Chubby Sexfights?
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Thread: Chubby Sexfights?

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    Re: Chubby Sexfights?

    Chubby Sexfights?
    I guess I'm shallow, I want to read about hot chicks. I have zero interest in fat, ugly, unattractive, etc. girls in any way when it comes to sexual fantasies. Sorry...

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    Re: Chubby Sexfights?

    You know, I don't know why it isn't possible to disagree with someone without being abusive or offensive.

    Re: the topic of this thread: if this is what you are interested in, then post your stories. Just make sure that you indicate the content in the title or at the start of the story, so those who are not interested don't read by mistake.

    This is the general rule followed on this board. There are stories here that have content that does not appeal to me. I just don't read those stories.

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    Re: Chubby Sexfights?

    I agree with you to a point bd, but sometimes it goes too far. A few months ago it was the constant cock fighting stories, now it's a half dozen fattie stories in a day or two. If it was just mixed in with the normal posts, no problem. Unfortunately it seems like every once in a while someone tries to take over the board in this way and I for one don't enjoy it.

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    Re: Chubby Sexfights?

    To explain what has happened in simple terms, some people asked for a very particular fetish in our fetish. I remembered I have read some BBW fights and was curious about how many of them were on my archive. I looked and found six or seven, and I posted the first four ones. Once I post the last two or three I wont post more, because I don't have more. Bloodshot says it seems I was trying to take over the board. The truth if that if I post one story one day and wait a week to post another I'd never do -I'm a bit lazy with these things-. You'll find there's no need to worry, because in fact there is not many users nor writers interested in this particular fetish. In fact, I'm not interested at all and I was posting just to help somebody.

    About the need of saying if there are obese women in it, I truly can't see the need since almost every story we post here has in its firsts paragraphs the measures of the combatants, but anyway, and excepting the first one, Weighty Decisions (one could thought Weighty is a good hint), that was named precisely in this thread, I've said this on my posts:

    Halloween 2:
    Another fight between chubbies. Has more catfight than anything, but has a bit of titfight too. Rough.

    Corporate Giants:
    Another fight with no-standard beauties. They are not chubby, but they are big women, so I thought maybe some of you could be interested:

    Old Story New Characters:
    Another chubby fight. Not sure of the author.

    Rotund Rivalry:
    Another BBW fight
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    Re: Chubby Sexfights?

    Just read it and if you dont like, close the page. life is as simple as that

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    Re: Chubby Sexfights?

    Quote Originally Posted by ckskevin View Post
    Just read it and if you dont like, close the page. life is as simple as that
    Clap, clap, clap!! I agree with that!!!

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    Re: Chubby Sexfights?

    Well, it's not that I don't like it, I do in fact. However I like it more when the story revolts around a chubby vs a fit/skinnier girl. Not gonna lie, I do well-stacked girls, but in all shapes to be honest, and have a fetish for different-sized matches.
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    Re: Chubby Sexfights?

    I've been into this for decades.
    Been thinking of my BBW 2x wife and my BBW 1x ex-wife going at it for rights of my ownership. I have each win and sometimes they just give up. Of course
    I get to punish the losers tits , because they didn't try hard enought.

    It's great because I "see" the ex everyday going to her job. The wife thinks she's out of state.

    Though I'm not limited to them, the wife has a BBW type group she runs around with that also I have participate in their own sexfights.
    call it girls catfight , they all happen in one of her friends basement at work. they have lots of gym mats for emer snow sleep overs. spread those out and the clothes come off(gotta have something wearable afterwards), lingerie stays on till they are forcibly removed. Its also a fact they wet the mats with their forced orgasms.

    So yeah I known thi a long time too.

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    Re: Chubby Sexfights?

    There are some heavier women fighting for Kontex Women Wrestling - free Catfight Downloads - free Catfight Videos | by - not participating in sexual activity but fighting and going for the goodies in sometimes very mean ways!

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    Re: Chubby Sexfights?

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    Chubby Sexfights?
    I have always been a fan of sexfights but seeing the same models and stars does get tiresome after some time. Now the thought of two naturally curvy women going at it sexually just seems so breath taking! Its new and natural...not to mention hotter than hell. My wife has quite a few curves and a bit of a belly but I often find myself matching her against another curvy friend or ex cause it turns me on more. I would pay to see a sexfight but I would pay more to see two natural women in sexual combat.
    "There's nothing wrong when a woman fights, just when she chooses not to!"

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