    The pair locked hands in each others hair and began pulling each other around the room, ripping and tearing at one others hair and scalp. Moaning and groaning, they tried to bald each other, with clumps of blond and auburn hair drifting to the floor. Suddenly, Mary lets out a hideous screech as Candy draws her clawed fingers down the side of Mary’s face, scratching bloody furrows down the wife’s cheek.

    Mary tries to retaliate but her wrist is caught by Candy and the two again struggle across the room, till they hit the bed and flop down onto it. Rolling from side to side, the two continue to fight. With a resounding RIIIPPPPP, Candy opens up Mary’s blouse, revealing the lacy D-cup bra beneath. Crying out, Mary again tries to retaliate, only to have Candy slap her face several times then pull her up from the bed and throw the auburn haired slut across the room, slamming face first into the wall right next to Charlie.

    Coming in right behind Mary, Candy slams against Mary, driving her into the wall, then bounces repeatedly against the back of the wayward wife, crushing her tits into the wall and pounding her groin into it also. Grabbing her enemy by the hair Candy slams Mary’s face repeatedly into the wall, till she is bleeding from the nose and lips, barely conscious and hanging from Candy’s grip in her hair..

    Grabbing Mary’s blouse from behind, Candy rips it down and completely off the devastated redhead. Next Candy unzips Mary’s skirt and lets it fall to the floor, leaving her adversary in only bra and panties. Not satisfied, Candy unclasps Mary’s bra and reaching around, pulls it off her rival. Candy pulls Mary away from the wall by the hair, turns her around and slams her back into the wall. Mary is unresisting by this point and just leans on the wall as Candy survey’s her body.

    Noting the prominent nipples Candy looks over at Charlie “Is she still breast feeding the baby?”

    “She was when she left, but that was over a week ago.”

    With a grin, Candy says “Let’s just see if there’s anything left.” Candy latches on to Mary’s left breast with her hand and squeezes. Mary gasps and begins to moan, pushing ineffectively against Candy. Candy leans over, puts her lips to Mary’s protruding nipple and SUCKS. Mary cry’s out and redoubles her efforts at pushing Candy away, still with no results.

    “Charlie…Charlie…get her off me…she’s milking me…oh shit she’s milking my tit. Oh god she’s sucking too hard….get her off me.”

    Candy’s mouth comes away from the nipple as she continues to squeeze the tit with her hand, causing a spray of milk to issue from Mary. Candy spits the mouthful of milk into Mary’s face. “Oh, she’s still got a full load on her Charlie. She might not have been feeding the baby but SOMEONE has been sucking on her. Oh and just so you know Charlie…if you decide to kick her ass to the curb, I’VE still got a full load of milk too, for both the baby and you.”

    Turning back to Mary, Candy squeezes the tit again, bringing another spurt of milk and puts her mouth on the other nipple and begins to feed on that one also. After spitting another mouthful of milk into Mary’s face, Candy stands face to face with the cheating wife and squeezes and mauls the sluts tits. Mary’s milk is spraying onto Candy, soaking her blouse and bra, making them all but transparent. Charlie notes with satisfaction that Candy’s nipples are also quite prominent…and clearly much larger than Mary’s.

    Candy has Mary’s nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand and is squeezing and pulling on the mid-sized knobs. Mary is sobbing and crying, head flopping from side to side as Candy tortures her tits.

    “Charlie…would you like to see me empty the sluts boobs?”

    In a dreamy voice Charlie replies “Oh yeah….yeah I really would…um… but, take her in the bathroom would you… it’s bad enough getting her milk out of the sheets without having to clean it from the rug.”

    Laughing, Candy pulls the unresisting Mary into the bathroom “You got it Charlie… she and I can take a shower together.” Shoving Mary into the bathroom, Candy stands in the doorway stripping as she surveys the room.

    “Jeez Charlie, this is some bathroom!” And it was, with an in floor whirlpool tub, big enough for all three of them, a two sink vanity, toilet, bidet and a shower arch with no less than six low volume high pressure shower heads.

    “Yeah…did all the work myself. I built it for Mary and I to use together… you know after the kids were in bed… but that never happened.”

    Charlie eyed the gorgeous blond stripping in the door way and it didn’t take a genius to guess what HE was thinking.

    Now nude, Candy advances on Mary. Revived Mary readied herself and the two come together. Breasts pressed together the two struggle and wrestle. Candy grabs at the only remaining piece of clothing on either of them, Mary’s panties. Getting a good grip, Candy heaves up, bringing a scream from her auburn haired opponent. Mary comes up on her toes and tip toes around the room as Candy saws the panties up into her pussy and anus. Screaming and yelling, Mary moves to Candy’s tune till the panties ripped away and Mary staggers over to lean against a wall, crying and sobbing.

    Candy grabs the bitch by the hair and throws her into the shower stall. Coming in right behind her, Candy grabs both of Mary’s tits, pins her against the wall and mauls. Squeezing and twisting, Candy tortures Mary’s tits and gets them seeping milk again. Putting her mouth to the nipples, Candy sucks on each till she has a good flow coming from each teat and keeps it going by squeezing and pulling, milking the bitch like a cow.

    Crying, sobbing, moaning and groaning, Mary pulls on Candy’s wrists and withers against the wall. Both women feel Charlie enter the shower area and look over. Mary groans when she sees that Charlie has stripped also… she knows what’s coming next. Candy looks Charlie over for a second, appreciating his body till she looks down and see’s his rod. Gasping, she could only stare, holding Mary pinned against the wall but stopping the tit mauling in her surprise.

    “Christ…how big is that thing? It looks like a foot and a half!”

    Sobbing Mary replies “Yeah and you think it’s even bigger when it’s inside you…but it’s really only about ten or eleven inches… but fuck is it thick.”

    “I can see that. And you were fucking around… cheating with other men???? What the fuck is wrong with you.”

    Charlie was the one to reply this time. “She doesn’t like it. Says it’s too big…that’s why she fucks other men, I guess. She likes ‘em small.”

    Still sobbing Mary stammers out “W..what do you mean other men?”

    “Get off it Mary. I’ve had a fucking detective following you for the past two months. He’s got pictures of at least six guys you’ve slept with, you fucking slut.”

    By this point Candy has let go of Mary, who slumps back against the wall then slides down to the floor, hugging her abused boobs. Candy goes down to her knees, gripping Charlie’s prick and running her hands up and down the huge shaft. Looking up at Charlie’s face, she smiles, puts her mouth on the end of his cock and begins taking him into her mouth.

    Slowly she takes more and more in. A rictus of pleasure on his face, Charlie moans and looks down in awe as Candy takes six inches… then eight… nine… then the entire shaft into her mouth. She has to be deep throating him and Charlie is in heaven. She sucks on his cock for a moment, then slowly pulls off till just the tip is in her mouth. She sucks on that for a moment then quickly slides all the way down the shaft, taking him all in again. She pistons up and down his shaft rapidly three times then stops with just the tip in her mouth sucking, when Charlie cries out and cums.

    It feels like a gallon of cum in Candy’s mouth as she strives to take it all in. Charlie finally finishes with a sigh, panting. Candy pulls her mouth off, turns to Mary and spits Charlie’s cum into her face. Spitting and sputtering, Mary’s temper spikes and she goes at Candy’s face with her nails. The fight is back on and the two roll and twist around in the huge shower stall. Mary manages to get one hand to Candy’s face and scratches down the side. She doesn’t break the skin but does manage to leave behind several long welts. Crying out, Candy retaliates by drawing her finger knives down the length of Mary’s left tit.

    Candy DOES break skin and leaves three long scratches down the length of the boob. When she gets to the nipple, Candy digs in with all five fingers and tries to separate the nipple from the aureola. Digging in, Candy claws at the end of Mary’s cone. Seeping milk, and now blood, Candy pulls on the nipple and tit, stretching and twisting the meat.

    Crying and sobbing, Mary is pulling at Candy’s wrist with one hand and pushing on Candy’s shoulder then chest with the other hand. Frantic, wailing, Mary desperately pushes on Candy’s tits, and pounds on her chest. She is terrified that this fucking blond bitch is going to scratch up her aureola… and rip off her nipple if she can.

    Mary feels a sharp pain in her tit and knows that Candy is only moments away from denippleing her left tit. Frantic, she dives down with both hands to Candy’s pussy. Ripping and scratching, Mary attacks Candy’s womanhood. Candy’s scream is blood chilling and she scrambles backward trying to get away from the claws at her cunt. Mary gets a finger inside Candy’s pussy and suddenly Candy is the frantic one, pulling on Mary’s arm as she feels Mary’s nail pushing against her clit.

    The two freeze in a tableau of Mary on top of a horrified Candy, all four hands at Candy’s pussy. Mary’s face is right in Candy’s and they stare into each others eyes.

    Candy is chanting “…no…no” while Mary taunts her.

    “Your fucking cunt will never be the same when I’m done bitch… you’ll never enjoy sex again after I rip out your clit.”

    Suddenly a smile comes to Candy’s face. Slowly, ever so slowly, Candy is winning. Mary’s finger can not quite touch Candy’s clit, and slowly her hand is slipping from Candy’s pussy. Mary has been beat up a little too much and Candy is a little too strong. Suddenly, Candy snaps her head forward and her forehead smacks Mary’s nose, sending the bitch wife flailing back against the wall. With a sigh, Candy rubs her pussy, then moving forward, pulls Mary’s legs apart, and slams her fist into Mary’s cunt. Punching as hard as she can, Candy pounds on the bitches cunt. Slamming her fist over and over again into the wildly screaming Mary, Candy devastates her rivals pussy. Blood begins to seep out of Mary’s gash but Candy continues.

    Out of breath, Candy finally stops, leaning back to gasp and pant. Mary of course is in much worse shape. Her pussy is devastated and when she rubs it she is horrified that she can barely feel her fingers on her cunt lips. Mary slides back as far as she can away from Candy and curls up around her shattered womanhood.

    Breathing back to normal, Candy moves forward and grabs Mary by the tits, pulling her up.

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    Re: Story: Cheating Wife

    “Come on bitch…lets finish off these tits. Then Charlie and I can get down to some serious fucking. Oh don’t worry…I’ll let you watch.”

    Pulling her devastated rival to her knees, Candy once again begins milking Mary hooters, pulling and squeezing Mary’s tits, causing long streams of warm, frothy, tit juice to spurt out. But Mary isn’t done. She grabs Candy tit’s in return and the two begin a milking fight. Mary pulls Candy around by her tits and latches her lips to Candy’s nipple, franticly sucking to get Candy’s lactation started. Candy just sigh’s.

    “That’s it bitch…milk me…get you mouth on there and suck. Oh that’s it cunt… that feels good.”

    Mary has gotten both of Candy’s tits to start flowing and the two are face to face, pulling and squeezing on the others boobs. Milk is flying all around and Charlie is mesmerized by what the two women are doing to each other. Mary’s left tit spurts and the stream lessens, then runs out completely. Candy immediately releases the tit and sends her hand to Mary’s cunt. Mary cries out, expecting pain, but instead Candy rubs and caresses Mary’s pussy. Mary gasps as Candy slips a finger inside Mary’s cunt and begin finger fucking her.

    Mary can barely respond. Between the milk being forced from her tits… well tit, now that one was empty… and Candy fingering her, she can barely move. Her body completely betrays her and responds to the stimulus she is getting from both her tits and her pussy. She continues to milk Candy’s big hooters, but just barely. Then she feels it rising. She begins panting and thrusting her pelvis against Candy’s hand, forcing her deeper and deeper into Mary’s cunt. When she starts “Oh…oh…oh…” Charlie tells Candy to fuck her harder, she’s ready to cum. She’s no longer milking Candy…now she’s just rubbing Candy’s tits and flicking her nipples.

    Candy puts a second finger into Mary and pumps hard. Mary cries out and cums. Thrashing and spasming, Mary pushes her pussy against Candy’s hand as Candy pumps and thrusts her fingers into Mary’s cunt.

    Mary slumps to the floor, quivering and panting, crying at the release and thankful that her pussy still worked. She just wants to lay back and rest, but Candy won’t allow that. Pushing the bitch over onto her back, Candy straddles Mary’s belly, leans over and again sucks on Mary’s nipples. The left tit is empty and Candy sucks hard to be sure. Mary cries out in pain as Candy sucks on the dry teat.

    Satisfied that it’s really empty, Candy scratches at the nipple and aureola, bringing screams from Mary and blood from her tit. Candy scratches the aureola and drives her nails into Mary’s nipple, till both are a bloody mess. Switching to the right tit, Candy agains sucks on the teat. Charlie sees her cheeks indent she is sucking so hard.

    “AAAAAAAaaaaaiiiiiiiii… no… no… no. She’s trying…she’s trying to pop my… AAAAaaaaaiiiiii …. She popped my nipple oh…oh…oh.” Candy sits up, wraps both hands around the big tit and SQUEEZES. Milk bubbles up out of the nipple in at least nine or ten places and runs down the tit. Mary is screaming and crying, wailing that Candy has destroyed her nipples.

    “Yup…that pretty much sums it up. Now one more thing.”

    Candy begins moving up Mary’s body. When she crawls over Mary’s still up thrusting boobs, Candy sits down abruptly and crushes Mary’s tits, bringing another howl. Resuming her advance, Candy moves up till her pussy is right in Mary’s face.

    “Do it bitch…do it right. We all know you can’t satisfy a MAN like Charlie, not with your pussy and not with your mouth. Let’s see how you do with a WOMAN, a real woman like me. Remember…your clit is still pretty much intact…so far.”

    Candy pushes her cunt into Mary’s face and Mary spears her with her tongue. Candy gasps and begins moaning as Mary does it up right, licking Candy’s pussy lips, pushing her tongue in to probe for Candy’s clit, then licking on that. In no time Candy is spewing juices onto Mary’s face.

    Looking over at Charlie, Candy is delighted to see the lust still shining in his eyes, lust directed at her…not the bitch trapped between Candy’s thighs. Climbing off, Candy lays on the hard floor of the shower and presents her pussy to Charlie.

    “Come on lover…lets show your soon to be EX-wife what a real man and real woman look like when they have sex.”

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    Re: Story: Cheating Wife

    Interesting, i do prefer if there is trib match in it.
    Nevertheless, good job

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    Re: Story: Cheating Wife

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    Story: Cheating Wife
    Great story ... the action was vividly described! Yummy! :-)
    A straight bitch is just one who hasn't tasted pussy yet!

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